Alpha Mates

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Chapter 9

Julian’s P.O.V

Astronomy first period was probably the best part of Monday’s for me, well that along with the fact that I had a free period after lunch.

Smiling internally I lay out my books and materials at my usual desk, I was a little early so it was mostly empty. Sitting back glancing around I felt the pull between Aiden and I push forward a little.

It wasn’t very painful, it was more like a reminder that was telling me to go to my mate, but I would just have to ignore it because school was more important than a compact need to be with my mate.

I was slipping these days and by slipping I mean I was going headfirst into the hurricane that was Aiden Calderon. I don’t know when it started but slowly I’ve been letting things slide, I wouldn’t talk back as much or make my usual comments because I knew they annoyed him.

Why should I care if they annoyed him?! I did just about everything for him this morning, because I knew he was tired and I wanted to help, what kind of madness is that?

I even let him hug me without pushing him away, because it felt so good. I loved it and I couldn’t deny that, having him in my grasp was the best feeling I’ve ever had. Well after having him kiss my neck and lick me and rub hi....what the hell?!!?!!

Julian what the hell!!!

Great now I’m screaming at myself. At least I was able to get him to lay off during school, even though I crumbled at the end and basically begged him to meet me at lunch. My life has become an unrecognizable, unorganized mess of late.

“Can you repeat what I just said Mr.Heil?” My mind snaps out of my own thoughts as I focus on the voice which came from my astronomy teacher. Looking around I realize the class is full and they’re a bunch of notes on the board.
When the hell did class start?

“Mr. Heil, please pay attention in my class. If I’m boring you feel free to leave.” My teacher drags looking at me with disappointment.

“What? No. I just ca-”

“Moving on.” He says ignoring me as he continues the class. Looking around desperately I quickly start scribbling down as much as I could in efforts to catch up. I can’t believe I got in trouble, I never got called out in class, especially Astronomy. To make matters worse, it was because I was thinking about Aiden.

You see?! Slipping..


I left my Math class with my head hung low in shame, I didn’t even write down one question and today they started a new topic. Once again my head was filled with thoughts of Aiden. But it was getting worse, I needed to be with him, I had this unexplainable, desperate urge to be with him and because I couldn’t I was a fidgeting mess.

I couldn’t focus, work, listen, understand because all my brain would comprehend is Aiden. Sighing I head to my next class following behind Beckett and Isabel quietly, I could tell they were worried but I didn’t have the time to comfort them about how I was feeling.

My heart started beating faster as we walked through the crowded hallway, the scent of Apple Cider and Pine Wood invading me nose.

My mind malfunctions momentarily as I search for the source I needed desperately, my eyes shot up as they search through the crowds of immature, teenage brats for one particular immature, teenage brat.

I could tell by his scent that he was heading straight for me but he stopped, why did he stop? He turned and went in the next direction, my eyes spotting the top of his head just as he went around a corner disappearing from my sight and slowly his scent along with him.

I want my mate!


By the time lunch came around I felt like a crack addict that need their fix and Aiden was that fix.

This was truly low, I felt lower that lower, to need that bastard so much was so reprehensible.

I sat in my usual seat at the lunch table with Beckett and Isabel, it had a perfect view of the lunchroom entrance that never came in handy until today.

I couldn’t even eat my lunch, I didn’t want to go look for him since that would look too desperate. He could never know how badly I wanted to see him, I think I’d rather die than let him know how desolate I become when I’m not with him.

“Julian, you okay buddy?” Isabel asks softly, my eyes leave the doors to meet her worry filled, black orbs.

“I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be fine? I’m perfectly fine.” I say glancing constantly at the door before looking at her again.

“Are you though? Because the creepy staring contest you’re having with the door and your shaking leg is kinda say something else.” Beckett says. I look down at my leg to see it shaking like crazy, I stop it quickly by grabbing it before looking up my friends again.

“Just nervous about the merging.” I say pathetically.

“You shouldn’t be, it’s actually going pretty well. My dad went on the scouting trip this morning he said how the Dark Woods Pack people are really cool and fearless.” He says eagerly a smile capturing his lips.

“That’s good to hear.” I reply with a nod as the two dive into a conversation about the packs. I would’ve loved to listen but once again my eyes dragged it’s way to the doors, taking my thoughts with it and that’s where they remained as the lunch break slowly came to it’s end. My exhausted eyes were still glued to the door even though I gave up hope a while ago, the door opened suddenly revealing a group of guys but not one of them was the one I wanted to see. I did see that boy who was always hanging around Aiden, I think he was his Beta. My legs moved before I could think as I grabbed my bag and rushed towards him.

“Hey you!” I shout stopping him from walking any further. “Emart right?”

“It’s Emit.” He says narrowing his eyes.

“Sorry, do you know where Aiden is?” I ask immediately, my plan of making small talk first going through the window.

“No. But I know he left the school a bit before lunch started.” The words were like a knife, he left without telling me. I thought it strange I couldn’t smell him anywhere but I didn’t think he actually left. “He said he’d be back to pick you up though.”

“Okay, thanks.” I say before walking away and heading to the library. I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed, I mean he didn’t even say anything and he promised we’d spend lunch together. Look at me, acting like one of those lovesick teenage witches. I can’t help it though, I missed my mate and I wanted to be with him. After two days of being inseparable to being so distant, I couldn’t help but feel weird. Now I’d have to wait until after school to see him.

Well the last bell rang, I all but ran out the school. I walked so quickly that my legs started to hurt a little, rushing through the crowd I finally made my way outside. My eyes scanned the parking lot in search of Aiden’s car, when I found it I almost squeaked a little, that would’ve been embarrassing. All reasoning broke away from me as I got closer to the car that contained that beautiful scent, I could get high off of it.
I popped open the driver’s door to see Aiden sitting there with a black shirt, jeans and shades as usual. When his eyes landed on me he cracked a wide smile that I quickly returned.

“Wrong side.” He says with a smirk that I swear I almost missed. Without thinking, I climb in and shut the door so that I was sitting on him. Before he could speak I hug him tightly, the feeling settling my lonely wolf and racing heart. My skin couldn’t burst into flames with how hot I got feeling him against me and it only increased when he hugged me back. Pulling me into his hard chest and engulfing me in that heavenly scent.

“What’s this for?” He says laughing a little while rubbing my back sending shock waves throughout my body making me shiver against him. “Are you okay? Did something happen in school?”
I shake my head no not wanting to leave his neck, I liked snuggling into the corner, it was as if it was made for me. I could feel my wolf pushing forward as I tightened my grasp on his clothes, I wanted to tear them off, I wanted to touch him even more.

“Seriously, are you okay?” He asks the worry evident in his tone. I could feel my resolve fading as my lips hovered over his skin. He did it to me, I could do it to him right? It’s not wrong right? He’s my mate, I should be able to do this. After a short, one sided rant session with myself I let my instinct take over as I lower my lips and gently press my lips to his skin. His movement of rubbing my back comes to a halt making me panic slightly, but I gather myself and continue quickly pressing another kiss lower down. I continue to worship his skin praying to Goddess that he was enjoying it as much as I was, I liked it, every kiss was satisfying to my lips, his skin was so soft and smelt so damn good.

“Mhmm.” He hums as his hands drift down to my waist. He liked it! When I focused I could hear his breathing a bit staggered and his heart racing. With a new found confidence, a trace my tongue along the place I knew his scent was the strongest. The shiver that echoed through his body along with the loud moan was enough to make me never want to stop. His hands tighten on my hips which gave me an unusual feeling of satisfaction as I continued to attack his skin. The slow, light kisses were long gone as I acted purely on lust wanting more and more of him, I felt him grinding himself against me sending goosebumps up my back.

“Julian....” Aiden says pulling me away from his tasty skin. I stare down at his panting figure as his shades were now pushed back and his figure distorted. My fingers unconsciously trail across his heaving chest as sweat trickled down his skin. I was so filled with this intense desire and need for him, that if he was talking I wouldn’t have noticed. My eyes found the way to his lips as he licked them slowly. The action causing my wolf to almost break free, we hadn’t kissed before, we were both guys and still figuring this out. But staring at his lips there was only one this replaying in my mind.

I want to kiss him. I want to kiss him. I want to kiss him. I want to kiss him.

They looked so inviting, so close and mine for the taking. We had done this much already, so a kiss wouldn’t be a problem right? He wouldn’t mind right? Taking a breath, I lean down slowly my eyes slowly fluttering shut. I can feel his hot breath brush against my lips before a hand is placed on my chest stopping me from moving any further. Opening my eyes, I meet Aiden’s wide ones.

“What are you doing?” He asks pushing me back slightly. “I don’t want to kiss you.” The words send a thousand small cuts all over my body as I stare blankly into his eyes my body frozen in place. Did he just....I just thought that... He didn’t want me to kiss him, just thinking it was a knife wound straight to my heart.

He rejected me.

I feel a tear run down my cheek as I continue to look at Aiden, his eyes shoot down to my cheek before they fill with worry. Snapping out of my trance, I slip off his body into the passenger seat to open the door but it’s locked.

“Wait Julian....” He starts, but the feeling of my shattering heart, the cries of my broken wolf and the continuous stream of tears prevented me from being with him any longer. When the door doesn’t budge, I kick it off sending it flying across the now empty parking lot before getting out.

“Julian wait!” I ignore Aiden’s calls and start running before shifting and taking off into the nearby woods. “Julian!” I let my wolf take over I crawl back into the shadows of my heart trying to hide from the pain I was feeling.

I just crashed into the storm.

Don’t hate me! Because I hate me! Fuck I really hate me.


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