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Chapter 33

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Song: Every Kind of Way - H.E.R
Play when told. Seriously recommend for this chapter if u dont usually listen to songs.


Jayson’s P.O.V

My eyes trail behind Levi’s lean form as he stretches his arms out above his head, making his way into the bathroom.

My body buzzes with need as his scent drifts past my nose teasingly. I could feel my canines descending slowly, but I made quick work of forcing them back.

Someone’s a little horny - Roger teases in a sing-song tone.

Roger, please - I reply with frustration as I sit on the edge of the bed, the sound of the shower running the only sound in the entire house.

The past few days have been nothing but amazing. Levi and I have spent every waking moment together and never tired of the other’s company.
Our bond was growing in leaps and bounds, I could feel the strings which held us together tightening every day. I loved it.

Ever since Levi’s father came to see us, things seemed to have been getting better and better. For one, his father visited regularly and promised to bring Peter the next time he did so. I was yet to meet the boy but from what I was told, he was extremely shy and deathly afraid of me.

Julian was also working hard on his other children and discreetly his husband to accepting the idea of Levi and I as mates.

Levi and his younger brother, Damon, still hadn’t talked. Neither being the first to reach out, I could see the strain it took on him whenever he thought of his younger brother but I couldn’t force him to fix it.

Plus, in all honesty, the pup wasn’t my favourite sibling in the bunch.

That spot was reserved for Hagen and Hagen alone. To say I loved the kid would be an understatement.

When he came to visit, with a box of foods for me to try, and realised I could talk, he fainted and unfortunately dropped the box in the process. Caspar ate it all before I could even contemplate still eating it.

When he woke, it was a lot of hugging, screaming and jumping from Hagen that made me feel so light with a form of glee that I hadn’t felt in a very long time, but much more recently. He was always nice to me and now it was even better because we could communicate properly.

So now, with our troubles being knocked down, one by one. My mind wandered to what I’d been suppressing for far too long.

The need to feel, hold and taste my mate. The need to claim him.

It was easy to not act on it when my mind was a mess and I didn’t know exactly what it was that I wanted. Almost second nature to ignore it when it was only a small feeling in the back of my mind that I didn’t fully understand. It was not as difficult when we were getting to know one another again. Our former selves learning about our present ones took time.

With that, mating easily became the least of my worries.

But now, many days had passed and my body’s needs were growing louder, more demanding. My skin ignited every time I laid eyes on Levi, my blood pumping through me viscously at the smell of him, the feel of him made me melt with bliss and hunger for more. It wasn’t enough to be around him anymore, the need to touch him was almost suffocating, but in all the right ways because it was my mate I was drowning in.

The nights were no longer one for sleep but yearning and tonight was no different.

My body was hot with lust (A.N. hes not in heat). I wanted to lay claim to him like never before and it was becoming hard to stifle the need and hide it from Levi who seemed completely unaffected.

It’s an effect of being Crescent Mates - Roger offered, eventually taking pity on me after a moment longer of teasing. You two are already mated partially and quite strongly. After all this time, the mate bond is strengthening further, your physical interactions are in a sense ‘lagging behind’.

Equate the physical to the emotional? - I offer hesistantly and he laughs in response.

You’re an animal as well as a man, it’s time you gave into your natural desires - He says finally before fading away without another word.

I sigh in his absence and decide to heed his advice. He was right, the more we suppressed that side of ourselves, the more it grew untamed.

I stand to my feet and make my way to the bathroom door that was slightly ajar, only to turn when I was confronted with my nerves. I begin pacing instead, trying to convince myself to go inside all whilst trying to convince myself that it was natural to be nervous.

It was right?

With flickering confidence, the steam of Levi’s shower drifted past me as I slipped into the bathroom. My eyes drifting to the fogging shower doors, only catching brief glimpses of Levi’s form on the other side.

It excited me, my body weakening at the sight, enough for me to release a groan. Levi’s eyes snapped my way in surprise before he sent me a loving smile. It was innocent, he had no clue what I wished to do to him.

I take slow, careful strides as I approach the door where he laid behind with curious eyes. He wipes the glass so he could see me more clearly before sending another beautiful smile as he pushed his wet hair back.

“What are you doing?” He asks with a smirk and raised brow, his tone playful and jarring me on.

“Looking at my mate, can I not do that?” I ask with a similar tone as I stop in front of the door.

“You can.” He says with a small giggle as he bites his finger, the action making my muscles tighten. “But I’m sure looking isn’t enough for you.”

I wet my lips as my canines drop, lust boiling up inside of me as need brewed behind his gaze. I bring myself closer to the door as he does, pressing my hands to it, I lean in and hold him with my gaze. The shiver it causes to run through him makes a low groan escape my lips as I hold his gaze.

“Levi, can I come in?” I ask as my breathing becoming heavier.

“You don’t have to ask.” He breathes out with a loving smile as he looks at me.

“I want to hear you say it.”

He looks at me with darkening eyes which hold me captive, the power he held over me he couldn’t possibly know. I’d do anything he asked without fault or hesistation.

“I want you to come inside.”

Play song and keep replaying, over and over and over until chapter ends.


H.E.R - Every kind of way

I hold his gaze as I begin to remove the tedious layers of clothing which covered my frame. I take my time with my buttons, popping each one off slowly, before letting the fabric slide off of my back. I can’t help but chuckle at the way his gaze moves down my body, shadowing my movements.
I slide my pants and underwear down before standing tall once more. Levi gulps with heated cheeks which make me smile while giving me the last push to go pass the glass barrier which stood between us.

I close the door behind me without taking my eyes off of my heart. I take slow steps towards him as he does to me, our lips coming close but not touching. My hands gently caressing his slender hips as he slide his hands around my shoulders. Teasingly hovering over each other, our lips don’t meet despite the way my body screamed for the contact.

We nip at one another before letting our lips meet in a slow, savoring confluence. I close the space between us as I tug him closer to me as we sway slightly in one another’s grasp. I groan into him as he wraps his arms around my neck, kissing me leisurely and lovingly.

The water drenches us in its warmth as our bodies melt against each other. The taste of him, the feel of his lips caressing mine... it was addictive. It made my skin tight and warm with undeniable joy.

I groan into him once more as he slips his tongue between my lips, I welcome it without hesistation before greeting it with my own.

I take a step forward and him one back as I slowly walk our bodies into the wall. I hold him there with my body, allowing my hand to wander his frame with curiosity. My fingers graze his skin in temptation, making their way down his side before sliding down slowly in possession. My hand trailing its way up his frame at a torturous pace which makes Levi whine in the most beautiful way.

Once it reaches his cheek, I caress his skin gently before pulling back to kiss my way down his jaw and neck. I trace his skin like a map, each kiss lingering momentairly on his sweet skin as I present him with my affection before moving to the next spot. My hand follows my descend and retracts down it’s original path down his frame as I suck on his neck.

“Mhmm.” He groans against me, his hands gripping onto me for support as he suffered the effects of my neverending love for him.

I slide my hands into his, intertwining his fingers, before raising them on either side of his head. He moans against me as he ruts forward, his need pressing into my own.

“Jayson.” He groans against my lips, his fingers tightening around my own as I thrust my hips forward to meet his own. “Jaysonnn!” He moans out making my muscles tighten as I press him harder into the wall, trapping what was mine.

I pull back to look at his lust struck face, eyes glazed with love and passion that made my chest swell. I take his lips once more for a brief kiss, dropping his hands and pulling him into me. I kiss him hungrily before prompting him to jump into my grasp. He obliges, his lips moving against mine as his legs wrapped around me and his fingers slid their way between my wet curls.

I move against him as I sandwich him between the wall and myself, his sounds of approval urging me on as I continue my teasingly slow pace. My cock slides against his between our bodies, both hard with need as our lips began to swell at the insistent attention.

I pull away from the kiss, resting my lips besides his ear as we both breathe heavily against one another. Our movement becoming hungry and insistent as the feeling of our skin against one another lit a flame inside of me.

“Levi.” I growl as I press myself closer to him. His scent surrounding me in a comfortable blanket that made me shiver at its sweetness.

“W-Wait, I don’t want to... not yet.” He manages as we approach our climax, it takes all my strength to slow down my attack to a stop as I breathe against him.

“You’re not good for my heart.” I say referring to my thumping chest as I struggle to recover, pulling back to look at him. He laughs loudly, throwing his head back before looking back at me with a large smile. “Seriously not good.” I confirm before I press my lips to his once more for a brief kiss.

“I love you.” He breathes against my lips, his fingers finding their way down to my face as they track my features. He studies my face with curious eyes before he smiles while looking down at me. “With everything I have.”

“I love you too.” I promise as I press my head to his. We breathe against one another, bodies close in a desperate need for attention and proximity.

We take our time getting out of the shower, I put him down but don’t let him get far as I dry him. Kneeling down, I wipe his legs with the towel, pressing kisses everywhere it passed. I look up at him to find his cheeks red with embarrassment as he looks at me behind his hands.

“You don’t have to do this.” He whispers, his voice higher and tempting.

I release a chuckle as I kiss my way up, letting my tongue circle his tip briefly making him moan beautifully. I don’t linger, standing up once more to tower over him.

“I’m treating you like the treasure you are.” I say as I pull him flush against me. “You’re going to let me, because it’s what you deserve.”


“And you’re not going to complain.” I finish sternly as I press a gentle kiss to his lips. “Now you are going to let me take you to bed so I can show you how much I love you and you will not complain.”

I stare at him until he nods with a small smile that grows tenfold when I pick him up bridal style. He begins laughing which makes me smile as I stare down at his joyous form. I lay him down gently on the bed before mounting him and reclaiming his lips which belonged to me alone.

He wraps his legs around me and pulls me into him, his hands clawing at my back for more. The raw lines of their presence a testament of his pleasure. I grip his wrists and hold them above his head with one hand while letting the other search his alluring body.

“Stop teasing me.” He groans against my smiling lips.

“I will do whatever I want with you.” I growl looking down at him as he arches his back, thrusting himself against me desperately. “For however long I wish.”

He loosens the grip his legs have on me allowing me to slide down his body as I press, lick and suck any skin I find on my way down. I release his hands allowing his fingers squeeze the sheets beneath him as he squirms in pleasure. I circle his pierced nipple with my tongue before sucking it gently.

“Ngh...uh!” He moans beneath me. I continue my descent until I’m nipping at his thighs, my hands keeping his hips still. “Please.” He moans out in reference to his dripping erection.

I continue abusing the insides of his thighs, keeping my eyes trained on him so he’d know exactly who was driving him crazy. He throws his head back onto the pillows with a loud moan when I flick my tongue teasingly at his balls. I lick them slowly and lightly before sucking them into my mouth.

“J-Jayson!” Levi moans at the action as he writhes on the bed. I tease his balls with my mouth, sucking them and wetting them with my tongue. I pull back with them still in my mouth until they slap against him. “Ah!”

I look at his panting form as I stroke myself slowly, his eyes clouded as he lays in wait. He didn’t dare touch himself despite the way his cock bobbed in desperate search of attention, his precum dripping onto his stomach.

“All of you belongs to me.” I state firmly as I hold his gaze.

“All of me.” He replies breathlessly.

I smile as I slide back down and suck on his head, groaning around him as the precum slides down my tongue. Levi immediately thrusts upwards with a beautifully, desperate cry but I push him back down, pulling off his wet head.

“W-Wait no... don’t stop.” He begs as he looks at me.

“I won’t.... if you stay still.” I say leaning up to nip his lips quickly as I hover over him. “Lay here and enjoy. Don’t move.”

He nods shakily making me smile as I kiss his nose before going back to work. I lick around his head watching his beautiful reactions as he tried to stay still. I circle him with my tongue before taking the tip between my lips, sucking him in while my hands spread his legs for me.

“Ahhhh!” Levi moans out as I slowly move down before pulling back to his tip. He was dripping profusely in my mouth and I knew given the chance he’d cum. “S-So good.” He pants between moans.

I pull off his cock before wrapping my lips around the side of him and sucking him up and down slowly, my eyes holding his in possession. He doesn’t look away, growing harder at my gaze as I enjoy him length, his taste, his moans.

I take him back down my throat, moving as far as I could before pulling back and repeating.

“Please.” Levi begged as he grasped for more of the sheets. His hips jutting forth a little.

I pull off and look at him disapprovingly. He whines desperately as he squirms in place, his cock dripping between his legs.

“No moving.” I remind him as I lean down to bite his nipple.

“I c-can’t.” He stutters out with teary eyes.

“You can and you will.” I growl before taking him back into my mouth. I suck him faster this time, tightening my lips around him in search of his essence.

“Jayson!” He sobs out as I take him deeper, my hands gripping his ass as I push him in deeper. “Ah! Ah! Nghh!”

I raise up slightly with him still in my mouth, my hands pushing him in deeper as my mouth swallows him whole. He was sobbing now, moaning for the world to hear as his climax built its way up.

“I’m..I’m...ahhhhh!” He screams before his warm cum hits the back of my throat. I continue sucking him attentively through his climax as I savoured the taste of him. He shakes against me as I slow myself as he finishes. I suck slowly as he tremors within my mouth, jutting forward in aftershocks.

Eventually I pull off him and lay him back down. I flip his body, kissing up his back before sucking on his ear as my cock slides between his ass. He moans beneath me, his hips pushing back to meet my own as I breathe against him.

“Everything belongs to you.” I whisper against him as I push us forward. “My heart is yours.”

He moans and twists slightly to meet my lips, we kiss slowly and hungrily as we slip into a world where only the two of us exist.


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