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Chapter 41

Just a little heads up, this book should be finished in the less than 10 chapters... I think


Jayson’s P.O.V ONCE MORE

“You’re going to be fine.” Levi assures me while crawling under the bed for something.

Here’s the thing... we’re not - Roger inserts.

“I don’t think I will be.” I reply honestly, he emerges with a large bag of some sort and a triumphant smile, completely oblivious to the panic in my tone.

“You’re being so dramatic.” He mutters dumping the bag on the bed with a tired groan. He picks up a shirt from the pile of clothes he laid out on the bed earlier and begins to fold.

“I don’t think it’s dramatic when not more than seventy-two hours earlier, the man wanted to kill me. Now I’m supposed to spend three days with him and believe that he doesn’t want to kill me.” I explain hysterically, putting the folded shirt he passes me into the bag.

“Oh, he wants to kill you, that’s not changing anytime soon.” He says with a snort. “But he won’t.”

I fail to see how that possibly can make us feel any better - Roger says as I ponder his words as well.

“Plus, if someone wasn’t so afraid of flying then you wouldn’t be spending so much time on the road.” He says with an accusatory look.

“I’ve never done it before and I don’t want to try it with him.” I protest but it sounded more like a whine. “He would throw me out the plane.”

He stops his folding and looks at me. His eyes search mine before he sets the shirt down, walking to me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

“I love you Jayson.” He soothes, resting his chin on my chest to look up at me. “My dad is not going to take away the most precious thing in my life. So stop worrying, okay?”

“I’m a thing now?” I question with a smirk that makes him smile widely. “I thought I was your mate or at the very least, a man.”

“Shut up and help me pack, we only have two hours before you and dad head out.” He says turning back to the bags, the issue resolved in his mind. But to me, just the mention of what was to come made me want to puke all over again.

I was truthfully afraid of Aiden, but not for the reasons I think Levi assumed.
It wasn’t that I thought Aiden was stronger than me, he wasn’t. I could take him in a fight. My memories attested that the last time he tried killing me a couple years back, he was left with more scars than me.

Feral-you with nothing to lose, yeah sure. Jayson-you who only just conquered the use of a knife and fork - dead man walking - Roger says laughing obnoxiously. Let’s not forget that fight was years ago, the man has been training. Probably could rip your throat our before you can say grapes.

At least he’ll be putting an end to you as well - I reply and he snorts with amusement.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again - it’s been a shit run, I’m ready to go

Despite what Roger believed, I could take Aiden, I knew that much for sure. I was more afraid of what the man was capable of outside of a fight. I’m pretty sure he was clinically insane and could think of a couple ways of putting and end to me that wasn’t entirely humane. He was a wildcard and that’s what scared me.

Now I was supposed to spend a week with a maniac and be calm about it. Impossible.

Our final two hours with our mate, making them count - Roger teases before fading away.


I look across at Aiden as he holds Julian tight against him and whispers, what I assume to be, endearing words to him. His eyes raise to mine, narrowing with detest before he makes them glow momentarily. Then he continues to talk to his mate as if he didn’t subtly threaten me.

I pull back from my own mate with a spiked heart rate, forcing myself to smile at him, presenting a Jayson who was completely unbothered.

“There’s more than enough clothes in the bag, I put a book in case you wanted to try it out and I packed enough grapes to last you until tomorrow.” Levi says smiling up at me. “Everything you need is there.”

“Thank you.” I say gratefully, pressing a kiss to the top of his head.

“Be safe and if something feels off, then trash the plan.” He says seriously. “You are more important.”

“I will.” I promise as I rub my thumb over his mark and smile. “It’s the first time we’re going to be away from each other, are you going to make it?”

“I’ll be fine.” He says confidently. “You on the other hand... not so much.”

“Ouch.” I say laughing before leaning down to kiss him. He kisses me back with a small hum before parting and smiling widely.

You’ve got me up here now, so call if you need me - He says through our link, his happiness radiating off of him in waves.

I love you

I love you too

He pulls me down for yet another kiss that I have no choice but to get lost in. Our lips move in sync as my arms wrap around his waist and bring him close. The world around us slips away until I hearing gagging sounds and peek an eye open to see Aiden fake vomiting on his hands and knees on the ground.

Levi and I part to look at him before we look to Julian who looked ready to kill himself. I let Levi down and allow him to go say bye to the rest of the family with Hagen running straight to me.

“Bring me back a souvenir.” He says eagerly and I nod. “But an edible one.”

“Of course.” I say laughing slightly as I give him a tight hug. “You going to be okay without me?”

“You’re not that special Jayson, calm down.” He says when we part. He frowns as if upset at me before he starts laughing. “I’ll be fine for a week.”

“Glad to hear it.” I reply and give him one more hug before he heads over to his parents.

I get into the car and wait as everyone said their goodbyes to the psychopath. Peter gives me a wave from his brother’s side, the same brother who gave me the finger as a goodbye.

Soon enough, Aiden takes his seat at the steering wheel and we’re off with final waves goodbye. We head out of the pack with ease and soon were out in a world I’d never seen before.

It’s numbing to see what lies beyond the woods. I forget the angry alpha beside me, my face practically glued to the window as I watch the large highways I’d seen on TV filled with speeding cars. There were so fast and close that I thought they’d hit us, but they never did.

Then I saw the skyscrapers, the large buildings that were easily three times the size of the largest building I’d seen in the pack. These buildings were tall and numerous, I was already lost in this new world from the first few minutes of admiring them.

“Stop gaping against my window, I don’t need drool on them.” Aiden grumbles besides me, I begrudgingly pull away but keep my eyes on the outside. A moment of silence passes before he speaks again. “You look like you’ve never seen an IKEA before.”

“That’s because I haven’t.” I reply mindlessly as I contemplate what on earth could be inside this IKEA. There were so many buildings and stores, my mind just spun in wonder of what all these things could be.

“You’re telling me that before you went all Tarzan out there, you never saw any of this?” Aiden asks with blatant disbelief, I glance back to look at him and find him glancing at me with a raised eyebrow daring me to lie.

“My pack was small, we lived in the woods and yes some left on occasion, but I never did.” I say truthfully, scratching my head as memories swirl. “I would have I suppose if it wasn’t for being Levi’s mate, they kept me on the outskirts of the pack.”

“Could no one handle the smell of your top lip?” He asks with a smirk. I roll my eyes as Roger cackles with amusement, his laughter greater than I’d ever heard it.

“They kept me apart for Levi’s sake.” I deadpan with slight annoyance. His smirk fades at the mention of his son, his gaze asking me to explain where his pride would not allow his lips to. “When our parents found out we were Crescent Mates, they kept us apart to hide what we were and to prepare me. They started training me the moment they realised and I didn’t see Levi for years, not until the night we lost it all.”

His frown softens as his features uncrumple, his mind analysing my words. I could see the fraction of doubt in his features, but I could also catch a glimpse of pity. The sight something that I would hold onto for the next few days.

I rarely saw anything from the alpha besides anger and held onto the brief glimpses of humanity to convince me that he would not try to kill me. When he catches me looking at him, his features settle onto annoyance as he redirects his full attention to the road.

“Don’t look at me.” He grumbles.

I don’t listen, turning to face him more and smile blatantly knowing it would piss him off. His frown deepens while his grip on the steering wheel tightens.

“I will leave you in the middle of the freeway and record you become roadkill.” He threatens with a lower tone that I’m sure made others cower with fear.

“You would stay, that’s so nice.” I reply with a disgusting amount of happiness in my tone that made me feel uncomfortable. I catch the small twitch in Aiden’s eyes and look back out the window.

He doesn’t speak anymore and neither do I. I was too fascinated by what laid outside of the window. A world busy with inhabitants, all swamped with their individual worries which probably plagued their minds the way mine did. I wondered what it must be like, to live an ordinary life, completely oblivious of the world which laid within the shadows. A world of witches and werewolves, one that seemed to be nothing more than folklore to them.

I wondered if there was comfort in being numb to everything else.


Eventually, all the infrastructure dissipates until there’s nothing but greenery that I had no interest in admiring. We were on the road for more than three hours I believe and had already stopped twice.

The first time was because Aiden saw a place called Popeye’s where he practically bought the entire shop, he gave me five burgers and kept the rest for himself. When I tried to thank him, he took one burger back and threatened to take the others back if I continued with my ‘nice shit’. The second time we stopped it was because we both needed to use the bathroom.

Now my seat was prompted back and my legs were perched up against the headboard. It was uncomfortably quiet and I couldn’t look anywhere but straight ahead or to my right, everytime I looked in Aiden’s direction he would growl in warning. I couldn’t handle the weird atmosphere for much longer, so I reached for the radio button but my hand was immediately slapped away.

“Don’t touch my stereo.” He warns and I immediately frown as I pull back my buzzing hand.

“I just want to put some music on, its very uncomfortable sitting here in silence with you Dark Vader.” I grumble in reply, looking at him to inforce my annoyance.

“Doesn’t matter, don’t touch my stereo.” He replies not even glancing my way.

“Then Aiden, can you put on some music?” I ask in an attempt to compromise.

“Don’t call me Aiden.” He snaps making my eyes narrow.

“Sorry, can you put on some music please Satan?” I correct and smile while his canines descend.

“Thats Damon’s nickname.”

“Then what do I call you?” I ask, genuinely intrigued to hear what he would say. “Father-in-law or dad?”

He glares at me with red eyes that I return by making my black ones glow, we stare off until he decides driving the car is more important.

“Don’t call me anything.” He replies and I can’t help but laugh as I look away from the mentally ill patient who clearly escaped from an asylum.

“Okay, so when someone tries to kill you, I’ll warn you by opening my mouth and not doing anything.” I chuckle with amusement while he glowers. “Look out, there’s a man behind you -” I open my mouth and stay silent before I burst out laughing. “You’d die.” I inform through labored breathes.

“Happy Birthday - ” That one sends me reeling as I drop my feet and lean forward with a fit of snorts.

“That’s enough.” Aiden replies.

“One more.” I manage through my wheezing. “Can you pass the ketchup - ?” I laugh so hard my stomach begins to cramp and breathing seems to be a difficult task for me.

I’m so caught up in my fit that I don’t notice the chuckle that escapes Aiden or the small smile that was tugging on his lips. My body sways uncontrollably within the space under the seatbelt, my hiccups starting between my roaring laughing.

“It’s not even that funny.” He says when I manage to pull myself back to reality.

“I need air.” I gasp with wet eyes trying to lower the window.

“Suffocate.” He replies with a chuckle as he locks the windows.

I can’t even glare at him because my mind was still bubbling with amusement. I reach forward for the stereo and laugh this time when he slaps my hand away.

“I’m sorry, I forgot -” I croak before I’m launched back into my laughing fit. Aiden groans loudly as he slams his foot onto the pedal to make us accelerate.

“I already want to pee on your bed.”


Five hours in on our road trip. I’m eating from one of my boxes of green grapes, eyes blindly looking forward while soft music plays in the background and the wind brushes pass my hair. We stopped three more times since the last few, all bathroom breaks.

Levi and I spoke every now and then through our link, testing how far it went - it was yet to cut. I think it was another side effect of sorts for being the type of mates we were, since Aiden was calling Julian by phone to check in.

He seemed extremely antsy to leave his mate, something I thought went a bit further than not wanting to be away from your second half. It was like an insistent need to contact him and hear his voice, to know he was safe.

It almost resembled fear to me...

I’m snapped out from my thoughts at the sight of a slowly advancing hand that is approaching my grapes. I pull the box away with a horrified growl as I look at the culprit, who sucks his teeth with disappointment at his failed mission.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” I ask angrily as I cover the grapes.

“I want some.” He replies simply. “Give me some.”


“Why the fuck not?” He snaps angrily looking to me as if I was the crazy one between us.

“They are mine.” I reply frowning.

“I gave you burgers!” He protests but I keep shaking my head. “It’s just grapes!” He snaps.

“Then you don’t need them.” I reply as I slip one between my lips.

“If you don’t give me some damn grapes, they will be the only thing you eat on this trip.” He warns before putting his palm out. “I’m the one with money and the one who knows how to use it, or did you forget that you’re stupid!”

I reach into my pocket a pull out the wad cash Levi gave to me after explaining how to use it.

“I hope you sleep with one eye open.” He says eerily before pulling his hand back.

I smile victoriously as I continue eating my grapes. I probably would have shared if it were anything other than grapes, I think everyone knew I didn’t share my grapes. Even Hagen didn’t try taking some when he came over. Aiden was no exception.

“If I don’t share my grapes with Levi, I would never share them with you.” I reply but his frown doesn’t soften.

“Two more hours Aiden.” He whispers to himself. “Two more hours until you get to the hotel and don’t have to see this fucking idiot.”

“Where are we staying?” I ask curiously.

“In a building.” He deadpans.

“I gathered that much, but where?” I ask again but he ignores me.

I don’t bother trying to get any more out of him, he was clearly still upset abo it the grapes. Instead I pull out the book Levi packed for me and read the back description speedily.

If memory served me right, I liked to read when I was younger and I was excited to try it again, especially since it had been so long. I open the first page and let myself sink into the new world created by the author’s carefully crafted paragraphs.


“Wake up dumbass.” Aiden says, waking me with a rough shove that sends my head against the window. I grumble angrily with a wince as I blink my eyes open, I’m quickly greeted by the night sky and the bright lights of a large building in front of us.

Aiden slips out of his side of the car and slams the door shut before he heads to the truck while I struggle to recover. I force myself not to get upset by his methods of getting people up and instead gather my things.

I pick up my book and look down at my empty bowl of grapes. My heart drops and I immediately look for aiden. I find him outside my car door grinning outside with both his and my bag in hand. I unbuckle and scramble to get out the car, snatching the bag from his hands, I hold up the empty bowl.

“You ate my grapes.” I accuse with whitening knuckles.

“Yup.” He says with a grin that showed all his teeth. “They were juicy.”

“You ate my grapes.” I repeat. “You will pay for this.” I warn but he just laughs and turns towards the awaiting building.

“I ate your grapes.” He says laughing, driving the point home. “All of them.”

I hate this man with my entire being.

I follow after him with undeniable rage, I really wanted nothing but to get to my room and speak to my mate.

A small fraction of my anger fades once we enter the large lobby that seems almost unreal, with sparkling clean everything.

I stumble after Aiden as I take it all in, accidentally bumping into him when he comes to a stop. He glances over his shoulder to glare but leaves it at that to look at the women opposite the desk he was at.

“Good Evening, welcome to The Hyatt. How may I help you?” She asks sweetly as she smiles at Aiden. Her smile was almost too inviting as she stared at the older man who laid out a thin folder.

“I have a reservation for two rooms, my name is Aiden Heil.” He says not bothering with formalities.

“Just give me a moment.” The woman says as she begins typing away at her computer.

She doesn’t hide the way she glances up at Aiden flirtatiously but receives nothing more than a tired, blank stare in return.

“Can I please have some I.D?” She asks and Aiden slips her a small card. She takes it and continues typing. “Where are you coming from Mr.Heil?”

“Home.” He deadpans with a lack of interest this woman seems oblivious to because she giggles.

“And where is home Mr.Heil?” She tries again.

“Wherever my husband is.” Aiden replies with narrow eyes that shock the younger woman. “Usually in our bed waiting for me.” He adds and I can’t help but smile a little at the outlandish response. The woman then glances at me warily and my stomach drops.

“Oh Goddess forbid, not me.” I say raising my hands in surrender as I gag slightly. She laughs with amusement and continues working while Aiden checked his phone for the billionth time.

From there, the conversation is limited to exchanging information and getting things sorted. I didn’t get most of it besides the identification elements which Levi explained I would need to get sorted out. It was another reason I couldn’t fly, I didn’t have a passport or anything other than my name.

“I am so sorry Mr.Heil but the hotel seems to have overbooked. Unfortunately, your rooms are not available.” The woman says with a helpless smile as she continues taping away at the laptop.

“Well make them available.” Aiden grinds through his teeth.

“I’m sorry Mr.Heil, we can reimburse you and offer a large suite with two beds fo-”

“No.” Aiden and I say simultaneously making the woman jump slightly.

“There are n-no single rooms.” She offers helplessly. “The room we are offering will come at a lower price and continental breakfast.” She offers glancing up at us hesitantly.

Aiden looks at me the same way I look at him, both of us I’m sure contemplating how we would decide which one of us would end up sleeping in the car. But eventually he nods and passes over another card, the woman visibly relaxes and continues her work.

“If you even remotely annoy me, I’m kicking you out.” Aiden warns and I have to stifle my laughter. I would love to see him try.

Soon enough, it’s finalized and we are walking towards an elevator. I was completely petrified about getting on it but Levi assures me that they were nothing to be afraid of, so now I am just a little nervous.

Aiden steps in once the doors slide open and presses a button, I stand hesitantly at the front as I peep inside. Surverying the contraption with caution before placing an experimental foot inside.

“Get inside the damn elevator.” Aiden snaps angrily, grabbing my wrist and yanking me inside. I stumble in and he immediately slams a button that makes the doors close.

The elevator makes some unfamiliar sounds before it begins its ascent. I hold onto Aiden’s arm at the movement that was rippling through me.

“Get your nasty fingers off me you runt!” Aiden grumbles while he tries wiggling me off but I wasn’t letting go.

“Just bare with it, it’s my first time on one of these.” I explain almost pleadingly. He drops his arms and curses silently, letting me use him as an anchor.

Once the doors reopen, I practically jump out and thank Goddess for the still floor beneath me. Aiden looks at me as if I were a pestering rodent before he pushes pass me and heads down a hallway.

“How do you know where to go?” I ask as I quickly follow after him not wanting to get lost in huge maze.

“You get a room number and a floor.” He explains with surprising leniancy. “We are on floor ten and our room is 3509, we look for the number and boom.”

I look across at one of the doors we pass and see 3505, so I knew we were close.

“Thank you.” I say with appreciation. He didn’t have to explain it to me but he did, without his usual jabbing response or whiny complaints.

“What have I told you?” He says angrily as he slows door in front of a door.

“No nice shit.” I reply with a smile while he nods.

He places the blank card to the door handle and it opens. I step inside after him and my jaw drops at the space that looked like one of the rooms on HGTV.

“If you can figure it out, you can order room service.” He says as he walks through the living room and into another room. I follow after him to find a spacious bedroom with two large beds which he dumps his bag onto. “I’m going to call Julian, don’t make a sound.”

He jumps onto the bed and dials a familiar tune while I leave the room to give him some privacy.

“Hey Jewels, I miss you.” Aiden says into the phone with a soft tone he was yet to cast my way.

“I miss you too.” I hear Julian reply from the phone. “How are things going between you and Jayson?”

“Julian, I may pee on his bed.” Auden whines and I frown immediately. “He is not normal. He defends grapes as if their his fucking children and he tried to touch my stereo.”

“Jayson doesn’t give anyone his grapes, so that’s a right not worth starting and I don’t care about your stereo.” His mate replies making the adult baby whine once more. “You’re being dramatic.”

“Jewels.” He grumbles.

“Aiden.” Julian mocks though I could hear his laughter. “Hurry up and get back to me, I can’t stand being in our bed without you.”

“I will.” Aiden promises. “I love you Julian.”

“I love you too, now tell me about your day so far.”

I withdraw myself from the conversation I’d unconsciously let myself indulge in. I truly didn’t mean to, that’s why I left the room after all. My intentions were right but I was a werewolf and my ears picked up things without permission.

But I was glad that I had heard the conversation, it was nice witnessing the pure and undeniable life between a pair of mates. It made me want to love and cherish my mate all the same.

Speaking of mates...

Levi - I call testingly, I doubted that the link still ran this far.

You made me drop my popcorn - He replies instantly making me jump a little. But joy quickly encompasses me at the sound of his delicious voice which I hadn’t heard in far too long.

Why do you have popcorn? - I ask curiously, taking a seat on one of the couches and closing my eyes.

Caspar and I are having a movie, spa night - Levi informs making me laugh as I invision my mate at home in front of the TV with popcorn and a jaguar with filled, painted claws.

Sounds like fun - I reply with clear amusement.

We miss you already - Levi says cheerily, his tone contradicting his words.

Oh yeah, how much? - I ask teasingly.

Enough - Levi replies simply with a laugh. I do wear your clothes so I feel like your with me.

No fair, your shirts are too small for me - I protect playfully and he laughs.

It’s not my fault that you’re a fatass - He snaps back and I make a big dramatic gasp.

I want a new mate - I plea desperately while Levi continues to laugh, thoroughly amused. Moon Goddess, replace this one.


Are things with you and dad going well? - He asks hopefully once his sobers from his laughing.

Well he fed me but ate my grapes, so I’m not sure - I reply honestly. I mean, I’m not dead yet so that’s a good sign.

I’ll take this as progress - Levi says decidingly. You’re distracting me from the Cheetah Girls, so go have fun with Po.

Before I can plead for him to remain, he rushes a ‘I love you’ and leaves the link. I sigh and reopen my eyes to face the reality where I wasn’t home with my mate but back with my mate’s, hateful father.

I head to the kitchen and pour myself a glass of water, gulping it down greedily I pull at the menu that was on the counter. I flip through it before deciding on sushi, I was yet to try it and Levi said it was really nice. The fact that it was raw and my diet was mostly comprised of raw foods, it should go down well.

I head to the bedroom and lift the menu to Aiden who was still on the phone. He squints at the list while he listens to Julian ramble on the other end. He nods happily when he sees sushi and grabs the pen on the nightstand and puts a tick next to everything he wanted.

I leave the room once more and head to the only other phone outside the bedroom. I manage surprisingly well to make the order, I followed the instructions on the front of the booklet and ordered two of everything Aiden wanted.

By the time Aiden finally ended his call, the sushi had arrived. We spread out our individual meals against the large table in front of the flat screen television and begin eating while lazily watching National Geographic.

“Why did you get what I got?” Aiden asks while stuffing his face with two of the circle things.

“I’ve never had it before, so I thought it would make more sense to get what you got than to guess.” I explain before taking another circle myself and smile happily.

I was enjoying the sushi a lot and found myself scrambling for more. I would say that sushi just dethroned my sixth place favourite food Squirrel and was five spaces down from grapes.

“When was the first time you had sushi?” I ask Aiden curiously. He looks at me for a moment, a small glare telling me I wouldn’t hear the answer but then he began to speak.

“On my first date with Julian.” He reveals before taking a deep gulp of water.

“Seriously?” I ask hoping he would continue. He takes the bait, the topic of his mate dragging him out of his usual cold demeanor.

“We were in a hotel in preparation of completing our bond and we had a dinner date.” He says with a fond smile as he stares down at his plate. Then to my surprise, when he looks at me he doesn’t lose the smile. “It was one of the best nights of my life.”

I nod smiling a little at the way the difficult, rage-filled alpha melted without question when his mate was involved. It was not just nice to watch, it was more than that, it was beautiful.
Wanting to keep the spark there, I continue asking Aiden questions in direct correlation with his mate.

“How did you find out Julian was your mate?” I ask and he begins laughing immediately. “Levi mentioned you two didn’t like each other before it happened.”

“Hate. We hated each other.” He corrects speedily. “We found out during our coronation. I was looking for a woman and got Jewels - I nearly vomited.”

“Harsh.” I whisper in surprise.

“That was how I felt back then, now I’m eternally grateful to call him mine.” He says honestly and I nod.

“Then your betas became mates.” I say and he nods. “Then three other men.”

“The walking orgy.” Aiden fills in and laughs but I don’t, I didn’t know what the word meant. “The gayest pack around.”

“Don’t you ever wonder why everyone is suddenly becoming gay in your pack?” I ask and his cheering slows. His head tilts from side to side before shrugs and resumes his chewing.

“I mean, I don’t think we were the first pair of male mates and I don’t think my pack I’d the first to have do many.” Aiden offers. “I think people have been in the past and were just too afraid to tell anyone. Julian and I didn’t really have a choice about hiding it or not, so I guess after us we created a ‘safe space’.”

I ponder his words and smile a little. I had not met anyone in the pack besides the family, but Levi had told me about it. He told me how the pack had become a place of refuge for some and that it even harboured a few witches now.
In unspoken words, the reason why the pack was so strong was not only because of its leaders, but because it was revolutionary in its practices. It was doing things in a way no other pack had.

I wanted Levi and I to follow in their footsteps and take it even further in our pack.

“How did everyone react?” I ask and his smile falters slightly.

“No trouble initially. They were supportive and glad to have two alphas and a joint pack, we quickly climbed to number one because of it.” He explains before he looks away. “But not everyone was so happy about it.”

I stay silent not wanting to ask another question that would upset him any further. I could tell the topic was a sore topic and the silence that followed confirmed it.

“I suppose I should warn you, since you and Levi are in a similar position if not worse.” He says after a while suprising me. He looks me straight in the eye and doesn’t bother hiding the way the topic unbalanced him. “Julian began receiving threats after the first few years.”

“Threats?” I question in shock. Who would be so stupid and brash as to threaten an alpha? Especially one of Julian’s caliber and one who was mated to a literal Jack the Ripper.

“There was more hate mail than threats but there were a few included.” He says, his gaze not wavering from my own. “Things about our mating being wrong and him not being a true alpha. A few about killing us both if we didn’t step down.”

I watch him with growing sadness as he clenches his whitening knuckles, forcing himself to control his breathing subtly. I could see he was trying to bury this rage and temper I heard so much about that went hand in hand.

Levi had divulged his story to me about his life after we separated and in doing so, gave me a few details about the experiences he and Aiden had in common. It was clear to see Aiden got the worse side effects and it was sad to watch first hand.

“Levi never told me about this.” I say honestly and he smiles leaning back onto the couch behind him.

“That’s because we have never told him.” He informs as he looks at me. “Or any of the family or friends for that matter. The only people who know about it are Julian, me and now you.”

I stare at him for a moment. My mouth running dry with skepticism. I was finding it hard to believe that the man who despised my existence would share such sensitive information with me and not his family. A family he was proud of and one which he held above all else.

“I’m only telling you so that you are prepared when it happens to you.” Aiden says, answering my silent question. “It will one day and I want you dealing with it better than I did. I want you protecting Levi and putting an end to it faster than I put an end to ours.”

I nod in understanding at his clear instructions that were obviously not a warning. He wanted me to protect Levi from something he couldn’t and I would do just that.

Silence falls over the room as I finish my remaining sushi. My mind still swirling with the unfortunate information and a question I had lingering on my mind for some time now, one that only grew louder with Aiden’s words. He studies me for a moment before frowning.

“Ask what you want to ask.” He grumbles angrily as if upset by my silence. “Let it out runt.”

“I honestly don’t want to upset you by asking this,” I start hesitantly, “but why did they target Julian and not you?”

The obvious question between my words, why do they think Julian is the weaker out of the two of you?

He holds my gaze before he closes his eyes and runs his hand through his hair. An action displaying his clear exhaustion, a strained breath finding it’s way out of his lips.

“Imagine me having a heart to heart with you of all people.” He groans before laughing. “About my mate.”

“Bonding.” I offer with jazz hands and he immediately glares at me.

“Don’t do that ever again.” He warns and I nod laughing. I just wanted to help ease him talk about a topic that clearly upset him and it seemed to work.

“Many forget what few choose to not let go.” Aiden starts with a sigh and i immediately give up on that riddle. “Of course you wouldn’t know this, but Julian had an older brother. He was the one born to be alpha, not Julian. He gave up his birthright and the role was passed to Julian. Some forget that Julian wasn’t supposed to be an alpha where others don’t, both in their own way use it against him for literally anything he does - it’s fucking annoying.”

“But would he not have become alpha anyway by being your mate?” I question and he nods.

“He would of being an alpha yes, but treated as a Luna rather than an equal.” Aiden says with a groan. “When Julian behaves calmer or more calculated than I do, people question if he really is an alpha and wonder why he isn’t as tempered as most. They forget he wasnt born an alpha and in all honesty, it’s because I make up for ninety nine percent of all the temper our relationship can take.

He doesn’t get emotional in front of others because he knows they would question his position because of it. So he wears this cold mask when he’s with anyone who isn’t family. But his emotional side is what makes him such a good alpha, he has compassion and great judgement where others don’t.

The ones who sent the threats, the pried on the fact that he wasn’t born an alpha and belittle him for it. They broke down everything he is just because he isn’t like the average alpha.

We don’t talk about our roles because they don’t matter to us. To me, Julian is stronger than I could ever be and I wouldn’t be the alpha I am today without my equal partner besides me. He is every much the alpha I am and that is never going to change.”

I stare at Aiden with helpless admiration as he drinks the remainder of water in his cup. He was such a mixture of emotions and beliefs that he managed to surprise me at every turn.

It was sweet to see the way he was so quick to shut down any other views of his mate other than the one he had.
I found it amazing that he saw Julian no lower than himself, that he placed them on equal footing despite the pressure from outside.

I also envied the way their bond glowed with strength even when they were apart and even though years of chaos. They seemed to be just as close and happy as newly bonded mates, something I could only dream of for Levi and I.

Aiden stands and stretches enough to pop a couple bones making him release a tired groan.

“I’m going to sleep, we leave early in the morning to get to the meeting in the afternoon.” He says, heading for the bedroom. “If you snore, I’ll shove my socks down your throat.”

“Good to know.” I reply, standing to follow. I was tired and after eating so much, my body was ready to crash.

I make quick work of getting to bed and jump into my large bed with a sigh. I reach out a tentative hand and freeze when my fingers brush cold sheets, the reminder of spending a night without Levi making my heart shred itself.

I pull my hand to my chest and curl beneath the large sheets, hoping and praying everything went well tomorrow so I wouldn’t have to spend another night away from my mate, ever again.


Long chappyy. Didn’t think it would go on for so long.

Aiden and Jayson on the road. I find them cute to watch. Like frenemies.

Thoughts on the threats???

Hope you enjoy the long, filler chapter.

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