Alpha Mates

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Chapter 10

Aiden’s P.O.V

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

I messed up, I messed up real bad. I was running after Julian but his wolf was fast and long gone, I was following his scent right now. I had to find him quick before he mas-

You just had to call it didn’t you? - Maximus asks as we stop running, the scent was gone. Just as I feared, he masked his scent.

Not now Max - I growl pacing angrily, my mind running rampant trying to figure out where he could be.

You caused this! - He barks back.
Shutting him out, I start thinking of places Julian could be. He wouldn’t go back to his pack, he knew I’d check there and he’d definitely not go to mine. It didn’t take me long to realize I knew nothing about Julian, I’ve known the guy for my entire life and I knew every single thing that would piss him off but I knew nothing about him really.
Racing to his pack lands my heart hammers in my chest, the pull was more intense now since he was hurting. I could feel his pain which only doubled my own. It didn’t act as a magnet to him, it was just a slightly painful way of telling me to go to him. When I finally get to his lands they don’t hesitate to let me in as I run in the direction of his parents house.

“Robert!” I shout loudly after shifting and running up his steps. (A.N They aren’t naked after shifting) The door swings open immediately revealing his mother who was a splitting image of him, the worry in my eyes quickly transfer to her own as she studies my face just like Julian does.

“What did you do?” She growls her eyes glowing slightly as she stepped forward.

“I don’t have time for this. He’s gone and he masked his scent, where would he go?” I ask ignoring her deadly glare. She looks hesitant to tell me anything as she examined me with hate filled eyes. “Look, I messed up. I need to find him and fix this, so where would he be?” After glaring at me for what felt like an eternity, she sighs.

“There’s an old spot he used to go to with his brother. They thought it was their little hide out but mothers know all. It’s just off the western query, when you see an unusually large boulder head right. Be careful not to wander into witch territory. Once you find the waterfall, you’ll find him.” She finishes, I turn to start running but she grabs my arm digging her nails so deep into my skin that it drew blood. “If you ever hurt my son, I will personally bury you six feet under. Okay?”

“Y-Yes Mam.” I stutter as she lets me go. Not wasting another second I take off in the direction of my mate, the image of his tear stricken face kept replaying in my mind dousing me in guilt each time. I hated myself, he made a move for the first time, he took a chance and I shut him down. I was just nervous and I panicked, it’s not like I’ve ever kissed a guy before and things were just going so fast. I ended up messing everything up, we were doing well, really well actually. Goddess I hate myself!

When I spot the boulder I was told about I turn right, my legs pushing me forward harder, I was beyond desperate to see Julian. Pushing myself harder than ever before I eventually hear the rushing of water, my eyes find a beautiful, sparkling waterfall that made me stop abruptly. Staring at it I catch my breath as I start trailing the area, she said it was close so I had to search carefully. My eyes find a small hill not too far off, I jog towards it as it’s the only thing breaking through the dense forest. When my eyes land on a figure close to the top my feet take off before I could blink, as I get closer the long, blonde locks let me know it’s Julian. I shift when I’m close enough, he head snaps back in my direction when he senses me. His face was red and his eyes puffy, his eyes were still teary and filled with obvious pain, agony that I caused.

“Julian.” I say rushing forward, he scrambles to his feet stepping back quickly placing a hand up.

“Don’t! Don’t come any closer!” He shouts, his voice trembling as he wipes away new tears with his shirt sleeves.

“Please just let me explain.” I beg taking a small step forward that he noticed immediately.

“No! I won’t let!” His eyes were darting around telling me he was searching for a way to escape. Julian was one of he fastest wolves I’ve ever seen, if he got away I wouldn’t catch him. Taking a chance I rush forward grabbing his wrists when he was wiping his face. He struggles against me, trying desperately to escape from my grip, like if my touch disgusted him. The thought was enough to make my wolf whine loudly in pain.

“Listen, please just listen.” I beg watching him fight against me with all he had to escape me.

“So I can hear you tell me you don’t want me! I don’t want to hear it!” He says breaking out into more tears as he stops struggling, letting his arms fall and his head drop. “Don’t reject me.” He sobs out, the cry making me fill with misery as my heart squeezes itself so tightly I couldn’t breath properly.

“I’m not going to reject you. I told you before, I’m not going to reject you.” I say letting my hands slide to his waist, he just kept shaking his head while rubbing his red eyes.

“But you did today! I tried to kiss you and you rejected me. I-I just missed you today, I w-wanted to be with you all d-day and I-I was so h-happy in the c-car so I tried to.....b-but you stoped me.” He cries lifting his head so he could look me straight in the eye.

“I was scared.” I say quickly but he diverts his eyes. “I missed you from the moment you got out the car this morning. I spent the whole day thinking about only you and having you in my arms so I could hold you forever. But you told me to stay away, so I avoided you every time I sensed you around. When lunch came I knew I couldn’t control myself, I would probably attack you in school so I left. I needed to calm down and I did. But in the car, I-I was losing control quickly, I knew if you kissed me I wouldn’t stop. So I stopped you, I wanted to kiss you but I panicked.” I lift his chin, forcing him to look into my eyes. “My desire for you is slowly making the hatred fade away, it’s scaring me how much I want to tear your clothes away whenever I see you. It’s scaring me how all the things I used to hate are somehow becoming the things I like about you. I want you Julian, so much that it hurts and that scares me.” I finish looking into his wide eyes. He studies me intently, searching me eyes for some sort of tell that would tell him I was lying. I could see something flutter behind the pain in his eyes, the glint of happiness that I’ve seen a few times lately.

“You can’t do this again! I cant go through this again!” He says sternly. I nod vigorously as he stares at me.

“I can’t promise to never hurt you again because it’s us, but I’ll never intentionally hurt you.” I say rubbing his soft skin as I looked into his beautiful, blue orbs.

“I can’t believe I’m starting to like an idiot like you.” He sniffs with his head down making me smile as his usual attitude returns. He lifts his head revealing a mischievous sparkle in his eyes, before I could respond he grips my shirt and presses his lips against my own.

Electricity flows from his lips to my own, sending bolts of lightning throughout my body as my heart stops at the feeling of his soft lips against my own. I felt like I was flying at the phenomenal connection that seemed to paralyze me as my wolf soared with joy. When my brain finally comprehends what’s happening, I pull him closer kissing him back aggressively. I was hungry for him, I wanted this for so long and it felt so satisfying that I stopped thinking clearly. His lips moved in sync with my own as he hummed in pleasure before biting my bottom lip demanding entrance, his sudden aggressive actions were undoubtedly turning me own. I open immediately allowing him to deepen the kiss, he hummed in satisfaction sending knee-weakening vibrations throughout my body. Our tongues explore each other mouths instantly before dancing together for dominance, he seemed determined to control the situation but so was I. When he showed no signs of giving up, I slide my hands down to squeeze his ass. He moans in surprise, giving up instantly, I quickly overtake him dominating the kiss in every way. My hands stay glued on his ass as I continue to switch between kneading it and squeezing it, leaving Julian a moaning mess. I pull him forward, grinding him against me, allowing myself to bask in the pleasure I felt. I pull back when we both run out of air, panting and heaving, I keep my hands on his ass, my new favourite part of his mouth watering body. Opening my eyes, I smile proudly at his swollen lips before his blue ones flutter open. When he focuses on my eyes, a smile creeps it’s way on his face as his cheeks heat up a little.

“You have to stop doing that.” I whisper kissing his jaw and making my way down his neck.

“W-what?” He asks his grip on my shirt tightening when I suck on the place I’d be marking soon.

“Being so damn adorable.” I reply looking back at him. He was pouting a little, basically asking for me to kiss him again.

“I am not adorable!” He exclaims making me smirk, his eyebrows were knitted together and he was frowning slightly. I give his ass a hard squeeze making pleasure flood his face as he crashes into my chest after moaning loudly.

“Yeah, not adorable.” I say sarcastically as I look at his withered form accompanied by his tinted cheeks. “Let’s go home, you need to bath.”

“What the hell does that mean?!” He exclaims making me sigh.

“It means I can’t smell your scent and it’s making me angry. We need to get whatever you masked yourself with off.” I reply taking his hand in my own as I lead us down the hill.

“Oh.” He says quietly, I smile to myself before pulling him closer and wrapping an arm around his shoulder as he snakes his arm around my waist.

“You opened up a door you’re going to wish stayed shut.” I say pressing a kiss to his forward. He stops us before tiptoeing and giving me a light kiss.

“I regret nothing.” He says before smiling widely.

I’m proud of myself.
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee them!!!!!!!!


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