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Chapter 43


Levi’s P.O.V

“So, you got dicked down yet?” Sammy asks from her position on my old bed. Her hands working hard to continuously stuff her face with the Pringles she was ravishing.

“Goddess.” I scoff with a chuckle at her bluntness before looking her in the eye. “Yes.”

“On a scale from ‘it turned me straight’ to ‘newly claimed sex addict’, how good was it?” She asks eagerly. An evil laugh rumbling up through her a moment later from the blush which rushed up to my neck. “That good?”

“So fucking good.” I groan as I flop down on the bed beside her. She laughs and I quickly continue. “For someone who doesn’t know how to cook for himself, I don’t get how he’s so good at sex of all things.”

“Sex is one of those instinct things.” She says with a shrug. “Like cavemen knew how to fuck without being given the sex talk. He’s been living off of instinct his whole life, right? Makes sense in that case.”

“I guess.” I agree helplessly.

“Am I going to be a godmother soon?” She asks with a raised brow.

“No.” I say immediately, banishing the chance of even having kids.

We were nowhere near ready for children and no part of me wanted a kid in the near future. Maybe one day, but not now.

“Wore a condom?” She asks and I shake my head. “Then babe, you might be carrying.”

“I’m not. It takes a while for the womb to form.” I explain and smile a bit at the way she wiggles uncomfortably.

Ever since more homosexual mates started coming out, more knowledge was shared as questions began to be asked openly. The first of which being, how men had children.
It took a couple of years for the conclusion to be formed that when there were two males as mates, after marking one another a womb would begin to form. The time for a womb to form varied but the minimum time was three weeks, therefore I was in the clear.

“What about you?” I ask, diverting the conversation. “How is Quinn?”

“He hasn’t fucked up yet, so I guess good.” She says with a shrug as if uninterested, but the small tug at her lips said something else.

I’d come to know the worker who Sam hit on once or twice at Jupiter’s Cone as Quinn. Their relationship status remained at friends despite the not so secret kisses they shared and the many dated they went on.
Sam and Quinn had very similar personality traits, they were both very stubborn so neither was prepared to make the first move. My money was on Sam being the one to break.

“Hey bitch.” Sam shouts waving at Caspar who strolled lazily into the room, his expression morphing into disgust when he laid eyes on Sam.

I’ll come back when you throw out the trash - Caspar announces before turning and walking out the room.

“I’m a dog person anyway.” Sam spits after Caspar who throws a retaliatory snarl her way.

“Why can’t you guys just get along?” I groan turning back to face Sammy who had a basically empty can to her lips now.

“He’s annoying.” She replies threw her chewing. “If your mate is anything like that cat, we may have some problems.”

“They aren’t, but they do get along really well.” I offer and her expression flattens.

“Red flag.” She replies making me chuckle. “You sure today’s okay to meet him?”

“Yeah, he and Po are coming home in a few hours and I want you here with the celebration.” I say giddily.

Today was Jayson’s Birthday.

He didn’t know it was his birthday and neither did we, but Roger begrudgingly updated everyone through Aiden. It was a harsh reminder that Jayson was still recovering, he was still fixing parts of him after everything and some pieces were ought to be forgotten. But I wouldn’t let him do it alone.

Once I informed the rest of the family, they were all quick to help with pulling together a last minute birthday party. Damon didn’t protest, so I assumed it was his version of being on board.

Josey was the one who suggested inviting all our close family friends as a way of inducting him into the family. It was a tradition to have a big meal with all our loved ones at some point during our birthdays and Jayson wouldn’t be an exception.

With Uncle Beckett and Uncle Emitt on decorations, Uncle Mickey and his mates on gift hunting, Aunty Katty and her family on sleeping and the rest of our family on cooking - things were coming to fruition.

It was a madhouse. Sam and I only took a few minutes to escape for a moment to catch up. But with the prompt reminder of Jayson, I was on my feet and offering her a hand so we could get back to work.

She took it begrudgingly and followed me back to the large kitchen for her to help Peter and dad create their feast. I instead made my rounds throughout the large property, making sure that no one was going off course.

I stop short when I find Nikola watching Hagen from the corner of an open doorframe. A small smile creeps up my lips as I walk up behind him and tap his shoulder. He jumps slightly and turns around with wide eyes when he realizes he’d been caught.

I crook a finger as a gesture to follow me while I walked away, leaving an unknowing Hagen in peace while he set the large dining table for everyone.

I slip into one of the laundry rooms and close the door behind us. I give Nikola my best scolding expression but his cold front didn’t waver.

“I didn’t do anything.” He says calmly after a moment, the protest making me smile a little.

“So you’ve been keeping your promise?” I ask raising a questioning brow. He nods despite the way his eyes darkened and a few objects in the room toppled over.

After I told Aunty Katty about Hagen’s complaints in regards to Nikola’s hands-on expression of affection, she’d had a talk with him. One which resulted in Nikola promising to stay away from Hagen and to stop interfering in his life.

We were all shocked at the result, not sure what Aunt Katty said to make the kid back off. But in truth, he had really backed off and Hagen was rejoicing because of it.

“You do know this wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t so controlling?” I ask sympathetically but it seemed to have only angered him more. I was vaguely aware that I was trying to reason with a ten-year-old but brushed that face aside.

“He’s my mate.” He says firmly and so surely that for a moment I almost believed it.

The only reason I didn’t believe that they were Crescent Mates was because the feelings weren’t reciprocated on Hagen’s side of things. But sometimes it was almost easy to overlook that fact with the surety that Nikola had the potential to carry both of them.

“I know he is.” Nikola says as a whisper, his fists clenching before he opens the door and leaves.

I watch after him and can’t help rooting for the kid a little, what can I say - I’m team Nikola in that love story.

I can’t wait to see you - I jump slightly at Jayson’s voice. My heart racing at the sound, it had only been a few days but I missed my mate. The feel of his skin against my own, the sultry smell he carried and the kind eyes he held.

I missed him so damn much I could combust any second.

Me neither - I reply with a smile. The strain between our bond was lessening as the distance between us continued to shrink with each passing moment.

I can’t spend another waking moment with your father. I just can’t- He whines.

Dad and I had been bonding recently at the seriously comedic disdain our mates felt in regards to one another. Often playing a game we had formed of comparing the two accounts of events we had gotten for our mates and trying to find the real story in the middle.

It appeared to be that they were suffering in one another’s presence. Every day there was whining and pleading, anger and shouting but also laughter on account of it. It was nice to see this new side of Jayson that seemed to bloom from being in Aiden’s presence.

It was a relaxed, childish one. One that indulged in backhanded comments, a fair share of rivalry and most surprisingly, pranks. I denied it with my entire being when Aiden called me screaming that my mate, my Jayson, peed on his bed.
It turned out that I was right, he hadn’t. He’d gone the step further and followed a step by step process of creating a liquid that resembled pee in every form from an extensive search on Google and then covered Aiden’s bed in it.

Jayson was discovering his inner child as Aunt Katty described it. He was denied the simple pleasures inbetween growing up and now was suddenly an adult. With Aiden, it seemed that his mature nature slipped a little bit and he humored the parts of him that wanted to be silly sometimes.

I couldn’t wait to see it in person.

Well, you’re going to be home soon and you won’t have to go near him if you don’t want to. - I offer with clear amusement in my tone that he let’s slide.

I have to go, Aiden is giving my grapes that look again

I’ll see you soon, love you - I reply laughing quietly to myself as I exit the room.

Love you too


“Places everyone!” Hagen hisses aggressively as he swings his arms around crazily. “Find a spot and be quiet!”

Everyone was scrambling to find somewhere the hide near the entrance of the house where Aiden and Jayson were approaching. We could hear the car coming up the driveway and were quick to act.

“Remember, when the old man gives the signal, then we come out.” I remind everyone as we all settle in position. Silence quickly descended as the car came to a halt.

The signal was runt, Aiden chose it.

“Get out my car, I don’t need the smell of you in there any more than it already is.” Po snaps before slamming the door behind him. I glance across at dad who was hiding behind a pillar opposite to my own, his lips pulling in an excited smile.

“Yeah, yeah.” Jayson groans as he slams the door behind him. My heart basically jumps out my chest at the sound of his voice and I struggle pathetically to push it back inside. “I still don’t see why I can’t just go straight home.”

“Because I said so.”

“If I listened to everything you say, I’d find myself in a cell in hell smelling just as rotten as you do.” Jayson retorts, making Josey slap a hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh.

“No ones around kid,” Po says calmly as he shoves a key into the door, “and I have some empty holes in the ground calling your name.”

“It’s sweet you already dug the hole.” Jayson replies as the door opens.

“Whatever runt.”

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Everyone screams as they jump out from their places to greet a wide-eyed Jayson who had fallen to the floor after trying to scramble into a defensive position beside Aiden who was laughing uncontrollably.

We all set off the little confetti shooters in our hands despite the laughter that spread throughout the small group at Jayson’s helpless expression.

I immediately run to him, crashing onto the floor beside him to give him a much-needed kiss. The minute his scent wraps around me and his arms trap me against him, I groan against his lips and pull him closer.

It takes everything inside of me to pull away, the knowledge that everyone who I considered to be my family was watching helped. Jayson looks around still a little shocked before looking up to Aiden who had a tight grip around dad’s waist, their lips parting a moment later.

“I didn’t know it was your birthday.” Jayson says guilty while I pull us up to our feet. “Happy Birthday.”

“It’s not my birthday idiot.” Aiden says, his eyes softening a little as he looks at Jayson. “It’s yours.”

Jayson stares at him unsurely, visibly struggling to determine whether dad was teasing as usual or actually being serious. Then he glances at me, eyes asking silently if it was true. I nod and offer a weak smile as I squeeze his hand supportively.

“Happy Birthday Jayson.” I whisper.

He opens his mouth but nothing comes out. His eyes dart around, mouth agape before he shuts his jaws, the skin tightening over it as his breathing falters a little. His gaze wanders over the group, yes many were strangers to him but I had told him about every single one of them. And he knew that we all came together when celebrating those we cared about.

His eyes glazed over all the faces, each offering their own version of smiles before his eyes settled on the large Happy Birthday banner that was tied over the stairwell and created by Damon.
I would be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked that Damon actually did it. I half assumed he’d add an insult onto the banner but he didn’t. It was big, animated letters with glitter hanging onto places where he splattered with glue.

Jayson’s mouth parts once more, eyes filling as he stared at the sign. A million emotions seem to pass through them as a tear falls and he closes his mouth, struggling to swallow. His eyes find mind and he wipes away the tears quickly, giving me a wobbly smile.

“Thank you.” He says shakily before looking around at everyone. “T-Thank you so much.”

“Everyone deserves to have their birthday celebrated.” Po says as he rests a hand on Jayson’s shoulders. “Even annoying, retarded, smelly, stupid, ugly, foolish runts.”

Jayson barks out his laughter as he pushes Aiden away and smiles brightly. He leans down to kiss me, whispering another ‘thank you’ against my lips before we part.

We all transfer to the dining room which was set with hot, delicious food steaming on the table calling our names. But Hagen demanded that Jayson opened gifts first so we were derailed to the adjoined room which was littered with gifts as if it were Christmas morning.

I push Jayson into the large armchair which we positioned in the middle of the room and leave his side despite his pleading eyes. I watch as Hagen runs to him with a small box.

“You have to open mine first.” Hagen demands, eyes gleaming with excitement as he passes the carefully wrapped present to Jayson who was smiling up at him.

Jayson twirls the box around in his hand, inspecting it nervously before carefully tearing at the wrapping paper. He twists the box until he finds the ends to open it, he pulls out a wooden picture frame, a smile growing as he looks down at the double-sided frame which when twisted showed either picture. The first side was a picture of Hagen on Jayson’s back when he wasn’t quite himself, before he had gained his memories back and the second another on Jayson’s back but more recently captured. Both photos had some element of food in it, no surprise there, and also large smiles on both faces.

“I wanted to put both c-cause we’ve been friends even when we couldn’t talk to one another, ya know.” Hagen explains, watching with nervous eyes as Jayson examined both photos. “A-And this way, you know we won’t stop being friends cause we s-still are.”

Jayson finally looks up at Hagen, eyes wet again as he pulls himself to his feet and pulls Hagen into his arms for a hug. Hagen latches onto him as he releases the breath of air he had locked inside from anticipation. Jayson whispers something too quiet for me to hear but I wished I did when tears filled Hagen’s eyes and he held onto him even tighter.

Everyone littered Jayson with gifts, even Uncle Mickey who hadn’t met Jayson or heard much about him had gotten him an entire closet’s worth of clothes which Jayson refused to show his slight disapproval of. He still wasn’t the biggest fan of clothing. Josey got Jayson two books; one being her personal favourite and the second ‘The Internet for Dummies’, it wouldn’t be Josey if she hadn’t.

Peter made Jayson a cookbook of his favorite recipes, easy ones he promised and placed a picture of the two of them and Mr.Fluff on the cover. Damon didn’t get Jayson a gift and though it pissed me off, he hadn’t said anything horrible to Jayson so I forced myself to settle on that. My dads got Jayson a key card, which confused everyone until they explained.

“We’ve had a rocky start Jayson,” Dad begun, hands intertwined as he stood besides Po, “but we want you to feel safe here.”

“So a key card will protect him?” Josey asked with a snort, she rolled her eyes when everyone glared at her for interrupting.

“It’s symbolic.” Dad replied through tight lips. “It means you’re always welcomed in the pack Jayson. You’re family.”

Jayson clenched onto the clearly stolen hotel key card as if it was his anchor to this world as he whispered grateful words before looking to Aiden who had stayed silent in all of this.

“You don’t actually have to show it to get in idiot.” He’d said harshly, despite the teasing glint in his eyes.

There were enough gifts to completely drown Jayson in and I loved every second of watching him awkwardly bask in the love that was being poured into him. It caused heat to blossom within me at his joy and I couldn’t thank Goddess enough for bidding him a happy ending.

We moved to the dining table when there were no more gifts to give, the entire table filling before everyone went crazy and ate just about everything they could get their hands on. We made sure to pump Peter full of compliments for his amazing cooking and caused Peter to get so red that he let his hair down to hide as he curled shyly in his seat.

I look to Jayson, eyes bright with life and happiness as he watched Amelia trying her hardest to demonstrate Goddess knows what for the game of Charades we were now playing in the living room. Everyone on her team was screaming things at her but even if they were right, I’d doubt she would hear over Aiden and Uncle Emitt’s yelling which was a very obvious ploy to distract them.

Jayson was glowing at this moment. His chest full in a way it hadn’t been before, eyes relaxed and free of any sense of caution he always held in them. He was always cautious, always scared that something was wrong and that someone was trying to tear us apart. But he wasn’t like that now, he looked more tranquil than I’d ever seen him, his muscles not tense and his smile wide and never fading. I studied him until his eyes glanced my way, eyebrows pulling slightly as he looked at me.

“Everything okay?” He asks as his fingers gently caress my shoulder.

I nod quickly so he doesn’t worry and he smiles widely before he leans forward to kiss me. The second our lips touch, sparks ignite throughout my body, every cell in my body rejoicing to have my mate so close again. We pull apart with a parting peck, eyes focusing on one another as everyone around us slowly faded away.

“Thank you for this Levi.” He says softly, words tentative as if he wasn’t sure how to word what he was feeling. “I-I didn’t even know it was my birthday.”

“Well now you do and we are going to celebrate it every year.” I promise, leaning forward to peck his nose.

“I never thought...” He starts before his words trail off. His eyes shut for a moment as he takes a breath, mind working to tame the rising tide of emotions that were showing on his face. “I never thought that... that I’d have this again.” He says before opening his eyes slowly. “People who care about me.”

“A family.” I fill in and he nods shyly.

“Never thought I’d be able to enjoy myself like this ever again.” He continues with slightly saddening eyes. “Thank you for sharing this with me.”

I nod slowly, it was me who should’ve been thankful. If it wasn’t for Jayson coming into my life, for Jayson filling my life with a form of joy and happiness that I’d been lacking despite my family’s best efforts. It was Jayson who saved me, Jayson who shared new experiences with me.

It was all Jayson and I couldn’t thank him enough for sticking with me, for fighting for me and for us. I couldn’t thank him enough for being mine.

“Happy Birthday Jayson, I love you.”


This was actually cute, lil Jayson family love time.

Thoughts? Let me know what you think.

I think this book could probably be wrapped up in one or two more chapters, excluding epilogues which I have no clue when I will write. Damn what a journey.

BTW - I got back 1/3 of my luggage but this one had all my important shit so I’m happy.

Little tip for greedy people out there - if you ever land somewhere without your luggage, go shopping IMMEDIATELY for shit like clothes, makeup, toiletries, etc - cause you can make a claim to the airline for the money back saying you needed that shit cause the airline lost your shit.

I’ve done it many times and it works - don’t do unless you know exactly where to claim to.

Anyways, until next time,

Byeeeeeeeeeeeee Humanssssssssssssss

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