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Chapter 39

Levi’s P.O.V. AGAIN

We all follow after our parents, Jayson walking directly besides me the whole way through. We took our usual seats around the large table, but this time Jayson sat in the chair Damon usually did besides me. Damon sat on the other side, I couldn’t miss the hurt in his eyes if I tried but he wasn’t going to sit next to me anyway. I forced myself to ignore it and focus on our parents.

“Your father and I are going to talk to Levi and his mate after this separately, but before we do, I need to make some things clear.” Aiden says as he leans against the wooden table with both arms. “I value this family above everything else in this world. You guys make up my entire life, my world revolves around all of you. That will never change, no matter what you do or who you end up with, you will all still be just as important to me as you are right now.”

He lets his words sit for a moment before he continues.

“I realised today that I possibly have not shown those sentiments in the best way. For all of you to hide the fact that Levi found his mate for so long, thinking that when I found out the entire story I would hurt them... I don’t even know what to say to that.” He says rubbing his eyes tiredly. “It wasn’t the best feeling know that my family thought I was capable of that.”

“I mean, you kind of are like super violent dad.” Josey says breaking the silence making everyone glare at her. She shrugs and raises her hands in surrender. “I’m just saying what we’re all thinking.”

“You’re right and I know that I am, but never to you guys.” He says seriously. “Never to any of you, I would never let myself get to a point where I hurt any of you.”

“He’s not one of us so why is he still breathing.” Damon growls angrily from his side.

“Yes he is.” Julian says with narrowed eyes that sliced at Damon’s anger. His eyes cold and leaving no room for arguement. “Whether you, your father or anybody likes it or not, Jayson is now part of this family. We will protect him and treat him as our own and most importantly, we will love him as our own. Have I made myself clear?”

Damon looks to Aiden for support, basically begging him to agree.

“Hey kid, I don’t like it much either but Levi loves the guy. He’s his mate and neither of us got any business getting between mates.” He says with a shrug. “Your father is right.”

Both Jayson and I stare at dad in shock. He had made it abundantly clear that he did not like Jayson and wanted him dead. But yet here he was basically defending him.

“Thank you.” Jayson says drawing his gaze towards him. Dad studies him for a moment before frowning.

“We’re not friends or anything don’t get excited.” He snaps but despite it, Jayson smiles. “Hey stop that happy shit.”

“He’s a rogue!” Damon exclaims in opposition, staring at Jayson as if we were all insane. A look I saw on Aiden less than two hours ago.

“Not by his own decision and if you stopped being a little imbecile and listened to their story, you would know that. And even if he was one by choice it wouldn’t matter Damon. He is Levi’s mate, if you truly loved your brother you would get over it.” He replies with equal and more vigor. His eyes glow momentarily, holding his son in his place. “So I will ask you once again and for the final time, have I made myself clear?”

Damon nods eventually, his eyes boaring holes into the table.

“Damon.” Dad says in warning, the father and the alpha in him seeping through his tone.

“I understand.” Damon replies through gritted teeth.

The room remains silent, the tension in the space undeniable. It made Peter squeeze his bunny for comfort besides Hagen who was trying to sneak a gummy worm into his mouth without being seen.

“Other changes that will be taking place throughout the house and the pack.” Po says with a sad expression. “No more rogue hunting.”

“Hey let’s not get crazy now.” Josey says with a nervous chuckle. She hadn’t gone hunting yet but was waiting anxiously to, training day in and day out with Damon in preparation.

“Effective immediately.” Po says solemnly. “This is the worse day of my entire life. First Reon, now this... it’s just too much.”

“Why?” Damon asks in a small outburst. “Because of him?!”

Jayson immediately puts up his hands in surrender and shook his head.

“It’s a decision we are making as alphas.” Julian says with a smile. “We have no right killing rogues who have done us no wrong, if they are not within the pack’s vicinity, we will leave them alone.”

“No luring?” Damon asks and dad shakes his head. “No traps?”

“Nothing.” Aiden says with a small cry. “We just got to leave them alone.”

“This day just keeps getting worse and worse.” Damon grumbles slumping into his chair.

While most seemed upset by the news like I knew the pack would be, peter was smiling widely, showing all his pearly whites. He hated Rogue Hunting and this seemed like the best news he’d heard in a long time.

“So tonight after we are done dealing with these two’s problems, we are going to have a family night.” Dad says with a smile. “We will play games or watch a movie, I don’t really care what we do but we will spend time together.”

Everyone agrees with eagerness besides Damon who stands and walks out before we could stop him. I grip the seat firmly to stop myself from following him, my instincts rushing to comfort him.

“I think you should go talk to him.” Jayson says besides me making me look to him in surprise. “Not to apologise, but just to talk to him.”

“He is in the wrong, no one but him.” I remind him and he nods as he places a gentle hand on my thigh.

“Yes but I know you well enough to know that you’re dying to go to him. So go talk to your brother.” He says encouragingly, offering me a supportive smile.

“I love you.” I whisper pressing a quick kiss to his lips before I stand up. Only then realizing the way everyone on the table was staring at us with googly eyes and wide smiles. Well everyone besides Po who was blocking his face so I couldn’t tell.

I run out before they could see my wild blush and make my way quickly to Damon’s room. When I enter, I stop in shock at the sight before me.

He was sitting down on the floor besides his bed, holding on to a large, black bunny and petting it with a deep frown. He hadn’t noticed me and continues petting it with low whispers.

“You got to stop eating my clothes little guy or I might have to eat you.” He warns as he pulls the shirt away from the animal’s mouth. “I don’t want to eat you, so just be good and listen.”

A small chuckle escapes my lips, bringing flaming, deep blue eyes straight to me in accusation. He stares at me angrily but doesn’t try to hide the bunny, knowing he’d already been caught.

“So you like bunnies as well?” I question with an unavoidable smirk.

“No.” He protests harshly. “It followed Peter and I home, I kept it for Peter’s sake.”

“Oh yeah? How so?”

“Bunnies can die from loneliness, Mr. Fluff needed a friend like Blaze or he would die.” He says knowingly and that’s when I burst out laughing. “It’s the truth!”

“His name is Blaze?” I croak in between my laughter.

“Yes.” He replies, clearly agitated, his frown deepening with every second. He puts Blaze down, allowing it to squeeze its way under his bed. “What the hell do you want?”

“I came to check on my little brother, am I still allowed to do that?” I ask sarcastically, sobering up from my laughter, wiping up a stray tear.

He opens his mouth before slamming it shut, locking his jaw shut tightly. His eyes boaring into mine with obvious conflict regarding what he should say or do.

“I don’t like him.” He announces after a while.

“I couldn’t tell.” I reply with a fake gasp.

“He’s dangerous.” He continues and I laugh.

“We all are, especially you.”

“He hurt our family.” He says seriously.

“He’s trying to make up for that.” I reply as I fold my arms. “You’d see that if you gave him a chance.”

“What if he hurts you.” He says making me falter for a moment. “We all leave him alone and then he hurts you one day, what do we do then?”

“Damon, is that what you’re so afraid of?” I question with a sad smile as I make my way further into the room. “You think he’ll hurt me one day?” I ask as I sit down besides him.

“He can and then it would be too late. You would be gone.” He says with a small voice that I couldn’t match to him. “I don’t want to take the chance.”

“Damon,” I sing with a racing heart before I pull him into a hug so tight he can’t escape. “You can be so damn cute sometimes!”

“Do not call me cute.” He snaps fighting against me but I don’t let him go.

“But you are.” I say laughing as I hold him tight. “Jayson would never hurt me Damon, never ever ever. He’s my mate my Crescent Mate, he would never do that.”

“What the fuck are Crescent Mates?” He asks slumping against me, giving up on trying to escape my love.

“A pair of mates who know that they are mates from first sight no matter the age. Jay knew from the day I was born that we were mates.” I inform with a smile. “But that’s besides the point, Jayson would die before he laid a hand on me.”

“He did already, that day in the woods.” He reminds me making me scowl. There was no real way to argue that point.

“An accident.”

“What if the next accident ends your life?” He asks with additional hums in question. “What then?”

“Then you and dad and the whole family with kill him.” I snort with amusement.

“It’s not funny Levi!” He protests angrily. I force myself to take my cute, little brother seriously.

“I know but it’s a scenario that won’t happen.” I promise. “He would not hurt me Damon.”

He remains silent and I sigh trying to find the best way to change his mind.

“Can you at least try to get to know him? To give him a chance?” I question hopefully. “Be civil?”

“No.” He says honestly. “I don’t trust him or like him. ...but I will live with him and keep an eye on him.”

“Fine.” I say in surrender. I knew deep down that this offer was, in all honesty, the best I could get out of Damon right now.

“Levi.” He says hesistantly after a moment.


“I-I’m sorry.” He manages through an accelerating heart. “I’m sorry for what I said to you.”

I close my eyes and soak in the rare moment of Damon apologising for his actions. I take it in with pure happiness before I open my eyes and let out a breath, the tension that had built it’s way into my body, draining from me easily.

“I forgive you Damon.” I say giving him a little squeeze. I feel him relax against me as if the same tension left his body at my words and smiled.

“So you’re not mad anymore?” He asks as if unsure. I mumble a no but it doesn’t seem to be enough. “Promise?”

“I am not mad at you Damon, I forgive you.” I promise with a chuckle before hugging him even tighter.

“Shitbag number one can you leave shitbag number two alone for a second so we can have a chat with your shitbag mate!” Po yells from downstairs making Damon and I laugh a little.

“Coming!” I scream back before letting Damon go. I stand and rub his head playfully before I leave the room. I stop at the door and back track a little to look at him.

“What?” He grumbles with a raised brow.

“I love you Damon.” I promise making his hard expression immediately soften.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” He replies right as Blaze crawls back onto his lap.

I roll my eyes and continue on my path with a much lighter chest. I make my way to my parents office feeling like a million bucks. Both Damon and Aiden had agreed to be civil with Jayson in their own ways and were making an effort to accept him.

It was all I ever wanted, for them to try and they were. I knew there was still a very long way to go, but for now this was enough to make me smile with a skip in my step.

Entering the room, I close the door behind me and head straight to Jayson’s side. He welcomed me with a smile and a kiss to my head when I sat besides him. Both my dads sat opposite us, observing us with equal warmth in their eyes.

“So someone’s trying to kill you.” Po deadpans with a shrug. Dad punches his arm but he doesn’t so much as flinch.

“Let’s try and be a bit kind regarding the sensitive topic.” Dad whispers but it seems to go through deaf ears.

“Someone on the council wants you dead.” He corrects looking to dad with a instigating smirk.

It was moments like this that I got glimpses of how they must have been before they were mates. Fighting and trying with all they had to piss off one another, yet it only seemed to rile dad up for something I rather not think about.

“Your father and I have spoken briefly about the best way to face the problem at hand.” Dad begins. “We have little to nothing to work on, besides the fact that the person we are looking for is a member of the council.”

“I don’t want to ask obvious questions, but what is this council I keep hearing about?” Jayson asks with a bit of hesistation.

“It’s called the Werewolf Council, made up of a bunch of fucktards which handle relations between all packs across the globe.” Po explains sounding bored already. “They report to the Supernatural Board which consists of all species and make sure everyone gets along relatively well. They are a bunch of self absorbed assholes who take themselves too seriously.”

“But they do have influence and a lot of power that can not be ignored.” Dad interjects as the voice of reason. “If one of them wanted you dead, then we have to get to them before they get to you.”

“So how do we do that?” I ask hopefully. I had no clue where to even begin when dealing with this.

“Firstly, we need to find which council member is our target out of the twenty council members.” Po says raising a single finger.

“Can we narrow it down in any way?” I ask hopefully, but they shake their heads.

“Mates like you guys are nothing more than a myth, no one talks about you so to try and guess who doesn’t like you is impossible.” Dad says with a shrug. “We can try but there’s not much to go by.”

“What about the possibility of it being a previous council member?” Jayson asks looking between my parents.

“Council members are only replaced when one dies, so if we can’t find them in the current bunch, we don’t have to worry about it.” Dad informs with a shrug. “Though I highly doubt that seeing as the present council members haven’t changed in the last ten years as far as I’m aware.”

“We think the best approach would be to purposefully share news about the two of you to them and see who bites.” Po says with a wide grin that no one reciprocates. “What?”

“You mean you want to use us as bait.” Jayson fills in causing Aiden to frown at him angrily.

“That’s why I said ‘see who bites’, it was a metaphor.” He says in aspiration and quickly looks to dad for help. “Jewels, he’s stupid.”

“Aiden shut up.” Dad says in response before smiling at us both. “There’s a meeting in a few days with all the alphas of the highly ranked packs. We were going to skip it, maybe play sick, but now...”

“The council members all go so it’ll be a good way to have them all in one place, spread the news there and then catch who reacts first.” Po continues before clasping his hands shut.

“Catch them how?” I question with hesitance.

“Well since they won’t expect to hear news like this, especially after so many years thinking they’d succeeded, then we should be able to pick up on some basic tells. Things like listening to who’s heart rate spikes or who makes an unusual move.” He says before he moves his mouth side to side in contemplation. “But there’s no guarantee that will work.”

“We could have Aunt Katty get in their minds somehow, see who knows Reon.” I suggest hopefully.

“No, we’re going to leave Katerina out of this.” Aiden says, the use of her full name from his mouth surprising me. “It’s about time we stopped involving her in the pack business and using her like fucking Super Glue. She always comes running to help, dropping everything to sort our shit out and we sometimes forget she’s got a life of her own. Sure when we were younger it was easier, but she’s got a family now, a son."

“You may not know this Levi but Katerina has had her fair share of conflicts since we met her as teens.” Dad informs with clear pity in his eyes. “She keeps herself under the radar for a reason, if the wrong people take notice, it can bring up things that are best left alone.”

A.N. This book is set after Linked and therefore this will make a lot more sense when I finish it

I nod in understanding, knowing they were right about the way we used her abilities. It may have been done out of kindness, but she’d done enough. She’d helped bring Jayson and I back together and protected me since she met me, to ask anymore of her would be insensitive.

“So you go to the meeting and hope for the best?” Jayson asks sounding doubtful.

“We can just kill them all, that would definitely narrow it down.” Aiden says not looking at dad, his icy glare narrowing on him in accusation.

“What did we discuss earlier?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Dad says dismissively before slumping in his chair. “I don’t see any other solutions.”

“I have an idea.” Jayson says suddenly. All eyes turn his way in question and surprise. “I actually think it may work.”

He looks at us almost shyly and I quickly place a hand to his arm, rubbing his skin soothingly to calm his nerves.

“I’m guessing others outside of your pack know about me, well the ‘beast’ me in some manner or another.” He says tentatively and dad nods.

“Let’s just say that Aiden likes to whine any and every where he goes.” Dad says almost teasingly, ignoring the glare his mate sent him and returning it with a wink.

“So what if you told them part of the story?” Jayson suggests with a raised brow. “If you tell them that you found out Levi and I were mates and my identity from my previous pack. But leave out the fact that I remembered as well. Let them believe that I am still in a feral state of mine and that you ‘caught me’.”

“One could dream.” Aiden whispers and immediately gets a hard punch that this time makes him wince. “I was joking, excuse me for trying to lighten the mood.”

“Aiden, I will duct tape your mouth shut.” Dad threatens seriously before he takes a deep breath and offers Jayson a smile with a gesture to continue.

“So if you bring me to the meeting and you show me to them, saying things about hating Crescent Mates and things about hating me, which I imagine would not be too hard for you.” Jayson says almost innocently, but I’m sure we all heard the teasing tone he took. “Then whoever started this in the first place should come out pretty easily if they think they are safe enough to.”

“It could also draw out any others who agree and could cause future problems.” I say in agreement as I twirl the idea around in my mind.

“And show us who are our allies if they disagree vocally and try to stand against Aiden.” Dad says while nodding in agreement with the plan.

“Against us.” Aiden corrects.

“No, if we use Jayson’s plan you will have to go without me. Everyone knows I’m very indifferent when it comes to the topic of rogues, if I go spouting words of hate, it won’t be very believable. Just you babe.” Dad says with a smile as he pets his mates head a little.

“You just want to skip the meeting.” Aiden accuses as he grabs dad’s wrist to stop the motion.

“That may or may not be true, but either way you know I’m right.” He says victoriously.

“So Jayson, dad and I go?” I ask looking to Jayson who was already frowning in disagreement.

“I don’t want you anywhere near that kind of danger.” He says firmly. “You should stay in the pack.”

“So you can go put your life at risk? No.” I shoot back.

“I’m not going to let you put your life on the line when there is no need for it to be.” Jayson says calmly though his tone was harsher than I ever heard it. “I won’t put you in a path which could hurt you.”

“He’s right.” Aiden interjects before I argue further. “There’s no reason for you to be there, especially if we want to sell the whole captured approach. You’re safer home.”

“Levi, they will be fine even if things don’t go to plan.” Dad assures me quickly. “Jayson can fight and so can your father, if things for some reason go south, they will make it out without a scratch.”

“I wouldn’t say without a scratch but..” Jayson says with a shrug and smile that I hate to admit made me smile as well.

“Look on the bright side,” Dad continues with a wicked smile. “Your father and Jayson will be alone together, it’ll give them an opportunity to bond.”

As if hearing the same words of misfortune that seemed to horrify the other two men in the room, their faces fell instantly as they looked at one another.

“Fucking hell.” Dad groans as he covers his face with his hands.

“He’s going to slit my throat in my sleep.” Jayson mumbles right after as he stares at his palm, his life flashing before his eyes.

This is not going to end well....


I can’t wait for some on the road, bonding time with Aiden and Jayson. I feel like it’s going to be a mess and I know I’ll love it.

Thoughts? Did you enjoy the chapter?
What about Damon’s apology and the family being all cute?

Hope you enjoyed, only one more part left!

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