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Chapter 38

Levi’s P.O.V

I walk besides Jayson in a daze of sorts. My mind struggling to dissect all the events which occurred today. It felt like more than a single day’s worth of trouble, rather enough conflicts and confusion to drain all the energy from my body for a week or two.

I found it hard to wrap my mind around the concept - no the fact, the fact that I had told my father about Jayson. That finally, after months of hiding him in the shadows of my life and pretending he wasn’t the greatest thing that had ever happened to me, they had met. Here we were, walking hand in hand up my family’s house driveway, in the open.

It was a dream.
It had to be, that was the only thing that could explain how we were experiencing a faith that was no more than a dream a few hours ago. It couldn’t possibly be reality.

But it was real, it was all real and it came with a cost. A cost which I didn’t prepare myself for because it wasn’t one I predicted occurring.
The sight of my father crying was something I hadn’t witnessed in my lifetime other than on joyous occasions. It wasn’t that I didn’t know he was capable of feeling on that level, it was more that I hadn’t allowed myself to imagine it with the front he always showed the world.

The hard front. The one that let harsh words or judgement slide off his shoulders as if it were nothing more than a joke. The one the pack knew and loved, the one that made every member, big and small, feel welcomed and loved. The front we all knew was just that, a front, but the one we let ourselves ignorantly believe in.

It was all excuses really.

The truth was I hurt one of the people in this world which made me smile, one of the good ones. I’d hurt him and it wasn’t as easy to swallow as I led myself to believe.

“I don’t think this is a house.” Jayson comments, pulling me from my mind. “I thought our home was big, but this is like... really big.”

I watch his reaction with slight amusement, a smile growing at the way he innocently gawked at the family mansion we were approaching. It made me want to protect that mind of his for as long as I possibly could, but also expose it to a number of wonderous things in this world he unjustly hadn’t had a chance to experience.

I wanted to travel with him. Live our lives free of restraints or worries, but with the information we’d just come to learn, it seemed like it would be a long time until we were free to do much of anything.

It seemed obvious to me at this point that the Moon Goddess had decided to stack our lives with the most calamities she possibly could, bored beyond her wits, we became her entertainment.

It was cruel but apparently, it was life - our life.

The minute Jayson and I step through the large front door to the house, we are immediately bombarded by a warm body each. I look down at the silky, long blonde hair which was pressed to my chest, while the rest of a small body remained clinging onto me tightly as if I would disappear at any moment.

I smile in surprise at Peter’s unusual yet strong demonstration of affection, chuckling slightly at the mop of dark brown hair which was Hagen doing the same to Jayson. Then, in Hagen fashion, he began scaling Jayson like a monkey to their favorite tree. Jayson managed to catch him with a laugh before he hugged Hagen back tightly. Peter steps away from me with a smile larger than I had ever seen it, I couldn’t help but return one. He was too adorable not to.

“You’re alive!” Hagen exclaims once Jayson sets him down, finding enough distance from Hagen to give Peter a gentle rub on his head. Peter shyly smiles up at him and doesn’t retract from his touch, rather he closes his eyes and leans into his palm like a pup.

“Yeah, your father didn’t kill me after all.” He replies to Hagen with a chuckle. “It’s nice to see you had absolutely no confidence in me.”

“I did, well I had some... a little. I just had more confidence in dad killing you.” He says innocently, barely dodging Jayson’s punishing hand. He laughs with amusement before he hugs Jayson again. “I’m glad you’re okay.”

Jayson hugs him back and I catch the way he closes his eyes, soaking in the love behind the hold. I smiled at the scene before me, he hadn’t experienced any affection from anyone besides myself since we were separated as kids. I was glad that he was receiving some form of the familial love that was stolen from him in the worst fashion. It made me even happier that it was from someone in my family.

“S-So things w-went okay?” Peter asks looking up at us hopefully.

Jayson shakes his head woefully. Peter’s smile fades slightly, his eyes darting between us with fret. Peter didn’t like it when the family fought, if it was one thing he cherished - it was family.
He didn’t voice it whenever a confrontation broke out, usually due to fear, but it tore him to shreds when one member of the family wasn’t talking to the other. It was a quality he shared with Damon, but unlike Damon, he showed his discomfort on his face and didn’t burry it in the deepest parts of his soul.

“Po’s going to need some time to heal.” I say with remorse. “He didn’t quite react the way we thought he would.”

“Shit wasn’t flying everywhere?” Hagen questions with a small smile, a faint attempt at lightening the mood.

“No.” I say offering him a weak smile. “He was hurt that we thought he would react... well the way we all thought he would react.”

They nod in understanding and remain silent. It was strange for them, I could tell, to imagine dad hurt. It’s not that we were perfect children and never did anything wrong, Goddess knows we weren’t. But we weren’t bad ones either, we went out of our way to make our parents happy, all of us.

To know that we did the complete opposite this time around, well that was something hard to accept.

I look up at the sound of approaching footsteps, shocked beyond words to see Josey. I hadn’t seen my little sister since the day that I told her who my mate was, she’d cursed Jayson and told me she didn’t want to speak to me until ‘I got rid of that mutt’.

I didn’t hold the words against her or her actions, she was young and I knew she was repeating the words she knew the two men she idealised would say. I didn’t fault her entirely for her actions, but now as she walked to us, I didn’t know if to be welcoming or on alert.

She came to a stop right before my mate, in the space Hagen stepped aside to make. She studied Jayson like a lost artifact on showcase for her to analyse. Jayson didn’t falter at her presence, just raised a brow in question at the little girl who was eating him alive with her meticulous gaze. Then as if she’d seen enough, she softened her gaze and held out her small, delicate palm for him.

“I’m Josey.” She says simply.

Jayson looks to me as if looking for reasoning as to why the girl I told him wasn’t his biggest fan was now so civil. He then glanced to Hagen who was shaking his head in warning while whispering, ‘the bitch is crazy man’.

“Jayson.” He replied shaking her hand and ignoring his little friend’s warning. She let it go after a moment and then slapped Hagen’s head with a glare.

“I really wish I ate you in the womb.” She snapped at him but Hagen was laughing that easy going way he did, only to take her in a bear hug under his arm.

“I told you he was cool, glad you finally came to your senses.” He said nuzzling her, she ignored his attention and rolled her eyes. “Now the second part,” He prompts but she remained silent. “Come on Jo, we practiced.”

Josey glares at her twin for a moment before closing her eyes and taking a breath. She reopens her eyes, letting her chocolate brown gaze dance between the two of us with a twinge of regret that I knew to be honest.

“I’m sorry for the way I’ve acted and the words I’ve said about your mate.” She says rubbing her fingers nervously before looking to Hagen who nods encouragingly with a wide smile and two thumbs up. “It was unacceptable and I shouldn’t have treated you the way I did Levi, I knew how much you wanted to find your mate. I’m sorry, I really am Levi and I’m sorry Jayson, for not giving you a chance and the words I said about you.”

“What made you change your mind?” I ask before I can think not to.

“I have a twin who is your biggest fanboy, we share a room and every day I heard the stories about ‘the best pair of mates since dad and dad’.” She says with a chuckle. “Plus, I’ve been talking to dad and he told me about you guys’ past and I want to get to know Jayson before I cast judgement on him.”

I didn’t notice the way my heart was lurching in my chest when she spoke. I caved without a second though, barely taking in a shaky breath before I was squeezing my sister in my arms and holding her tight. I breathe her scent in deep, realising suddenly how much I’d truly missed her and her sharp tongue. She hugged me back just as tightly before swatting me to put her down. I laugh and quickly set her down.

We walked further into the house, led by an all to eager Hagen who was showing Jayson around with the boyish charm that suited him like no other. I knew I had to do something big to thank him for this, if it weren’t for his influence on Josey, she may have not come around for a long time. I knew she would eventually, whether dad or Hagen spoke to her, it was just the type of person she was. But I was undoubtedly in Hagen’s debt for this act of kindness that he had no reason to do.

“This is the family kitchen, the place where dreams are made of Jayson. Now that your eating more normal people food, we can have a blast in here.” Hagen says with a little drool as his fingers trail the various cabinets before he turns back to us. “I mean, I don’t cook, like not even a little bit. But Peter and dad do, now that they know about you, you get to eat their good food too.”

I felt my smile falter at his words. I hadn’t told him of our plan to leave the pack after we told dad today, I hadn’t told anyone. I thought it would come naturally after the talk, but now with the form in which things ended and the news about a council member out for Jayson’s head. It changed things or at a very least, it made us press pause on our plans.

“I can’t wait.” Jayson says with a big smile, somehow doing that thing he did. The one which was always calm and collected, that knew exactly what to say and how to say it. It was without a doubt a quality which made him extremely attractive in my eyes and made the blood in my veins pump with ferocity.

“So what’s happening now?” Josey asks besides me making all eyes shoot her way. “Where’s dad and grandpa?”

“They are coming soon, after they finish handling some things.” I say but by the intrigues looks which blanketed their faces, I knew that wasn’t enough. “He’s finally killing Reon.”

“Shut up.” Josey says slapping a hand over her mouth with wide eyes that Peter mirrored as he began to shake a little.

“No way.” Hagen says with a scoff. “I call bullshit. Bulllllllllshitttttt!”

“He’s not kidding lil dude.” Jayson says but Hagen continued shaking his head.

“Dad would never give up his favorite human version of a stress ball.” He says nodding to himself as if it were decided with his words alone. “He loves fucking with that guy more than I like rubbing one out.”

“Ew.” I groan in unison with Josey.

“Don’t let the Grim Reaper hear you say that.” She teases with that wicked glint in her eyes that she reserved specifically for messing with her family.

Hagen’s face immediately drops, a look of horror crossing his features as he looks around the room with caution. His heart rate spiking to new heights.

“The Grin Reaper?” I question with a small smirk, victim to my growing curiosity. He shushes me harshly, jumping over to press a thin finger to my lips before he continues to scan the space.

“Don’t even say his name, he’ll hear you!” He whisper aggressively looking me in the eye with real fear. “It’s like he’s always listening.”

Hagen clenches onto Jayson as he walks through the house with cautious eyes. Leading us to the tv room, Peter runs after them with small steps while I look to Josey for explanation who rolls her eyes before transferring our conversation to our link to explain.

Grim Reaper is one of our code names for Nikola, we switch them every now and then, if not, he catches on - She explains with a chuckle as she gestures to Hagen. He listens in on anything Hagen says after he hears his name.

Nikola? Aunt Katty’s Nikola? - I ask with intrigue. I knew the kid was obsessed with Hagen since he laid eyes on him, but I always thought it would of worn off by now.

He’s still crushing on Hagen and let’s just say that the kid is not afraid to show it - She says with an audible laugh that makes Hagen glare at her.

I plop down on a couch besides Jayson who still observing the space with eyes filled with awe. Asking Peter who sat besides him an infinite number of questions that Peter struggled to answer without smiling. He instinctually wraps an arm around my waist while we continue our individual conversation.

“That bad?” I ask Hagen who takes a seat in his favourite bean bag. He gives me a bewildered look.

“That bad?” He mocks chuckling before he takes in a deep breathe in preparation. “If I want to go out with my friends and there’s girls there, he puts a barrier around the entire house!” Hagen exclaims sounding genuinely exhausted. “If I Goddess forbid, start actually liking a chick and they like me, one day they just forget who I am!”


“As in poof, gone. Never existed in their memory. Zero recollection of the name Hagen, which is a super hard name to just forget cause it’s so shit.” He says making me laugh. “The first time it happened, I thought she just stopped liking me and left it alone. But it’s happened like six times and even my human friends are starting to notice.”

“So he’s getting a little possessive, ma-”

“A little possessive?” He questions with knitted eyebrows. “I’m barely fifteen, he’s like ten and I’m straight!”

“I’ll talk to Aunt Katty.” I say biting my lip to stop myself fork laughing while Hagen says back in the chair with a loud groan.

It was an innocent crush that probably was just sprouted from mixed feelings. I would tell Hagen to wait it out if Nikola wasn’t a hybrid mix between a warlock and werewolf. No one would like to see him to start using his powers wrongly.

But I still kind of found it cute in a fucked way that he went through such extreme lengths to keep Hagen to himself.

The conversation in the room came to an immediate halt when Damon walked through the door. A deep frown rested on his face but it was hard to think anything of it with the bunny in his hand.

“Mr. Fluff!” Peter cheers as he jumps to his feet and runs to Damon who practically throws the bunny into Peter’s hands.

Peter smiles happily at his bunny and holds it to close to his chest. That bunny seemed to come from thin air according to dad who said one night Damon and Peter came home and Peter had a bunny. Peter loved that bunny to all hell, he read with it and slept with it next to him. The bunny seemed to loved Peter too, so it wasn’t much trouble.

“I-I’ve been l-looking for him a-all day.” Peter says looking up to Damon with a smile. “W-Where did you find him?”

“In my room, again.” He spits glaring at the bunny who looked back at him mindlessly. “Keep the thing in your room Peter or I’ll skin it.”

Peter just smiled, somehow now immune to Damon’s empty threats that once made him hide and cry. Instead he just pressed himself up on his toes to give Damon a kiss on his cheek before returning to the couch to sit besides Jayson and show him his bunny.

As if noticing Jayson for the first time, a deep scowl formed on his lips as he glared at him. Jayson didn’t bother acknowledging my brother, instead pretended to love bunnies in the form Peter did. Then he looked at me, softening his glare just a little.

“So you told the old man then?” He asks with a raised eyebrow and folded arms. I nod and he laughs sadistically.

“Come sit with us man.” Hagen prompts, patting the bean bag next to him. “Jayson’s nice.”

“He almost killed dad.” He reminds harshly making Peter stiffen as he freezes mid-conversation with Jayson. The fear entering his eyes without permission as he looked at his feet.

“Come on Damon, it wasn’t his fault, not entirely.” Josey argues, surprising everyone in the room. “Have you even given them a chance to explain yet?”

“Don’t let him, you’ll want to kill him a whole lot less if you do.” All eyes dart across to Aiden who enters the room with dad besides him. Both clean of any blood or remnants of what they had just done.

“Dad, you can’t seriously be okay with this thing in our house.” Damon says incredulously while shaking his head. “He’s a rogue.”

Aiden seems to have to take a moment to stop himself from lunging at Jayson before he looks to Damon and then the rest of us.

“I think it’s time we had a family discussion.” He says looking to Julian who nods in agreement. “Dining room, everyone now.”


We got the whole gang back together. Serious family convo and shit. Loool


Hope you’re enjoying the QUADRUPLE update so far.

K continue and enjoyyyyy

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