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Chapter 37

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Warning: Following contains scenes some may find disturbing. (This is not my sex warning loooooool.)

Jayson’s P.O.V


It was the first word which entered my mind to describe what just occurred and what all the men around me appeared to be feeling.

I look down at my mate. My chest constricting painfully at what I find.
His eyes are red and puffy, wet with shame and his head kept hung low. His grip on my fingers was cutting off my blood circulation but I let it be, he needed something to hold onto right now.

I wanted to make it all go away. Every emotion which was bubbling through him which wasn’t happiness. The pain, the guilt and the shame, but this unfortunately was one matter I couldn’t fix. No matter how badly every fiber of my being wanted to.

I give his hand a small squeeze which he reciprocates but he doesn’t raise his head to look at me. I didn’t expect him to but it still stung a little.

I glance behind me to find the witch Katerina trailing far behind us looking completely winded and ready to pass out. She stopped to lean against a tree, panting heavily while choking out something about meeting us there.

The words feel on deaf ears.

What a complete shitshow - Roger comments and I nod discreetly in agreement.

I glance up at the other two in the group. My eyes trail attentively behind the broad, tense back of the larger alpha who lead the way through the pack lands. He was advancing with a purpose that seemed to stem from both his eagerness to confront Reon and distance himself as much as possible from the lot of us.

His mate wasn’t having it. Julian was trying desperately to talk to Aiden in hopes of reconciliation or at the very least, a conversation of some sort. Yet his mate remained eerily silent with ablaze eyes, his steps never faltering.
Despite the almost visible anger radiating off of Aiden, his mate was not ready to give up, keeping up with the large, fast steps of his mate who looked ready to bolt.

I reflect momentarily on the events which took place earlier. The results nothing that laid anywhere in the spectrum of possibilities I had compiled in preparation to meet Levi’s father. A result I think none of us anticipated in any shape or form and it showed quite clearly by the silence which hung heavily above the most affected.

Despite it all, I liked Aiden.

He was nothing like I imagined he would be, but yet, somehow he was embodied every detail I was told about him.

He radiated the strength of an alpha opposite but equal to his mate. His presence alone demanding respect in a form I hadn’t witnessed before while he wielded authority with an unwavering grip. Qualities I found myself admiring in the short time I spent close to him.

You are insane if any part of you favours that crackhead - Roger comments with a huff making me roll my eyes.

Shut it - I warn, but when did Roger ever listen to anyone other than himself.

He’s fucking insane Jayson and kind of scary - Roger adds maliciously.

He’s Levi’s dad.

Well Levi’s dad is a ticking time bomb and you, your royal dumbass, are the damn match - He replies in aspiration. Do me a favor and never push me forth when he’s around, I’m cool with dying silently in the background.

I brush Roger off and consider the man who seemed to be the centre which all these lives circulated around.

When he wasn’t spitting words of hate at me and nailing me down with piercing, red eyes filled with the promise of death, he was looking at his son as if he was his most valuable treasure in the world. Even when he didn’t show it, it radiated off of him in undeniable waves that filled the room to the point it was almost suffocating. It comforted a part of me to know that he cared for Levi somewhat to the extent I did, though in different forms.

Albeit, the feeling of admiration and solace through Levi was definitely not mutual.

If it was possible to kill me without hurting levi in any way, neither emotionally nor physically. I’d already be dead.

But I couldn’t blame him, not with the endless knotches which lined my belt of life.

I’m jolted out of my thoughts when the man himself glances over his shoulder as if somehow sensing my analysis of him. His blood-red eyes lock with my own and he snarls lowly, his canines making a brief appearance before he turns back around with a grunt.

That was something I neither liked nor saw myself getting accustom to.

I redirect my attention to my mate, tugging him a little closer as I squeezed his smaller palm slightly. He seemed to be jolted out of his own thoughts as he peers up to me with dull eyes. He tries to offer me a small smile but his lips just shake as he draws in closer, his eyes drift forward to his parents and I see the exact moment he breaks even more.

I found it cruel that Julian was baring the brute of his mate’s anger, he was placed in a very tight position with limited options. No part of me believed Aiden would make any different decisions if the tables were turned. But I, Jayson Cortez, was in no position to voice those thoughts and knew better of it, so I kept my mouth shut.

“I don’t know how you all do it... the walking and exercising.” Katerina says still panting in aspiration as she leans against the wall of a small rectangular building. Her comment goes without a response as we approach the crumbling, brick structure that looked to carry one room.

Two guards stood outside the entrance, one with a large spear and the other with a gun. It looked almost comical, any other time or situation and I would of been cackling. Instead, I tried not to show any other emotion besides confidence as they eyed me wearily. They thankfully didn’t raise the question resting on their tongues and instead opened the doors without a word.

Behind the doors laid a seemingly, never-ending staircase which descended into a pit of complete darkness. Few dim lights rested on the walls between every twenty steps, allowing enough light to see your next step without fault. The smell of dried blood was poignant and the only sound to be heard were the faint screams and sobs which laid at the bottom of the staircase.

It was what I imagined the entrance to hell to be.

Everyone seemed to look down the pit with caution while Aiden skipped down the steps as if he was a child going to recess. Julian followed after, Katerina disappeared and then Levi and I finally followed, hands still tightly clasped together.

At the bottom, a large steel door with rusting bolts waited with another two guards. Aiden took the liberty of opening it and waltzed in as if he was walking into his home. Following after him, I froze when my eyes landed on the body which was chained to the wall.

A pile of bones covered by weak, abused skin hung tiredly, arms and legs stretched out and locked into place by shackles that appeared to have spikes in them, explaining the blood which trickled down lazily. Driven into all parts of him were different tools I perceived to be for torture, making him seem more like a holder of some kind rather than a person. I could barely see the face which was hidden by the long hair, head hung low as he hung swaying slightly with small sobs.

This broken thing, this lifeless owner of broken bones was nothing like the man who haunted my dreams. The one who took Levi from me with a cunning smile that I couldn’t erase no matter how hard I tried. Someone I once feared and despised, now seemingly on their last breath. He looked so insignificant, so small... fragile. It was daunting to imagine that Aiden had managed to reduce someone once so intimidating, to a thing with less presence than a pestering bug.

I stiffen as Aiden grips the man’s hair tightly, forcing his head up before he punched him straight into his face. A strained scream in forced out between broken coughs as blood drips down on the floor, the man struggles to suck in air as he gasps and writhes in his place. Aiden turns away from his victim, shaking his hand out with a less strained expression.

“I really needed that.” He groans sounding as if he just dropped a house worth of tension off his shoulders. “Anyone else want a swing before we begin the questioning?” No one moves and he sighs. “He dies after today, so this is your last chance to get in a hit or two.”

Before I could even digest his words, Julian was slamming the man’s head repeatedly in the stone wall behind him while cursing angrily. Each crash of the man’s skull left splotched of blood on the wall which grew gradually with each impact, until there was enough blood to drench his hair.

“This.” Slam. “Is.” Slam. “For.” Slam. “Hurting.” Slam. “My.” Slam. “Family.” Slam.

He lets him go and steps back with a heaving chest. Flipping the hair from his face, he rests his hands on his hips, blowing out another breath and studying the effects of his work. Somehow completely oblivious to the way his mate stared at him with both shock and admiration.

Levi slipped from my grasp, advancing to a table of extra tools and taking hold of a bloodied screwdriver. He takes slow tentative steps to the croaking man who looked at him with confusion, as if he didn’t recognise him or understand why he was there. Levi drove the screwdriver into his knee in one swift movement which caught me off guard as well as Reon who cried out in pain. Pushing it deeper, Levi leans in close enough to whisper into the man’s ear.

“Isn’t this so much fun.” Levi spat angrily before pulling back and glaring at him with red eyes which seemed to make something go off in Reon’s mind. “I truly hope you enjoy feeling the pain just as much as you did inflicting it.” He pulls back before he could say anymore and returned to my side, tucking himself into me as if he was the one who had been stabbed.

My eyes catch Aiden looking at me, he raises an eyebrow in question and I raised one in response. He picks up an abnormally, large knife, gesturing it my way with a look of pure discontent. I watch the knife and then him in confusion.

“You out of all of us probably have the most against this prick.” He says with disinterest, shoving the knife forward again. There’s silence for a beat and I have to blink a couple times to insure I had heard the correct words.

I take the knife from him, half surprise it wasn’t a sneak attack to drive it into my heart. Detaching myself momentarily from Levi, I take small steps to the man.

He looks up at me shakily, one eye swollen and puffy to the extent he couldn’t see out of it. Blood dripping down his forehead and coating his eyelashes, dripping off of them with small splashes. I stare at him for a moment, those black eyes deep and familiar as he silently begged for mercy. They were the only parts of him which made him recognizable.
I could feel the encouragement of Roger to tear him to shreds, make him pay for what he did to us and more. I glance down at the knife, twirling it between my fingers before raising it to him. I stop before it could strike him and pull back, taking a step back and then another until I placed it back in a confused Aiden’s hand.

“It’ll just bring back bad memories.” I say walking away. The truth was, if I even touched that man, I would rip him apart, limb by limb and take my time disembowelling him. It’d satisfy me for a time, but then leave me viscous, angry and unsatisfied after. It was better not to indulge at all.

So I returned to Levi and held him close. Aiden eyes studied me for a moment longer before he rolled his eyes and showed the knife into the man’s shoulder, making another blood curling scream escape his lips.

“I know this must be different for you, we usually stick to our routine but we can’t today. Sorry.” He says as he bends slightly to see Reon’s face. “It seems that you have some information that you didn’t tell me.”

He immediately looks up, shaking his head desperately as small sobs escaped him. Desperate gasps for air going ignored as Aiden mocked his wheezing actions with comical eyes before punching him in his throat and sighing as if truly disappointed.

“I thought you told me everything, but it appears that you didn’t.” He says pressing his index finger to the handle of the knife and pushing forth slightly. “I thought we crossed the secrets barrier years ago.”

He seemed to be begging but his words were incoherent and strangled by the deep cry which barely made it pass his dry heaving. His screams continuously wrangled out of his throat while his torturer smiled happily before him. Reaching down to the screwdriver still lodged into his knee, Aiden began turning it inwards as if actually screwing in a nail. Levi buried his face into my chest, hiding his gaze from the site while I watched with slight horror as I watched the man take joy in the sickest form.

I didn’t know if I was disgusted at his actions or jealous that he was able to gather the strength to truely hurt those who hurt him. To break them down until they were barely fragments of their previous selves.

“I don’t like to be lied to, you know that Reon.” He whispers as he drives the screwdriver further with more force, grinding his teeth as he placed more strength behind his actions. “You lied to me.” He says with a low growl as the man continued to scream and bawl and writhe with anguished pleads for mercy that not one man in the room would offer him.

Pulling back, Aiden grips his head, forcing it upwards and facing it my way.

“Do you know who this is?” He asks besides him as he clasped his hair so tightly some of the strands were snapping free with choked sobs. Reon just barely manages to shake his head making Aiden smile wickedly. “Well that is Levi, I’ve told you about him before and you seem to have picked up on that. Next to him, next to him is his mate... Jayson.”

As if seeing a ghost, he paled to the point his complexion matched that of a sheet of paper as his one good eye focused on me as if unbelieving the words that he had heard. He tried to move forward only to groan in pain at the many different instruments buried within him with moved as he did.

“You never told me you took Levi yourself. I assumed but you did in some fashion, but you never told me you separated the two.” Aiden says with feign disappointment which was dripping with venom that sent a shiver down my back. “Never told me all the details, I’m disappointed Reon and you know what happens when I’m disappointed. I get mad.”

He drops his head and stands. “And today I am really mad Reon.” Turning to scan the large arrangements of tools and torture devices I didn’t ever want to see again, Aiden smiles gleefully as he picks up some sort of drill, turning it to its highest before turning back to his victim.

“You seem to enjoy fucking with everyone’s eyes, let’s see how long yours last.” He says wickedly as he leans in.

“Wait.” Came out of the man’s throat, the sound barely audible and hoarse as he coughed over it. “Wait.”

“What?” He snaps sounding disappointed.

“H-He’s... not...killed him.” He tries speaking but only a few words are audible as he looks at me breathlessly. “Dead.”

“Clearly I’m not dead.” I snap angrily as I glare at his pathetic, shriveled form.

“They will come.” He manages and I feel Levi tense against me, I tighten my grip around him and push the urge to decapitate the man down.

“Who?” Julian says stepping forward.

The question seeming to be a line he wouldn’t cross as his lips closed and silence followed.

“Who are they?” Julian roars, his eyes turning an icy blue as he slammed his fist against the wall inches from Reon’s shaking head.

The one outburst from the usually calm and collected alpha somehow scaring me more than all of Aiden’s previous actions. Yet the shaking man refused to speak, holding on to the last o his restraint.

“Kat.” Julian calls out while pulling out all the knives, blades and more which were sticking out of the man from all over.

“I’m here and I’m not queer.” The woman cheers as she appears out of thin air.

Seems to be a rarity in this pack - Roger comments. If the two ever spent time together something told me they’d be thick as thieves.

“Keep him alive, make sure he doesn’t die.” He says simply before grabbing the drill from his mate’s hand, shoving Reon’s hand back and forcing the drive into his eye. I close my own eyes to avoid witnessing the act that produces screams loud enough to ring through my nightmares for years to come. The chains rattled recklessly, his body writhing against the wall in failed effort to escape, blood splattering on the floor in loud splotches which rang in tune with the shrieking which ripped their way through his hoarse throat. He seemed to begin gurgling on his own blood, the sounds sounding clogged up. The drill working continuously until he screamed a rasp ‘okay’. Julian continued for a moment more before the sound stopped and I peaked a hesitant eye open.

A gaping, bloodied hole remained where Reon’s only working eye was previously. Blood dripping down his face like a waterfall as he shook and tremored in his place, stuck in a limbo between crying and screaming. Julian dumped the bloodied tool on the table, his expression slightly dazed as he stared at the remnants of his actions.

“You guys are seriously fucked in the head.” Katerina says in a shadow like whisper from her place.

This is probably the one time in my life I’m agreeing with a witch- Roger voices with a similar tone. For both our sakes, don’t even upset Levi, not even remotely.

I nod aimlessly as I look at what I could become if Goddess didn’t protect me.

“Who wants them dead?” He asks again, his tone less patient this time.

“A man. He was on the council.” He chocked aggressively. “First, paid us to attack the pack and later find and kill the boy.”

“Why?” Levi asks with a shaking voice. “Who was he?”

“I don’t know. I only got his messages delivered through others, never direct.” Reon groaned sounding ready to give out.

“So you just took orders from others, never thought to make sure it was coming from who you thought it was.” Aiden presses sounding to be on his last thread.

“It had the Council Crest’s.” He choked writhing in his place.

That seemed to relinquish any further arguement against it. I look around the solemn faces with confusion, how did those four words demolish all questions.

“What is the Council Crest?” I question to the room. Aiden looks to me with disbelief before he seems to remember the predicament which left me away from the world for more than a decade.

“Its an old fashion crest used to seal any physical messages.” He begins as he runs his hand through his hair in frustration. “Old fashioned bullshit, but they sometimes use it when they don’t want their words to be tracked. Its centuries old and was imbued with elves’ magic back when they didn’t hate every supernatural creature besides themselves. It can not be opened by anyone besides the intended recipient and is impossible to forge in any matter.”

“Meaning he’s not lying and someone in the council wants you dead.” Levi says looking up at me with panicked eyes.

I part my lips with a soft ‘oh’ as I continue to rub his back comfortingly. My mind going blank at the news yet I was still relatively calm. My heart was thumping its regular tune and my breathing reflected it. As if puzzled by my reaction, everyone frowned at me in question.

“People have been trying to kill me my entire life.” I say with a sad shrug.

Their eyes soften for a moment, including Aiden’s who’s eyes returned to their usual black for the first time in a long time. He studies me for a moment and then looks back to Reon.

“A name.” He demand but Reon shakes his head.

“I don’t know.” He promises and it was clear in his voice that he truely didn’t. Any and all information had been drained out of him and so had his soul from the looks of him.

“Well Reon, as much as it pains me to say this... it’s time to kill you.” Aiden says actually sounding saddened. Reon looks up blindly shaking his head. “Yes, I’ll miss you too but it’s no longer ‘healthy’ to keep you like this. I got to let you go buddy.”

Reon continues to plead hoarsely which pulling against his restraints, Aiden looks around as if asking if anyone wanted one last swing. When no one moves he shrugs and returns to his victim.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make it slow.” He says gripping Reon’s squirming face with one hand while his talons extended from the other. “I suggest you guys meet me back home if you don’t want to see this.” He says over his shoulder.

Julian stays put while Katerina bolts. Levi tugs at my shirt to leave and I follow slowly, my eyes barely catching the sight of Aiden slowly sawing away at Reon’s limbs with his own talons.

The screams push us to climb the stairs faster, escaping the darkness which laid below in a pit which would soon vanquish Reon’s life for good.

One enemy put to rest only for another to rise in his stead.


As someone who’s afraid of horror movies, I’m pleased with myself. I didn’t know my mind could create such fucked up shit until it did. Lol.


Did I do a good job of being disturbing?
Did you like Aiden being all fucked up?

Comment anything you want, love hearing your thoughts.

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