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Chapter 3

My hand got stuck in a fan and shredded to bits. Sorry, this update took so long, if four days counts as long.

As the early morning light crashed into my room, I found myself stirring awake. My eyes exhaustedly flick open, followed by me breathing in the strong scent of pine that engulfed the house. Once a bit more awake, I force myself to sit up with a stretch. My lengthening hair tousled over my eyes messily. I push it back in exhaustion as I release a breath.

The house was deathly quiet- a rare state of peace that could only exist when everyone was either gone or sleeping. Today, it was because of the latter.

I sling my legs over the edge of my bed, reaching for my phone to check the time. Minutes past six was apparently the time my body demanded to be awakened. I didn’t bother groaning my annoyance at this as I pulled myself off my bed and made my way out of my room and then the house, quietly.

My toes caressed the slightly damp earth while I stretched my arms behind me as I let myself soak in the early morning light. I sag back before letting my body shift. The process was always unfairly painful for me as I didn’t have the support of a wolf.

Nevertheless, I landed on all fours and shook my body slightly as I adjusted to my secondary form. I wondered if other werewolves felt the way I did when they shifted. Did their already heightened senses peak? Did their range of eyesight improve tremendously? Did they feel the fear of the other woodland creatures at their presence? Did they feel more animal than man?
Surely they couldn’t; it must’ve been a side effect of my uniqueness in comparison to others.

I force myself to push forth and my legs begin rising more and more until I’m sprinting through the woods. Avoiding the ancient trees that laid littered throughout the lands, I continued to run at my fastest pace. My bones was shaking at the feeling of those addictive sparks crawling their way through me as my wolf form connected with the earth that surrounded me.

When I ran, I felt as if I were no longer a werewolf, and just a wolf. Sometimes, that scared me. I feared that I’d act like one but I never did. I was strong enough to restrain my animalistic needs and enjoy the pleasures this form brought.
Since I’d been much more integrated into the human civilization over the last few months, I rarely had the opportunity to stretch my hind legs.

All too soon, I found exhaustion to be creeping up my spine so I made my way to my own little spot. The place I hid out when people were a bit too mean, when the world seemed to be pushing me down. I guess, when I just wanted to get away.

As I slowed to the edge, I panted exasperatedly, catching sight of the sun climbing over the shallow mountains. It’d been way too long since I’d seen it or appreciated it and the many promises it held.
The view overlooked the entire valley that went beyond our pack lands, lands that were practically begging to be explored. And even though I didn’t have an inner wolf to guide me, I still had natural instincts as well as alpha tendencies, both of which compelled me to explore the world just beyond my grasp. The world I could possibly claim as my own, but dad would never let me, not with that thing out there.

I pushed the thought from my head as I laid down. The woods were a little louder now- the pack was slowly waking up and taking the peaceful atmosphere with it. I wondered if I’d meet anyone on my way back, and would they welcome me back or would they stare like they used to? They were useless thoughts, I know, but when did that ever stop me from indulging in them?- Never.

I couldn’t hide here forever, no matter how much I wished I could.

So after a wonderful hour of lazing around the grass, I push my body up, taking one final look at the view before taking off once more. This time not heading back to the house but my third favorite place in the pack.

As I neared her home, I forced myself to shift back. This was always the hardest part. It was like my bones had become brittle as they broke down for reconstruction to support my human figure. It always drained me. My formed felt as if it changed a little each time, leaving me feeling as though someone else possessed me; as if I was a fraud in my own form and I absolutely hated it.

“You look like shit.”
My eyes dart up from where I was breathing heavily against a tree, only to be followed by me releasing a forced chuckle when they landed on Aunt Katty.

“Thank you.” I reply with a smile as she approaches me. She forced a cup in my hand, causing me to frown as I look at the disturbingly orange liquid before downing it. Almost instantly, my strength and energy were restored and I could finally straighten up. I released a strained breath as I prepared to vocalize the gratitude that my entire body was feeling. “T-”

“Shut up.” She cuts me off before pulling me into her arms. I chuckle slightly as she holds me tightly. “I know this hurts but bare with it a little, juvenile.”

“I love your caring nature.” I say sarcastically as she squeezes me before letting me go.

Aunt Katty was one of the few people in the pack who related to the mental isolation I felt sometimes. As a witch living amongst wolves, this was inevitable. Though she was no longer a member of the pack, she was still highly valued and respected by mostly everyone. I loved her immensely because she did what I didn’t dare to do- she didn’t care. She didn’t care if people cursed her when she couldn’t hear or glared when she couldn’t see. She didn’t care one bit because she was happy. After everything she went through, she managed to come out on top with a mate she loved and a hybrid child everyone adored. So she didn’t have to care.

I envied her.

The only other person I felt connected to like this was Uncle Beckett, or at least, I did when I was a kid.

“Still being a shit excuse for a werewolf I see.” She muses making me frown.

“Where’s Caspar?” I question wanting nothing more than to get my friend and leave.

“Inside throwing a bitch fit.” She says making my frown deepen. “Anyway, why didn’t you come yesterday?” She questions folding her arms.

“I was busy.” I retort and she shoves me making me fall to the floor with a hiss.

“You were being a turd.” She answers and I pout slightly. I realized a long time ago, Aunt Katy used me as a visual replacement for my dad when he wasn’t around. As the only kid with black hair and red eyes despite not being blood relatives, many thought my dad and I shared a resemblance in features. It was a nice sentiment I held onto when I was sad, but not one I let myself believe otherwise.

“Sorry?” I reply as more of a question than a statement.

“Yeah whatever.” She grunts, rolling her eyes before settling them on me once more. “You okay though?”

“I’m okay.” I reply with a weak smile, making her return a small one. “Seriously.”

“Say the word and I’ll make you your own mate.” She says with a smirk and I shake my head with a chuckle, knowing she’d actually try something that crazy if I asked.

“No thanks.” I say as my smile settles. It wavers however when I hear screeching nails from inside her house. I turn back to her with a small growl. “What’d you do to Caspar?”

“I locked him inside.” She snickers making me sigh.

I push myself off the ground and walk past her and towards the house. The moment I push the front door open, whatever block seemed to be present dropped and Caspar immediately came lunging out.

I smile widely as our bodies crash into the ground, him lying above me as his light green eyes locked with my own. I laugh as he immediately begins licking my face. I push his head away before circling my arms around his neck and hugging him tightly. I knew he couldn’t hug me back, but the feeling of familiar black fur brushing my skin was so damn comforting that I couldn’t help myself.

You’re never leaving me again - Caspar’s heavy voice rasps and I can only smile as my chest warms.

I wouldn’t dream of it - I reply honestly as I push him off so I can stand before he has the chance to attack me with his tongue again.

After I dust myself clean a little, Caspar tucks his head under my palm while rubbing his body against my leg like a cat.

“I love being God.” Aunt Katy says making me roll my eyes. She liked to believe that because she gave me Caspar, she was basically the Moon Goodess... but better.

This woman never shuts up - Caspar groans making me chuckle while Aunt Katy narrows her eyes.

“Whatever he just said, he’s a little bitch for it.” She grits out and Caspar hisses angrily.

“Okay, let’s go home.” I say trying to separate the two pronto. “Thank you for checking up on him.”

“Yeah whatever.” She replies swatting me off as she makes her way back to her own home.

“Tell Uncle Apollos and Nikola I say hi.” I shout but she just slams the door shut behind her.

And you actually like that woman - Caspar says looking up at me with that look that was his way of saying ‘I’m stupid’.

Let’s go home - I say rubbing his head before we begin walking back.

Luckily, Aunt Katy lived far enough from others that we didn’t come across any unwelcoming faces and quickly made it home with no troubles.
Walking inside, the house was no longer lying in a state of silence but in building chaos instead.

I turn the corner to the kitchen, not surprised to find my parents making out with ice cream between their lips. Caspar’s little disgusted roar makes the two jump apart to look to us.

“There’s a bedroom for this.” I inform as I try to delete the image I’d just witnessed from my memory.

“My house, my kitchen, my mate.” Po growls like the bear he was and I just roll my eyes. “Go play with the other shitbags.”

“Stop calling them shitbags!” Dad protests despite the heavy blush on his cheeks.

I decided to take my leave from the two as I head to my room for a shower instead with Caspar at my side as we climbed the stairs.
About halfway up and we were met by the heavy, rushed steps of Hagen as he comes sprinting down the stairs. Josey immediately pops out from the corridor behind him, her eyes blazing with a fire that said his time left on this planet was short.

“I am going to castrate you.” She grinds out while Hagen laughs like a mad scientist running for his life.

When the two disappear down another hallway, I look to Caspar who gives me a small shrug and we continue to climb up the stairs.

Peter’s door was shut so I didn’t bother stopping, and Damon’s door was the exact same. When I opened mine, I couldn’t help the growl that escaped my lips. Damon was lying on my bed flipping through one of my old books while Amelia was sprawled out on the floor.

“Get off my bed.” I snap and he immediately jumps off with wide eyes. Alphas got a little territorial with their sleeping areas, and another alpha just laying in my territory didn’t settle well. I was fine with Damon doing so when I was present, when I invited him to my room and basically chaperoned. It was a completely different story when it was just him.

“Wasn’t thinking.” He answers with a lame excuse of an apology and I just take a deep breath to calm myself while Caspar attacks him- a little violently but mostly lovingly.

“You never think.” Amelia comments while she brings herself to her feet. Damon glares at her but she ignores him as she turns to me. A sweet smile immediately spreads across her lips and I just open my arms. She instantly jumps between them, and I catch the jealous glare Damon held but just stuck out my tongue childishly.

“You’ve gotten taller.” I comment as we withdraw, Caspar now resting on my bed after becoming bored with Damon.

“Growth spurt.” She explains with a small smile. “Perks of having a six foot two beast of a dad.”

Amelia Stone was the daughter of the pack’s Betas, Emitt and Beckett Stone. The product of two of some of the strongest members of the pack was exceptionally intelligent with a strength that wrestled an alpha’s, and a beauty that challenged the witches. She was absolutely breathtaking and many men in the pack fell at her mercy of the deadly combo of beauty, brains and brass.
All except one of course.

“Why are you smiling? You look disgusting.” Damon grumbles and Amelia’s smile is instantaneously replaced with a snarl as she swivels her leg back, the heel of her foot crashing into Damon’s stomach. I laugh at the sight of my brother falling with a pained cry while Amelia tossed her hair back as if it were child’s play.

“So Levi,” she continues ignoring Damon’s curses upon her, “how was it? California?”

“Beautiful,” I reply making her eyes light up. “Free and relaxed. Nobody bothered to look twice and everyone did their own thing. It was... really nice.”

“I’m so jealous.” She whines as she falls back, landing on Damon’s stomach purposefully, making the boy let out a small ‘oof’.

Amelia had never left the pack, not since she’d gotten here after being born outside of it. She’d spent her entire life confined within the small borders of our town, the outside world a complete mystery to her.
Since Amelia wasn’t born here, she faced alot of bullshit to become Beta. Elders particularly were opposed it, and despite her father Emitt’s death threats and Damon’s actual acts on these threats, she still faced judgment.
In order to prove her loyalty and love for the pack, she’d never left. It was the only thing that seemed to sate the elders’ preposterous needs, and she suffered as a result.

“We’ll go when I become Alpha.” Damon says making joy briefly fill her eyes. “If you can behave less like a mutt outside.”

Damon’s reflexes saved him to punch that crashed into his arm. He winces but quickly captured her in a headlock.

“Can you guys do this outside of my bedroom?” I question as Amelia lunges her elbow repeatedly into Damon’s side until it loosened enough for her to escape.

Leave them! - Caspar hisses as he lays on the edge of the bed, his pupils dilated and his nails digging into my sheets in excitement.

Amelia rotated skillfully before wrapping her legs around Damon’s arm and twisting. A grunt escaped his lips as his eyes glowed blue and he lifted her body with the arm she was latched around before slamming it to the floor. She grunted but held tight, he did it a few times before she let go and scrambled back from his grasp.

“Pause!” She exclaimed as he began to run to her. He immediately stopped and a victorious smirk took his lips. “We’ll continue in five minutes.”

“I’ll still beat you,” Damon assured her as he leads the way out my room, Amelia reluctantly following behind her best friend.

When the door closes, I sigh and strip myself before heading into my bathroom. The cold rush of water cascades down my body and I shiver in delight. My shower was large with water coming from above, successfully recreating the effect of a powerful shower of rainwater which I loved to run through.

I didn’t rush through my shower, spending as long as I pleased before finally stepping out. I dried and dressed quickly before heading back to bed where Caspar laid on his side.

Can we go for a run? - He begs and I feel guilt prick me.

I went this morning. Sorry Caspar - I say sheepishly but he doesn’t reply angrily. He knew that shifting beyond once a day left me in unfathomable pain that I didn’t wish to suffer through any more than necessary.

It’s okay, I’ll go by myself. You need to eat - He replies firmly and I don’t bother challenging him. Sometimes, Caspar acted as more of a parent than a friend or pet.

Once in the kitchen, Caspar leaves out the back and I quickly wipe the counters with a disinfectant spray. Goddess only knew what my parents did here after I left.

I decided to make pancakes. They were quick, easy and with enough bacon, filling. I cooked quickly and quietly, looking up with a smile when Peter walked in sleepily. I checked the time; it was almost twelve and he only just woke up.

“Late night?” I question and he nods in response while rubbing his eyes. He grabs his Lucky Charms box from the cabinet before pouring himself a generous amount in a bowl and adding milk.

I finished my food soon after and we headed to the back patio together. The silence was fine with me. I knew Peter wasn’t a talker, most definitely not in the morning, so we ate in comfortable silence only interrputed by Peter’s soft appreciative moans at the cereal, as well as small giggles. He didn’t know he made little noises when he was lost in thought, but I wasn’t going to be the one to tell him. So I left my brother to giggle, hum, groan and moan as we ate together.

My mind was wondering in curiosity. I was already bored with no plans for the day; no plans for the next few months if I was being honest, and unless Sam was prepared to entertain me all day long, which she wasn’t, I needed to find something to do and quickly.

“Levi!” Dad screamed suddenly jolting me from my thoughts and seemingly Peter as well.

“Yes!” I yell back but was immediately met with silence.

“Yes!” I try again but of course, nothing came. I rolled my eyes and stood, giving Peter an appreciative smile at his sympathetic one.

I follow scents and heartbeats to my parents’ study, entering with a little annoyance as they stood in wait. I couldn’t help but raise a curious eyebrow when my eyes landed on Damon who was seated before them.

“You called.” I offer as I look at all of them, a little worried.

“Yes. We would like your help on something, if you’re willing to help.” Julian says, clearly leaving me room to say no. I nod and he looks to his mate and then at Damon.

“There’s been a lot of talk amongst the pack concerning the future.” He starts as he leans against the large desk. “Concerning how we can grow and become bigger, stronger, better. And the people want to know who will be the ones leading them in the future.”

“Me obviously.” Damon scoffs making everyone grimace a little.

“Well yes, you are the next in line to be Alpha and Amelia to be Beta.” He continues before looking to his mate, almost in need of aid.

“You are going to be Alpha by this time next year,” Aiden starts making Damon smile, “if you can prove yourself.” The smile fades.

“Prove myself?” He questions lowly, clearly hearing this for the first time.

“The pack is worried about your... violent tendencies.” Julian continues, not faltering for a second at his son’s building anger. “Not just the elders, it’s everyone. The ranking members, the warriors... the people. They’re afraid of you.”

“Good.” He growls and we all frown.

“No. Not good.” Aiden says stepping in again. “It’s never good when you’re own people fear you.”

This seems to silence Damon, resulting in reluctant nods, but dad doesn’t let him off that easy.

“Listen here kid,” He says standing before him, his voice forcing Damon to keep his gaze down, “if you want to lead these people, and lead them well, you need them to respect you, not fear you.” He says sternly. “Fear is the greatest weapon and it’ll lead to your destruction if your own people harvest it for you.”

Silence echoes off the wall but nobody moves. Damon slowly raises his head with a small nod again, his eyes showing his reluctance to maintain the submissive state but he mumbles an apology and dad finally steps back, allowing us all to breathe a little easier. He looks to his mate to continue.

“As you know, the elders perform the ceremony to transfer the power to those next in line. We all know how they feel about Amelia.” Julian continues making Damon’s eyes flare. Only then did I realise the girl wasn’t in the room despite her being in the house earlier. “And now with this, let’s just say... it’s not helping.”

“If they as well as the rest of the pack have doubt in you as a leader, they won’t do it.” Julian explains calmly, but this seems to reignite the flame only just vanquished in Damon.

“Then we’ll force them!” He snaps standing to his feet. “We’ll force them to comply, and kill them if they refuse.”

“No!” Julian booms back making Damon stiffen. Usually, he played good cop and Aiden played bad cop, but that wasn’t the case today. “You do not force your own people to do something they don’t wish to! You do not kill those of your own who challenge you in fear!” He grinds out as he looks down at Damon slightly. “The minute you do that, you’re no longer an Alpha, and we’re no better than the rogues.”

My heart pulses at the word and Aiden catches it but I try to kill the rising emotions quickly. I re-focus my attention to Damon who grits his teeth but doesn’t dare respond. His raging heart easy to hear as he clenched his fists angrily.

“So what do we do?” I ask, attempting to draw the attention away from my brother.

“We’re going to play Top Model and reconstruct your image.” Aiden says with a smirk that was a clear attempt at relieving some of the tension in the room. “You play nice, you help out in the pack, win people over and wala - they love you.”

“So I pretend to be something I’m not.” Damons grinds out making dad’s smile falter.

“No.” He sighs before squatting down to Damon’s seat so that he could properly look at him. “Damon, I love you just the way you are. But you are extremely violent, and I know I played a large part in this.”

“You did nothing wrong.” Damon protests quickly but Aiden shakes his head with a laugh.

“I wanted you to be a great warrior, the best warrior.” He corrects with a faint smile. “Since you were a baby I fed the darkest side of you in an attempt to make you stronger. So you’d be able to protect yourself the way I couldn’t for myself.” He says making Damon’s shoulders relax slightly. “I failed to see that by encouraging this side of you, I’ve downplayed the importance of every other side.” He says sadly and Damon’s hardened features soften slightly. “You need to have a greater appreciation for life. It’s not bad to kill those who deserve it- it’s in our blood to do so. But killing those you despise or those who question you, isn’t okay. Okay, kid?”

“... okay.” He mumbles in quiet agreement. Dad smiles and ruffles his hair before standing once more.

“So you just need to play nice, and get to know your people. Learn what the love and what they hate, show them you care.” Julian continues and Damon nod, now completely compliant. “Amelia will be doing the same. It’ll help with the elder’s perception on her.”

“So where exactly do I fit into all this?” I question making their eyes snap to me.

“Well those two will need someone to supervise them. Monitor them, direct them, correct them. Someone to make them a little more humane.” Dad explains with a smile.

“Who better than the most decent kid in the family?” Po finishes and Dad grimaces.

“My name isn’t Peter.” I deadpan and they laugh.

“Peter’s too quiet, he won’t correct them, and he’d definitely disappear when they’re looking away.” Julian explains and I nod a little in agreement. “The others are younger than them, we needed someone older; someone they listen to. Plus, the pack loves you.”

What a load of bullshit....

“And why should I play babysitter?” I question folding my arms at this strenuous task to come.

“Because you love me.” Damon interjects and I just scoff, making him flip me off angrily.

“Because I’ll let you explore beyond the border some days.” Aiden fills in and silence falls over the room. It was no secret that I wanted to go beyond the borders, explore the valley and what the lands had to offer.

“Are you messing with me?” I question, feeling my body buzz in excitement.

“Once you go during the day, telling me or your dad the minute you’re going th-”

“Don’t joke about this!” I exclaim cutting him off as a wide smile takes my lips.

“I’m not!” He exclaims as he runs a frustrated hand through his hair. “You can go beyond pack borders.”

This is going to be amazing.


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