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Chapter 31


I would just like to say thank you to each and every one of you guys for reading the last chapters and sticking with the book through my writing break.
I wanted them a certain way, they came out better than I could have imagined and you guys were nothing but supportive.

So thank you so much, I love you all for being the best readers ever!!!!!!


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Jayson’s P.O.V

“Levi.” I gasp as I shoot up from my position on the floor.

I look around the space I’m in fearfully. I find the inside of a large house, bigger than any I’d ever seen before and two other people standing opposite me. A young woman who was staring at me with fretful eyes and the other a man who looked all too familiar.

Memories begin to flash before my eyes like a forgotten film I was only now rewatching. Memories which filled in the holes, that was Katerina, a witch I’d met a few times and he was.......dear Goddess..... he was L-Levi.

My Levi.

Before I could go to him, more echoes of the past began to flood my mind. Images and images rushing before me; glimpses of Levi and I eating around a fire in a darkened cave, others of us swimming together in a plunge pool beneath a waterfall, some of my parents, hugging Alison and I in our hut and others.... others of me in spaces filled with nothing but blood and death and destruction all around me.

“W-Where am I?” I ask frantically, taking a heavy step back as my heart thumped painfully against my chest. “What’s going on?”

More memories bombard me as if they’d been waiting to be unleashed. Forcing their way into my mind, they came so fast, so viscously that my head pounded painfully at the burn. Information and events I didn’t quite recognize flooding me without a single filter.

They started merging as if engraving their way into my brain permanently. I shut my eyes and released a loud groan as turmoil over took me.

Hey, hey! Calm down Jayson. Everything okay - Roger’s voice fills my thoughts and a wave of relief rushes down me. Everything’s okay now, just breathe. Breathe Jayson. I do just that, taking deep, shakey breaths and focus on his voice. The sound enough to quell the pain that ran through my pumping veins.

Roger thank Goddess, it’s so good to hear your voice - I reply breathlessly as the rough waves began to settle in my mind.

It’s good to hear your voice too, it’s been a hard couple of months. You don’t even know the half of it - He says chuckling.

But I did know. As the memories settled, things startled falling into place. Memories of Roger yelling at me, hating me for not being able to talk, for not being able to remember. Memories I wasn’t present for, but ones I knew somehow.

It didn’t make sense, any of it. I felt as if I’d woken up from a long dream where I’d missed seventeen years of my life where others lived in my stead.
The last memory I held in my mind securely was that of the rogues taking....


I look up to see if he’s still there, to make sure I didn’t imagine it, to make sure he was really there... that I’d found him.

My eyes find black ones that were once olive, but even through the darkness, I freeze in my place.

It was really him.
Standing before me, different but somehow the same. He was older now, much older than when we were kids in the woods. His hair was shorter, his features sharper and his body bigger, taller.

He was beautiful.

Those big eyes I knew since the moment I laid eyes on him were the same, just a different hue, they held many tales in them, tales I wanted to know and that scent..... that scent was just as lovely as I remembered.

But even with age, he was still Levi. I still saw my Levi in those eyes, the one who loved flowers and making me smile. The one who cried when we lost it all and cried when he lost me.

“L-Levi.” I stutter out taking a hesitant step forward. Tears rushes down the sides of his face as he stares at me, small sobs breaking from him before he runs to me and into my arms.

Electricity rushes it’s way through my body like a circuit, starting from the edges of my toes and all the way through me until it touches the last strands of my hair. I wrap my arms around him and squeeze, some part of me needing to make sure it was all real.

I bury my face into his neck and release a choked sob as he shakes against me with heartwrenching sobs. His arms were wrapped tightly around my neck as he cried into me as I did him.

I found him.

I’d finally found him. After all the time, all this pain and torture - we found our way back to one another.

I spent seventeen years without him. Seventeen years with a hole in my chest that was finally closing with him in my arms again.

I pull back as I rest him back onto his feet, our hands still clenching onto one another as we looked at each other. I rest a shaking palm to his face, holding him still as I looked at him. He leaned into my hold, closing his eyes with another sob before resting his palm onto my own. His lips tremble slightly as he tries to breathe through his sobs, I release a small chuckle before pressing a kiss to his forehead, another to his cheek and to his nose. He tightens his grip on my hand as he continues to sob against me, his eyes still shut as I lean down to rest the final kiss to his lips.

It’s gentle but it makes my heart stop nevertheless. I rest both my hands to his face and he holds onto my wrists with his own, pressing up on his toes to reach me. I pull back after a moment and he opens his eyes to look at me.

“I love you.” I whisper looking him straight in those beautiful eyes. A small smile makes it’s way onto his lips as his eyes fill even more, I wipe away his tears with my thumbs and hold onto him.

“I love you too.” He manages shakily before pressing his forehead against mine. “I wanted to say it first.” He confesses making me laugh as he chuckles against me.

“Technically you did, when I was... not entirely myself.” I say with a smile as he giggles. We stay like this for a moment, swaying ever so lightly as we soaked one another in. My chest tight with relief and contentment.

It takes me a moment to remember we’re not alone. I look up, still keeping a tight grip on Levi, to Katerina. She stares at us with clasped hands to his lips as a tear runs down her face.

“Aunt Katty...” Levi starts looking back at her but she waves a hand at him as if to shush him before wiping the tear away and smiling at us.

“I’ve been watching over you two since the moment I met Levi.” She says shakily. “Its just nice to see you together, you deserve a happy ending... both of you.”

We stare at her for a moment before Levi pulls away to go hug her. She hugs him back tightly before pushing back the hair above his eyes to look at him, her lips wobbly as she smiled.

“I’ve never wanted anything more for you than to be happy.” She says to him making Levi release a small sob that was a happy one.

“The voice we heard?” I ask in place for Roger and I. “The one that led us to this area, that was you?”

She nods slowly and I can’t stop myself from going to hug her. I might not have known her, but if it wasn’t for her, I’d still be stuck in my own flesh.

“Thank you.” I say pulling back so Levi can hug her again. “I can never repay you for this.”

“There’s no need.” She says before looking back to Levi who’s fav was coated with fresh tears.

“Thank you.” He says shakily. “F-For everything you’ve ever done for me... you didnt have to do any of this. Caspar, bringing us together, our memories... T-Thank you.”

She nods with a large smile before she wipes the rest of her tears away and takes a breath.

“No more tears, fuck I hate crying.” She says before nudging Levi back to me. “You two sit, let’s make sure you’re both okay before I go home.”

We listen, I sit on the couch offering a hand for Levi who comes to me and takes it before sitting next to me. I wrap an arm around him and he sinks into my side, it felt so natural and right my body buzzed with excitement.

Katerina sat opposite us in a large chair, with a smile that suggested she could start crying again any moment. She hid her face behind a clipboard she made appear, pretending to write things down.

“Firstly, are either of you in any sort of pain?” She asks behind her clipboard.

“I’m fine. There was a little sting when I opened my eyes,” Levi says looking up to me, “but I’m fine now.”

“And you Jayson?”

“It was horrible at first. Everything came all at once, but now, it’s fine now.” I say, not taking my eyes off of Levi. I wanted to take him away so we could be alone and talk.

“How much do you remember?” She asks almost gently, as if touching still water.

“All of it.” I say looking away for a moment. “Our pack, my family, our time running, my time stuck as a wolf, the things I did....”

“That wasn’t your fault.” Levi says quickly but I can’t meet his eyes. Not with what I did to his adoptive father.

“And you Levi?”

“I remember all our time together. Every single moment I’d forgotten, I remember it all now.” He says grilling my hand tightly, I squeeze back and lean over to press a kiss to his head.

“Then I won’t keep you guys any longer, if anything happens, just call my name.” She says before putting down her clipboard. She sends us one more gracious smile before she disappears without a trace.

And just like that, we’re alone.

Neither of us make a move. Nerves suddenly finding their way into my veins. I’m not sure why, but my heart was pounding with fear. I didn’t even know where to start, we’d missed so much time together, it felt as if we lived three different lives but yet none at all.

“I’m sorry.” We both say in unison.

Our eyes snap to one another in surprise before we both smile. I turn slightly to face him and he does the same thing, my frame towering easily over his as he looked up at me.

“Why are you sorry?” He asks with a small frown, his eyes searching mine viscously for answers.

“I broke my promise.” I say looking away for a moment, struggling to look at him as guilt injected itself into my heart. “I promised we’d never be seperated.... but we did and we lost so much time because of me.”

“Please dont blame yourself for my stupidity.” He says forcing my chin to him. “I’m the one that should be begging for your forgiveness. If it wasn’t for me going to them... maybe, maybe we would have never been separated. And then I forgot about everything, like if you never existed..... like if you didn’t matter.”

“You were just a kid, we were both just kids.” I say wanting to expel any self-hatred he felt for himself. “I don’t blame you for trying to save my life and I don’t blame you for burying tthe pain, even if that meant burying me.”

He stays silent at this. His head dropping slightly and now it’s my turn to raise his chin to look at me. I search his eyes for a moment before pulling him a little closer.

“What’s wrong?” I ask rubbing his cheek. He stares up at me with glimmering orbs before he opens his mouth.

“ are you still alive?” He asks with a certain strain in his voice. “I thought... I thought you died that day.”

“I almost did.” I admit, searching through my mind for clarity. “But Roger saved my life. He took over.”

“I don’t understand.”

“The wolf is stronger and more resilient than the human component, and even though I was on my last breath, Roger still had some life in him. He saved us.” I say taking not of how silent he was.

You should hate me.... I destroyed your life - Roger says apologetically, guilt and sorrow deep in his tone.

Roger, you saved my life. I should be kissing the ground you walk on - I reassure him quickly but I can tell he wasn’t convinced.

“He took over until I was stable enough. But by then, I was so mad and ashamed of losing you... I guess I lost myself in the end. It was a haze, most of my time in wolf form. I didn’t know what I was looking for, just that I was looking for something.” I say before releasing a troubled sigh. “I hurt a lot of people trying to get to you, including your adoptive father.”

“He forgave you.” He fills in quickly. “And so do I.”

“I wish I could take it back.” I tell him, hoping he’d believe me. “I didn’t mean to d-”

“I know. J, I know.” He says before shaking his head. “I mean Jayson.” He chuckles slightly under his breath. “This is going to be hard.”

“Call me whatever makes you feel comfortable, I don’t care.” I admit resting my palm to the back of his neck, rubbing him slightly with my thumb. “I’m just happy to have you near again.” He looks up at me with wide eyes and draws himself even closer to me, to the point where he was practically in my lap. “I’ve missed you so much.”

I continue rubbing his neck with one hand while I rest the other under his chin, he lets out a little breath before he closes his eyes and pushes himself upwards. His lips meet mine as he wraps his arms around my neck and falls onto me, taking me down on the couch with him. I smile against his lips as my back meets the soft furniture and our lips move slowly against one another.

I relish the taste and feel of him, my hands resting on his hips as he kisses into me as if he was starved for it. I return his kisses as if they were my first with him, because in a sense they were. He was sweet and gentle, soft and warm, everything I ever could of imagined and more.

I pull away from him and he chases after my lips, I move back until I was out of his reach and laughing slightly. He sends me a small glare accompanied by an innocent pout that was far more dangerous now than when we were younger.

“You’re going to drive me crazy, I can tell.” He groans as he sits up, taking me with him.

“I can say the same for you.” I say chuckling and he tilts his head a little in an adorable way which makes my heart flutter.

“It’s so weird hearing your voice.” He confesses and my smile grows easily.

“Would you rather hear my teenage, squeaky one?” I offer sarcastically and he swats my shoulder playfully.

“I like this one just fine.” He says with a warm smile.

I take the opportunity to look around the room we are in, though I’d been here for time it felt as if it was for the first time. The things in this room were unfamiliar to me, we lived in huts in our previous pack, not mansions like this.

“This is amazing.” I whisper looking around dumbfounded. “Alison would love this.”

“Alison, your sister?” He asks carefully and I nod as my heart squeezes itself in agony. Briefly, images of her being torn apart flash before me and I quickly shut my eyes. “I’m sorry.”

Levi hugs me, comforting me the way I used to him. Holding me in a blanket of warmth I never wanted to crawl from. I try to get a handle over my emotions, I’d have time to deal with them later, I shouldn’t break down now. Not like this.

I look up to him an offer him a weak smile. It didnt make sense pretending I was okay. I wasn’t and I wasn’t sure when I would be.

“How are you feeling? About all this?” I ask trying to divert the topic. He rests his head to my shoulder and breathes out.

“I feel as if I have a million more questions now, even with these memories.” He confesses, I smile softly and press a kiss to his head.

“I can try answering some of them.” I offer but he leans back and shakes his head.

“I don’t want to get into any of that now.” He says looking at me. “I just want to enjoy this moment with you.”

So we do just that. We lay down on the couch, entangled limbs wrapping around one another as we kept as tight as physically possible. Loose fingers trailing each others skin as we soak in the other’s presence.

It’d been too long.

Now that I’d finally gotten him back, there was no way I was letting him go again.

“I love you Jayson.” Levi whispers sleepily, his lips kissing my chest gently.

“I love you too Levi.” I reply pulling him in closer as I cocooned myself around him.

This time I wouldn’t break my promise.


I actually cried when they cried. Like wtf, I’m not even PMSing and I starting crying.


I hope you guys enjoyed this little reunion, hopefully it was painfully sweet and not as terrible as my sad chapters usually are.

Thank you all for the love from before. I was inspired by all your lovely comments and happiness with the last set. I couldn’t stop writing.

But don’t expect another one so soon. I have exams in 51 days and I’m in study mood now. My updates will come when they come, I honestly can’t promise once a week but I will try.

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