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Chapter 40

Warning: The following programme contains scenes of extreme smut and may make you soaked. (Yes - this is my sex warning)


Jayson’s P.O.V

I close my eyes and release a shaky breath the minute Levi closes the door behind us once we’ve entered our familiar space I’d come to know as home.

Today had possibly been the most stressful day of my entire life.

I wanted nothing more than to slump down onto the floor before me and fall asleep for at least five days. If I was being completely honest with myself, I wasn’t entirely sure I could make it to our bedroom without crashing.

Levi intertwines out fingers and lead us to the kitchen where he switches on the light while I slide onto one of the kitchen stools. His fixes us two glasses of cold water just as Caspar walks into the room.

I look down at him with amusement, laughingly slightly at how he looked at us lazily as if our entrance had woken him. I could almost imagine him with a sleeping mask, that’s how domesticated the jungle cat was.

He seems to have a conversation with Levi before he moves towards me, licking my leg and rubbing his coat against me in a loving gesture before he settles at my feet.

“He said he had a great day sleeping and eating in peace and quiet.” Levi informs placing the glass inform of over the counter before sipping at his own.

“Lucky cat.” I mumble as I recall the less than peaceful or quiet day we just had.

After Levi’s parents and I came up with a plan of action, the day continued as smoothly as it possibly could.
The family gathered in the kitchen to help Julian and Peter cook dinner. I was switched from pasta duty to chopping duty to salad duty before the family seemed to realise I had no idea how to cook anything. I was then tasked with the job of ‘setting the table’, something I found relatively challenging but I didn’t voice those thoughts.

I then watched as the family crowded the kitchen, laughing and fighting as they prepared a meal that greater resembled a feast than a dinner.
Peter and Julian spearheaded the operation, with Peter whispering to his father anything that needed to be done which Julian would then shout out for the team.

Aiden did whatever he was told with obnoxious protest which I was learning was quite common for him, but he always did it well in the end. Josey helped as well, placed and excelling at seasoning duty, although she focused more of her attention of ripping everyone apart with insults. Levi was quiet, laughing to himself as he did whatever tasks were assigned him and every now and again checking up on me. Hagen, the little monkey, ate every little thing his sticky, greedy fingers could grab and Damon was not surprisingly amazing with the knife when it came to slicing and dicing literally anything.

I watched with a warm heart as I witnessed the family in action, working the way Levi often told me they did. They were a unit, a dysfunctional yet alluring unit that I found myself wanting to be a part of.

But the site of them also sprouted jealousy deep within, small pieces of resentment I had to push away as memories of my sister Alison and my father came crashing in. Blurred images of the time we spent together in innocent happiness like I was witnessing now. An almost forgotten recollection of having fun like this and further ones which lied deep within of them including my mother before she passed.

I missed them terribly and moments like the ones I experienced today reminded me just how much I truly did. I wanted to relive the way we used to fight, Alison and I, particularly whenever I watched Hagen and Josey do the same. I mourned the way our father would shout for us to behave before he’d join in whatever mischievous activities we’d gotten up to. I missed every detail about them my mind allowed me to recall.

But the wild bunch didn’t let me suffer in silence, dragging me back into the conversation whenever I seemed to slip out. Damon watched me like a hawk as he chopped his vegetables but I didn’t mind, I was just happy that he and Levi resolved their issues. Happy for him as well as Levi, I didn’t necessarily favour the young boy but I also didn’t wish him any discomfort.

Then when the food was finally cooked and ready, it was devoured within moments by the viscous lot. I ate what I could, which was more than I expected but Peter had made sure to cater for my diet without me even asking him to do so.

When the bones were skinned and there was nothing left to eat, the cleaning fell onto Hagen, who like his father would, let it be known that he was not happy with the decision. But eventually he joined us in their family living room where we all played multiple rounds of a game I came to know as One Word.

The stories which formed from that game made it clear to me that every member of that family was equally disturbed, including my all-too eager mate.

But in the end, I loved every second of it and almost didn’t want to leave when the time came. Alothough Roger was quick to dismiss that thought the moment it entered my mind and basically walked us out the door.

Now we were back home and Levi had found his way into my lap where he fit perfectly.

I wrap my arms around his waist to keep him in place while his arms loops around my neck. He snuggles himself into the crook of my neck and we both release a breath of relief. Having one another close always made any tension seep from us effortlessly. His touch rejuvenates the shallowest parts of me and makes me buzz with simple contentment.

“I think I may fall asleep just like this.” He mumbles behind me making me laugh slightly. “Carry me?”

“I was going to ask you to do that.” I tease as I peak over my shoulder to look at him.

He looks up at me with wide, hopeful eyes and a small pout. An expression he’s been giving me since we were children, the one that made me crumble without a second thought.

“You are so lucky I love you so much.” I grumble while he cheers happily.

I stand with him in my grasp and he immediately wraps his legs around me with a satisfied smile.

“Payment for transportation please.” I say not moving from my place. “I like to be paid upfront.”

He giggles in amusement before he leans in and presses his lips to mine. I kiss him back without hesitation, letting the butterflies in my stomach take flight as I tightened my grasp on him. My tightening hands on his ass make him whimper in my hold as he slowly rocks forward. I can’t help the deep rumble of pride which forms from within at the way he so easily gave in to me. Before I can deepen the kiss he pulls away with a shy smile and reddening ears.

“The death of me.” I mumble as I begin to walk. “You will be the death of me. My beginning and end.” I smile while he hides his face in the crook of my neck and begin the less than pleasant journey to our bedroom.

So many stairs.

Eventually I made it but received no mercy from the Goddess above, struggling pathetically to open our bedroom door while still holding Levi who was laughing hysterically at my failure to do so.

“This would be a lot easier, if someone wasn’t so lazy.” I voice as I try squatting down to reach the door knob.

“Goddess, we’re a mess.” Levi says through his small fit before he reaches down and opens the door for both of us.

I stumble my way into our room, the space filling with laughter and joy from the both of us, lightening the heaviness in my chest. I walk us into the room and stop when Levi leans back to look at me.

He was studying me with a look in his eyes that made my skin itch for his touch. It was suggestive and it made my body heat up without even trying to do so.

“Are you very tired?” He asks gently, letting his tongue slip out to wet his lips.

“Not anymore.” I reply as I swallow any exhaustion that was creeping up on me.

He smiles approvingly before slipping from my grasp and pushing me back onto the bed.

“You wait here,” he says while undressing slowly for me, “while I go take a shower.”

“Can’t I join?” My reply resembling a plea more so than a question.

“We won’t really shower if you do.” He replies with a mischievous grin as he slips the last article of clothing from him leaving him completely naked in front of me. “So be good and wait.”

He walks to the bathroom with a purposeful sway of his hips, glancing over his shoulder with a small giggle before he closes the bathroom door behind him.

I slam myself down against the mattress once I hear the water running with a loud groan. He was trying to kill me, that was the only thing that made sense. He was torturing me and he knew it.

Stop your whining, your balls won’t be bluer from much longer - Roger teases. Now make yourself useful and go take a quick shower in one of the spare rooms, no one needs to smell your musty ass.

I ignore Roger’s presentation and heed his words, jumping from the bed as I rush to take a quick shower. Barely managing to make it back onto the bed with sweats and underwear as Levi opens the door to the shower.

He walks out in one of my shirts which was way too big for him but made me length full all the same. Only three of the buttons were used allowing me to catch glimpses of his hard length as he walked towards me. He climbs onto me with a smile, laughing a little when he sees my wet hair before straddling my hips.

He was so exquisite, Levi. A work of art that made my world come to a standstill every time I had the pleasure of laying eyes on him. Every inch of him was perfection, any blemishes or scars only adding to his beauty never diminishing it. He was so excellently crafted and he somehow... was all mine.

“You’re looking at me as if you’re going to eat me.” He giggles as he looks down at me almost shyly.

“I may do something very close to that.” I promise as I pull him down to press a quick kiss to his lips.

My lips claim his without discussion, my tongue slipping in between his parted lips to enjoy the taste of him. He was as sweet as always, his moans spurring me on to take more of him as his hips rocked against me. I bite his lip just as I thrust up to meet his movements, our cocks meeting with desperation.

He pulls away with a shaky moan, pressing his hands on my chest seeming to be already breathless as if the night’s activities were already in full swing, but we hadn’t even begun.

I slip my hand between us to wrap around his cock. He shudders with a moan, shutting his eyes as I stroke him slowly. He was hard and wet, his cock already straining for me with need. It made my own length grow beneath him with pride. I swipe a thumb over our his tip making him crash forward as he captures his lower lip between his teeth and groans. His back arching as he thrusts himself into my palm before pushing back to caress my clothed cock with his ass.

“Feels good.” He pants, his lustful eyes fluttering open to meet mine.

He holds my gaze purposefully pushing up his shirt and lifting his fingers to meet his nipples. He circles them lightly before tugging slightly on one of the pierced rings. I stifle a growl as I watch his sensual momvements, ready to pin him down and take him at any moment. He plays with them for a moment longers, his moans riling me up as he pinches the pink nubs.

“You make me feel so good Jayson.” He moans making my control snap as I quickly flip us. I let my body slide between his, my thrusts against his cock rougher and more demanding as I latch my lips around the skin on his collarbone. I suck and lick it vigorously, pushing him into the mattress without mercy as he cries out besides my ear.

“I want to mark you.” I whisper lowly as I struggle to reign myself in enough to be a bit more gentle. Moving the collar of his shirt with my fingertips, just enough for my tongue to tease the flesh there.

The small plea for air he makes as my tongue caresses him between kisses makes a wicked stream of delight runs through me. Pleased in every manner to bring him pleasure as his hips eagerly raised against mine for more attention.

“There’s no reason not to and I don’t think I can wait any longer.” I confess against his skin. “I want to make you mine entirely.”

“Jayson.” He breathes breathlessly, his fingers grasping desperately at my shoulders.

“Can I make you mine?” I ask once more leaning back to look at him.

“You don’t have to ask permission every time we do... t-things like this.” He breathes as his body shifts desperately below mine. Our cocks straining to meet as we thrust against one another. “F-Fuck.”

I return my mouth to his neck while I let my fingers unbutton his shirt carelessly while my lips continue to worship his skin. When his shirt is open, I press my hand to his chest before allowing my fingertips to roam his soft skin possessively. His breathing quickens as he watches my large hand with a dazed gaze, all the while enjoying the loving promises delivered by my lips.

I make my way up his neck before I settle on his ear, breathing against him purposefully, letting my tongue lick it teasingly while my teeth grazed the sensitive area with suggestion.

“I’d like to hear you say it.” I tell him honestly, my words heating his sensitive flesh as his body raised to greet my own. “I like to hear you tell me what you want and need, it pleases me.”

“Jayson.” He breathes when my fingers settle on his nipple. I can’t help but smile at the way he gasps and writhes just from my fingertips circling it as lightly as a feather would.

“Say it Levi.” I growl with a rough thrust of my hips while I nibble at the ends of his ear. He moans loudly, his nails digging into my back.

“P-Please mark me.” He begs shakily, the words accompanied by a moan. The combined sound was music to my ears.

I sit up quickly, escaping his grasp to quickly strip him of the shirt before doing the same for myself. I return to him once we’re free to meet without restrictions and the result is heavenly.

The feel of him against my own rigid length make me wild lust. There was nothing to stop me from claiming him anymore and I truthfully couldn’t stop myself even if I tried.

Tonight I’d make him mine and he would enjoy every second of it.

So as I rubbed myself against him, I growled my pleasure at the way our scents mixed and the moans of ecstacy which rippled through him against my lips.

I slip a hand between us to grasp our cocks which were already wet with precum. Knowing he was aroused made the deepest parts of me rumble with the need to claim. I forced myself to push it down and focus on my mate.
I begin stroking us slowly, not wanting to end this too quickly.

When his body is lax enough from my caresses, I pull away and flip him before he can complain for more. I drag his hips up to meet my cock before leaning against his back to meet his ears.

“Levi.” I growl, my voice deep and rough as rut against him. He rocks his hips back to meet my cock making us both moan with ecstasy. He begins moving his waist in all the right ways to stroke my cock between his ass. A bead of precum jutting out of me at the his entrancing actions.

“Fuck.” I growl, shutting my eyes tightly and pulling away fast enough to not cum right here and now.

My hands find his hips to halt his actions before I peek one eye open to look at him. I almost cum at the image of him before me. His back arched in a position of complete submission which made the wolf in me mad with lust, sweat glistening in all the right places as his clouded eyes met mine with need emitting off of him in every way.

“Baby.” I groan as I pant to hold myself back. He laughs clearly pleased with himself for the way he got me riled up. Well I’d just have to teach him a lesson about riling me up.

I slide down the bed low enough to spread his ass revealing his awaiting hole. I don’t give him a second to contemplate before I let my tongue meet his bud without mercy. I circle it with my wet muscle making Levi cry out as he shoots forward with a loud moan. I immediately bring him right back with my hands firmly gripping his ass which I kept spread apart while my tongue laps at the sensitive area.

“Ngh! J-Jayson..ugh!” He trembles below me when I nibble around the area teasingly, my intent to drive him mad with pleasure. “S-Stop... don’t want to....ahh.. c-cum..”

I can’t help but smile at his desperate plea. It made my member leak with the desire to make him cum until he had nothing left to give me. I wrap my fingers around his leaking length and stroke him with a tight grip right as I penetrate him with my tongue.

He cries out beautifully as his arms give out and he falls forward onto the best, his body trembling as streams and streams of cum are pumped our of him. He moans and begs incoherently, his hips jutting forth and backwards as he unravels before me. I enjoy the way he shakes before me, loving the way he fell apart because of it.

I don’t give him a moment to breathe, driving my tongue deeper inside of him while my hand continued to pump him through his orgasm. His body raking with pleasure as he gripped the sheets desperately.

“Jayson!” He begs as I run my thumb over his tip, pressing down with just enough pressure to make him scream out for me once more. “Ah! I-I..nghh!”

I pull away from his quivering hole, lapping it at teasingly before I remove my hand from his cock. I lick at my coated fingers, moaning shamelessly at the taste of him with I adored. I look down at Levi who peeks back at me, panting heavily and desperately, his cock making a valent effort to harden again as he watches me swallow his load contentedly.

I lean back over him as I press my fingers against his hole, breaching him with one making him moan but I quickly swallowed it with a kiss. I claim his lips aggresively, enjoying his whimpers and shudders as I worked my finger into him. Letting him taste himself as my tongue explored his mouth before parting enough for both of us to breathe.

“I’m going to drive you mad tonight.” I whisper against his ear, my finger searching for the spot to do just that as he pushes back onto it. “Cum as much as you want baby, I won’t stop until you bare my mark and I your’s.”

“Ahhhh!” He bellows just as I find his balls of nerves. I smile against him as I work the spot, applying endless pressure before slipping another finger in. He welcomes it greedily as his ass juts back in search of more.

“Tell me what you want.” I groan as I continue fingering him relentlessly. Stretching him in preparation for my leaking member, the need to mate becoming more prominent which each passing moment.

“J-Jayson..” He begs as I rub against his prostate.

“Tell me love, tell me what you want.” I prompt as I slip in a third finger which makes his head drop forward with a chocked sob.

“I-I want you inside of m-me.” He stutters out as his hips buck restlessly.

“More.” I growl as I work his hole.

“I-I want you deep i-inside of me... s-so deep that all I can feel or think about... is you.” He confesses as he looks back at me with wet eyes filled with need. “Fuck me Jayson.”

“Do you have lube?” I ask as I pull my fingers from him, the need to mark him unable to quell. He shakes his head and turns quickly so that his hot breath fanned my cock.

“I also want to taste you.” He moans peaking up at me with a teasing gaze. “I want to taste your cum on my tongue.

My eyes roll to the back of my head as I force myself not to tumble over the edge and cum right now, especially not with what was to come.

Enjoying the way I was unravelling for him, Levi dips down and wraps one of his small hands around my shaft and a wet mouth latches around my head.

“Holy shit.” I moan, thrusting myself into his mouth accidentally in search for more.

Levi moans around me and takes the further length without faltering. He looks up to me through his lashes as his tongue and wet mouth work me for all I was worth. I shiver from his gaze, my chest heaving as he took me to the back of his throat. His tongue circles my length while is mouth encompasses my cock in a warm, wet hold I never want to leave. His hand drifting down to grasp my balls, tugging at them in just the right way.

I love my mate.

“Levi.” I groan as my hands find his hair, wanting to drive myself completely into his mouth but not wanting to hurt him.

He continues bobbing his head up and down as he swallows my leaking cock with eagerness. His ass swaying slightly as he moans his pleasure around him length. The sudden attack makes me tremble above him, his mouth tightening around me in response.

His scent made my mind cloudy, the taste of him and feeling of his wet mouth made shockwaves ignite my body entirely. His reactions made it even better, the way he stroked me with lustful eyes and moaned around me, his body so open and willing for me.

His mind numbing suction stops as he pulls his mouth away to suck the sides of me while moving his hips slightly. He moves down to take my balls into his mouth while he strokes me slowly. He pulls away with a pop before licking his way up my length.

“You don’t have to hold back.” He breathes against my cock, torturing me the best way he knew how. “Its okay.”

I can’t help the lustful waves which leave me from his words as my eyes glow and Roger pushes forth with full force. Levi retakes me into his mouth and my grip on my emotions weaken slightly, I grip his hair firmly and thrust myself deep into his mouth. He relaxes his jaw and opens his mouth for me to freely fuck into it. His eyes never leaving mine as my cock disappeared between his lips.
I hungrily thrust into his mouth that took me all in, searching for more pleasure as he continues dragging me closer and closer to the edge.

“Fuck, Levi I’m going to cum.” I warn as my thrusts become more frantic.

He tightens his lips around me and tugs on my balls just hard enough to send me off the edge. I moan out in blind ecstacy as my vision fades slightly, my mate still bringing me the most divine pleasure he could. My release coating his mouth as I slip down his throat until I was completely inside of his mouth.

His eyes roll as he tremors slightly, his hips twitching slightly as he swallowed every drop. I slide out of his mouth panting and he falls back onto the bed revealing his twitching cock that was dripping with excess cum. He shivered on the bed and looked up at me with a dazed expression.

“You came sucking me off?” I ask as I lean over him. He nods with red cheeks. “You’re too damn sexy.”

“C-Can you put it in?” He asks desperately. “I need you Jayson.”

And I’m hard again.

I press a kiss to his lips and kiss him hard enough to show him how much i loved him. I line myself up with him before I pull away to look at him, brushing his wet hair away to look him in his eyes.

“Are you ready?” I ask taking the moment to make sure he was sure about this.

“No.” He says before reaching over into the nightstand, opening a draw and passing me some lube. I look to him with shock and he smiles shyly. “I just wanted to give you a blowjob.” He confesses and I can’t help but laugh.

“It’s not like I would have said no if you told me that.” I promise him as I lather myself up before repositioning myself.

“Okay, I’m ready.” He breathes and leans up to peck my lips. “I’m more than ready to be yours.”

I smile with a tight chest as I slowly push my way into him, he shuts his eyes tightly and pushes back against me, his arms wrapping around my neck tightly. I stop and let him breathe before going in a bit more. It takes a while but eventually I’m surrounded entirely by his warmth. I don’t dare move as I struggle to control my breathing, his just as frantic besides my ear.

“Just give me a moment.” He breathes harshly and I quickly begin pressing kisses up his neck.

“Take all the time you need baby, don’t rush.” I whisper as lay kisses anywhere my lips could reach.

He moves a little every couple of moments as if testing himself, squeezing down on me in the most delicious ways but I don’t dare move. Not until he whispers an okay.
Only then do I slowly pull back before driving myself back inside of him. He whimpers quietly and I force myself to go even slower, watching his reaction carefully.

I slip a palm between us and stroke him slowly to bring him some pleasure. He moans through a slight wince and slowly begins to adjust until the winces are gone and he’s on my moaning with a dripping cock.

Only then do I allow myself to entirely feel the pleasure of being inside of him, his warm hole clasped tightly around me, stroking me perfectly as I moved in and out of him.

“Jayson!” He moans when I finally hit his prostate. His nails dig into my back as my hips rocks forward to bring us both delicious ecstasy.

“You feel so good Levi.” I groan as I pick up the speed slightly.

“Just like that, nghh! F-Fuck..” Levi breathes as he begins pushing back slightly to meet my thrusts. “Ahh!”

His moans brush my ears teasingly as I leak inside of him, my chick straining inside of him. His legs wrap around my neck as I drive myself deeper and harder inside of him. My mind becoming heavy as control slowly slipped from me, my thrusts becoming rougher. His tight hold on me sending me insane as I felt my canines begin to protrude and my climax build.

“Jayson.” Levi whimpers desperately before me, his canines scraping my collar telling me he was barely holding on.

I let my mouth reach his neck, delivering a few final rough thrusts before I’m completely unravelling and my cum pours out of me uncontrolled. I sink my canines into Levi’s neck just as he does to me, the feel of him making his claim as he tightens around me making my orgasm continue as I bury myself into him entirely. I hold his head against my neck as he shudders below me, wanting to make sure he pumped as much of his essence inside my bloodstream as I did him.

We pull away from one another, lapping at the marks proudly before meeting each other’s eyes. Levi’s eyes are wet with tears and I immediately freeze with fear of hurting him.

“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” I ask as I ease myself out of him with a racing heart. He shakes his head and releases a small sob as he looks at me.

“I’m just s-so happy I found you.” He whispers shakily before leaning up to kiss me. I kiss him back entirely, giving all of him to me as he shook in my grasp. I pull him into me and roll onto my back with him settled above me.

“I’m happy I found you too.” I reply once we part, wiping his viscous tears away with wet eyes of my own. “Life without you is too hard to bare and I never want to experience that again. Now you’re mine, in every sense of the word, mine and you’ve made me the happiest man in the world because of it... I am eternally grateful to Goddess for bringing us back together again.”

He smiles and nods, inhaling deeply at the scent of both of us which filled the room.

“I love you so much” He whispers as a promise I knew we’d never break.

“I love you too.” I reply leaning forward to press a kiss to his head before wrapping my arms around him.

We fall asleep with no space between us, our bond pulsing with new strength and need that made me want to never let him go. I’d protect him with my life as I’d always done, keep him warm and happy for as long as he breathed.

My beautiful Levi


Always end a large upload with sexy time. Always.

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