Alpha Mates

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Chapter 14

Aiden’s P.O.V

I kind of lost it out there. One minute I was kissing the guy and the next thing I knew my hands were on his ass again and all I could think about was him. I mean I didn’t regret it, I enjoyed it truthfully but I knew him getting caught embarrassed him. By the time I catch up to Julian we’re walking onto the large field overflowing with people of different sizes and ages.

“Hey Julian, I’m sor-”

“What happened in the woods, will stay in the woods.” He says quickly his mask back on as usual.

“Technically we’re still in the woods.” I say making him glare my way.

“Aiden, we’ll talk about it later okay? Let’s just let it go for now.” He demands pressing a finger to my chest as he stares at me with those creepy eyes he had whenever he was nervous.

“Yeah...” I say which relaxes him a little as well we continue to walk towards the group leaders which included a smiling Isabel who winked my way. “We’re starting with some simple warm ups and then we’re pinning Dark Wood members against Blood Moon members. After Julian and I will take turns leading a piece of our usual training regiments.”

“Help them in places they need it, give pointers and note common faults and strengths. I want to know all later.” Julian continues with his usual, dead expression, you wouldn’t believe this was the same guy that was just moaning for all the poor squirrels to hear. A laugh escapes my lips at the thought of a bunch of squirrels watching us, making everyone’s heads turn my way. “Something funny?” Julian pries aggressively, I bite my lip trying to stifle my laughter as I glance over to Isabel who seemed on the verge of laughter as our eyes both danced between Julian and each other.

“J-just really...excited for the trainnning.” I say cracking a few times in between. “Let’s do well g-guys!” I say dismissing them before heading over to Isabel and laughing loudly as we both look at a steaming Julian.

“What happens in the woods, stays in the woods!” He hisses at me.

“And with Isabel.” I snicker which sends her to the ground as she starts banging her fist against the grass laughing. Julian walks away angrily with tinted cheeks leaving Isabel and I laughing like idiots as everyone stared at us.


“Keep your arms up.” I say as I walk around a pair who were fighting. We had went through the warm ups pretty quickly and been over watching the sparing for a while now. “Keep your arms up!” I shout at the member from Julian’s pack who couldn’t block to save his damn life, he listens for one lifting them quickly, luckily blocking a deadly swing from one of my members. “Good.” I commend before continuing.
I start watching another pair, the girl from Julian’s pack was beating the living shit out of my guy. They were fast, I’d notice that pretty quickly, they went on their agility and thought through everything before acting. The problem with that was that they were easy to manipulate, if they thought you were a certain way they’d adjust their fighting to suit that way. Leaving them wide open for a surprise attack.

“Don’t let your guard down!” I warn the girl who just scoffs ignoring my warning, they were cocky too. It was too late though as my guy blocked one of her overused kick combos, he easily grabbed her leg before slamming her down on the ground. Where she lies coughing and erasing. “Good job Mason.” I commend smirking at the chocking girl before walking back tot he front where I could see the group once again. We should end this soon, they were at their breaking point and time was quickly extending.

“We should stop them right?” Julian asks joining me at the front.

“Yeah, we can’t do the extra piece after either.” I say glancing around. “It’s late, they’re exhausted and we have the meeting.”

“You’re right.” He says making me blink in disbelief.

“I’m sorry, what was that? Did you just say I was right Jewels?” I say putting my hand to my ear.

“Please die.” He grumbles before clapping bringing everyone attention our way. “You all have done well today, we’ll let you know our comments at the end of the week when everyone has trained. Head home, get some rest.” He says letting them all let out exhausted breaths.
I watch as they collapse to the floor, I was a bit worried they’d hold grudges but they seemed fine. The girl who refused to listen was chatting it up with Mason like if he didn’t just almost kill her.

“Let’s get going.” I say passing him his bag as I take my own and leave the heaving people. “How much time we have?”

“About thirty five minutes.” He grumbles as we rush off the fields. “Let’s run it.”

“Why?” I ask as he starts jogging.

“To reach there quicker, can you not think or is it a deeper more psychological problem?” He asks watching me with his annoying, judgmental glare.

“Don’t make me tie you to a tree and leave you.” I say as I start running alongside him. It doesn’t take us long to reach back to my pack lands, I waste no time heading to the shower as he prepares for the guys. When I’m done, he takes his turn as I dig through the kitchen for food. I hadn’t eaten anything since lunch and that was only some of Emitt’s chips, I decide to make myself a couple of quick sandwiches and Julian one of those ridiculously large salads of his.

“Here.” I say shoving the bowl into his arms as he walks into the kitchen.

“Thanks..” He says in surprise before digging in, he wasn’t his usual composed self which told me he was just as hungry he was. The guys arrived just as we both finished our meals, leading them to the office I trail behind them lazily. I wasn’t a meeting guy that was more Julian, I just wanted to go sleep but I guess I was important that I be there. Julian doesn’t waste anytime sitting in my seat, but I don’t make a fuss as I stand close to the window learning against the wall.

“I read your reports, but I want you to expand on my your points on the rogues and the land nearest the pack house.” Julian says opening his files that looked like he got bored and went crazy with some highlighters.

“Well, I covered the area to the west.” Jerry starts as I stifle a yawn. “It had a lot of vegetation, the type that’s been their for years. The areas closest to the packs had a lot less through since over the years we’ve been slowly removing some to expand. You could remove enough to create room for a new pack house and some other things, it’s already pretty clear so it shouldn’t be that much harder. The closer you get to the center the worse it gets.” He finishes as Julian scribbles down a bunch of notes that you could remember in your head easily.

“Good and you Anthony?” He asks switching quickly.

“The back areas of the land, east I mean. It’s horrible, it’s close to both vampire and witch land, then there’s the rogues. We didn’t engage cause Alpha Aiden said not to but we couldn’t even if we wanted to, their numbers are larger than usual. It was like a miniature pack, just over two hundred I think. They had patrol wolves too, but they didn’t seem to notice us. The lands pretty fertile though, no actually it’s insane how good it is.” He finishes with a proud smile that all of Julian’s pack members seemed to have installed into them.

“Okay thanks guys, that’s all we need.” I say as I open the door. “We appreciate it.” I say as they stand quickly and head out. I let out an exhausted breath when I hear the door for the suite close.

“What about your section? How was it?” Julian asks as I take a seat on the opposite side of the desk plopping my feet up comfortably where the guys were before.

“Just woods. Like a lot of trees and natural life, that’s it. It’s been untouched, it’s clean and just a bunch of trees. You could get lose in there if you don’t know you’re way around.” I say looking at him continue to scribble things down.

“Okay.” He says scribble things before he starts talking to himself. “Well I’ll tell Roger and Felix to get started on the pack house immediately.” He says as he continues to mumble to himself, I sit there patiently watching him talk to himself for a good fifteen minutes before he shuts the book and looks up. When he sees me he jumps out his seat in shock as his eyes threaten to leave his sockets.

“You need to be more aware of your surroundings.” I say standing up laughing myself as I leave the study. “Let’s go watch a movie.”

“I have homew-”

“You need to relax, we’re watching a movie.” I say as I walk to the TV room before plopping down on the soft cushions. I scroll through Netflix for a while before Julian joins me sitting next to me, keeping an annoying space between us.

“What you want to watch?” I ask scrolling through the movies. “We could go with Lilo and Stitch, Fast and Furious, Iron Man.” I say before gasping loudly. “Or we can go with a Twilight.”

“No.” He says smiling slightly at the offer. “Put on Lilo and Stitch.”

“Who would’ve thought, it does have a heart.” I say looking at him in surprise, he shoves me angrily as I laugh. I shove him across before lying down, letting my head rest in his lap. He doesn’t comment as the movie starts, about halfway through I feel his hand tangling itself with my hair. The feeling was strangely satisfying and I liked when he did it, it was comforting and made Max and I very happy.


“I’m staying home tomorrow.” I announce as we make dinner together. Julian was on vegetable duty, obviously, while I was on the meatballs.

“Yeah me too, I only have two classes. I don’t usually go on Tuesday’s.” He says as he checks the spaghetti.

“What happened to no skipping?” I ask in disbelief.

“My teacher tells me not to come.” He replies with a shrug. “I’m not unreasonable.”

“Are you almost done?” I ask glancing over to the frying vegetables.

“They’re finished.” He replies taking the pan off the stove.

“Why don’t you eat meat?” I ask curiously.

“I didn’t like seeing animals murdered when my pack went for a hunt, it kind of stuck. Now I can’t eat meat.” He says simply like if he didn’t just confess to his younger self being scarred for life.

“Sorry about putting a dead deer in your bedroom.” I say with a slight chuckle as he glares at me.

“I couldn’t get the smell out for weeks.” He growls making me scratch my head nervously.

“I said sorry.”

“Then I guess I’m sorry for poisoning your hamsters.” He says plating the food.

“That was sick.” I say remember Mr.Puff and his wife both frothing as they died in my hands. I thought it was my fault for months before Julian admitted to doing it one day while laughing.

“We we’re both sick kids.” He says shrugging.

“Why don’t you try fish? You know become a pesco-vegetarian. You never saw a fish brutally murdered did you?” I offer as his eyes connect with mine before they widen. “Don’t tell me you never thought of that.”

“I just didn’t.” He says softly.

“You’re so stupid.” I grumble as I head to the fridge pulling out a piece of salmon. “It’ll be done in about twenty minutes.”

“Okay.” He says glancing at me a few times before diverting his eyes.

“A thank you would be nice.” I say as I fry the fish, when he stays quiet I just sigh. “Yeah, whatever.” I say focusing on the fish. After a while he walks over slowly before pressing a kiss to my cheek which makes my heart hammer away as my cheek burns in delight from the feeling of his lips.

“Thank you.”

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