Alpha Mates

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Chapter 13

Julian’s P.O.V

“Am I good now?” Aiden asks as he walks into the office, his scent emitting throughout the room. Without any say in the matter my legs lead me towards him, I grab his shirt collar pulling him into me so I can inhale the intoxicating fragrance. Smiling continently I continue to breath in the familiar scent.

“Much better.” I say pulling away as I grab my bag before throwing him his own. We had the training session in about thirty minutes and then the meeting later with the team leaders. “We haven’t really talked about how we’d do this you know.”

“We can just pin a pack member against one from the other pack. We’ll see the strengths and weaknesses.” He says with a shrug as we start walking to my pack, since we didn’t have a car and that’s where it was being held.

“Sounds good, we should have everyone do a piece from each of our usual regiments though.” I suggest which he agrees to. “But no rogue hunting.”

“Way to kill a culture.” He grumbles. “We don’t do it all the time you know, just when needed.”

“Sure.” I say sarcastically, we continue to walk in silence on the clear dirt road.

“Oh my goddess, is that a tiger?!”
My head snaps in the direction where Aiden pointed to, only to find nothing. “Seriously, you fell for tiger? We live in the woods Jewels.”

“How are you so immature?” I grumble shoving pass his shoulder as I walk faster desperate to end this unnecessary walk with the simpleton who was my mate.

“How are you so uptight?” He says jogging to catch up to me, he started jogging in front of me as I walked forcing me to look straight at him.

“I am not uptight.” I retort in a bored tone.

“You talk like a eighty year old professor and I’ve never once seen you let loose. It’s always work and that cold, emotionless face.” He says making me stare at him in disbelief.

“I don’t talk like an eighty year old man you dimwit!” I snap making him laugh.

“See, normal teens would’ve said asshole or prick. You called me a dimwit and regularly say imbecile.” He says with a cocky smile.

“And you’re going to trip over a rock.” I say making his head snap back, he loses focus as he trips over his feet and crashes straight to the floor. Alex winced a little but I could hear him snickering a bit, he could relate to the hatred we felt for a while so I think he couldn’t help but feel a little pleasure in that. I laugh at his fallen form as I stop walking to look at him spit out some dirt.

“When I get my hands on you!” He shouts making my laughter stop, I don’t waste anytime as he starts getting up, I take off at full speed with a wide smile on my face. I could hear his steps behind me as he struggled to catch up, a chuckle escaped me when I looked back to see his enraged heaving self. Laughing uncontrollably I continued running or at least I try to, the laughing slowed me down as I clenched on to my stomach. Not surprisingly he gains on me and tackles me to the ground before I can recover, sending us tumbling off the road and into the grass at the side.
I can’t help but continue laugh when I open my eyes to see him covered in grass and panting as he looked down at me with slightly amused eyes, his shades lost in the collision.

“Y-You look a-a nature freak.” I say in between my laughter as I pluck a twig out his hair which just makes me laugh even harder.

“You should laugh more.” He says as I sober up from my laughter, settling with a wide smile accompanied by the occasional chuckling.

“Then you should just fall more.” I say before I slowly start bubbling back into even more laughter. I couldn’t control it, I just kept replaying the image of him turning around in a panic before tumbling over. “Y-you were like ahhhh......and then crash!” I say before laughing loudly again.

My laughing immediately stops when he presses his lips against my own, my wolf howls in delight as pleasure filled vibrations run throughout my body. Instinctually, I let my hands bury themselves in his now grassy hair, gripping it tightly as I bring him closer to me. The action causes him to grunt as he smiled against my lips, his hair was so smooth and silky that I found my fingers twirling in it and tugging it slightly. When he parts his lips slightly I waste no time deepening the kiss as he hums in delight, our tongues fight for dominance again as we explore each other’s mouths. His hand finds its way onto my hip allowing his fingers to graze the skin that was exposed by my slightly raised shirt, a moan escapes my lips as the feeling sends my skin aflame. I knew this was one of his dirty tricks to win but I would let I happen again, rolling us over I push his hands above his head as I hold them down with one hand letting my other trail his body before reconnecting our lips. My touch makes him shiver under my as his loses the fight quickly allowing me to over power him and control the kiss.

The feeling of his lips against mine sent me on a sort of high, I slowly forgot about the training section as my hand starting to do whatever it pleased, somehow finding it’s way under his shirt. I enjoyed the feeling of his well defined abs under my finger tips and the shivering it caused way too much. When my guard is down he rolls us back over, positioning himself between my legs before using one of his hands to grip onto my right thigh as I quickly wrap my leg around him. He grips it tightly making me moan loudly as my body shivers from his continues attacks on my skin as he kisses and licks my neck. He sits us up, so that I’m sitting in his lap as I wrap my legs around him, letting my hands roam freely in his hair.

“Aiden!” I cry out when he licks the spot behind my ear that seemed to make me snap, my eyes roll to the back of my head as I grip onto him tightly. “W-we should s-stop, before s-so-” he doesn’t let me finish as he slams his lips back into my own, his hands finding their way to my ass squeezing it tightly. I moan into his mouth as the action made me unable to think, he didn’t need to know that I felt more when he did that than anything else.

“Mine.” He growls into my ear when I pull back to breath, the word makes my heart beat so hard I thought I’d break a rib as it made my lower member pulsed to life. When I look into his eyes only then do I realise that they’re glowing as he lowers his head to attack my skin again.

“A-Aiden.” I stutter trying to make him snap out of it as he kisses all the right places. “S-Someone c-could see..”

“Too late.” My heart stops and so does Aiden’s movements as our eyes dart across to see Isabel leaning against her motorbike as she ate some chips from a bag.

“H-How long h-have you been t-there?” I ask frozen in my place, which happened to be tangled with Aiden.

“Long enough to finish this bag.” She says rolling it up and stuffing it in her pocket. “Julian, you’re the bottom...nice.”

“Isabel!” I shout scrambling away from Aiden who seemed a bit dazed.

What the hell was even a bottom?

“What can I say? I read a lot of yaoi and I saw an opportunity, so I watched.” She says as she sits on her bike putting on her helmet. “Totally worth it.” She says before driving away laughing.
I check my watch to see we didn’t have much time.

“Did I...?” Aiden asks as I grab my bag and start speed walking.

“Yeah!” I shout back, “you imbecile!” I screech as I try to walk while adjusting the shameful tent in my pants.

This mating stuff was getting out of control.

Heheheheheh. I had too.

Hope ya enjoyed though, I know I did.
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