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Chapter 27

Jayson’s P.O.V

“Jayson, do you know what Crescent Mates are?” Luna asks as she looks at me and Levi.

We were all in the living room, me on the couch with Levi sleeping in my lap and Luna and Alpha on both of my sides.

I shake my head but she doesn’t lose her smile.

“Do you know what mates are?” She asks and I shake my head again.

“He’s barely six years old, of course he doesn’t know what mates are.” Dad snaps behind me making me jump a little. “This is all absurd, there’s no way they are mates, let alone Crescent Mates. Crescent Mates don’t even exist, it’s a damn myth.”

“Then how else do you explain this.” Alpha snaps standing to face him. “Levi has been crying nonstop since he was separated from Jayson, it started the moment he couldn’t see him anymore and has only stopped when he laid eyes on him.”

“Attachment, it’s not unknown amongst our kind.” Dad says quickly. “He saw someone he felt safe around, he can just be his protector.”

“Your son said mine.” Alpha grinds out. “Attachment does not bring forth possession.”


“Jayson.” Luna says making the conversation stop.

I look up to her feeling a little scared, everyone in the room was mad and it was hard to breathe. I knew I was the cause and I didn’t like it.

“Why did you call Levi your own? Why did you say mine that day?” She asks gently.

“I-I don’t know.” I stutter out, holding Levi a little closer.

“See! He’s a c-”

“Anthony, we’d appreciate your silence if you’d be so kind to give it to us.” Luna snaps harshly before looking back to me. Her calm exterior returns and she places her hand on my head. She runs her fingers through my hair like mommy used to and I closed my eyes.

“Because h-he’s mine.” I say before looking back to her.

“And why do you think so?”

“I-I don’t know, I just feel it.” I say with a little shrug.

“Does he smell nice to you?”

“Yes!” I say quickly and she smiles to me. “I like his smell and his eyes, they’re really pretty.”

“That’s so nice, I think he likes your’s too.” She says with a small laugh. “How did it feel when you weren’t together?”

“My chest hurt.” I answer and she nods a bit before looking up to dad and Alpha.

“He just described everything a mate would feel separated from their other half when mated.” She says slowly. “They are not mated and there’s no way he would know Levi is his mate at this age.”

“They’re both male.” My dad says slowly. The room remains quiet and I don’t think the Alpha or Luna had anything to say against that.

“I guess we have male mates now.” Alpha says glancing between us, his eyes meet mine so I look away quickly. “We should report this to the council.”

“No!” Dad snaps as he clenches his fists. “They can not know about this.”

“They have every right to know about this. They have more information about this than we do, they will know how we should tr-”

“They know nothing more about Crescent Mates than we do.” Dad says cutting alpha off. “As far as the world knows, they are a myth. They aren’t real. If we bring them to the council, they’ll treat them like labrats. They’ll want them at the academy.”

“Going to the academy is a great honor.” Luna says making dad laugh as he runs at his beard.

“It’s a prison if you’re different. Let’s be honest here, they take in a few normal ones to make it look fair. But for the most part, they want the freaks amongst us. The different ones.” He says before looking at me. “I won’t let them take my son.”

“Are you defying me?” Alpha growls, taking the last few steps to dad so that they were face to face.

“Hell yes.” Dad says with that look in his eyes he had before a fight. “I’m not letting you take my boy away from me.”

“Mark stop it!” Luna shouts making Levi wake up with a small cry. The sound seems to snap everyone out of their daze as Levi begins crying a little.

“It’s okay, everything’s okay.” I say giving him my finger again as I rocked him a little. He made a few baby sounds before smiling and giggling. But he wasn’t crying anymore.

“So we keep this a secret.” Alpha says after a long while. “We don’t tell anyone.”

“The pack doesn’t need to know anything for now, it won’t change anything.” Dad says before looking at me with a growing smile. “He’s going to be their Alpha.”

“Um, correction, Luna. He’ll be their Luna. Levi’s the alpha.” Alpha says with a proud smile.

“Well he has a penis dear, so I’m going to go on the safe side and call him the future alpha.” Luna says before brushing back the rest of my hair to look at me. “You’ll be amazing.”


“Jay...” Levi calls poking at my cheek. I groan slightly and pull him closer. “Jay.” He whines, becoming rougher with his pokes that all too quickly turn into jabs.

I open one of my eyes to peek at the troublemaker. He was looking up at me with those wide, hazel eyes that never failed to look beautiful.

“Yes Levi.” I answer groggily as I open the second eye to look at him.

“Can we go play?” He asks making his lips into a small pout. I have no idea who taught him these tactics against me, but I wasn’t on board.

“You know we can’t.” I say closing my eyes and turning over to face the cold rock wall.

But Levi was nothing if he was not determined. He crawled his way under my legs and wiggled himself between the wall and me so I couldn’t avoid him.

“We can play a quiet game, like hide and seek and not make a sound.” He says poking my eye a little so I look at him. Once my eyes were on his once more, his smile returns brighter than ever.

“And then what happens when someone else finds you and I don’t know.” I say with a raised eyebrow. He opens his mouth to reply but no words come out, a frown quickly takes his features as he thinks on it. “Exactly.”

It’d be little under a month since that night. It took over two weeks for Levi to stop crying during the day, now he only cried at night when he was sleeping. He’d call for his father and mother and then when he woke up he’d call for me. I didn’t mind holding him until he felt safe, it worked both ways.

Levi and I had picked up some things about living out here alone. For one, we’d formed a nice schedule of hunting, bathing and eating throughout the week which allowed us to keep busy.

Levi was always by my side and we never parted, I tried once to go hunting without him. It didn’t end very well.

But I knew this couldn’t go on forever. For one, we were both kids in the wild, so far we had been lucky. But sooner or later something, bigger than the both of us, would find us. I didn’t want to wait that long.

I knew we needed to move, to keep moving until we found some kind of civilization. But there was nothing to say we’d make it that far or that we’d be able to stay together once we did.

I suppose that was my biggest fear in all of this, being separated.

“Jay!” Levi shouts bringing my attention back to him. He was tugging on both of my cheeks now with a frown to match his glare.

“Ow Levi!” I shout pulling his hands away as I quickly sat up. “Why don’t we play the don’t hurt Jay game?”

I rubbed my pulsing cheeks and send Levi a glare. It wasn’t meant to be serious, but he took it that way. In less than a second he was in my lap with teary eyes, his small fingers consoling my cheeks.

“I’m sorry.” He whimpers as his squeezes my face. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“It’s okay, I know you didn’t. I’m not mad.” I say pressing my hands over his. He looks at me for a long moment, before visibly deciding he didn’t believe me.

He scrambles his way off of my lap and to the other end of the cave. I sigh to myself knowing what he was going to get.

Returning with a very dead flower, Levi climbs back onto my lap and places the flower into my hair.

“I’m sorry.” He says once more.

About two weeks ago, after we went for a bathe, Levi decided to be a little mischievous and push me into the water, fully clothed. I was pissed to say the least and didn’t talk to him as much as I usually did.

When we got back to the cave, he was wailing loud apologizes with a flower in his hand. I’d given him that flower a couple days ago after a hunt, one I saw him eyeing like prey. I’d bent down to give him a hug and it ended up in my hair, suffice to say, that had become our way of saying sorry.

“I forgive you.” I say with a little dramatic expression that seems to sell it. He beams up at me and I can’t help but chuckle.

He didn’t understand why it hurt him so much when I was angry or sad, after all he didn’t know we were mates. He didn’t know what type of mates we were and I didn’t know how to tell him, or when to tell him.

Our parents made a plan for us. A plan that was set into motion the second they found out what we were to one another. Levi was too young to be aware, I barely understood, but it was a good plan.

Now, I was the only one left who knew what we were to one another and I wasn’t sure how to move us on.

“Why don’t we climb a tree instead? Get a nice view of where we are.” I offer once I return back to reality. Levi’s smile drops and he frowns instead.

“You’re afraid of heights.”

“No I’m not.”

“I’m afraid of heights.”


“Waaa!” He screams covering his ears. It was what he did when he wanted to get out of an arguement he knew he’d lose.

“We have to get a look for where we are.” I say pulling his hands down. “In a couple of days, I think we should leave the cave.”

He immediately went still and panic flooded his entire body. His heart rate shot to two hundred and his eyes became filled with memories of that horrible night.

Smart move Jayson. I love how you just dumped it on the kid without any preparation. Truly impressive - Roger nags me making me growl inside.

Roger, not now.

“Hey, don’t worry, everything will be okay.” I promise holding him close. “We’ll be together the entire time, we won’t separate no matter what and we will move in parts.”

“I d-don’t want to go.” He says into my shirt.

“Why not? We can’t stay out in the woods forever Levi.” I say rubbing his back.

He doesn’t reply so I tilt his chin up gently for him to look at me. There were tears running down his eyes and despite the fact that’d I’d seen the sight a hundred times, it still broke my heart.

“I-I d-don’t want t-to lose you t-too.” He sobbed out looking me straight in my eyes, the memories of that night flashing before both of our eyes.

He lost his father and mother, the two people he loved more than anything in the world. I lost my father and sister, saw them ripped apart before my eyes.

I couldn’t imagine losing Levi, I didn’t want to. I don’t think I’d be able to make it any further without him by my side.

“You won’t lose me Levi.” I promise, pressing a kiss to his head. “Remember what I said, once we have each other -”

“We will be okay.” He finishes and I smile and nod, taking the chance to wipe his tears away.

“We stick together and we’ll be fine. I will never leave your side s-”

“I won’t leave you!” He replies quickly and I laugh.

“So then we won’t ever be apart.” I promise but he didn’t look too convinced. “Are you doubting me right now? You don’t believe me?”

He shakes his head playfully so I press a kiss to his nose making him giggle.

“How about now?” I ask making him shake his head again. I kiss his cheeks, nose and head before asking again.

Of course he shakes his head again and of course, I kiss his face all over before tickling him until he couldn’t laugh anymore.

“Do you believe me now?” I ask once I decided to give him a break, he nodded quickly through heavy pants making me laugh. “Let’s go climb a tree then.”


“Today you begin your training.” Alpha says as he circles me. “Alpha’s begin at nine, you will begin at eight. You will be a warrior and an alpha, you must be better than the rest. The best.”

“You’re scaring him.” Luna says with folded arms.

“Good, he should be afraid.” Alpha growls, stopping right in front of me to look me in my eyes. “For your entire life, there will be those who oppose you two as mates. They’ll try to hurt you and kill you, you need to be able to hurt them first and worse. If not for yourself, for Levi.”

I tense at the mention of Levi. I hadn’t seen him in almost a year, Alpha had kept us apart and moved me to the ends of the pack lands so we couldn’t smell one another. He said we needed to be apart until he was old enough.
Levi was two now and I missed him so much. I wanted to see him everyday but no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t. The closest I got to him was his parents.

“Your father and I will train you.” He continues. “We will teach you everything we know and you will learn it all. If you are to be with my son, you must protect him with your life.”

Levi and I were Crescent Mates which made us special. Dad said we were special because we were partially mated already. He said in a pair of mates like us, someone would be the protector of the other. He said it would be me, because I was older.

“Arms up.” Alpha instructs and I do so quickly. “Fight like if your life depends on it Jayson, because one day, it will.”


I glance up for a moment, my eyes catch Levi’s teary frame in the tree, the sight enough to calm me before I return my gaze to the rogues circling me.

We’d moved from the cave two days ago and stopped somewhere to sleep. It was fine over night but not long term, so I decided it’d be best to keep moving until we came upon some place more secure.

That turned out to not be the best idea. I wasn’t watching the sun close enough and before I knew it the sun was setting.

I couldn’t find shelter fast enough so we were left in the dark. By the time I smelt the rogues, they were too close to outrun them, especially with Levi on my back.

I had him climb a tree, go as high as he could go and he made it up just before three rogues came bustling out of the surrounding bushes.

They were feral.
Canines dripping and jagged, hunger in their red eyes as they watched me carefully.

They were bigger than me.
About a foot taller than me, each of them, their fur lighter than mine.

They were better than me in almost every way.


The first one ran at me from behind, I waited for the right moment before twisting to catch his throat in my jaws.
I locked my teeth around his flesh and tore through it, throwing the howling rogue down before spitting its blood out from my jaws.

The next two didn’t bother coming at me separately, they came at me together. Flashes of my father and Alpha raced before my eyes as I quickly shifted in time to block one with my arm while I held the other by its throat.

Out there, they won’t be kind and they won’t be patient - Alpha growled at me through the pack link. They’ll be viscous and they’ll be hungry. You’ll need to be just as heartless, just as hungry, but hungry to survive.

As the rogue continued to chomp down on my left arm, I walked the other into a tree. Slamming it into it over and over until its squirming became weaker. Then I grabbed it by its head, letting my fingers dig into it before smashing its skull it’s the tree’s body over and over until it stopped moving. I only stopped when I saw blood coating the tree’s bark.

Slamming it into the ground, I tear the remaining rogue off of me with my other hand before throwing it far enough that I could shift. My jaws clashed against it’s just in time, it snarled and snapped its teeth at me, I growled in response before throwing it off and going for its legs.

It was dangerous to leave my neck open, but it reached its legs before it could reach me. It howled out in rain but I ignored it, sparing one leg to rip the other straight from its body.

When it crashes to the ground, I grab hold of its neck and lock my jaws against it. Pulling it from its body and spitting it back onto the rogue.

I look around for any remaining rogues but find none. I listen closing but the only sound to be heard was one, racing heartbeat that belonged to my now crying mate.

I shift and head to the tree I left him perched into. I knew i was coated in blood, knew the scene of what just happened was too close to what happened to our pack. I knew he wanted to be comforted and to forget, but I had to make sure we were safe first.

“Something will smell the blood. We need to go right now Levi.” I say not bothering to be gentle with him as I usually am.

He looked frightened. His eyes full and panicked but by the grace or Goddess above he climbed down until he was safe enough to jump into my arms.

I gave him a tight squeeze before shifting and letting him climb back on. I check the rogues one last time to make sure they are dead before I take off as fast as I could.

Levi held on and buried his sobs into my fur. Clenching onto me tightly as if he’d lose me if he didn’t.

But he wouldn’t. I wouldn’t let him lose someone else, I wouldn’t let me lose him.

“One day we won’t be there to protect you, one day it’ll just be you and Levi.” Alpha says bending down to meet my eyes. I was panting on the floor, air barely filling my lungs from having to hold off the alpha himself. “On that day you need to fight like them, become as wild and vicious as a rogue. Become a rogue, that’s the only way you’ll survive.”


Shit’s intense as fuck. Like shittttt he’s only a kid.

I hope this helps unravel the mysteries swirling around in your head about Levi and Jayson.

It’s only the beginning, hehehe.

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