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Chapter 28

Levi’s P.O.V

Jay was hurt and it was all my fault.

It was a long time since we left the cave and I wish we never did. Everytime we moved we seemed to run into bad things and mean animals. Jay would fight for me and we would run again.

I just wanted us to be okay.

I wrap my arms around his wolf head and squeeze tight, praying to Goddess like mama taught me to when I wanted someone to be okay.

He licks my face but I don’t like it like I usually do, he was so hurt. He carried us to a place where the trees hid us and fell down. He was not bleeding anymore but it hurt me so much.

“I’m sorry.” I whisper and hold him tighter. “I’m so sorry.”

Jay nudges me with his head for me to let him go so he could see me but I don’t let him go. If I did, he’d see my tears and feel bad. I didn’t want to make him feel any worse.

“I’m sorry.” I say again and hold him until he falls asleep.

He needs water - My wolf says and I let him go gently.

When he’s down, I move back making sure to be extra quiet. He moves a little in his sleep but doesn’t wake up. I hold my breath and tiptoe out of the cave.

It was really dark outside and all the trees looked like monsters. It was scary but I had to face them for Jay, he faced them everyday for me.

I trust my wold to lead me to water. I was too little for my wolf to be like Jay’s wolf, but he was with me and helped me all the time. He never talked like mama said he would one day. It was like a feeling which told me what to do.

We found a stream and my wolf told me what the do and taught me how to carry back enough water to Jay without spilling.

When we got back, Jay was awake and back to normal. He was trying to stand but when his eyes found mine, he let out a breath and then fell back down. I went to him quickly and brought the water to his lips.

“Never do that again.” He growled angrily but I knew he didn’t mean to be mean he was just scared. I was scared too.

I would never go without telling him, but he needed help.

“Drink some, my wolf says it will help.” I say pushing it the little container to his lips. He keeps staring at me with a frown but he drank it anyway. He drank all of it so quickly I was scared he’d get sick.

“Thank you Levi, but never leave my side again.” He says when he finishes. I nod but he forces me to look at him. “Never again. We aren’t supposed to seperate.”

“You needed water, you’re hurt.” I say but he shakes his head.

“It doesn’t matter, you don’t leave my side. Understand?” He says and I nod. “Promise me.”

“I promise.” I say and he lied down with that, he didn’t see my crossed fingers behind my back.

“We’ll need to stay put for a few days, until I’ve healed enough to go again.” Jay says with a yawn, his eyes were closing and I could tell he was going to sleep again.

“I don’t like this.” I tell him as I take my place under his arm to sleep. “You keep getting hurt.”

“Once you don’t then it doesn’t matter.” He says pressing a kiss to my head.

“It does!” I say quickly but I could tell he was already asleep. I sigh and pull myself closer to him, usually he made me warm but today he was cold so I’d keep him warm.

“You matter to me.”


It took two days for Jay to stay up for the whole day and not fall asleep in between. It took four for him to start walking again and one more for the slashes in his stomach to heal themselves.

He wanted to leave but I wouldn’t get on his back when he was like this. He was tired and still hurt, I could feel it.

“We aren’t going until you are all okay.” I told him and he wasn’t very happy at that but he stopped fighting me.

We went hunting together, I stayed in the trees and got the fruits I could and he got the animals. I helped him clean and cook them and I got the water.

“Here.” Jay says pushing the rest of the meat to me but I push it back.

“I’m not hurt.” I say nibbling on the bones I had left.

“Levi.” He said with his pushy voice but I just shook my head. “Goddess, I miss when you were obedient.”

I throw a pebble at him and he laughs. I make my way over to him and hug him tightly, he hugs me back.

I like Jay. I like Jay a lot.

“I’m up and walking again, so we can head out again tomorrow morning.” He says when he pulls me back so I can see his face.

“You still hurt.” I say but he shakes his head.

“We’ve been here for too long and haven’t marked our scent nearly as well as we should’ve.” He says and I frown, but he just frowns back. I open my mouth but he puts a finger over it with a hard look. “And that’s final Levi.”

I cross my arms and give him an angry look which makes him smile but it was supposed to make him sad.

“Look Levi, I appreciate and love the fact that you care about me so much. If it wasn’t dangerous, I’d fine somewhere for us to stay, but it is.” He says holding my face in his hands. “Its too dangerous and I’m not going to risk anything happening to you, so we are leaving tomorrow. End of.”

I stare at him for a little longer and then nod and hug him again. He lets out air and hugs me back. We dont talk much for the rest of the day and then prepare all the things we need for tomorrow. We started to collect things as we moved which made things a little easier.

We went to sleep like we always did, Levi holding me close and tight as I did the same. Then when the moon was almost gone, we were up and leaving to go to the next place.

I wish we never left.



Short I know but it’s hard to write from like a kids perspective and make it long and detailed and shit.

That sounds like an excuse.

Anyway, moving on


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