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Chapter 29

Jay had been running for a while now since our last break when we stopped to eat and play. I wanted him to stop running, he was still hurt, but he wouldn’t listen.

It was almost dark now and I was tugging on his ear to tell him to stop. I didn’t like being outside at night, it was super scary and you never saw the bad people coming.

Jay slowed down and start sniffing like he always did whenever it was time to stay somewhere. I looked around too but I couldn’t see anything when it got this dark so I just tried to be quiet.

You can see in the dark, you just need to learn how - My wolf told me. I jumped a little when he spoke, he only started recently

Sometimes I got scared when he talked, I only got him a few months ago, the same day I lost mama and Papa. He scared me a little, but mama said that that’d be normal and that it would take time to get to know him.

The rain started so small and soft, I didn’t really feel it at first and then it was coming so hard that it hurt. Jay started moving faster and I even though the rain was loud, I could hear our hearts beating in fear.

Jay said rain was bad and good to us. He said it was good because it gave us water and cleaned us, he said it helped us move at night when it was louder than our steps. But he said it was also bad, it would wash away the planets we masked our scent in and that made us visible to everyone around.

So I tried to listen to mama, she always knew best. Even when she wasn’t with me.

Look around, find the first thing that stands out from the rest - He says, so I look and stop at a tree branch. Now follow that like a string, let your vision and instincts guide you. Keep following that string until you unravel the whole image.

I do as my wolf says and at first its hard, there were patches of black in some places I looked. But the more I did it, the more I saw what they really were and then I could see everything around me, even a cave I think.

“Jay.” I whisper tugging him a little before whispering in his ear. He doesn’t hear me over the rain so I shout for him. “I think that’s a cave up there!”

He looks to where I point my finger and stares for a while. It was higher than the ones we usually went into but it was still a cave.

“There’s no where else to go!” I yell when he doesn’t move.

It takes another long moment before he starts making his way to it. He circles around a bit before picking the easiest route up. I try not to move too much, I know it was hard to climb by himself so with me it must be even harder.

He was climbing faster than usual today, trying to make it up the slope as fast as he could. The water was dragging us down and rushing past his paws, taking big rocks with it as it tried to take us.

I wish I didn’t say to come here. It was scary and if Jay kept moving like this we could get hurt.

I was about to tell him to stop when one of the rocks break under his paw and a loud cry follows. Jay scrambles to keep us from rolling down and I grip on to him tighter in fear. He cries again, howls like papa does, but he got back up.

When we made it to the cave, he fell down immediately. I slid off him and ran around him to look at his leg. I’d barely touched it and he started whimpering and crying.

“I-I’m sorry Jayson.” I say shakily, my eyes were filled with tears as I looked at him. “I’m so sorry.”

He kept whimpering but didn’t shift. That scared me, papa said if a wolf doesn’t shift back when hurt it’s because they’re so weak that they can’t. Papa said it only happened in extreme cases, I didn’t know what that meant but Jay was hurt.

“J-Jay.” I cry, my lip shaking as I hug him. He was whining still and his chest was rising and falling really fast. “Jay I’m sorry.”

He looked up at me, eyes full like mine before they rolled back and shut and he fell asleep. I held him close and cried into his wet furr.

Praying to Goddess that he’d be okay.

“Jay.” I sob shaking him a little but he wouldn’t move.

His foot is broken, you need to snap it back into place or it’ll heal badly - My wolf says making me jump.

“I’m not listening to you! I came here because of you and now Jay is hurt!” I shout with my cries and clench Jay’s furr tighter.

You need to l-

“No! I’m never listening to you again!” I shout again. “I wish y-”

Shut up! - My wolf roars making me shake a little. Do you hear that?!

I listen for a bit but only hear rain, I try again and then freeze when voices fill my ears.

“I’m telling you I smell wolves.” Someone says, it was a man and his voice was heavy and sounded scary.

“It’s the wind and rain dragging it down, they’re long gone.” Another man says. “Now let’s head back to camp before Reon gets mad.”

The talking stops but I make sure to stay quite for the rest of the night, holding Jay close and praying that he’d be okay.


My heart thumps loudly as I look at Jay’s leg, it was turning a dark purple and was bigger than before. He tried to keep me from looking at it last time he was awake.

That was two days ago.

Ever since he got hurt, he hasn’t got up again and he’s still in wolf form. I feed him with the fruits I can find and give him as much water as I can carry, but he barely opens his eyes when he eats and now he doesn’t even talk.

I think he’s dying.

His heart was slow and his body was starting to look like his leg did, like if it was spreading everywhere. The wounds were looking bad too, there were things in them.

I knew we would be okay if we were home, but we weren’t home. We were somewhere I didn’t know and Jayson has been pushing us ever since mama and papa, died and now he was going to die.

I didn’t want him to die.

Everyone had died already, everyone kept leaving me and it hurt more and more. If Jayson left, I think it would hurt most of all.

But I didn’t know what to do to help him and take the pain away, I already fed him like my wolf said to, but whenever I tried to touch his leg he would howl loudly even when he was sleeping. It would make him hurt more and that made it hard for me to breathe.

There was nothing else I could do...... maybe I had to get help from someone else

I look down at Jay and brush his fur gently, his chest was still rising, but slower now. I don’t think I had much time left. I press a kiss to his head like mama did when I was hurting and got up.

I make it down the side of the cliff carefully, just like I always did, making sure to mask my scent at the bottom as Jay taught me. I look back up at the cave one more time and take a deep breath before making my way to the camp where the scary men were.

I should have never crossed my fingers...


I knew where the men were because I had been hiding from them every time I went out to find Jay something. I heard two men the first night but they were many more where they lived, there were tents and some women, but they never left the tents. There was nobody my age.

I look over the bush a little bit at the people, they looked busy but not at the same time. They looked scary and mean over everything, but I had to be strong for Jay to live. If I didn’t he would die.

So I pushed my way out of the bush and walked to the first person I saw, it was a women who was outside her tent with a bucket of water and clothes inside of them. When she saw me coming, her eyes went wide and it made me think that I was the scary one.

“M-Mam...” I call when I’m close, but my voice was shaky and small so I don’t think she heard me. She looks around quickly before standing up and rushing to me, she picks me up and runs me back to the bush.

“Child what on Goddess’ name are you doing here.” She says once she puts me down. “You need to run back to your pack before they smell you.”

“I-I n-need h-h-help.” I try to stay, she frowns and looks around again. “J-Jay is d-dying.”

Her eyes become soft and she looks at me, she looks at me for a long time before she shakes her head.

“I want to help, I really do, but they will know the moment I leave.” She says pushing me away a little. “Please go, or else you will die too.”

Tears fill my eyes and I shake my head, holding onto her dress even when she tried to push me away.

“J-Jay!” I cry, sobbing loudly as she tries to shush me. “J-Jay!”

“Child, you need to go right no-”


I see a man behind the woman, next to the bucket where she was. She got up and tried to hide me behind her but I wanted her to help Jay.

“I’m here.” She says pushing me back one more time before walking to him. “Thought I saw something out there, is something wrong?”

“No.” He says shaking his head, he looks to the bushes but doesn’t see me. “Reon says we’re moving out tonight, so pack up our things.”

“Okay.” She says before leading the man to the tent. I try to run after them but fall forward onto a rough rock, I whimper in pain and the man’s head snaps back.

“Let’s go inside.” The woman tries but the man pulls away and walks straight towards me. He peers over the bushes and widens his eyes when he sees me. I look up at him, my face wet and dirty, my hand bleeding and hurting.

“Well what do we have here.” He says leaning down and tugging me towards him, he grabs my hurt hand making me cry harder. He sniffs me before sniffing my hand and looking back at me with scary, red eyes. “You’re masked but your blood is an alpha’s.”

“J-Jay..” I cry trying to pull my hand away but he wouldn’t let it go.

“Who’s Jay?” He asks letting my hand go a little bit.

“H-He’s dying, his l-l-leg is hurt.” I say quickly and he nods with a smile.

“I got it, we’ll get Jay.” He says before standing tall and grabbing my hand. “Right after you see Reon.”

He pulls me behind him and I follow, he would help Jay so I would follow even if it hurts now.

“Pete, I didn-” The man stops the lady’s words with his hand, his hit so hard that she fell to the floor, grasping his cheek tightly.

“I’ll deal with you later.” He growls before pulling me away from the lady who had tears like me.

The man walked us through many people, all who stopped and stared at me with red eyes that looked like the monsters who hurt mama and papa. I wanted to go back to Jay but I couldn’t until they helped him first.

We got to be a big tent that was guarded by two big men, they talked with the man for a bit before looking at me and then let us through. Inside was dark and colder than outside, it smelt like ash and was empty besides a chair and a man sitting on it.

He looked straight at me with eyes as black as night and cold at the room. He looked at me. Inhaled deeply and then his eyes became redder than any I’d ever seen. He leaned forward and looked closer.

“An alpha.” He breathed out, his voice was heavy but not loud. “An alpha pup....” He finished before putting out a hand, when I didn’t move towards him the man pushed me to him. He grabbed my hand and squeezed as if he was making sure I was real. I shook in his grasp, his eyes were burning into mine, whether I looked at him or not. “Tell me Pete, where did you find such a treasure?”

“O-Outside my tent, hiding behind some bushes.” The man says quickly, sounding more like I did than he did before.

“Outside your tent?” The man said finally taking his eyes off of me to look at the man. “He just appeared?”


He stares at him for a long time before nodding and looking to me once more.

“What’s your name?”

“L-Levi.” I say shakily and he smiles.

“I’m Reon,” He says as his hand tightens around my wrists, “and I think we are going to be great friends.”

“You’ll be greatly compensated, now leave.” He says with a waving hand at the other man.

“T-There’s something else,” He starts and only continues when silence follows, “I think there’s another with him.” This makes the man freeze.


“He kept saying Jay is hurt.”

“Please help Jay please.” I say making the man eyes narrow a little as he studies me.

I think they’re rouges - My wolf says making me tense a little. Don’t tell them anymore.

“But of course,” He says with a smile that didn’t look nice, “if you show us where he is, we’ll make sure he’s okay.”

“R-Really?” I ask and he nods before standing.

Levi! Something is not right! Do not take them to Jayson! - My wolf shouts but I push him away, he never helped. He was the worst wolf.

“We’ll go right now, show us the way.” He says offering me a hand, I quickly take it and start pulling him. I hear him laugh behind me but he follows easily.

I pull us as quickly as I can, there were three more men that followed behind him but they didn’t say anything. I was happy that there were more people, the more than came, the more that could help Jay.

When we got to the cliff side, I let go of the man’s hand and climbed up as quickly as I could while they followed behind me. When I saw Jay, I immediately ran to him and held him close, he was still asleep and his chest was even slower now.

“Hurry!” I cried as I held onto him, praying to Goddess to help him.

The men came in and looked down at Jayson’s wolf. The others stayed back while the man came closer to us. He walked around Jayson slowly, before looking at his foot, touching it gently making Jay whimper in his sleep. He stares at Jay and I for a moment before sighing and walking back to the others.

“Y-You have to h-help him.” I cry holding him close and I look to them for help.

“I don’t smell an alpha’s scent on this one, very nearly one but not completely.” He says not looking at me anymore. “Grab the boy and leave it to die.”

My mouth hangs at his words, trembling as my heart begins to pound in my ears. Tears spilled down my cheeks and I tried not to squeeze Jayson’s head too tight but I couldn’t help it. Everything was too loud all of a sudden and my chest felt tight, everything hurt and I didn’t know what to do.

“No!” I scream trying to hold onto Jay when they started pulling me away from him. I could barely see him anymore with the way my tears filled my eyes. “No! Jayson! J-Jayson!” I cry fighting against them as they pulled me away. I tried to fight against them but they didn’t even feel it, they just kept walking. I kept fighting until I accidentally hit the place papa said to never hit a man, making one of them drop me.

I try to run to Jayson, but the other grabs me by my shoulder and hits me hard. I land on the rocky floor, my head pounding in my ears as everything started swirling around me. I was so dizzy that it looked at if Jayson was standing on all fours now. I close and open my eyes until everything stopped moving and blending but he still looked as if he was standing.

“Jay..” I cough out and hear a loud growl as he runs at the men. I couldn’t see what was happening but there was the sound of cries and the scent of new blood that circled the cave. I tried to crawl away but someone picked me up and I realized that it was Reon as he held me upright.

“Quite the fighter this one, would have made a great warrior.” He whispers in my ear as he turns my head to see Jayson ripping into the stomachs of the men. The other was already lying dead on the floor. “Put him down.” Reon says to the last man.

The man pushes back his sleeves before taking large steps to Jayson who looked like if he was on his last breath. I tried to escape Reon’s hold, but he was too strong and I barely moved an inch in his grasp. I watched with teary, drooping eyes as the man continued to beat Jayson, each punch sending him down and causing my heart to break a little more.

But everything he hit him down and walked away, Jayson would get back up.......

No matter how many times he beat him...... punched him........... kicked him........

....he kept getting back up.

The man was getting angrier and rougher, his eyes turned red, his talons and canines came out and he attacked Jayson with everything he had. His blood was everywhere, his furr completely red and jagged with wounds that made him crippled. I tried to look away but Reon made me watch, his hand clenching my jaw tightly as he forced me to look at the one thing that made me wish I could die.

Jay wasn’t getting up anymore, he was on the ground, eyes barely open but on me. But the man didn’t stop, he kept hitting and tearing at him, kepy hurting him no matter how much I screamed or cried for them to stop. He wouldn’t stop. He just kept hurting him.

He pulled away when dull eyes stared at me as if empty, I screamed and fought to get to Jayson, my heart so tight I was choking on my tears as my body screamed to go to him. The man stepped on Jayson’s hurt leg, pressing down onto it until it snapped, but Jayson didn’t react, he just laid there.

I cried for him, wailed for him, screamed for him to forgive me, to look at me, to stop looking at me like mama last did.

I screamed for his heart to beat.... but I couldn’t hear it. The man walked away first before Reon followed, still holding me even when I cried for Jayson, fightening to go to him when they just took me away from him. I catch one last glimpse of him as I scream loud enough for the entire world to hear my pain.

“See, I told you, so much fun.”



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