Alpha Mates

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Chapter 15

Julian’s P.O.V

Sleeping in felt beyond phenomenal. These past few days had been a continuous stream of work that had seemed never ending, I didn’t want to leave the bed and I don’t think I would for the day.

“Alright wake up.” Aiden mutters making me groan as I clench onto him to keep him still. “You’ve kept me hostage for long enough, it’s twelve Julian, I’m hungry.”

“Whatever be selfish.” I say shoving him off the bed as I replace him with a pillow.

“You little shit!” He grumbles, suddenly my body is being lifted making he yelp in surprise. I growl angrily when Aiden laughed while he placed me on his shoulder and started walking away from the bed.

“No!” I say looking at the distancing bed. I don’t even try to escape, I was too lazy and wanted to sleep. He places me down in the kitchen on one of the stools before he starts walking around the kitchen.

“What do you want to eat?” He asks as he pulls out some cereal for himself.

“Salmon!” I say immediately as I remember how good it tasted last night. It was like this while new world that I was now surely addicted to.

“You can’t have salmon for breakfast.” He says chuckling slightly.

“Why not?” I retort angrily

“Because you ate all last night!” He exclaims. “Did you forget how many time you made me keep making you more? Did you think we had a never ending supply?”

“Oh..” I say quietly.

"Oh." He mocks making me scowl. “You’re having your stupid Lucky Charms.”

“Why did you ask what I wanted if I didn’t have a chose?” I ask as he shoves the box my way before handing me a bowl and the milk.

“I don’t know, it’s stupid to give you options.” He mutters as he pours out his own cereal. When he’s done I take the full bowl and throw the contents in his face. “And I’m the immature one?”

“Yes.” I reply smiling contently at his face which was sparkling with bits of cinnamon and sugar.

“I’m going upstairs to wash my face.” He mumbles as he walks around the kitchen island and disappearing, suddenly the milk disappears from next to me before I feel a cold liquid poor down my head and soak its way through my shirt. My mouth hangs opens as I turn slowly to see a smirking Aiden dangling the now empty carton of milk.

“Are we really going to do this?” I ask with a faint smile as I clear my wet hair strains from my face.

“I’d be disappointed if we didn’t.” He replies with a mischievous smile. I shove him away before rushing to the cupboards which he scrambles his way to the fridge. I knew flour would be the deadliest weapon in the following war, grabbing the brand new bag I burst it open as I climb on the counter tops for an advantage in height. He’s still digging through the fridge while grab a nearby bottle of water pouring it on him before letting the flour do it’s work as I unload it on his now soaking body. When the kitchen goes up in a cloud of white powder, I take my chance to push him away from the fridge, his figure disappearing in the clouds. I grab the first thing I could, which was eggs before running away, I was definitely winning this war.

“Are you scared?” I shout out after a while of some deafening silence. The fact that their was no sound or anymore movement made me extra nervous. The flour cloud was disappearing and Aiden was nowhere to be seen.

“Looking for me.” His voice says from behind me, before I could run he grabs my shirt shoving a cold substance dow my back. “You’re favourite’s Chocolate right? Enjoy.” He says as he dumps it on my head.
When he tried to run, I ignore the chilly goodness running down my back and cheeks as I grab onto his arm as I crack one of the eggs straight across his face. While he’s still in shock, I back up sending egg after egg at him laughing at him as he blocks pathetically.

“One got in my eye!” He shouts making me laugh harder. “There’s yolk in my eye!”

“Yeah well there chocolate in my butt now, deal with it.” I shout back which makes him start laughing harder.

“Are we done?” I ask chuckling slightly running out of ammo.

“Yeah, shake on it?” He offers smiling from his side of the kitchen. I look at him skeptically before nodding, we shake slowly before letting go.

“How long do yo-” I’m cut off when I get hit straight across my face with something cold, hard and slippery. (A.N ALL OF YOU ARE NASTY! All of you!)

I look back at him to see him laughing as he doubles over waving around the pinkish, rectangular thing in his hand.

“Is that....” I stop as my eyes focus a little harder. “Is that salmon!” I exclaim in disbelief as he stops laughing suddenly.

“Shit.” He says before taking off, I scramble after him as I chase him through the entire house.

“You had salmon!” I shout after him as we run from room to room.

“I forgot.” He says lamely, I tackle him straight to the ground, slapping him a couple of times before getting up.

“Don’t mess with my salmon.”


“That was a horrible idea.” Aiden says walking out the shower with a towel around of his waist. I was sitting on the counter with my boxers on while I tried to dry my hair which smelt like chocolate even though I washed it a hundred times over.

“Yeah, but it was a lot of fun.” I say truthfully as I smile at him. “How are we going to clean it up though?”

“I’ll pay some kids to do it.” He says waving me off before walking over to me, resting his hands on both my sides.

“What?” I grumble before putting my towel down.

“I had fun.” He says with a genuine smile as he looks me straight in my eyes.

“Yeah, me too.” I say resting my arms on his shoulders slowly getting lost in his dark eyes with hat amazing golden tint. “Don’t you kind of wish we did that as kids instead of putting laxatives in each other’s donuts.”

“You did that to me.” He replies defensively making me laugh.

“You had a serious donut obsession at the time.” I say laughing at the memory.

“And no I don’t. Because if we had food fights when we were younger it wouldn’t have been as fun as it was just now.” He replies smirking at me. “It’s better this way.” He finishes before capturing my lips with his own, I kiss him back quickly as he attacks my lips viciously. The connection sending those outstanding bolts of electricity throughout my body. He moans into my mouth as I rake my nails against his back, he pulls me closer immediately, pressing out bodies together. I smile contently against his lips as he wraps his arms around my waist while my legs pulled him closer.
Without warning he lifts me up as he continues to kiss me and walks out the bedroom, he throws me down on the bed before walking back into the bathroom. Before I can complain, he reemerges wearing some sweatpants as he climbs onto of me, reconnecting our lips in a heated kiss as my body went crazy from the feeling of his lips against my own. His chest pressed against mine made me heat up quickly as our lips continued to dance together, he bites my lip demanding entrance but I keep it shut. He bites again but I refuse again, he pulls back quickly making me frown, instantly missing the feeling of his lips against my own.

“Open up.” He demands, his voice so much deeper than usual.

“No.” I say testing him a little. He frowns before leaning down so his lips were hovering right over mine, they were so close that I could feel his hot breath brush them teasingly.

“Open....up.” He growls his eyes glowing a bright red momentarily before returning to their usual black.

“No.” I reply making him clearly angry. Our wolves were tearing each other and it wasn’t sitting well. He reconnects our lips as his hand traced my chest making me melt in his hand, when I kept my mouth shut she growled lowly making my member pulse once again. He lets his thumb trace my nipple making my eyes roll back as I open my mouth immediately, he waste no time letting his tongue explore my mouth and dominating it in every way. He keeps his thumb on my nipple as he traces it, pressing it in before squeezing it and rubbing it making me moan in his mouth. He pulls back from the kiss making me pant breathless as he kisses my jaw, making his way down my neck until he was on my opposite nipple. My back arches when his tongue traces at while his fingers tease the other, I moan loudly as he presses his other hand under my back pulling me closing.

“A-Aiden....stop-p-p.” I beg feeling myself hardening in pleasure as he attacked me mercilessly.

“Why?” He asks switching his tongue to the next nipple which was highly sensitive after his teased it for so long.
I scream out as I wrap my legs around his clenching the sheets in my fists.

“You’re sensitive here huh?” He teases as he squeezes the other while licking it.

“P-please..” I moan out feeling myself getting closer to the edge.

“But I’m enjoying this so much.” He continues before biting it while he pinches the other.

“Ahhhhhh!!” I moan loudly when I release involuntarily clenching on to him as I shiver in his hands. I pant as I ride out my high, my body trembling from the pleasure I just felt.

“Did you just cum?” He asks kissing my neck, each kiss making me shiver.

“Hsgheb.” My words don’t come out as he licks that good spot behind my ear.

“Should’ve opened up.” He says before kissing me.

Okay now was that too much. I think I may have been. Nah fuck that, it was good.


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