Alpha Mates

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Chapter 11

Julian’s P.O.V

“You can go shower, I’ll make us something to eat.” Aiden says once we walk into the suite. I nod lightly before letting go of his hand for the first time since we kissed. I head to the bathroom quickly as my cheeks started to flood at the memory of what happened in that forest.
Once in the shower I let out an exhausted breath as I lean against the shower wall. My fingers brush my lips lightly as I smiled to myself, aggressively stifling the immature giggle that threatened to break free, I still couldn’t really believe that we kissed. But we did, his lips were so appetizing and soft, I thought we’d never stop. The smile wouldn’t leave my face as I starting scrubbing my skin, the words he said earlier kept invading my mind along with the memory of his tongue invading my mouth. It was too much, I could feel myself blushing hard.

“Are you okay in there?” Aiden asks through the door snapping me out of my trance. That’s when I realise the warm water had turned cold, I had probably been in here for a while.

“I’m fine.” I say quickly turning off the faucet and grabbing the towel, drying myself quickly before scrambling to get dressed.

“Well food’s ready so don’t take too long.” He says before I hear the sounds of his distancing footsteps.
I sigh to myself as I slip on my sweatpants and a white t-shirt, looking at myself in the mirror, my eyes had bags under them and were a little puffy. Ignoring it, I put my hair in a quick knot before heading to the dining table.

“And here I thought you were disabled in everything excluding violence and couldn’t cook.” I say with a smirk as I walk in to see the plated food, a large salad for me and a ginormous sandwich filled with Goddess knows what for Aiden.

“That’s exactly why I mixed your salad with chicken.” He says walking over to me, my jaw twists to the side not sure if to believe him or not. Before I can reply he dips his head into my shoulder blade while pulling me into his body before inhaling deeply. “I missed that scent.” He says letting me go as he makes his way to his seat, leaving me frazzled as I recover from the electric shocks that went through my body at his touch. Sliding into my seat I examine the food careful as Aiden dives into his own meal. Picking up some of the vegetables with my fork, I sniff is cautiously as I dissect the leafy substance with my eyes.

“I was joking earlier, just eat.” He say chewing his food while looking at me. I narrow my eyes before putting it in my mouth and chewing quickly. “Or was I?” My chewing stops abruptly as I look at him with wide eyes, he watches me with amused eyes before he doubles over laughing uncontrollably.

“I hate you.” I spit swallowing my food when I realise he’s just pulling my strings, he just continues to laugh as he takes another bite of his sandwich.

“Because of what happened earlier, you missed your time to talk to the Team leaders about the scouting trip earlier this morning.” He says changing the subject.

“Crap.” I completely forgot with my whole disappearance act.

“It’s cool, they don’t mind meeting tomorrow. They left written reports for you though.” He says quickly seeing the distraught in my eyes. I relax a bit before finishing my food quickly, when he’s done, I take his plate and wash up for us. “What do you want to do? It’s only seven.”

“I have homework to do, so that first and then I’ll check the reports.” I say quickly before turning while drying my hands to see the slight disappointment in his eyes.

“Alright, well I’ve had a long day and my legs are about to give out.” He says with a chuckle. “I’ll be in the TV room if you need me.”

(A.N: I say TV room cause I’ve seen den too many times and I have no idea what that is. We call it TV room here.)

“Okay.” I say watching him walk away before heading to the car to get my bag. Somebody got his car for him along with the separated door, looking at the doorless vehicle made me chuckle slightly. I grab my bag before heading back inside.

“Alpha may I talk to you quickly.” Turning I see the owner of the rough voice. My eyes study the large, muscular woman with a blank expression making her gulp as she blinks repeatedly.

“Well what is it?” I ask, my voice a bit more snappish than intended.

“W-we were just wondering when training would start back, for both packs that is. The Alphas usually lead and we understand things have been complicated, we’d just like a date if possible.” She says diverting her eyes from me as she unconsciously started to bow, I didn’t mean to make people so scared. I just grew accustom to building walls everywhere I went.

“Am I right to assume you’re a warrior?” I ask trying to ease my cold tone.

“Yes.” She says looking me in the eye for once before quickly looking away.

“Well, in your opinion do you think a joint training session would be good?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, the packs have been getting along really well so far and we’re both strong. I think so yes, but we’d have to separate it into groups and days due to the large populations in both packs.” By the time she finishes, she’s standing straight with confidence as she got lost in thought.

“Well, I’ll leave it to you to make the group arrangements and tell everyone that we’ll start tomorrow with a joint session. I want you to lead one of the groups, what’s your name?” I ask looking at her now beaming face.

“Audrey!” She basically screams making me shut my eyes. “Sorry Alpha. I’m Audrey Waters.”

“Lovely to meet you Audrey. I’ll see you tomorrow, afternoon time okay?” She nods vigorously as I walk away. When I’m back in the suite I don’t waste anytime starting my work. I had more than usual since I had to teach myself the things I missed earlier thinking about a certain person. By the time I’m finished it was already ten and I’m ready to go to sleep but the reports prevent me from doing so. Grabbing the folder Aiden left on the table, I head to his study to read through them.
The western side seemed to be perfectly fine, it was closest to our pack houses but had the most woodlands which we used as boundaries for years. We could cut it down but that’s a lot of houses for woodland creatures gone.

“Hey, I’m heading to bed early, are you coming?” Aiden asks walking into the the room, my eyes reluctantly drag away from the documents as I looked at a clearly exhausted Aiden.

“I still have the other two to go through. Did you do one too?” I ask while looking through the folder.

“No, I’ll tell you tomorrow.” He says with a yawn. “Don’t stay up too late, come to bed soon.”

“Alright.” I say with a nod as I watch him leave the room. I wanted to go with him but the packs were more important than my hormonal desires right now.

You may act like a ninety year old man but your still young. - My wolf, Alexander intervenes.

I’m not letting you convince me to do something stupid - I retort causing him to laugh with amusement.

It’s not me who’s going to sleep with blue balls. - And with that he disappears while laughing. I growl to myself as I refocus on the documents.

The eastern wing seemed to be the least attractive land, it was on the edge of both packs. It contained land that was usually avoided due to rogues and how close it was to witch territory. If it was one thing werewolves hated, it was witches, the sneaky bastards were basically asking for death with their pride and juju nonsense.

I yawn as I put away the highlighted notes and close up the study, I switch off the lights throughout the apartment before heading to bed. Checking the time, I groan when I see twelve. Aiden was in a deep slumber, his breathing echoing throughout the room. I slip into the bed before pulling him into my arms, he snuggles into me as I rest my chin on his head lightly. It’d been an exhausting day, school along with being Alphas tied with personal troubles was a disastrous combination rendering us exhausted.


“What’s the harm in skipping one day?” Aiden grumbles while brushing his teeth as I dry my hair with a towel around my waist after showering as I stood at my sink.

“A lot. We’re not skipping, we’re already up, might as well go.” I reply before heading out to get dressed.

“You’re such a prude, you’re going to become a librarian.” He says from the bathroom making me roll my eyes, I could tell he was smirking from afar.

“And you’re going to be a homeless man.” I spit back as I walk back into the bathroom fully dressed.

“But I’ll be your homeless man.” He says smiling so brightly that it was almost contagious.

“Whatever.” I say with a faint smile before pushing him out the bathroom. “You want to buy food today?”

“IHOP!” He screams while packing his bag, he was such a kid.

“Okay.” I say with a shrug as I gather my things and throw one of his books his way. “We’re spending next week at my pack right?”

“Yeah, why?” He says narrowing his eyes.

“Not important, I’m heading they’re after school to prepare the apartment.” I say before closing my bag and turning around to look at him. “Ummm, would you......come with me?” His movements come to a quick halt as he looks over his shoulder before turning completely.

“I don’t know, should I? Would you miss me Jewels?” He teases smirking at me as he puts on his shades.

“Whatever, I’ll go by myself.” I grumble taking my bag and leaving the room in embarrassment. I was already nervous to ask I didn’t need his childish taunts to go with it. I don’t get far before two muscular arms wrap around my stomach stopping me from moving any further. I feel Aiden rest his chin on my shoulder as he pulls me into his chest.

“Don’t get mad so quickly, I’d love to come with you.” He says kissing my cheek quickly before turning me around to face him.

“Okay.” I reply, my fingers tracing my cheek lightly as I look at him.



“Maybe okay will be ou-”

“You are not seriously quoting The Fault In Our Stars.” I say quickly cut him off as I narrow my eyes at him.

“It was a good movie.” He says looking at me with a mischievous grin.

“The book was better.” I reply before grabbing his hand to lead him out the suite.
It’s only when we’re outside that I remember that his car is a little disabled at the moment.

“This is a sign Jewels, we gotta stay home.” Aiden says immediately making me roll my eyes for the hundredth time, how could I possibly be mated to this imbecile?

“Aiden shut up, okay?” I say as I look around quickly spotting the boy Emitt. “Let’s go with your friend.”

“I fucking hate you Emitt!” Aiden grumbles as we approach the boy who looks beyond confused. “You’re taking us today, accept it.”

“Okay.” He says stretching the o. He gives me a quick nod which I return before sliding in the back seat of the car.

“Oh, you have to go to IHOP first.” Aiden says once we’re on the road.

“Don’t got to tell me twice. I’ve been seriously craving some pancakes.” He says speeding up a little making me grab onto my seat belt.

“Me too! Hey, are you watching the game Friday?” I zone out after they start rambling on about some football game, I was more of a soccer fan, well it’s the real football, seeing as it actually involves feet. I let myself drift away in one of my books, humming every once in while when I heard my name being called.
I continued reading all the way to the store, stopping when we slid into a sparklingly, clean booth. Aiden sits with Emitt which makes me narrow my eyes for a split second before I push away the little pang I felt in my heart. I was not going to allow myself to feel jealousy, I refuse!

After ordering, the two return to their conversation as I return to my book. My eyes would often peak up as I looked at them interact. Aiden would shove Emit playfully a few times and Emit would sometimes place his hand on his shoulder or something like that. Guys weren’t usually this close were they? I mean Beckett would wrap his arm around my shoulder but he was Beckett, he didn’t count.
I decide to ignore it and continue reading, we only made up yesterday I wouldn’t let jealousy cause unwanted problems. Reluctantly, I put my book down when the food arrives. I watch the two eat their food like savage mutts as I eat mine slowly. My wolf started growling when Emitt reached over to eat some of Aiden’s food, because he wanted to taste it. My anger grew even more when he drank from his cup, Aiden didn’t seem to mind, drinking from it straight after.

That’s like an indirect kiss right there! - Alex complains growing restless within.

My resolve broke when Aiden slung his arm around Emitt shoulder while the two laughed. I could feel my eyes twitching slightly when they continued eating, my anger cracking through my mask as I started to shake my leg.

“You okay, you’ve been really quiet.” Aiden says looking at me with concerned eyes, I nod quickly looking at him when my eyes find a little syrup in the corner of his lips.

I already regret doing this.

“I’m fine.” I say before leaning forward, getting closer than necessary as I looked into his eyes, wiping away the syrup with my thumb slowly before placing it in my mouth. I suck my thumb as slowly as I’d allow myself to not breaking eye contact before sitting back down popping my thumb out. “You had a little.” I say as I look at Aiden who was blushing slightly, my eyes dart across to Emit who’s jaw was hanging so low it was touching the floor.

I win.

I loveeeeeeeeeee jealous Julian. So petty right?!


Hope ya enjoyed! I did. A LOT!
Thanks for reading you guys and voting and commenting, it makes me day. I’m happy you’re enjoying it.

I wrote this entire chapter listening to Ke$ha because......who doesn’t love her.

Until next time,
Byeeeeeeeeeee humansssssssssss

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