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Quick Note

Please Read

The updates are coming in a bit, stop yelling. Just look at these couple of things before you read the next few chapters;

1 - You may want to reread the entire book, if not the prologue, just don’t leave any spoiler comments for new readers.

2 - Please listen to the recommended songs if you can do so, I wrote the scenes to fit them so I know it’ll make the whole experience a whole lot better.

3 - Please comment as you usually would through each chapter. I find comments and thoughts super encouraging, it’s actually my biggest motivator when writing.

4 - I suggest taking a break between Levi’s P.O.Vs and J’s. Let your brain breathe or not, it’s up to you.

5 - If J is 28 and Levi is 22 then there’s a 6 years age difference.

When Levi was born, J was 6
When Levi was 5/6, J was 11/12

Trust this will come in handy later^

6 - If things are written like this, i.e. Italic, it’s a memory or I’m just trying to be dramatic. lol.

7 - I’m not a particularly big fan of children, I don’t know how smart they are at what age. Like the range of vocabulary or understanding. So if its off, soz. Just imagine that they’re older or something.

8 - It may be a bit confusing at the end, just think a little about the entire story so far before you start commenting wtf is going on??? Whatttt???? This makes no sense!

If you still don’t get it after, I’ll explain without a problem.

Thanks for waiting and I hope you guys enjoy.

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