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Chapter 7

I look to my left, frowning at the numerous grooves of trees that looked completely identical to the ones on the right. And sadly, just like the ones in front of me, and also the ones behind me.

I’m lost.

I don’t quite understand how me, a werewolf, managed to get lost; how I somehow managed to wonder off so far from the original path that my nose could not pick up Caspar’s scent anywhere, let alone our damn link. The same link that became useless when we were extremely far from one another.

“Well Levi, you’ve really done it now.” I mumble to myself as I use the large branch I’d found a while back to swat away the overgrown grass from my feet.

It didn’t help that it was probably after three, meaning my dads would most likely be organizing a search party at this very moment; meaning they would never ever ever let me come out here again once they found me.

I groan under my breath at my stupidity. I just had to trail off didn’t I; I couldn’t just leave the stupid bunnies alone.

I take a deep breath before flushing out those useless thoughts. I got those pictures because I knew Peter would probably combust from happiness at the sight of them. I didn’t regret taking them for him.

“This is what you get for being a good person.” I whisper to myself with a helpless chuckle.

The rustling of nearby leaves makes me turn swiftly, my grip on the branch so tight that it snaps. I catch the broken piece before it can hit the ground. My eyes dart around the seemingly empty space, studying it cautiously and carefully.

When my vision fails to distinguish anything, probably due to the gradually darkening sky, I force myself to calm down. I mananged to control myself just enough to be able to ignore the thumping of my own heartbeat, but I could hear the thumps of another.

Budump. Budump. Budump. Budump. Budump. Budump.

A rapidly pounding heart beat that visciously fills my ears, causing mine to spike in response. Something was there, watching me, studying me, and I hated that I knew exactly what it was.

What else could it be?
What else in this forest could possess a heart beat that barbaric;
With a presence this silent that mirrored the stories which came from it.

I had two options-
Fight or Run.

I wasn’t that keen on fighting something known to kill on sight. Plus both options, according to history, either left you dead or very damn close to it. I could shift, but by the time I’d be in wolf form I’d be dead.

There was only one solution I could think with the pressure of death weighing over me. I had to keep moving.
If I didn’t, it’d just end worse.
So against my better judgement I relax my defensive stance, straightening myself with a shuddering breath before I turn around and keep walking.

I was praying to Goddess, I was heading North and towards the pack. That’d give me a better chance, so I continued my journey on what I believed to be the correct path.

Now that I was aware of it. I could hear it following me. I could hear it’s heavy pants, it’s thumping heart, the scent of pheromones that signaled the end.
My end.

An end that grew closer and closer with each passing moment. I call out for Caspar hopelessly through our link, thankful and despaired that he didn’t reply. At least I knew he was far enough to not run into this thing. He’d be safe.

When the lands I’d wondered in became familiar I felt my heart jump.

Could I make it? If I ran, could I make it to the pack? There was about thirty miles between me and the pack. There was no way right? Absolutely no way. Not unless it was distracted. But what on earth could distract a breathing killing machine.

I look at my branch and sigh.
And I have the nerve to call Damon suicidal.

Blessings please Goddess.

Before I could attempt a very stupid stupid plan, Goddess answered my prayers and a large buck ran in the direction of its doom.

When a loud cry escaped the animal’s mouth and the smell of blood became pungent.... I ran like hell.
I long ago dropped the branch as I pushed my legs harder than ever before. Pumping my arms besides me to carry me further, cursing the world for not exercising more and praying to make it through this.

I didn’t glance back.
Glancing back was always the worse idea. You’d see something you weren’t so fond of, you’d get scared, your heart would speed up, your predator would get excited and then you die.

I should know. Hunting a scared rogue excited any werewolf.

So I didn’t glance back. But when the sound of heavy thumps into the earth began to invade my ears, I didn’t need to look back for my heart rate to reach to one million.
It was gaining on me. With a cruel speed that not even my wolf could outrun.

I’m going to die.

My hairs stand up at the thought, the steps louder, the tears faster, the fear greater.

I am going to die.

I couldn’t even dodge the legs that stretched out and tackled me to the ground. I couldn’t escape the pain that shattered through me as the claws sank into my skin, releasing my blood to the atmosphere.

My body hit the ground, hard. Rolling helplessly until my back came in contact with an unfortunate tree. The crack of the bark letting me know the power behind the action. A mind numbing pain echoed through my body, telling the same story of its power.

I force my eyes open, a blurred vision flashing between the sight of the fallen leaves on the ground and a fiery one I’d only seen in my dreams.
I shake my head, pushing myself against the tree as my vision clears. It takes only a second for it to land on it.

I screamed before I could think.

It wasn’t a wolf.
It wasn’t a rogue.

It was a beast.
A five foot tall beast, that’s jagged teeth allowed the spit to drain from its snarling mouth. Its fur was as said to be, patchy in areas where scars and long knife wounds didn’t cover it.

I couldn’t look it in its eye.
Not with the way my body shook, fear consuming me unapologetically. Tears bleeding their way down my face as it started towards me. My voice was gone, silent sobs only escaping as my battered body tried to push back further against the thing that supported it. My hand feebly pressing against my open wound as blood gushed out of me.

Three steps more and I’d be dead.
Dead without even being able to fight back.

Two steps more and I’d be dead.
Dead without saying goodbye to my family.

One more and I’d be dead.

Trembling I find my eyes raising, willing me to meet those above me.

As the gentle growl was but an inch from me, my eyes met the owner of my dismal.... and everything stopped.

In that moment, that one moment, I was not scared anymore. My heart stopped and all the air left my lungs as I got caught in the black swirling storm of those eyes.
Those eyes that were darker than my own. Those eyes that held me and took me in.

I was lost. Lost in it, lost in them, lost.
My body numb to the pain before, now electric at the prospect of being this close to my... to m-my mate.


The word blared through me and shattered every piece of me before putting me back together with a space empty for my mate.

I found my mate.

It’s eyes closed tightly and it backed away from me, stealing all that had previously bombarded me and left me empty. I unconsciously pushed my body forth, chasing the one who spiked the fear that was not returning at full force.

It must’ve sensed it, it’s nose flaring in response. Shaking its head as it back away more, though not leaving completely. It released heavy growls, barks of pain shooting straight through me as it’s bones began to crack.

Each bone snapped, slowly and viscous. Each time prompting a growl of pain, its teeth clashing together as it slowly was torn apart. It was like watching a wolf turn for the first time, the pain piercing my soul as my mate suffered through it all.

Desperate to help, I drew closer but it only backed away with this look in its eye. A look that stilled me, froze me because I didn’t understand it. I didn’t understand the look of fear in its eyes.
Why was it afraid?

I look down, unable to witness the visual torture of my mate in pain but unable to escape the audible one. I couldn’t help, it didn’t want my help. I couldn’t move, my body was battered and bruised.

So I waited, only raising my eyes when the growls stopped and heavy breathing remained.

Curled on the fallen leaves, laid my mate. Body completely exposed as he shivered in his spot. I couldn’t see his face, only his long black hair that trailed beyond his chest.
His frame was large and powerful, I couldn’t help the way my heart skipped in satisfaction.

But he didn’t move with the power he possessed. He pushed himself up on shaking arms, his eyes now green and bloodshot with horror. He was looking at his limbs as if they were completely foreign to him, as if he couldn’t believe what he now was.

Then he looked at me.
And I melted.

A thousand emotions plummeted through me as he held me in his gaze. And Goddess bless, he was the most gorgeous man I had ever laid my eyes on. It was incomprehensible to me, that someone could be this handsome.
Everything about him drew me in, his tight features that rested on his perfectly chiseled face. His dark eyes lightening as greens and blues swirls in those orbs of light. I caught sight of two scars which were engraved on his right eyebrow, itchy too close to those beautiful eyes.

He was everything I ever dreamed of and more.

His hand trailed around his body, stopping at his scar littered chest and he held it tight. His mouth opened but nothing came out, not because his voice was gone like my own appeared to be. But because he seemed genuinely unable to utter a word.

He seemed......... lost

I move to him and he stiffens immediately but didn’t move away this time. So I ignored my body’s pain and moved closer again, slower this time. He stared at me, alert in his eyes as he watched me with clear confusion.

Did he not feel it too?
Did he not see that we were mates?

When I was close enough to him, I inhaled deeply. My eyes shutting as a shiver ran down my spine. The scent of him cascading over me like the oceanic waters he embodied. Like waves caressing me in the heat, his scent dulled my fear.
He’d seem to be doing the same, inhaling so deeply he drew closer to find more. Confusion etched his features even deeper at the pleasure he took in my scent.

Did he not like me?
Was it because I am male?
Did he not want or expect a male mate?

He looked like he didn’t expect a mate at all.

“I-I’m Levi.” I manage to get out. He frowns at me and my heart sinks. Seeing this, he reaches out a curious hand and allows his fingers to gently caress my cheeks.

The feeling of my mate’s fingers on my skin was explosive. Every nerve in my body jolting at the powerfully gentle caress. I release a barely audible whine the same moment he releases a low growl, the sound pulsating deep within.

I press my face into his hand but he quickly draws it away. The action pulling at my heart as I frowned at him, my eyes questioning his reason but he didn’t respond.

“W-What’s your name?” I ask quieter than intended. Awaiting an answer I don’t move and neither does he. He doesn’t response either, his eyes falling to my lips as if confused at the sound that came out.

Was it possible...

“Can you not talk?” I question with worry but the same look of confusion holds him.

Did he even understand me?

I jump at the feeling of his hand suddenly back on my face. His roughly calloused hands that made a path along my cheek, his eyebrows in a deep frown. He studies me almost... angrily, but the pressure he holds me with never painful.

“W-What are you ..ugh...” I bite my lip as his fingers trial down my neck. The sensations overriding my every thought as my body yearned for more.

Pushing myself closer almost in a blind haze, I relish in the way his hand held me tight. He runs his hand lower, growling his frustration at my shirt when the sensations of his touch come to a halt.
He runs his hand back and forth from my neck to the section on my collarbone where my shirt started. His eyes darken tremendously before he growls and pulls at the fabric. Tearing it open before running his hand down my chest aimlessly.

Need fills me. Wanting and Greed for more controlled me. My eyes didn’t leave his face, to absorbed in his presence to think better.
He was still glowering, it was clear his touch wasn’t driven by the same emotions I possessed.

He looked to be curious, almost as if in disbelief. While I felt as if I was drowning, drowning in a growing expanse of lust that was clouding my mind quickly. The only thing that showed he felt aroused at the touch as I did, was the throbbing cock that laid between his exposed legs.

Unable to hold back I release a breathy moan that halts him. He looks at me, the heavy wave of lust that pulses in his eyes snapping me out of my daze momentarily.

“S-Stop.” I manage before I grab his wrist and pry it off my skin with all the strength I had. Keeping it from me was far more difficult than I anticipated. “Not now.” I try reasoning, but my words were as light as air to him.

When anger quickly floods his features at my resistance, I intertwine our fingers tightly. He stops at this, staring at our hands as if I’m a daze. I release a grateful breath, this connection seeming to sedate his need for touch.

While he studied our hands and the seriously amazing connection it sparked, I stared at him.

He was really perfect. His body packed muscle in all the right places, his features Godlike. He was bigger than me, a lot bigger than me actually.
He was taller than most of the warriors I knew, I guess that made sense seeing that his wolf was fucking ginormous.

He had to be an Alpha wolf. That’s the only explanation for his size, plus he was mated to me. If not, at the very least he must’ve had Alpha blood somewhere in his DNA.

My eyes trail down his scars. Each deep and permeant. Each telling a story I wasn’t sure I could hear. For scars to appear on your body, they had to be extremely deep. So deep even our supernatural healing couldn’t hide it.
Feeling sad at his past inflictions, I try to study his actions instead, he was holding our hands to his chest now and I smile at the scene. His eyes snap up when he catches me looking and he scowls once more.

My mate seemed to dislike me a bit. Reason unknown, but I get the vibe it’s nothing personal.

“What am I going to do?” I mumble to myself and his frown only deepens. I bring my hand to his face and the frown fades. He clasps his other hand over my own and breathes in deep, sucking in all of me while I suffered at his mercy.

“A name.” I say gently as he opens his eyes once more. “Something to call you.” I explain but it doesn’t help.

I couldn’t keep calling him by male pronouns or ‘it’. I need a name. A name to wrap these emotions around. He looks at me, waiting for my next move as I pondered deeply.

“We’ll think of something later.” I say brushing off the topic. He tilts his head with a look that said he didn’t understand but didn’t care. I just laugh as I try to pull in closer but my aching back forces me to stiffen as I wince in memory. Worry is clear on his face as he studies me, seeming to not understand what happened before sense flooded him.

The way he dropped my hand as if it were poisonous told me he realized it was from earlier. When he attacked me, the memory causing a sliver of fear to reappear. He senses it immediately and pushes my hand away.

“No. It’s okay.” I say desperately as he puts distance between us. “I’m fine. I promise I’m f-.”

“Levi!” I hear a voice call as the sound of several steps fill my ears.

“Levi! You out there?!” Another calls and panic shoots through me as my mate looks to the direction of the source.

His eyes glow brightly before the sounds of bones cracking begins again and I hold my breath. My heart racing as he shifted back to a wolf quicker than he did to a human. But the sound of painful growls were still present and that only drew them closer.

I could hear many of my own people moving through the words in search of me, growing closer with every second.

If they saw him.... they’d kill him.

“You need to go.” I say as I look to his now fully formed wolf form. I didn’t allow myself to be scared now, even though the sight of him poured nerves down my throat.

I push myself to my feet as I force him in the opposite direction. Begging him with everything I had to go.

“Please. You have to go now.” I beg as my body cries out in pain. I know he could see the pain I was in and battled with staying or going. “Go.”

“I smell him!” Someone shouts and panic shoots through me immediately.

“Go now! Please.” I beg now almost tearfully. They’d all attack him to protect me. “Please.”

He looked at me. His black eyes staring at my face before looking at my wound once more. I crouch down slightly, taking his large head in my hands and force him to look me straight in the eye, giving him a pained smile

“It’s okay.” I say calmly. A silent promise that I’d see him again.

He holds my gaze before glancing at my wound. Running his tongue over my wound, he laps it quickly causing me to shiver as my knees buckled.
Looking to me one last time, he tears his face from my grasp and takes off into the woods.

As I watch his wolf disappear into the darkness, my heart tugs more and more at the separation. The distance between us becoming painful, to the point where I wanted to scream at the agony of not having him here.

I gasp for air as the air escapes my lungs. A wave of misery drowning me as he grew further from me. The pain so blinding I release an agonized scream. The pain only grows tenfold, the physical now mixing catastrophically with the emotional one. Bring me straight to my knees as I sank to the floor.


The world was becoming hazy. Everything was too loud and too much. It hurt and I needed him to make it go away again.

“Levi! Look at me! Come on kid, don’t close those eyes!”

I need my mate.


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