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Chapter 35

BTW: This was supposed to be a double update but I decided to merge the two chapters so it’s a really long chapter. I hope you enjoy.

Levi’s P.O.V

The wind rushes pass me as a formidable force while I push myself further, faster. I glance across at my mate who was running alongside me, his wolf somehow looked larger than it was when we first met.

The two of us were running through the seemingly, neverending forest he once thought to be his home. It was so beautiful and raw, I almost felt jealous.

Our jet-black fur stood out like splotches on the earth’s canvas as we raced inbetween all the greenery that glowed from the sun rays casted upon them.

All things living, big and small, hidden and proud, scattered at the sound of us claiming the lands. The effect causing adrenaline to pump it’s way through my veins as something foreign to me filled my chest like a virus.

Our presence demanded respect, silently casting out authority to all those around us as we shook the earth beneath our paws. The way they scurried away as if death were upon them, it was feeding a piece of me that seemed to be starved for it.

I looked to Jayson once more - he was completely in his element. While this all felt slightly unreal and unfamiliar to me, it seemed to be second nature for him.

The Power. The Respect. The Fear.

A brief glance from him revealed the pride he felt towards me. It warms my chest all the more as I urged myself onwards.

Jayson was like a dream to watch, lunging further and running faster than I could ever hope to. Than I’d ever seen any werewolf do before, he looked to be everything one hoped to be but couldn’t completely achieve.

He takes a sharp turn and I follow despite the pain in my hind legs. As we do all things, we’d strengthened our bodies together. Building a dependancy on one another in a way being mates didn’t influence us to.

Everyday I forced myself to shift through the pain and run with Jayson until I physically couldn’t anymore and every day he shifted back and forth, at least four times to strengthen himself in the ways he had been denied.

It was hard initially - yes, but feeling us run together like this, it made all the pain it cost to get to this point worth it.

We slowed as we approached an all too familiar waterfall. Before I could bask in the memory of it, a large splash was made as Jayson dived in, still in wolf form. I chuffed to myself before leaning down to drink greedily while he attempted to cool down, float and drink all at once.

He was failing miserably.

I shifted and was pleased that the pain was less that it was before I met Jayson. It felt more like a decent sting now, a major improvement from the agony it caused before.

“Having fun over there?” I question with a chuckle as I step into the waterfall’s plunge pool. He shifts immediately, the process quicker for him that it once was.

“No, not entirely.” He says with a smile as he treads the water, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “I know what would make it better.” I swim to him and once I’m in range, his wrist wraps around my own and he tugs me to him. His right arm wraps around my waist, his hand sliding down to mine, intertwining our fingers. “Having you in my arms.”

“You’re so...” I stop when no word to describe his cuteness, dorkiness or attractiveness, came to mind. “.. mine”

“That I am.” He admits with a heavy laugh. He let’s us enjoy the cold water and peaceful aroma, for a short while, then he breaks the silence. Speaking the words I was avoiding since I opened my eyes this morning. “Do you still want to tell him today?”

I look into his pitch black, worrisome eyes and nod.

Today was the day I told Aiden everything. I would tell him about Jayson and I, our past and present. Every and any detail which would explain the cruel twist of faith which had finally brought us together. The same faith that demanded my mate to be the man he hated the most in this world.

Aunt Katty was already prepared to defend Jayson at all costs and so was dad. Uncle Beckett offered to come but I didn’t want dad to feel ganged up on. That’s why despite Hagen and Peter’s instant begging to join us, I declined their offers.

If I could, I would have it just between Aiden and I.

But Jayson refused to leave my side in that moment and Julian said having Jayson there with only me wasn’t that safe. Hence the extras. But if anyone was going to join us, who better to calm Po down if needed than his mate and best friend.

So the plan was set in motion and I.... I was scared shitless.

“He would never hurt you.” Jayson whispers, pressing a light kiss to my cheek.

“But he will hurt you.” I say and he nods with an expression of acceptance.

“He has every right to.” He admits making me frown deeply. “If he needs to take out his anger physically after we tell him everything, he can. I won’t fight him, but I won’t let him take advantage of me either.”

“This is going to be a disaster.” I breathe out as my heart begins to overwork itself.

“Levi, we will be fine.” He whispers soothingly. “It may take a while, but we will be fine by the end of this.”

“I won’t let them hurt you.” I declare and he smiles. “When the pack hears and anyone else after, I’ll protect you. I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

“So are you stealing my role as the protector in our relationship?” He ask sarcastically making me grunt as I shove him slightly.

“There’s nothing set in stone to say that you are the protector and I’m not.” I argue.

Jayson had been explaining more things which he’d learnt about us as a child, things about Crescent Mates. One being that in the mated pair, there was a protector. One which was usually bigger, stronger and faster than most and the shield to the other’s back.

But usually meant it was possible I could be the protector despite the odds.

“Well my love,” he says between pressing a kiss to my forehead, “I’d be honored to have you defending me.”

“As you should be.” I reply smiling after he stole a kiss from my lips.

He begins making his way down my neck with soft kisses before he settles on a spot and sucks slightly. I groan in pleasure but push at his chest to stop. He does immediately and looks to me with the expression I’d been seeing too much of lately.

“Why don’t you want me to mark you?” He asks, his voice strained and showing his blatant disappointment.

“I do want you to mark me.” I state clearly. I didn’t want any part if him doubting that I didn’t want to bare his mark proudly and be his mate fully. “Its just not the right time, you know that its not.”

“Its been months Levi, it feels like there will never be the right time.” He argues with frustration. “I want you to be mine. All of you.”

“I want the same thing, Jayson I do.” I say cupping his face in my hands, prompting him to look at me so he could see the truth from my eyes. “After today, after I tell dad, we can. I promise.”

He holds my gaze for a long moment before closing his eyes and nodding. I rest my head against his and release the breath I was caging inside.

I knew Jayson was only speaking out of frustration, he knew as well as I did that it was only a little longer. But no doubt Roger was tired of waiting, anxious and in need of claim. We loved each other so there was no reason to wait, yet we were.

“I want you Jayson.” I say to cement in him the fact and destroy any thoughts of doubt festering inside of him.

“I know.” He whispers. “Its just a little hard.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No need to be.” He replies quickly. “It will all be over and dealt with soon.”

“Do you want to leave? The pack? The area?” I ask pulling back slightly to gage his reaction.

“I do.” He discloses before chuckling sadly. “Levi, we are alphas. You by blood, me by being your mate. We are meant to lead others, not follow them.”

“I know, but I’ve never led anyone.” I confess avoiding his eyes.

“Because you’ve never been given the chance to.” He says pushing the wet hair away from my eyes. “Everything was taken away from us before you even got the chance to learn about yourself. Don’t you want to live the life you were meant to?”

“I don’t even know where to start.” I say doubtfully. “We don’t e-even have a pack.”

“We will build one.” He says confidently pulling me closer to him in a successful attempt to calm me. “And the leader, the alpha, is already inside of you, it will come naturally. You are compassionate, strong and loveable. You will be an amazing alpha Levi. Believe in yourself the way I believe in you.”

“I don’t deserve you.”

“You deserve better than me, but you got me so tough.” He says with a shrug making me burst out laughing. “I’m the one who doesn’t deserve to see that beautiful smile or hear that gorgeous laugh of your’s.”

“Well I love you so lucky you.” I say as I let my lips brush his gently.

“I love you too.” He replies before claiming my lips as his own.

I sink into him and let myself drown in the pleasure.


I can’t wait to see you - Po says through the link, his joy so evident that it made shards of glass forged from my guilt sink into my chest.

I’d been avoiding him like the plague ever since I met Jayson. I knew it was unfair to him, he had no idea why and I’d only just returned from university, yet I spent zero time with him.

It hurt knowing I’d allow us to grow so far apart. We used to talk at least once a day, now he was lucky if I saw him once a week. If today went well, I’d be sure to rectify that as soon ad I could.

I can’t wait to see you too dad - I reply with a weak smile as Jayson and I make our way to the bathroom. We just returned home from our morning run and I needed to shower before seeing him.

“Julian is coming to wait with you later and I’ll call when its time.” I say as I strip my clothes off.

Jayson nods and watches me from the bathroom counter as I grab the soaps. I stiffen slightly when I feel his budding anger, the room becoming sophisticating. He was trying to hide it but I could sense it.

Our bond had been excelling in all sorts of ways, one of which included feeling one another’s emotions. Yes normal mates sometimes felt sad when their mates were sad or felt angry when they were hurt, but that was an effect of seeing them in that state. It was also a responsive feeling rather than the same.
For Jayson and I, it was different. When he was mad, I felt his anger inside of me, felt the way it festered inside of him, as if it were my own. When he was sad, I felt the grief which filled him and shredded him inside out.

I turn to face him and tense slightly at the expression that contorts his face into one of misery. He was glaring harshly at the soap in my grasp, causing my chest to fill with guilt.

“You know I have to.” I plead as I move towards him. I felt my insides twists as his emotions continued to swirl inside of him, his eyes refusing to reach my own. “Jayson...”

“I know you don’t want to, I know you have to. But I-I hate it.” He grinds out, his fingers curling into fists besides him. “When you take my scent off, it feels like you’re rejecting me. Its unreasonable, I know but... you erase my scent from you and won’t let me mark you. It makes me uneasy.”

My chest contracts at this. Fear building inside of me, my immediate thoughts convincing me I’d lose him. I should have by now, I’ve hidden him, practically denied him, denied his mark. I felt tears welling in my eyes, it quickly becoming hard to breathe.

“Today is the last time.” I promise, placing my hands on his chest, I look up to him as he stared at me. His eyes showing the wall slowly building between us. “After we tell him this afternoon, I will never remove your scent again. Jayson, I p-promise.”

“I know you mean well Levi. I know you love me and I have no doubt that you mean every word you say.” He says softly, his expression still guarded. “Its just getting difficult to trust in it all. Its childish, I know and I’m sorry. Go, spend some time with him and I’ll be here when you’re ready.”

He pulls my hands from him and slides pass me, leaving me alone in the bathroom that suddenly felt too big and empty. I felt tears steaming down my face as I made my way into the shower. I look at the bar of soap with hateful eyes of blame that should of only been casted my way.

Months. We had been together for months and yet every time I left the house, I removed his scent. I allowed it to become so natural for me that I forgot the pain it caused Jayson. For months he’d been understanding and kind, loving and supportive. So much so that I didn’t realise the ways I’d been slowly cutting him down.

I just want this all to be over....


As I approach the house, my chest tight and my steps quick, I force myself to push away the feelings that still encase me.

I go to knock before I pause and release a sad laugh. I never thought there would be a day where I would even consider knocking to enter my own family home. It was my home as well. Yet I hadn’t visited in such a long time, it almost felt foreign.

I open the door and listen for the usual ruckus that filled the halls. Yet, nothing came but silence. I could hear everyones movements, I knew they were all here. Yet there was no banter or laughter to show it.

I make my way into the house in search of dad. The plan was to spend the day together before I took him to the house where we would tell him everything. I just wanted one day with him if everything went south.

I climb the many stairs to go to our parents wing of the house, stopping short when Damon came into view on the other side.

We both freeze in place. His eyes widening in surprise before his heart rate picks up. I force myself to look away and continue on my original path.

“Levi.” He calls out suddenly, making me stop instantly. I hadn’t heard his voice in so long, he almost sounded scared. “I-I.... um...”

I turn to look at him. His anxiety was clear and so was his guilt, as he stumbled over his words.

“A-Are you okay?” He asks before frowning at his own words.

“I’m fine.” I say crossing my arms. “What do you want Damon?”

He flinches slightly, his eyes showing his surprise at my reaction. He opens his mouth and closes it several times, his fists clenching besides him as he looks away. I give him a moment longer, silently begging for him to just apologize and truely mean it so I can have my little brother back.

But he doesn’t. Instead, he gets defensive as he always does when he felt anything other than sure of himself. He sent my hateful glare that made me sigh with disappointment as I turn and continued on my way.

“I have to go, this mutt has to go see his father.” I spit as I walk away. I hear something break behind me with his angry groans but I keep walking.

As I approach my parents room, I slow slightly at the sound of shouting that came from the other side.

“You are lying to me!” Aiden yells, his voice harsh and pained. “Stop fucking lying to me!”

“A-Aiden.” Julian begs, he sounded as if he were crying.

“You’re hiding something and you’re lying to me about it.” He snaps viscously. There’s silence for a beat before dad speaks again, his voice cold and emotionless. “Did you cheat on me Julian?”

“No!” Dad says quickly. “A-Aiden, I would n-never do that to you! I love you.”

There’s no reply and dad’s crying became louder.

“I didn’t. Aiden, I-I didn’t.” He cries desperately.

“I can’t tell if you’re telling the truth or lying anymore.” Dad admits sounding defeated. “Its the only thing that makes sense. I-It explains why you leave so much lately without telling me anything, why you come back without your scent or any. Why you keep lying so much...”

“I-I didn’t.” Dad sobs. “I’m t-telling the truth. Aiden, p-please. I-I love you. I l-love only you!”

There’s no reply.

“I w-will explain everything. J-Just wait, for me please, just wait a little longer.” Dad begs sounding more desperate than I’d ever heard him. “P-Please Aiden.”

I could hear Aiden pacing, his angry grunts and low growls. He did that whenever he was conflicted. Then his steps come to a halt and he sighs.

“Okay.” He says softly.

There’s some shuffling before all that can be heard are dad’s sobs.

“I didn’t mean to make you cry, I’m sorry. Julian, I’m sorry.” He says, his voice showing his regret and agony. “Please stop crying. I’m sorry love.”

“I’m so s-sorry Aiden.” Dad sobs, his voice muffled. I guessed by now that Aiden was holding him.

“I’m sorry for shouting.” He says softly. “I shouldn’t have blown up like that.”

“Don’t apologize.”

“Did I do something wrong?” Aiden asks quickly.

“No, no. You’ve been perfect. You have always been perfect.”

“Are they writing to you again? Is that what you won’t tell me?” Dad asks making me stiffen in surprise. “I will burn the letters and kill whoever started doing it again.”

“No, Aiden. I haven’t received a threat in years.” He says dismissively.

Dad was threatened? By who? Why would anyone threaten dad? They all loved him in the pack, or at least I thought they did.

“Then it’s something else you don’t trust me enough to tell me.” He says sounding broken and defeated.

I force myself to walk away from the door. I’d heard too much but enough to ensure me that we couldn’t hide anymore. I would not risk damaging their bond any further than I already had in my pursuit of happiness. Never had Po yelled at dad like that, never and I wouldn’t let it happen again.

We needed to stop this today and we would.


“Hey, I’m sorry I kept you waiting.” Po says as he rushes down the stairs. His eyes hiding the pain I’d heard earlier as he smiled down at me.

Once I was in arms reach he pulled me into a tight hug. I hug him back quickly, more so for him than myself after what I heard.

He eventually let’s me down and beams at me. Slinging an arm around my shoulder he leads us out of the house.

“So, where are we going kid?”

“Wherever you want to go.” I say quickly, I had a plan but I threw that out the window. I wanted him to have a good time.

He thinks for a moment before a light bulb seems to go off in his head and smiles at me.

“You look creepy.” I say and he laughs, ruffling my hair before making his way to his car.

“Get in.” He says in response. In no time, the engine’s roaring and he driving us out of the large driveway.

“Where are we going?”

“Its a surprise.”


“Aren’t you a little old to want to still be doing this?” I ask as I look around the run-down golf course.

“I’m thirty five not one hundred.” He argues making me laugh. “Also, I’ll have you know Emitt and I still do this every month.”

“If you break a hip, I’m not carrying you home.” I warn, barely managing to dodge the slap he sends my way.

“Shitbag.” He curses before getting into the cart that looked unsafe and ready to explode. “Alright let’s go.”

“I don’t even know how to play.” I say as I step into the old cart.

“You hit any ball you can while I drive.” He says with a look of disappointment. “I thought Hagen was the stupid kid not you.”

“Sorry to disappoint.” I say with a shrug. It takes a couple minutes, accompanied by dad throwing a temper tantrum, before the engine starts up and we’re on our way.

For a dad, mine seemed to have no regard for my life let alone his. He was speeding through the abandoned course which was slowly being eroded. Not even attempting to dodge the scattered balls or sinks in the ground which sent us flying from side to side. He just laughed instead.

“You’re fucking crazy.” I spit out as I hold onto the sides to not fall out.

“I raised you better than this, stand up and hit a ball!” He yells looking at me instead of the course. “Come on Levi! fun!”

“Its stupid.” I argue and he rolls his eyes, which were still not on the course!

“Levi, hit a damn ball.” He says looking behind him for a club.

My father is insane.

He shoves one into my hand and gives me a push that almost sent me flying from the cart. I stand up shakily as best as I could before allowing myself to lean out of the cart. Gripping on the sides with my left hand, I stick out my right with the club.

“There you go!” He yells with excitement. “Now hit whatever you can!”

I see a ball in the near distance and pull the club back and strike it with as much force as I can. It goes flying and dad cheers his approval making me laugh as I watch it land somewhere else.

“You’re a natural!” He cheers as if I was playing a real sport. “I’ve given you one of my best genes, you’re welcome.”

“I’m adopted.” I deadpan as I hit another.

“That’s why you lack the physical appearance genes.” He replies as his sips his beer. That statement made no sense, but to argue with him about it was useless so I ignored it.

Instead I focus on the oddly thrilling act of hitting these golf balls. For some reason it was exciting and managed to expel some of the tension in my body that was building slowly. That alongside being with my dad created a lightness inside of me which I hadn’t felt for a while.

“Now watch the master.” Dad comments when we switch places.

I smiled up at him as I watched him scream, shout, laugh and taunt me. He was good but I didn’t care about that, I was happy that he was happy. He was soaking it all in and I loved to see him like this. It was like catching a glimpse of the youthful version of him who adopted me despite knowing little about me with no obligations to take care of me.

It made me feel young again. Like I returned to the days when I was their biggest concern or worry. When I felt safe and protected at all times, because my alpha fathers always had my back.

It was nice.

Eventually dad tired of the foolish game and let us stop. We found a nice spot on the abandoned course and laid down with a couple beers he bought on the way up.

I’d only slightly managed to sway him from buying fireworks, dad always said to never let Po get a hold of fireworks. No idea why, but I didn’t really want to know.

“This is nice.” Dad breathes out, his hand beneath his head as he looked up at the sky. “Spending time with you.”

“I’m sorry I haven’t really been around.” I say pathetically.

“You’re an adult now. I shouldn’t expect you to still be gripping onto my leg.” He jokes but I knew his words were slightly pained.

“You should know just because I’m older doesn’t mean you can get rid of me.” I say, his eyes brightening a little. “I will never stop annoying you, along with the rest of the family of course.”

“Goddess take me now.” He pleas making me laugh. “The family is changing, I’m not sure if its cause you all are getting older or... if its something else.”

“Things can’t stay the same forever.” I say, making sure to be careful with my choice of words.

“No they can not.” He breathes out, sitting up to take a swig of his drink. “I know you heard Julian and I earlier.”

I stiffen at his sudden revelation. I sneak a glance at him but he didn’t look mad, just sad.

“Dad would never cheat on you.” I say quickly. I knew it wasn’t my place but I couldn’t just leave it knowing that he was not. “Never.”

“I know that Levi.” He says looking at me with a frown. “I know that he loves me and I know that he would never do that... but things between us are different lately and there’s a voice in my head telling me maybe... maybe I don’t know. Maybe he doesn’t feel what he used to.”

“Dad loves you.” I repeat, feeling pathetic. It was the only thing I could say without coming out with everything. “He does. More than anything, please don’t leave him.”

He laughs loudly at this before setting his empty bottle down and looking at me.

“I left your father once when we were newly mated and it is still one of my biggest regrets today.” He says earnestly. “I promised him I’d never go again and I meant it. I’m never leaving him, never again.”

I release a sigh of relief that makes his smile grow further.

“Its nice to know you care about us, but there’s no need to worry Levi.” He says confidently. “We may fight and cry and argue, but at the end of it all, we always find one another again.”

I nod choosing to allow myself to believe in his words. I knew he’d be mad when he found out that dad hid what he knew about Jayson and I from him, but I knew him. He’d be mad and hurt but he’d understand his side of things. He would.

“Moving from my personal life to yours,” dad starts making me chuckle, “you want to tell me what happened between you and Demon.”

“No.” I say immediately but he didn’t seem shocked or surprised.

“That bad.” He comments after whistling. “He peed on your bed?”

“Why is that always your first assumption?” I ask while he laughs.

“Because if he didn’t do that, then its not that bad.” He says repeating the words he said to us all our lives.

Werewolves were very territorial and to us, the bed was probably our most sacred place. It was where you were most vulnerable after all. To pee on someones bed was probably the quickest way to get yourself killed in any pack.

“He was being Damon.” I say in explanation.

“I’m not Sherlock Holmes, I can’t figure out the puzzle from a vague clue.” He groans making me chuckle. “Did he stab you or something?”

“He just said something really... hurtful.” I reveal making his eyes soften.

Silence falls between us and I assume he dropped the subject.

“I’m not going to make him alpha this year.” Dad says after a moment.

“What?!” I shout as I launch myself upwards in surprise. I’m pretty sure my eyes were out of their sockets or on the verge of popping. “Why not?!”

“He’s not ready.” He says simply. His voice was calm as if he knew this would happen all along. I started questioning if he truely did.

“Yes he is!” I argue.

“Levi, your brother has zero regard for life of any kind or other’s emotions. Two qualities which no proper alpha should possess.” He says but I shake my head in protest.

“He does. He just needs a chance, a little support and people actually believing in him.” I snap, I sounded accusatory when I didn’t mean to. I knew dad probably believed in him more than I did.

“He is not ready.” He says once more, completely ignoring my outburst. “He stopped trying to improve his behaviour when you guys stopped talking and now he’s out of control.”

“What do you mean?” I ask but he looks away before opening another beer. “Tell me.”

“Some rogues were reported to have started surfacing in the area. I was going kill them as warning to others.” He explains and I nod quickly wanting him to go on. “I was supposed to go alone, but your brother wanted to tag along. I thought, hey why not. We both like killing rogues and we are good at it.”

“When we got there, it was a small group trying to set up somewhere. They weren’t feral, they were scared and had children, so obviously I didn’t attack. Of course they couldn’t stay, it would just create more problems and attract more our way. They had to keep moving, naturally. I asked Damon what he thought we should do.” He says as he looks me in my eyes. “He wanted to kill them all.”

My throat dries as I let the information sink in. He wanted to kill children...

“There was a time when I would of said the same thing, a time when I was alone and angry all the time. When to me, a rogue was a rogue and I thought they should all die.” Dad says sadly. “But I’ve tried my hardest to not instill those kind of horrible thoughts into you guys. I made sure you knew that that was not a line to cross. But Damon... he didn’t care.”

“M-Maybe he.... he thought...”

“He is more violent than I ever was or ever could be. He’s unstable and more dangerous than I care to admit.” Dad says cutting me off. “Levi, I know you love him, I do too. But he is not ready.”

Silence falls over us for what felt like the millionth time since we left the house this morning. My mind was scrambling for an explanation or form of reasoning to get dad to change his mind. But there was no way to defend Damon which came to mind. Because the truth was that he was right. He wasn’t ready to be Alpha, no matter how badly I wanted him to be.

“So what will happen?” I ask when I find my words again.

“Julian and I will continue leading until he is able to.” He says simply. I stare at him for a moment and he nods. “I know... I know. You don’t have to tell me, we know he’ll hate us, but it’s for his own good. For the good of the pack.”

The new information had made my mind spin with confusion as multiple theories began to thread their way through my mind.

Damon would probably go on a rampage. He’d curse us all, our parents, the pack and the elders. He would kill an elder trying to force them to do the ceremony. He might be so mad that he would challenge dad for the spot. All the thoughts just gave me more and more reasons why he truely was not ready.

It also made me question whether or not I should tell dad about Jayson or leave with him later. Damon would need me. He would be so lost and angry, he’d need someone to help him through it.

Yes he had Amelia, but her birthday was before his and Goddess forbid her mate was not Damon.... I can’t even imagine what he would do.

“Fuck.” I breathe out making him laugh.

“Fuck indeed.” He replies glancing my way. “I’ll have to sleep with one eye open, little fucker might pee on me.”

“Seriously, are you afraid of pee or something?” I ask with a small smile as he begins laughing.

It was a serious issue but the laughter made it easier to cope with. He shakes his head and looks at me.

“I wouldn’t call it a fear, I’m just cautious.” He replies making me bend over laughing.

My dad was a complete idiot but I loved him. He was laughing too as he watched me with joyous eyes. I make my way over to him where he already sits with open arms. I hug him tightly as I soak in the scent of him and the comfort his touch brought me. It was comforting to know that he was still special in that regard, besides Jayson, he was still the person I could hug without pain.

“I love you dad.” I say into his broad chest that rumbles slightly as he tightens his grip.

“I love you too.” He says with a kiss to my head. “Even if you are an ugly shitbag.”

I push away from his while he continues laughing his head off. I tackled him allowing my wolfish side to take over, causing him to yell slightly and the laughter to switch to me. We play fight for a bit before shifting to our wolves to really have some fun.

We spend a couple minutes fighting, if any human passed here right now they’d probably shit themself at the sight of two giant, black wolves fighting on a golf course.

Once we called a truce and I was left panting on the floor, I caught dad’s eyes widen in surprise when he looked at me. I think it was his first time truely looking at me since we started playing, he shifts quickly and stands to look at me completely.

“Levi...” He gawks, no other words following as he circled me as if he’d seen a ghost. I started to wonder if I had a rat on my back before he spoke again. “You’ve grown so much. Y-Your wolf is massive.”

Thank Goddess it wasn’t a rat, I was deadly afraid of rats.

When the relief flows away I take in his words. Had I grown? I knew my shifting had improved and so had my speed and strength but I didn’t release my size had as well.

“Its not steroids is it?” He questions making me chuff. I shift and stretch slightly before looking to him.

“Its not steroids, it’s just exercise.” I say dismissively.

“I shift at least once a day, run for hours and you don’t see me growing like a damn beanstalk.” He replies quickly as he studies me. “What’s the secret?”

“Exercise.” I repeat.

It wasn’t a lie. I mean, I ran more and shifted more. That’s all. He eyes me suspiciously before nodding and letting me off for now.

“Let’s head back, we’ve been here for hours.” He says as he collects our things off the ground. I watch him for a moment, my heart racing know it was time. No more hiding or pretending, it was time we dealt with all of this.

“You just gonna watch me pick up everything? Fucking shitbags, I tell you... condoms are your friend not the enemy. The real enemy is what comes without them.” He laughs to himself for a minute before glancing up at me. “See what I did there, cums and comes. It’s all natural talent, I swear, it just comes to me. Fuck, I did it again!” He says cackling.

“Dad.” I say with a couple loose chuckles of my own. “There’s something I need to tell you.”

“Hagen peed on your bed.”

“For fuck sake dad, nobody is peeing on anybody’s bed.” I say whilst laughing uncontrollably. “Stop making me think someone is out to get us!”

We continue laughing like the fools we were before it finally dies down and we look at one another with still amused smiles.

“What is it that you have to tell me?” He asks seriously, yet his voice was welcoming and gentle.

“I want to tell you at home.” I say and he nods as he twirls the keys around his finger. “My home.”

He stops and glances at me.

“So I finally get to see this house I’ve been banished from.” He says with a raised brow. “Must be really serious.”

“Its not, only if you make it really serious.” I say with a nervous chuckle. He narrows his eyes suspiciously.

“I’ve suspected it for some time now, but I didn’t think it was true.” He says making me hold my breath. “Your pregnant and you were the one who peed your bed!”

I stare at him with disappointment while he slings his arm around me and walks us to the car laughing.

“I’ll still love you after you tell me whatever it is.” He says as we enter the car. “If I have to tell one hundred terrible pee jokes to make you less nervous, then I will.”

I stare at him with admiration, love, respect, fear and joy all at once while he looks at me with one clear emotion.

“Ready?” He asks as he starts the car.


“Yeah.” I say with a smile.


Arent they just so cute and close and awwwwwww.

Fuck, this btw, is my relationship with my dad with less cursing.

It’s all shits and aws until he tells Aiden. All I can say is God bless this boy’s soul.


I cried writing that scene about Julian. Fuck me I cried my heart out. My little babies fighting is the worseeeeeeee.

You know what the next chapter is.....

Until next time,
Byeeeeeee humansssssss

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