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Chapter 36

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Levi’s P.O.V

I look down at my shaking fingers and quickly sink my nails into my leg to hide my fear. I knew my efforts were in vain, since my heart was racing audibly within my chest despite my efforts to calm it.

I could see dad constantly glancing my way with worry from the corner of my eye. He was fretting to no end about the whole situation, but he didn’t voice it and chose to wait patiently.

I, on the other hand, was praying desperately to Goddess above that I was simply overreacting and that he wouldn’t be mad. That he would, at the very least, try to accept our perplex situation and my mate.

“Stop.” I blurt out making him immediately break the car. We lunge forward slightly before shooting backwards in our seats. Po looks at me slightly pissed but he bites his tongue, his patience wearing thin.

“Before we go any further, I need you to make a promise to me.” I say avoiding his eyes as I kept them casted downwards.

“Levi, you’re beginning to really worry me.” He says honestly and it cuts deep knowing this level of care could be lost soon.

“Just promise me dad, that you’ll listen to everything.” I say finally finding the courage to meet his eyes. They were swimming with clear panic as he studied me in search of answers.

“Levi, what on ea-”

“Aiden.” I say cutting him off making him stiffen slightly. It had been years since I referred to him as anything but Po or dad. “Promise me that you will listen to everything before you... react. Please.”

He stares at me for a long time before he nods. We continue driving, my anxiety slightly diminished while his grew besides me.

We are close - I say shakily to dad through the link.

We’re all here and ready - He replies in an instant. Everything will be fine Levi.

I don’t reply because the truth of the matter was that I doubted that it would be. I doubted everyone would come out of this smiling, despite how much I willed it to be so.

We stop in front the house and dad looks up at it with a small smile. I get out before he could, knowing the minute he stepped out of the car what would happen.

He turns off the car before he door swings open and dad takes a step out. I watch anxiously as he stops and sniffs the air before he jumps out the car and slams the door behind him.

“Levi you need to get inside now.” He says as he snaps into father mode. His eyes scanning the area cautiously while he pulled me closer to him, as if shielding me. “I can smell that fucking thing and it’s close. Get inside.”

I grab hold of his arm making him glance at me with confusion and anger. He opens his mouth but I beat him to it.

“Dad, it’s okay.” I say gently making his face fill with even more uncertainty. “Lets both go inside.”

“Not when it’s this close Levi.” He argues, his eyes glowing red for a moment as he glanced around again. He stopped and turned towards the house before sniffing again. “Its inside.”

"He’s inside the house dad.” I say making him stop immediately as he looks at me and then the house again. He makes a move to pass me but I quickly block him. “Remember your promise.”

His canines were dropping as he stared at me, his reddened gaze showing his anger, hesitation and rage all at once. He looks to the house again before looking back at me.

“Dad, you promised.” I remind him. He continues to stare at me before his canines retract, making him to look a little less feral.

He gives me a small nod. I let out a breath, making sure to make my way inside in front of him.

I know that the moment I open the door he can smell Jayson’s scent on everything, so I make quick work of going to the living room where I knew they were all waiting for me. The minute I turn the corner, I rush to Jayson, placing my body in front of him.

Dad walks in after me but stops when he sees all of us. His eyes dart to Julian and Aunt Katty first with surprise before he looks back to me and Jayson.

“Why is your rogue here?” He spits towards Aunt Katty who for once looked nervous. “I told you next time I saw him, I’d kill him.” He growls, his eyes glowing brightly as he looks to Jayson again.

Julian immediately goes to Aiden, blocking his path as he held his mate’s face in his hands. Forcing him to look at him despite the glare that he was casting in our direction.

“What the hell is going on?” Dad barks looking between us.

“Aiden, calm down.” Julian says trying to quell him the best way he could.

“I can smell that beast’s scent everywhere and it leads to the rogue standing behind our damn son and you’re telling me to calm down!” He blares taking a step towards us that Julian immediately blocks.

“Julian move.” Aiden says coldly.

“Not if you’re going to try to hurt him.” He replies firmly.

“I’m going to do a lot more than hurt him.” He promises as his eyes raise to meet Jayson’s. “I’m going to rip you limb from limb and make sure you feel every fiber inside of you rip apart from each other.” His voice was low and eerie as if something else had taken over. His eyes were glowing a blood soaked red as they narrowed on him like prey. “Get away from my son.”

“Dad, please.” I beg, but he doesn’t even glance my way. “Please, just sit down and listen. You promised you would listen.”

“Get away from him.” He growls coldly to Jayson who respectively takes a few steps away from me to distance us.

It calms Aiden minimally but only for what feels like a second as he finds the strength to push pass Julian and lunge towards Jayson.

I run to block him but freeze when dad hits a wall. He bangs against the invisible barrier angrily before glaring at Aunt Katty.

“Katerina, put this barrier down.” He booms but she was on our side of the barrier and just gave him a like shake no. “If something happens to him, I will never forgive you.”

“Jayson would never hurt Levi.” Dad defends quickly as he circles his way around his mate. “Aiden, you have to listen to what they have to say.”

“Listen?” He questions with wide eyes, before he looks back at Jayson. “Listen to the man who tried to kill you!” His words dripping with venom as he goes to a corner in the room and starts scratching at it.

“He can explain.” I say quickly.

“No explanation can make up for the fact that he put your father in a fucking coma!” He blares, banging his fist again the barrier again. His eyes hold Jayson’s as if he were memorizing his face while deciding all the ways he would hurt him. He hits against the barrier again as he sinks his talons in, his frame just waiting for an opportunity to attack.

“Did you feel nothing?” He asks crisply to Jayson. His eyes pulsing with hate and pain. “No shame or care, when you were tearing my mate apart piece by piece while he was pregnant! Did it feel good to see him bleeding out beneath you?!”

Jayson remained silent as he warned me he would. He said any input from him would probably trigger a worse reaction from dad and he was right. Though he remained silent now, I could tell the words hurt him as he stood there. I’d only just managed to help him see that it was not his fault and that he was forgiven, but Aiden was tearing that all down now.

“Aiden, if I am standing here right now, not angered or afraid, then clearly there’s a reason.” Dad says besides him, turning his gaze towards him gently with his fingers.

“He attacked Levi!” He protests looking at us all as if we were insane.

“There is a good reason.” Dad continues. “Sit down with me and listen to it.”

“Julian.” He breathes with knitted eyebrows, unable to comprehend why he was so calm. “This is the man we’ve been fighting since Peter was born. He almost killed you, he almost killed two of our children.”

“But he didn’t.”

“That doesn’t make it all okay!” He booms before running his hand through his hair.

“If not for me or yourself, for Levi, listen Aiden.” He says calmly and as if a switch turned, his eyes softened slightly.

“If you don’t sit don’t by choice, my magic will make you by force.” Aunt Katty cuts in.

Dad glares her way before glancing back at me. I could see regret blooming through him from making that promise. He gripped his fists tightly before he looked back at his mate.

They stare at one another for a long time before dad speaks again.

“Aiden, sit with me and listen to what they have to say.” He says soothingly, acting as one would if trying to tame something savage. “We’re going to tell you everything. No more secrets, no more lies.”

This seems to catch his attention as he narrows his gaze on his mate. He looks to us once more, the red eyes refusing to leave before he nodded. Everyone released a sigh of relief but Aiden who allowed himself to be led to the opposite couch to sit down.

Jayson and I sit down on the furniture furthest from him, making sure to keep more distance between us than usual.
Dad had his hands holding Aiden’s tightly as they sat close, despite the waves of rage pouring from him as he continued to eye down Jayson. He appeared to be unbothered on the outside, but I could feel on inside that it was the complete opposite.

“Dad, this is Jayson.” I say, my voice barely audible. I clear my throat and force myself to be louder. “This is Jayson, m-my mate.”

The red disappears from his eyes in an instant as does the glare of hatred. His eyes widen and his mouth slightly parts in surprise. His eyes dance between us before joy begins to flicker it’s way into them.

“You found your mate?” He asks in disbelief, I nod and a crooked smile taking his lips. “L-Levi that’s amazing.” Its like for a moment he forgot that I said Jayson was my mate, his mind focused on the mate part. But then it seemed to click and the smile was gone. “You’re mated to this thing.”

My heart drops at this, my mouth running dry as I held his gaze. I could tell he already disapproved and though I expected it, it cut deeper than I could ever imagine it would. Especially after seeing his joy only moment earlier at the prospect of me finally having a mate.

“He’s not a thing.” I snap defensively. “His name is Jayson and he is my mate.”

He looked a little dazed at my response as was I, but I had hidden Jayson long enough. If there was anytime to show him that I cared for him and meant every word I promised, it was right now.

“No. He can’t be your mate. No. It’s a mistake.” Dad spits out his words and I feel the sting of them as he continues shaking his head. “For Goddess to mate you to... that... something’s wrong.”

“There is not a mistake.” I defend feeling my own eyes glow with anger. “Jayson is my mate and I thank Goddess everyday I was lucky enough to get a mate this good. He is kind and loyal and loving. He is everything a man could be and more and he is my mate.”

Aiden bites his lip as he tightens his grasp around dad’s fingers and looks away allowing me to glance at Jayson who was already looking at me with pride. It was enough to ensure me of my words and urge me to continue.

“How long have you known?” Aiden grinds out, his fingers gripping dad’s tightly for support.

I freeze at the question. My confidence crumbling in an instant knowing how he’d react to my response. I didn’t expect this to come so early in the conversation, I wasn’t ready to see the hurt in his eyes when he realised how long I’d been hiding this from him.

His worry shows through his rage as he studies me. He looks at his mate for explanation but Julian looked pale with fear. He’d hidden it from him as well and they were mates.

“The day I was attacked in the woods.” I force out. I immediately see the grief that floods his features and the mortification he felt in an instant shows clearly on his face.

As if casted out, the anger completely vanishes and is replaced by an expression of betrayal and agony as he holds my gaze. He looked at me as if I’d drove a dagger through his heart with my confession.

“Levi, t-that was almost four months ago.” He chokes out. His voice sounding weaker than I’d ever heard it, the image of his saddened expression burnt into my memory. He glances at dad for comfort but stops when he catches sight of his mate’s guilty gaze. “Did you know?”

Dad nods slowly and tries to swallow the tears as Aiden’s lips part slightly in shock. Two daggers were there now and I could see in his eyes that he felt every bit of the pain it caused. The accusation of betrayal is clear as day on his face as he pulls his hands away from his mate’s grasp. Dad releases a small whimper as Aiden stands and walks away from him and to the nearest wall.

“You also knew?” He asks looking to Aunt Katty who nods solemnly. He looks back to me and the tears fall from my eyes from his accusatory gaze. It gutted me inside out as he silently begged me to tell him this wasn’t true. But I couldn’t. “Who else knew?”

“The whole family knows.” I sob silently and that’s when the tears fill his own eyes. He doesn’t let them drop but I could see his mind running a mile a minute as he tried to make sense of the situation. I never wanted to hurt him, cause him so much pain but looking at him now, I could see that I was destroying him.

“Damon knows?” He asks in shock. “Hagen and Josey? Peter too?”

I nod with a sob.

“So for months my friend, my mate and my children knew and lied to my face about it?” He spits out shakily as he glares at dad who was avoiding his gaze. “All for what? To protect the thing I’ve been trying to protect all of you from!”

“Jayson is -”

“A fucking murderer.” He snaps cutting my words off. “Do you have any idea how many of ours he has killed? Do you Levi? How many we have buried because of him? Do you have any idea about the effect his actions have had on the families we are promised to protect?
Do you know how many doorsteps I have had to go to, how many mothers and fathers I had to look in the eye and tell them that their child was dead because of him! He’s killed hundreds!”


“And you invite him into our pack, our lands!” He booms angrily as he looks at all of us but Jayson. He was shaking in rage but also in pain, his eyes still wet with tears that he wouldn’t let fall. “I try to protect you, all of you! Protect the pack and you do this!”

Why didn’t you tell me?
It was a silent question I could hear him asking between his words.
Why didn’t you give me a chance?

“I was afraid.” I admit, my eyes focusing on my fingers which were tightly bound. I couldn’t look at him, not when I knew I was the cause of his distress. “Afraid you wouldn’t accept us, that you wouldn’t accept me any longer. I-I thought you’d cast me out, make me leave and never come back. I was, I am, afraid.” I finish before glancing back up at him.

Silence falls and no one speaks as his chest rises and falls in quick succession, air seeming to escape him as he kept his eyes on me.

“Afraid...” He repeats in a low croak. “You’re afraid of me?”

I shake my head, opening my mouth to deny it but he beats me to it.

“You must be if you thought.... you really think I would cast you out?” He continues, a tear running down his cheek. “Is that how you see me?”

I shake my head quickly as I cover my mouth to silence the sobs that were escaping me. Tears flooded his eyes and were pooling out of them without control.

“Is that what all of you think of me?” He says looking around. “The k-kids? That I’d make you leave just like that!”

“Dad.” I try as I stand but he raises a palm for me to stop. He stared at me as if he couldn’t believe what was happening, as if it was all a mistake.

“So w-what, today was all fake?” He asks and I quickly shake my head. “A ploy to do what? Tame me, control me, before you told me. If not, you thought I would cast you out! My own son?!”

He looked to be at war with his own mind as he looked at me. I knew it was gutting him through and through, I could almost feel the pain radiating off of him. His eyes showing his agony as he studied me. We’d always trusted one another, dad and I, as well as the entire family. Always told the truth, even when it was hard to do. But we hadn’t this time and the torture he now endured because of it was worse than the guilt I felt by a thousand fold.

He looks away as if I’d hit him. Pushing off the wall he wipes his tears away with the back of his hand and avoids looking at any of us in the eye.

“I need a minute.” He says as he leaves the room. Dad stands to follow him but stops when dad glares at him. “Alone.”

When he’s out of the room, dad sits back down as he hugs his knees and Jayson immediately pulls me into a hug as I cry against him. Gripping onto his shirt desperately as I shut my eyes, trying to make the image of my father crying disappear but it wouldn’t.

Regret was boiling through my veins and then anger, anger I could only redirect at me. If I had just told him in the beginning, perhaps it wouldn’t of been so bad. But in the beginning, Jay wasn’t himself and it would of been so bad.

None of say anything as we stay put in wait. I force myself not to go after him as I knew dad was. I look to dad and feel my chest squeeze itself at the sight of him sobbing into his own hold.

I hurt both of them with my selfishness.

Jayson sits us down eventually as we sit in wait. I knew he was nearby, I could smell him outside but I also knew he was crying... I could hear him.

Unable to bare it any longer, I pull from Jayson’s grasp and make my way to the door. He doesn’t follow me and I thank Goddess I had such an understanding mate.

Once I was outside, I stopped as my dad held me in his gaze. His eyes red, but from once not from his rage, they were red and wet as he looked at me. His lips wobble as he looks up at me.

“I’m not afraid of you.” I say shakily but he just released a sad laugh.

“Some part of you must be.” He says looking away. “Some part of all of you must still think I’m still victim to this.” He says referring to the rage. “That I’m not trying, that I don’t have control.”

When I don’t reply he nods to himself with a sad smile.

“My entire family thinks I’m a monster.” He says with a shrug, wiping away the new tears. “Well I’m not!”

“I-I know you’re not.” I try but he ignores it as he walks back up the stairs.

“I’m not some uncontrollable monstrosity that’s going to snap and kill your mate Levi!” He declares looking me in my eyes. “And I’ll prove it.”

He pushes pass me and renters the house. I look out at the pack lands and wipe my tears away before taking a deep breathe and following after him.

AN Let’s all just breathe and take a little second to let it all digest.

There you go, okay. Continue

I find him by the wall as I make my way back to Jayson.

Aiden doesn’t say another word. He stands against the wall with crossed arms and wet eyes. His gaze was focused on a spot of the opposite wall where he left it, he didn’t even so much as glance at any of us. His breathing was frantic and his talons so deep in his own muscles it made me wince in pains I watched blood slowly drip down.

He was trying to calm down.
That fact alone just wrecked me even more as more tears flood my eyes, wetting my cheeks on their way down. After all this, he was still trying to keep his promise and listen to everything despite the clear agony it caused him.

“Jayson is from my old pack.” I say shakily, trying to continue with the rest despite the pain in the room. “He’s the Jayson that I was looking for when I talked to you and dad.”

His eye twitches slightly as a frown forms but he still doesn’t look at us.

“When my pack was attacked, Jayson and I escaped and we lived alone in the woods for months.” I say glancing at Jayson for a moment. “He protected me and kept us moving as far as he could. B-But I made a stupid decision, he was hurt and I wanted help, so I went to Reon.”

His eyes immediately snap down to me as he pushes himself off the wall and takes a hesitant step towards me. I could tell if this was any other situation where Jayson wasn’t here and there wasn’t a physical, and now emotional, barrier between us, he would already be holding me and consoling me.

“I didn’t know at the time who he was or what he wanted, so when I took him back to Jayson and he realised he wasn’t an alpha, he tried to kill him.” I explain, hoping I wasn’t speaking too fast. “They kept beating him down until he couldn’t get up anymore and I thought he died that day, but he hadn’t. Reon took me and eventually we ended up at the factory, I never saw Jayson again.”

For the first time since seeing him, Aiden looked to Jayson with something other than hatred, disdain and anger. He looked at him with pity and sympathy as he listened to my words.

“How do you know this is him?” He asks skeptically as he glances between us. “How can you be sure?”

“I helped him regain his memories and his consciousness. By letting their minds connect we were able to regain memories Levi had of him as well as Jayson’s. The story connects.” Aunt Katty explains and after moment dad nods slowly.

“Regain his consciousness?” He questions as he looks to Jayson. It was as if he was waiting for Jayson himself to speak but he wouldn’t.

“He promised not to speak while you were here unless you said he could.” I inform him making his eyes widen in surprise. “He doesn’t want to upset you anymore and would do anything he can to make you more comfortable.”

“He can kill himself, that would make me a lot more comfortable.” He snarls as he studies Jayson for a moment longer. “Well speak or are you really a mute like Hagen said? That was probably another lie.”

“I’m sorry.” Jayson says immediately. His voice alone seems to anger dad but he stays still. “I am sorry for all the pain I’ve caused, all the people I’ve hurt and I’m sorry for staying here in your lands without your permission. Most of all, I am sorry for what I did to your mate, I was not in the right mind and if I could I would take it all back.”

Aiden’s eyes were red with rage again, he looked like he was ready to lunge at any moment. But he didn’t, he stood still and continued to breathe slowly as he watched Jayson like a hawk.

“When they took Levi away, I was ready to die and I was going to.” He reveals with a shaky tone. “But my wolf wouldn’t let me, he took control and saved us. By the time he put me back in the forefront, we hadn’t shifted in months and I was lost.

In the beginning, I kept looking for Levi, every day and every second I was searching for him... until I reached a point I was just looking for something. I didn’t even recognize my wolf’s voice, I didn’t remember who I was or what I was doing.

When I found Levi, he was a little older and finally within my grasp. Then there was a white wolf keeping me from him, instinct took over and I attacked. I had no idea who he was to Levi, I just saw a barrier between my mate and I.”

“So you tried to kill him.” He growls in accusation.

“Yes.” Jayson replies, his gaze unwavering as he held Aiden’s. “I have known Levi was my mate since the day he was born, we are Crescent Mates and I spent years training to be able to protect him. I failed the first time, so yes, when I saw him again and someone tried to stop me from having him, I tried to kill them. He’s my mate and I’ll be damned if I’m forced to spend another ten years looking for him.”

Jayson stands heaving slightly as he and Aiden stared at one another for way too long to be normal. If looks could kill, Jayson would be in a grave but I caught the brief flicker of respect that fled through Aiden.

“So all my people you killed, did they try to take Levi away from you as well?” Dad asks sarcastically.

“They attacked me first.” He defends. “I have the scars to prove it.”

“We all have scars.” Dad bites back. “And the ones who went out there with no intention of even going close to you?”

“Once you get beaten enough times, you stop letting any hands get close to you.” He replies crisply.

Aiden digests his words before he returns to his position against the wall and let’s out a deep breath.

“Fucking animal.” He growls but is immediately met with one of my own. He glares at me as if challenging me to tell him any different.

“Aiden, he’s a good man.” Dad says, speaking hesitantly as if testing the waters. “He’s great for Levi and treats him well.”

“And I should trust the words you say.” Aiden spits angrily as he looks to his mate with furry.

Dad immediately pulls into himself as if to hide from his mate’s judgement and anger that was unwarranted.

“I begged dad not to say anything. He didn’t tell you because I told him not to.” I say quickly trying to get the heat off of him, but it didn’t seem to have any effect.

“You shouldn’t have told him at all.” He says looking at me with disappointment. “You should of left him out of this.”

I understood what he meant and felt the shame begin to pile itself within me. He was right, I shouldn’t have brought dad into this and forced him to lie because now, I’d created a wall of mistrust between the two.

Aiden take another deep breath before he continues the conversation as if dad said nothing and neither had I.

“Crescent Mates? Are you sure?” He asks coldly, looking to us in inspection. “They’re supposed to be a myth.”

“Our parents knew since we were kids and began preparing Jayson for it before everything happened.” I explain. “They didn’t tell anyone because they thought it would get us hurt.”

“Someone clearly ignored that idea.” Aiden says making us all frown as he looks around. “Have you forgotten what we talked about when you asked us about Jayson before?”

“You said he was in pack records and was reported dead. There were no pictures of him.” I say scrapping at my brain for any details I could find. “He was a warrior’s son.”

“Reported dead, yet he’s standing right here.” Dad says with a lazy gesture to Jayson. “The Council lied or someone who knew ratted you out.”

Silence falls between all of us as I look to Jayson who looked just as shocked as I felt. He looks to me in question but I had no explanation to even begin to unravel this one.

“None of you have even thought about this?” He questions in surprise as he looks around. “The only body that was not identified was Levi’s. That means that someone tried to cover up his death or this fucker is not your Jayson. Either someone wants you dead or the idea of Crescent Mates dead.”

All I can do is close my eyes and try to breathe. As if all of this wasn’t enough, facing my father and the pack, trying to get my family to accept us and preparing to leave and start a new pack. Now we were being told that on top of all of that, someone was possibly trying to kill us or at least tried to in the past.

“That would explain the fire.” Jayson says in a horrified whisper. “It started suddenly and spread from all directions. It moved fast and threw us off completely, before we could even deal with it, the rogues came... as if it were planned.”

“Why would one of our parents set a fire, attack us with rogues and destroy our entire pack just to get to us?” I say hoping to all hell that we were simply mistaken.

“Maybe it wasn’t one of your parents but someone who suspected something.” Aunt Katty offers eith a shrug. “You guys were kept apart when they found out you were mates, correct?” We both nod quickly. “Maybe they knew about Levi but not who he was mated to. It could of been a way to draw out the second mate, to draw you out Jayson.”

Everything around me seemed to blur into one and my ears began to ring as my head began to pound. It was like alarm bells were going off in my mind and I was in no shape or form to silence it. Not when things were being revealed that I didn’t want to hear.

“You haven’t been targeted in any way since you we took you in.” Dad says, ignoring Aiden’s gaze as he continues. “If all of this is true, then they either left you alone because they truely thought that Jayson was dead or they knew not to attack you in our pack.”

“But if they reported me to be dead then someone had to have confirmed it, had to be sure.” Jayson says as he scrambles to come up with a conclusion. “I never spoke to anyone through all that time.”

“Neither did I, about you at least.” I say quickly as we both turn to dad who had released a loud roar and buried his fist into the wall.

“Reon.” He spits before pulling his fist out allowing all the rubble to fall after. “I am so fucking happy I kept that little shit alive. I think it’s time we all paid him a visit.”

“Wait, wait.” I say stopping both my fathers who were up and ready to go demolish the man. “What about Jayson? We are not done here.”

Aiden slouches his shoulders as if he’d forgotten about him and was just plunged back into a nightmare.

“Levi, if I was going to kill your mate, he would be dead by now.” He says as he walks over to claw at a part of the ceiling he was previously and tugging roughly. He steps past where the barrier was and glares at his shocked friend. “I’ve been friends with you long enough to know every spell has a loop hole.”

Aunt Katty looked tongue tied, as if unable to comprehend that someone was able to break through her magic. She looks at her hands as if they betrayed her while dad took large, determined steps until he stood face to face with Jayson. He was slightly taller than him and was snarling lowly while Jayson looked him in his eyes.

“For Levi and only for Levi, I’m not going to kill you.” He says coldly, articulating every word as he spoke slowly. “But the minute you give me reason to, I will remove your head off your body.”

“Aiden, he’s just a kid. At least try understanding their situation.” Julian pleads.

“This is me trying to understand their situation.” He spits looking at all of us. “Have any of you even tried understanding mine!”

Eyes are casted down but he doesn’t stop as he releases the words I knew he tried to keep buried every time he forced himself to calm down.

“I am standing in front of the man who almost took my mate and unborn child away from me. I spent four months, holding a cold hand not knowing if that day was the day I’d lose you or the one you’d finally open your eyes. I spent every day trying to keep Levi from blaming himself, Damon from shutting us all out and Peter from continuously crying for his father. All while trying to run a pack and convince them not to go after him, because I didn’t want to see anyone else hurt.

None of you can even begin to understand how it feels to watch your mate either away and not be able to do a damn thing but wait.

I have spent years trying to protect everyone I care about. All while trying to get stronger so I could take him down myself. Now after all this time, when I’m ready to kill him, he’s standing before me... so close and I find out he’s my son’s mate.

I can’t even hurt a hair on his head without hurting Levi, which Goddess help me, I will never do. So he’s fucking immune and I’m supposed to be understanding. I’m supposed to tell the pack that the man they fear and hate is here to stay and there’s nothing we can do about it.

I can’t kill him without killing my son. I can’t make him leave because then Levi will never come back or forgive me. So this is me, trying to be understanding, if you hurt a single hair on his head or even make him sad, I will find a witch to save my son and end your wretched life once and for all. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Jayson says with a nod.

“Now, let’s go deal with this other problem before I snap,” he says sarcastically as he turns, “or actually think about the fact that none of my family trusts me.” He spits before leaving the house before anyone else can say another word.

I expected to come out of this with either Jayson or I broken.... I didn’t expect Aiden to be the one who was shattered in the end.


See, not so bad. I only cried like once while writing it, tbh I expected worse.

The original plan for the book was to have Aiden and Jayson fight, but apparently, Aiden is a good father. I feel like a dick now for ever doubting him.


Spotify playlist link - Rogue Playlist -

Username - Tippy446. Playlist contains all the songs used throughout this book and I will be sure to make more for the other books and future books to come as well.

I won’t update until I want to again, I mean, I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately. Sorry for the cliffhanger, will update when I update.

Until next time,
Byeeeeee humansssss

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