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Chapter 42

Made a mistake last chapter - they’re only gone for like 3 days not a week


Jayson’s P.O.V

I frown slightly as I watch Aiden repack his bag, the same as I was doing except I wasn’t jamming in the hotel’s creams and soaps into mine.

I frown as I watch him scan the room, as if looking for things he could grab. Could we get in trouble for this? Isn’t this stealing?

Before I can voice my worries, Aiden’s eyes meet mine and they harden a tiny fraction before he stands up straight and folds his arms.

“What?” He asks challengingly. “Got a problem with me taking some soap?”

When I freeze not sure whether it was okay or not, he charges forward.

“You shouldn’t be, it’s more for you than for me.” He spits and I roll my eyes.

“Very funny.” I reply dryly. “Won’t we get in trouble for stealing?”

He laughs. He laughs so much that his arms unfold so his hands can clench his thighs while he shakes in his place. This the exact laugh I imagine he would use if he heard I died or something.

“You’re a fucking idiot.” He chokes, wiping at his eyes before he tightens the strings on his bag and throws it over his shoulder.

I guess that meant it was okay, so I slipped the cream I used last night into my front pocket.

He grabs his car keys and checks around to make sure we haven’t forgotten anything and I scramble to follow after him. We make our way through the hotel, the same way we did last night. I stand by the door while he checks out.

I wasn’t entirely surprised at how quiet it was. After all, six in the morning was not the most popular waking time for anyone I knew. There were a few groups like us, leaving to go to their separate location. Looking every bit of tired as I felt.

I hadn’t slept as well as I hoped. Not after the sick prank that Aiden pulled last night when I was asleep. I almost peed myself when I opened my eyes to find the large alpha on top of me with his talons to my throat, canines dropped and red gleaming eyes filled with hate.

I thought he was going to kill me and Roger’s cheering didn’t help much in my state of panic. Then he just started laughing as he retracted and went back into his bed with nothing more than ‘gotcha’, before he fell asleep.

Needless to say, I didn’t fall asleep again.

“Let’s go runt.” Aiden says as he walks pass me and through the doors. I pull from the treacherous memory and follow after the adult baby.

In minutes, we’re back on the road and I don’t bother looking out the window or entertaining Aiden’s spluttered nonsense. It was too early and I was too tired.

So I climbed into the back, struggling to fit my large body in the cramped space before I fell asleep for some much needed rest.


My eyes shoot open at the sound of rugged breathes and the snapping of tree bark. I sit up slowly and peek out the window to find nothing but trees and trees and some more trees.

Through the other window, I could see Aiden, banging away at one of the trees. Alternating between kicking it and punching it, his body drenched in sweat as he attacked the barely standing wood.

Cause that’s normal

I open the door and slide out, stretching as I looked up at the slightly setting sky and frown. Had I really slept through the entire day? And had Aiden left me alone for the entire ride? Mind boggled, I walk slowly to the alpha and stop a safe distance away with a yawn.

“What are you doing?” I ask rubbing at my eyes as I look at him.

“We’re about two hours from the meeting point, we made it quicker than I expected.” He breathes heavily as he looks at me. “We have to go prepared.”

“I thought we were.” I reply in confusion.

There was a plan and a very big, silver chain in the back of the car with my name on it. Though I hated it, I agreed to having the thing wrapped around my neck when Aiden took me in. As if the fact that it was silver wasn’t psinful enough, Katerina laced it with magic so that it made me weaker and if tightened, could just about kill me.

Given it helped with what we were trying to sell, it still felt demeaning to now I’d be dragged in like a wild animal. But it was part of the plan and if I had to suffer through it for one night, so Levi and I could live in peace, then I would.

“I want to see what you plan to do.” He says walking closer to me. “We need them to think you’re still crazed and I need to make sure you can do that.”

“Okay.” I say after a moment in agreement. Truth be told I hadn’t thought much about that aspect, I assumed I would just shift and growl a bunch.

Great plan, your wisdom is truely blinding and astounding. A gift from Goddes up above, to lead us through the trials of this cruel, cruel world. - Roger comments making me frown.

“Shift.” Aiden prompts and so I do.

I let my bones break apart in the most agonizing way, before they build themselves back into my secondary form which I despised. It was like being trapped in my own skin again, seeing through these eyes reminding me off all those who I hurt.

Aiden looks at me, anger clearly radiating off of him as he sinks his talons into his palms. Something I realised he did when he was trying to calm himself and I could tell he was trying really hard to.

Yes he knew who I was, knew I was responsible for hurting so many he cared about. But seeing me in the form that had done it was clearly different and there was no denying that as he watched me.

I almost expected him to attack, but he didn’t. He took a moment to settle his breathing, calming himself to the best of his abilities. And eventually, his talons retreat and he stands tall with bloodied palms and a raised brow.

“Okay, go ahead.” He says with a small gesture. “Imagine you’re surrounded by wolves, alphas who can attack at any moment and a suspicious council. Show me what you would do.”

I barely start growling before Aiden snorts and covers his mouth with a hand. I glare at him and he lifts his other hand in apology, gesturing to continue. I start again, growling and showing my canines but he begins to laugh again and I immediately stop.

“You look like a pup who just shifted for the first time.” He says between laughter. I stare at him without so much amusement and he simmers down. “That’s not going to work.”

So he tries to help me look ‘more scary’ I guess, the whole thing completely ridiculous but I listened. Yet none of what he said registered with me or helped in any fashion, especially when Aiden gradually grew frustrated with ‘my incompetence’.

I think I should take this one - Roger voices sounding just as tired as I was.

You sure?

Got nothing better to do - He jokes so I let him slip into control while I fade back.

---- Roger’s P.O.V. ----

I look to Aiden as he tries telling Jayson for the millionth time what to do to look ‘feral’. But his advice was bullshit.

He could never know what it felt like to have absolutely no control over yourself and to act entirely on instinct. Could never understand being trapped within yourself for ten years with no contact with anyone besides death.

Sure he’d seen a version of it in rogues and I assume that’s what he was trying to get Jayson to achieve, but it wasn’t going to work. So as he blabbered on, I rise to my feet and lunge at him.

Holding him down before growling furiously in his face, my canines snapping at his neck as he held me back while shouting for me to get off, I snarl and drool like a good pup before getting off and shifting.

Aiden booms his rage while I pull myself from the ground. I stretch and zone out his whining, soaking in the lovely summer breeze before turning to face him.

“Hello, my name is Roger.” I say offering a hand. He stares at me bleakly, eyes red and face contorted in an expression that look almost painful. “Jayson’s wolf.”

“What the fuck was that just now?” He asks leaving my hand hanging. I keep it there because sue me, I liked making situations awkward. It amused me.

“The beast.” I say with a snort. I lift my hand a little higher and he glances down at it and frowns. “Shake it.”

“No.” He snaps and so I grab his hand and shake it vigorously. My grip not letting him pull away.

“Big fan of your wolf Maximus.” I say before looking in his eyes. “Maximis, if you can hear me... you’re a legend!”

Aiden manages to pull his hand back and looks at me with disgust as he wipes it on his pants. He grumbles something as he shares at internal conversation with Maximus leaving me on my toes with anticipation.

“Thanks for boasting his ego.” He groans angrily before looking at me. “So you’re going to finish this, not Jayson?”

“Yup.” I say and he rolls his eyes.

“You seem more annoying than the runt.” He mumbles walking to the car and I follow.

“I try my best.” I reply as I slide into my side of the car.

“Will you be able to do this?” He asks seriously, his hand on the key. “We have once chance and I don’t want you to fuck this up.”

“I can handle myself.” I say reassuring him but he doesn’t seem to buy it. “Look, Jayson and I both went through some tough shit and now were out of it. But Jayson is no longer J. He’s happy and being loved the way he deserves, he can’t tap back into the worst part of his life even if he wanted to. It’s just a deep hole of bad memories and darkness.”

“But you can?”

“I’m still living in it.” I say with a shrug.

He studies me with that look he gives Jayson. The one Jayson sees as confusion or annoyance, but he often missed the clearly sympathy and pity there as well. Despite being a hardass, Aiden felt sorry for Jayson. It didn’t take a nuclear scientist to see it, the guy pitied him.

There were moments he even fathered him, treating him with a small level of kindness he tried to hide and Jayson was too dumb to see. I wouldn’t point it out to either of them because the relationship as it stood right now was good for Jayson. Aiden may pretend he didn’t care, but he was beginning to and Jayson needed someone to care for him in the manner a father would.

Jayson needed a lot of love and comfort, he needed to heal. He suffered too much by the ‘cruel hands of this world’, the Goddess apparently didn’t like us very much. But he was finally being mended and I was happy for him.

He would be okay again, one day. And when he was, when he was surrounded by the love he so desperately craved for himself.

Only then would I leave him.


I step out the car and grimace at the poignant smell of alphas everywhere, despite the distance between us.
There must’ve been at least thirty, making me frown in contemplation of how all that testosterone didn’t lead to a war.... or at the very least a gangbang.

“Are you ready?” Aiden asks as I circle the back of the car to find him with the chain.

“Yeah, are you?” I ask and he frowns now. “You have to sell this.”

“I will.” He says confidently and I scoff.

“You have to look at me with as much hatred as I know you have deep down and not these little, petty, bitch glares you send Jayson.”

He opens his mouth to reply but I beat him to it.

“Forget that you’re looking at Jayson, the little orphan with a horrible life and the worst hand to go with it.” I say seriously. “I’m the fucker who tried to kill you mate.”

His eyes immediately flare as his grip on the steel tightens to the point I think it may snap.

“Good boy.” I cheer making his eye twitch. “Now, when I shift, you got to beat me a bit.”

He expression is slightly wavered as a hint of shock passes over him, making me roll my eyes at how slow he was.

“I’m not a masochist but I can’t go in there looking like I just came from a vacation in Greece.” I deadpan. “You have to make me look like you’ve been beating me since you ‘caught me’. Take out the anger I know you want to, I won’t tell anyone don’t worry.”

He doesn’t say anything and nods slowly and I can’t help but smile a little.

“I put Jayson far away in my mind, he won’t feel or see a thing. It’s okay.” I assure him and he nods again. “Make sure that silver is tight around my neck, it has to look like you’re really hurting me. Oh and remember, I almost killed your mate, your precious Jewels and your unborn child.”

Before I can shift I receive a punch straight to my jaw.


My throat pulses against the steel that burns it’s way through my furr and to my flesh. My vision blurred in one eye, blood dripping from my ears and one or two of my teeth missing.

I glance up at Aiden who was dragging me like a piece of trash. His arm sizzling at all points of contact with the silver chain, which was tightly bound around his large arm as he pulled me behind him. I made a show of fighting against him and snarling viscously which wasn’t too hard after the beating I just took.

Remind me to never piss off my father-in-law because fuck me sideways, there was absolutely no way Jayson would win in a fight against Aiden. This fucker nearly killed me with his fists alone, Goddess forbid he shifted.

I look around the fancy building and force down the urge to scoff. For such an important meeting, these people seemed to be living very nice indeed. It made me smile internally to be tainting the floors with my blood.

A few people who walked by, probably betas and shit, jumped back when they saw me and Aiden. Eyes filled with complete fear and horror as we passed. I’m guessing either because I was the largest wolf they’d probably ever seen, my height reaching Aiden’s chest or because the world’s top alpha was pulling me carefree as if his arm wasn’t burning off in the process.

I snapped at the ones who I could reach, amused at the way they plastered themselves to the walls to escape my jaws. Aiden tugged me back when I got too carried away and gave me a glare that told me I was having too much fun.

Eventually, we reached two large doors, the smell of alphas blooming behind them. With a final punch to my head, Aiden tightens the chain around my neck and forces his way through the doors.

Silence spills over the room as Aiden walks in, only to be quickly followed by mummers and gasps as I was dragged behind him. I look around at the large table that was surrounded by men of all kinds and some women, at the head of it, a bunch of old people I quickly tagged as the council.

“Mr.Heil, what are you doing?” One of the oldies asks from the front of the room where Aiden was slowly making his way towards. I put more of my weight down, to make him put a bit more effort in dragging me. I continue my snarling and unruly drooling, growling while he gave me a merciless tug forward.

Many eyes laid on me. Some eyes looking surprised, some excited, others disapproving. I noted the owners of all these glances for later.

“This is a meeting for informing alphas of new issues, I’m here to inform.” Aiden announces with a tone that somehow sounded light and heavy at the same time. “This is the rogue that has been tormenting my pack for years.”

More muttering arises at the mention of a rogue and the rogue. I thought it was kind of cool to have such a rep, not because of what I’d done to achieve it, but because in this room filled with the top alphas of the world... I could smell fear.

“Why is it still breathing?” Someone spits and I have to take a second look to make sure that wasn’t Damon.

Sounds of agreement follow that person as Aiden reaches the front of the room. He looks down at me, I think apologizing in his eyes, before he delivers a blow that sends me to the ground. He throws the chain down on my body before pressing his foot against my face.

Well isn’t someone having a good time

“That was the first thing on my mind, but turns out this mutt is mated to my son.” He says with disgust as he glares at me and I blink one eye, so only he sees my teasing wink. “They’re Crescent Mates.”

Uproar begins and this time even the council joins in with the murmurs. I look around at their faces, Aiden had purposefully put me down to face them so the line of elders were the only people I could see in the room.

I was searching for a look which differed from the ones of complete disgust or anger. Most of them looked shocked at the news and others doubtful. Only a fraction of five shared different expressions and I narrow down my target to them.

“Crescent Mates don’t exist.” Someone says and people yell there agreement.

I couldn’t help but find this whole thing kind of cool, it was like the scenes in the movies where people said something and the extras were like ‘yeah!’ or ‘run!’, except this was real life and my life was on the line. But still cool.

“They do.” Aiden argues. “He hasn’t shifted back since we captured him. I had a witch enter his mind, he and my son have been mates since they were children.”

“You trust a witch.” A council member voices with a questioning brow.

“I trust my son.” Aiden says, dodging the question nicely. “As many of you know, my oldest son Levi is adopted. We thought he was the only survivor from his pack, he wasn’t. This thing has been tormenting us for years to get to him. A disgusting creature, hellbent on getting my son, killing hundreds to do so. That’s what Crescent Mates do, kill anyone and anything that even slightly upsets them. No thought behind it.”

The lie was panning out nicely. Apparently Crescent Mates were crazy and I was a prime example of that. He puts more pressure on my face and I snap out of my daze and try fighting him a bit for show. Some close to us move back at my snarling and frantic movements, I probably looked stoned as hell.

“Crescent Mates aren’t what we’ve been told.” Aiden continues glaring at me. “They were linked from young yes, but they’re vile. There’s no control, no consciousness in this thing. When anyone gets close to my son, it tries to kill them. It’s dangerous and we need to put down and others which appear. Monstrosities that need to be slaughtered.”

I listen to his little rant and frown, it could use a little bit more spice but that was my opinion. It was working I suppose because people seemed to be listening.

“No consciousness?” Someone asks skeptically.

“It’s pure instinct. More wolf than man and if I kept it around my son, it would affect him too. It’s like an infection that needs to be eradicated.” He growls angrily. “I brought it so you can all see the thing, it’s not in control, it’s feral and dangerous and we all need to protect out people from any more like it.”

There’s the little dagger in the all these alpha’s heart. Protect their people, what they were literally born to do, if that wouldn’t turn some heads then I don’t know what will.

“Spread the word, all of us must warn every pack there is.” Someone says and so things go. Words of hate spew and agreement and I wince slightly at their stupidity.

“Shouldn’t we look into this a bit more?” Someone voices and I cheer slightly inside. Someone was smart and nice. “We don’t know enough about them to do write them all off.”

“I agree.” A council member croaks and I whoop again inside but growl outside. “This sounds like a personal encounter, you’ve hated this thing for years, it doesn’t mean all Crescent Mates should die.”

Some of the room agrees in opposition to the first set that were all ready to put my head on a spike. I could feel some shifting opinions as conversations spluttered on.

“No we must kill them.” Another council member says standing. His eyes stare at me as I snarled on the ground, he looked sligtly horrified, as if he’d seen a ghost.

I think I found my man.

“I’ve been around a long time and I have witnessed another account of Crescent Mates like this one.” He voices and his fellow council members watch with slight confusion. “They’re a disgusting species, a vermin that will be the downfall of all of us. It’s unnatural and disgusting. Kill it.”

“Kill it.”

“Wait, let’s think about this.”

“I don’t care what type of mate it is, a rogue is a rogue, just put it out of it’s misery.”

“It just needs help.”

“We shouldn’t be so haste with this decision.”

“What are you waiting for? Kill it!”

And so the room filled with different opinions regarding my life that I didn’t entirely care for. Nope, all my attention was reserved for the council member that was still looking at me as if he wanted to split my throat himself.

Who hurt you?

I didn’t care much. This was the man who took everything away from me. I lost my family, my pack, my home becuade of him. For being something I had no choice in, someone I was born to be.

He was the reason my mate was dead.

“Enough!” He said loudly bringing the room to silence. “His life ends here.”

He sounded desperate and I growled low as I waited just a moment longer. Waiting for Aiden to lift his foot in agreement that this was the one he wanted. But he was waiting.

“Go ahead Aiden.” He prompts almost desperately.

Aiden looks at him and the room remains silent. The sound of racing hearts filling my ears as Aiden holds the man’s gaze for a long moment. So long that he seemed to step back anxiously. It was so quiet, heavy breathes and beating hearts waiting for someone to make the next move.

“Just kill him!” Another council member yells, his shaking, wrinkled hands clenching onto the seat handles. “If we don’t kill him now he’ll just keep coming back, he shouldn’t even be alive! He’s supposed to be dead!”

Silence rings.

“Supppsed to be dead?” Aiden asks slowly after a moment and it’s almost like if he dropped the microphone with the way the old man stills.

Well shit...

“What do you mean, coming back.” He asks again and all attention turns to him. “Have you tried to kill him before.”

He sputters in his place, mouth opening and closing about a hundred times as he mind races for a way to cover his tracks.

“Did you try to kill him about seventeen years ago when you destroyed an entire pack? Killing innocents just to get to him.” He presses as the man bait behind to hyperventilate. “Killing children.”

Aiden takes his foot off of me, unravelling the chain and throwing it to the other side of the room. I stand to my feet besides him, truely seeing red as I growl and move towards him slowly.

It was as if in a single moment I was back in the woods looking at my prey and for once I didn’t dread it, no I would enjoy this.

“You take him, I’ll take this one.” Aiden says pointing the the other council member. “A bit too mouthy to be innocent.”

Then he shifts and pounces on the man just as I race towards the man with death all over his name.

I rip him apart physically in the same manner his actions ripped me apart entirely. I don’t bother acknowledging those around me, no I let myself enjoy this moment as I take out the rage in me and get revenge for my beloved who I hoped was okay wherever he was.

When I was done, I shifted and stepped back to face the room of alphas. Men who looked at me as if I was Satan and I worried for them when they met Damon. Aiden finished up with his victim before shifting as well to face them.

“This is Jayson.” Aiden starts standing at the head of the table and looking at all the challenging faces on the other side of us. “He is my son’s mate, yes they are Crescent Mates but it’s not anything like that bullshit I was spewing. They’re no different than normal mates and shouldn’t be treated differently from any packs because of it.

To all those who questioned me, thank you for having a fucking spine and to those who wished him death, I don’t forget easily. And for all of you, if you dare lay a hand on my family, we won’t be so kind as we were today.”

I stare at him in slight shock, did he just include Jayson and me as his family. He did! I’m definitely telling Jayson.

“See you guys at the next meeting.” Aiden says before walking towards the door, I follow through the awkward silence and we leave without looking back.

Once we’re out of ear shot and almost at the car, I jump on Aiden and hug him from his back. He almost falls on his face, barely catching his balance as I squeeze him.

“That was amazing!” I cheer while he tries to swing me off of him. “Can’t believe it actually worked.”

“Get off of me you rodent!” He shouts angrily and I decide to be nice and jump off. He shoves me onto the ground with a glare as he sniffs his shirt with a repulsed look. “Now I smell like a mutt.”

“A beautiful aroma, you’re welcoming.”

“Switch back with Jayson and let’s go home.” He grumbles before unlocking the car and sliding inside.


I guess we really did have a home again and now, a family too.


That seemed way too easy, I feel like if there’s more drama. Hmmmm


Thoughts? Did you like seeing a bit of Roger? He’s the cutest little weirdo ever.

I’m sorry if this chapter seemed a little rushed but there’s nothing more that could have really happened after that confrontation.

I’m not one to stretch out scenes just for the sake of being more dramatic, so sorry if anyone wanted more drama.

Only a few more chapters left and then - DAMONNNNNNNN. I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED I CAN DIE.

I leave my little vacation in Zanizbar tomorrow, had a great time. Learnt how to kite-surf, got a little too wasted one too many nights and had an amazing month with my brother.

Heading back to Caribbean, if updates get fucked up, it’s because I haven’t gone home since Christmas and I’m relaxing with the family. I doubt it will but just wanted to give you guys the heads up.

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