Alpha Mates

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Chapter 12

Aiden’s P.O.V

“Dude, Julian hates me.” Emitt says as we walk through the halls together. Julian ditched us the moment we got to school after making me promise that I’d show up to lunch today, not like I wasn’t going to.

“He only hates me. He just doesn’t like most people, don’t take it personally.” I say as we slide into our usual seats for English. The subject that was surprisingly hard even though it shouldn’t be, seeing as we spoke the fucking language.

“Nah, he really hates me. He kept glaring at me the whole drive to school. Every time I’d check the review mirror he’d be staring at me, you know how fucking scary it is to see that guy with a blank expression just staring at you? It’s fucking scary Aiden!” Emitt shouts grabbing my shirt collar like a fucking lunatic, bringing prying eyes towards us.

“He looks at everyone that way. Stop overreacting.” I say shoving him away as I rest me feet on a chair, while trying to balance a pencil on my finger.

“He’s going to be my alpha and he already hates me.” He continues on, whining like a little bitch.

“Jesus calm down Emitt. Look why don’t you come to lunch too, you’ll see him act the exact same way to me. How does that sound?” I ask looking at my friend who nods quickly.

“Thank you man.” He says hugging me tightly, I groan before shoving him off me. He was like a damn leech today.
I admit Julian was acting a little weird earlier but I’m pretty sure it’s because he doesn’t know Emitt. Even when I see him with his friends he’s never really talking, he really only had full conversations with me. The lip thing was a weird move for him, scratch that, for either of us. But it was strangely attractive and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like when he made moves like that, if Emitt wasn’t there I think we wouldn’t have made it to school.

About half way through the first few classes, I felt the urge to see Julian grow a bit. We agreed to try and ignore it as much as we could, but how was I suppose to ignore it when he kept popping up in my head. It’d be much easier if we had the same classes but we didn’t, he did all the hard shit and I did the stuff you could get through life with. I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy as I was to hear the bell ring, we still had two class before lunch but I was going to break something or someone if I didn’t see Julian. I would’ve texted him earlier to tell him to meet me somewhere but I didn’t have his number, so I was left to suffer in class.
Following his scent, I find him walking through the halls behind his two friends as usual. Grabbing his wrist, I stop him from going any further before dragging him to a nearby closet.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” He asks once I let go of him to close the door.

“How are you so calm? Aren’t you feeling the pull too?” I ask as I walk back towards him before pulling him into a hug. The feeling settling my wolf as I inhale his scent, ignoring the bell, I exhale in satisfaction as I continue holding him.

“Yeah but I’m not an animal, I can control myself.” He snaps making me frown as he shoves me away, the feeling making my wolf whine loudly as it scratches at the surface.

“What is wrong with you?” I ask looking at his agitated expression. My words seem to break through for a split second before the walls go up again.

“Nothing, I’m going to be late for class.” He says as he shoves pass me, leaving the room. I stand there in shock as the events replay in my mind. What the hell was going on with him? Wasn’t he the one that said he missed me yesterday? Now he’s acting like if I was an annoying bug that was harassing him, sighing I leave the room and head to class.

I’m not cut out for this mating shit.


“You promise not to leave me alone with the guy?” Emitt asks playing with his bag straps as we walked towards the cafeteria.

“Yeah whatever.” I grumble, I was still angry with how Julian treated me earlier. I wasn’t sure if to still spend lunch with him, but I decided against skipping twice in a row. But if he started bitching I wouldn’t stick around for it.

“Can you sit next to me too?” He asks nervously attaching himself to my arm again making me roll my eyes as I shove him away.

“You’re starting to piss me of dude, he’s just an a guy with an attitude problem, calm down.” I reply before my eyes look across to him, he had this vomit inducing, wide eyes and slight pout. I think he was begging. “Fine whatever, just stop making that disgusting face.”

“Thanks.” He says cheerfully as we walk through the cafeteria door, my eyes unconsciously drift to Julian’s table. I catch him looking at me before he swiftly looks away, focusing his attention on his friends.

“Hey.” I say as I approach the table stopping the conversation between Beckett and Isabel, I’m surprised I actually remember their names seeing as I probably talked to them once or twice in my entire life.

“Hello, Julian didn’t tell us we were having company.” Isabel grits through her teeth as she glares at Julian who ignores her and buries his nose in his book.

“Well he’s incompetent like that.” I say with a smirk as the two friends giggle to themselves ignoring Julian’s frosty glares. Emitt and I pull up two chairs, sitting on at the only empty section the the table, I feel Julian’s eyes on me from across the table as he looks at me with hate filled eyes. What the hell was his problem now?

“So I heard we’re doing a joint training session today, I’m so excited!” Isabel squeals as she fists pumps the air.

“You’re leading one of the groups right?” I ask pulling out my water from my bag.

“Yeah! I’m a Selsa after all.” She says in a duh tone.

“Nice to know.” I say before glancing back over to Julian. You wouldn’t believe this was the same guy who asked me to come to help him move into his suite this morning or kissed me yesterday. He was acting like I didn’t exist and it pissed my wolf and I off because for once we did nothing wrong, so it didn’t make any damn sense.

“How are you two getting along though? You know, both being Betas with the whole merge?” I ask Emit and Beckett, trying to keep conversation going as I ate some of Emitt’s chips.

“Great actually, he’s pretty cool.” Beckett says with a smile which Emit happily returns.

“Yeah, we have some great ideas and it’s much easier with someone else honestly.” Emitt says losing the nerves as he breaks into a conversation with Beckett.

“Am I the only one who realizes how close their names are?” I say to Isabel who snickers nodding in agreement.

“They act the same too.” She says pointing towards the two, when they were laughing and talking they almost looked like brothers. “You okay Julian?” She asks turning her attention to my bratty mate.

“Peachy.” He growls as he glares at me while I continue to eat Emitt’s chips, he never seemed to notice and I was too cheap to buy my own lunch.

“What is your problem?” I ask finally snapping as I stare back into his darkening, blue eyes.

“You are! You and your stupid little friend!” He snaps making my eyes widen behind my shades as my temper grows, I could feel my eyes glowing as I clenched my fist in rage. I glance at Emitt who was as pale as a ghost, he was trying to hide behind Beckett and failing miserably. I thought he was over exaggerating earlier but the guy was right, Julian hated him, the look he was giving him was the same one he used to give me before all this mating stuff. When his eyes darted back to me the look didn’t change, he was looking at me with pure hatred.

“I don’t know who force fed you beef but it wasn’t me! I’m not going to sit here and take this bullshit any longer, you’re acting like a little shit!” I shout back as I grab my bag. “If you’re going to act this way, don’t tell me to come next time!” I leave the table ignoring Julian’s guilt filled eyes, making my way out the cafeteria. If I stayed in this place any longer I’d break something, I quickly make my way to the exit trying to keep a lid on my already blown temper.

“Wait Aiden!” I could hear Julian running behind me, but I ignored it and kept walking. “Wait!” He shouts as he catches up to me grabbing my wrist to stop me. I pull it away as I turn around to look at him, my anger still present.

“What? Want me to go back so you can pull that crap again!” My voice booms as he looks up at me with worried eyes.

“Let’s not talk here.” He says dragging me into an empty classroom.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I bark pulling my hand away from his once again, ignoring the hurt look he got when I did.

“I’m sorry. I-I don’t know why I got so mad.” He says quickly.

“Did you forget you were the one who told me to come to lunch today?! Why the hell were you treating me like some unwanted mutt?!” I say not letting up.

“I’m sorry.” He says again trying to touch me but I stop him knowing quite well I’d be swayed if he did. “P-please?” He says, referring to the need to touch. I felt it too, our wolves didn’t like us fighting and Max wanted me to hold Julian but I couldn’t.

“No, you’ve been acting weird all day. Why?” I ask crossing my arms.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” He says lowering his head.

“You don’t want to talk about it? You can’t just pick and choose Julian. Even in the closet earlier, you treated me the same exact way.” I say looking at his guilt struck face. “Emitt said you hated him but I thought he was just being an idiot, because Emitt is a fucking idiot, but then you pulled that shit.” I say glaring at him as anger quickly floods his eyes.

“It’s because he keeps to-” He bites his lips quickly stopping him from saying anymore.

“What? He keeps what?” I question but he visibly raises his walls.


“Seriously Julian, just tell me because I’m getting really pissed off.” I warn looking at him, he shakes his head no making me sigh. “This is stupid Julian, just tell me. I don’t want to fight after we just fixed things yesterday.”

“I c-can’t.” He stays with a shaky voice.

“Talk to me when you get over whatever this is.” I say making his eyes shoot up with worry as I try to walk pass him, but he quickly stops me by blocking my path with his body.

“No! I don’t want to fight.” He says looking at me with distressed eyes that make my wolf whine, wanting desperately to comfort him.

“Then just tell me!” I shout, the last of my patience going through the window. “Now Julian.”

“Ughhh! I-I got mad because you and Emitt were acting way too close for friends! Sharing drinks and food and touching all the damn time! You kept sitting by him a-and laughing with that stupid laugh! You kept talking to him and sharing your lunch and...and touching! I can’t stand the touching because you smell like him and when you hugged me in the closet all I smelt was him all over you! And it pisses me off that you smell like another guy!” He finishes, his chest heaving as he pants viciously staring at me with a clearly vexed expression. I blink a few times with wide eyes as I watch my mate who just had a little explosion that my mind was still trying to comprehend. He was talking so fast and so angrily it was so unlike him that it stunned me momentarily. They guy exploded a few times on me in the past, but not like that. Nah, that was some next level shit right there.

“Are you saying, and don’t hit me for this because I may be wrong, but are you perhaps......jealous of Emitt?” I ask narrowing my eyes, skeptical at my own sentence. Julian stares at me for a while before clenching his face, my arms go up automatically to defend myself.

“Yes Aiden! I’m jealous!” He says fuming as he starts pacing the room. “I don’t like it, but I am! I tried to ignore it, but I can’t when you keep walking around smelling like that!”

“I didn’t know, I ca-”

“Of course you didn’t know, you’re an imbecile!” He says cutting me off, as he continues to pace. I quickly stop him by grabbing his shoulders to keep him in place.

“I’m sorry, it’s my fault so calm down.” I say looking him straight into his now stormy eyes. He closes them as he takes a few breathes before opening them revealing the familiar, came, oceanic orbs.

“Don’t apologize, I’m the one acting crazy.” He says rubbing his temples as he exhales.

“Yeah but it’s my fault, I should never cause you to feel that way as my mate but I did. I didn’t realize and I’m sorry.” I say looking at him apologetically.

“It’s fine, just tone it down please. I don’t like being controlled by emotions like this, especially when they involve you.” He says returning to his familiar attitude.

“You mean the jealous ones, because you got jealous over me.” I tease with a smirk making his eye twitch slightly as his cheeks flushes.

“Shut up.” He grumbles his eyebrows knitting together in anger as he struggles to hide to clear embarrassment that his cheeks revealed, getting brighter and brighter.

“I like you when your jealous.” I say pulling him closer as he tries to push me away. I quickly press my lips to his, making his hands freeze before they grip on to my shirt, bringing me closer to him. I smile against his lips as he hums in delight at the mutual pleasure of our lips connecting, giving me that addicting rush throughout my body. Before I get the chance to deepen it he pushes me away making me frown slightly.

“You still smell like him, don’t kiss me when you smell like another man.” He says before leaving the room.

This guy will literally be the death of me.

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