Alpha Mates

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Chapter 16

Aiden’s P.O.V

Things have been going really great lately. We just got the blue prints of the new pack house since we cleared a good number of the trees, families have already started building their new homes. The training has been going well too, it’s clear to see that my pack thought more on instinct when they acted while Julian’s leaned towards planning before doing. We’d been trying to come up with ways lately to increase each other’s strength and lose the weaknesses, but it’s a lot harder than it seems.
Then they’re was the actual merging, I guess it went without saying the packs would become one when Julian and I did, but that was being.......delayed.

“Julian I need to talk to you about that da-”

“Can’t, busy.” He says before running, yes running, out of the library where I had found him. School had ended so I had no idea where he was going seeing as I drove us here with the car I was borrowing from my dad.
This is why it had been held back, the guy had been avoiding the shit out of me since that incredible day. He was embarrassed as usual, he got off by his nipples being teased, I get it, but he didn’t have to be. I said incredible and I meant it, him moaning in my ears while shivering from every attack I made on his body before cumming from me playing with his nipples was indeed incredible. I guess he didn’t see it that way though, he’d talk to me normally with anything pack related but besides that he’d just run away.
It was frustrating at this point, I have given him a week to get over it but he was still being an idiot. Was I just supposed to act like if I didn’t now know the pleasures of seeing him withering beneath me as he literally begged for me to stop? I couldn’t and I didn’t want to, in fact I wanted to see more now.

“Still not talking to you?” Isabel asks as I leave the library.

“What did you do?” Emitt asks as we walk together. Isabel and I had become friends quickly and as a result, she became friends with Emitt as well, she helped me deal with all things Julian.

“Nothing this time, I swear.” I reply ignoring their exchange of disbelieving glances. “It’s all him, he needs to get over it.”

“It?” Isabel says quickly, she’d been desperate to find out what exactly happened, but I was smart enough to keep it to myself.

“Don’t start.” I warn quickly as we stopped at Emitt’s locker.

“I want to go out.” Beckett groans angrily as he walks up to our little group. “Can we do something tonight? Literally anything? Please!”

“What did you have in mind?” Emitt questions, his interest peaked a little in the conversation.

“Bowling!” He says immediately making us all groan in disgust.

“No.” I say quickly feigning sickness at the thought. “What wrong with a movie?”

“No, the cinema is creepy.” Isabel says making us all look her way while narrowing our eyes. “You’re going to sit in a dark room for about two hours with a bunch of strangers.....that’s not right.”

“Don’t ruin the cinema for me.” I say rubbing my temples. “Let’s just get food then go to the drive in they just opened not to far away.”

“Thank you!” Beckett says going to hug me, but I shove him away.

“If the food is from Pizza Hut I’m in.” Emitt offers, when we nod he smiles widely. “Thank Goddess, I’ve been really craving those cinnamon sticks.”

“Who’ll tell Julian?” I ask looking at the group which grows silent. “I’ll find a way you cowards.”

“Good luck!” They say as I leave the school while flipping them off. I find Julian leaning against the car waiting patiently with a book in hand, he doesn’t even glance my way when I approached. It was a new habit of his, I guess he thought if he didn’t acknowledge my presence I’d disappear. Opening the car, he scrambles in as I walk around to my side with a sigh. When I get in, I lock the door as usual as I start up the car, but stop myself from driving. Turning to face Julian, I grab the book out his hands before chucking it in the truck.

“What the hell?!” He shouts looking at me with eyes of destruction.

“The others want to watch a movie later, you’re coming.” I say calmly ignoring his deadly glare.

“I don’t want to, you can go if you want.” He grumbles while avoiding my eyes.

“I can deal with you avoiding me but don’t do it to them, we’re going.” I say with a neutral tone, he snaps his eyes up quickly, they were filled with remorse and worry.

“I don’t wa-” He stops himself abruptly making me roll my eyes.

“Yeah okay.” I say turning away, before reversing and leave the school. I could feel his eyes on me the entire drive, he needed time, I got that, so I guess he felt guilty.

“Do you still want me to help you with the suite or should I just drop you off?” I ask when we approach our pack lands. Max was yelling at me for being so cold but how else was I supposed to react to my mate avoiding me like the fucking plague.

“No come!” He shouts before clearing his throat quickly. “Come.” He says much calmer. I don’t say anything as I take the turn into the Black Moon’s lands, the barriers between the packs had been demolished it was really one huge, pack in everything but name and link. Our parents had taken off on a vacation they said was ‘well deserved’ and ‘long overdue’, I guess after being Alphas for so long they just wanted to relax. They constantly sent us pictures of all the countries they’d passed through, the latest was Australia.
Getting out the car, I follow behind Julian as he leads me to his bedroom. I had only been here briefly the day we found out we were mates, it was need and sparkling clean.

“So how are we doing this?” I ask standing in the middle of the room awkwardly.

“The suite is already clean and empty, we just need to transfer my things there. I already put everything in boxes and labeled accordingly, so just put them where the belong.” He explains as he grabs a few boxes, I do the same before following him to the suite.
It was similar to my own, it had about the same layout but much more rooms and was more modern. My boxes were for the bedroom so I didn’t waste anytime heading to where Julian pointed. The room was phenomenal; they’re was a huge flat screen tv in the ceiling above the massive bed, a large walk in closet, a small desk and a couch. After resting the boxes down, I quickly run over to the bathroom where my jaw drops to the floor. They’re was a bathtub, jacuzzi and the shower was one of those you saw on tv where the water came out the ceiling.

“Aiden!” I leave the room reluctantly, heading towards Julian’s voice, he was loading things into the large study that looked more like a miniature library.

“What?” I ask when entering, his head snaps up as relief floods his eyes.

“You were just really quiet.” He explains before he goes back to doing whatever he was doing.

“It doesn’t make sense getting too comfortable since we have to move into the new pack house in about a month.” I say watching as he started putting books on shelves, he simply hums in response as he continues to fill the shelves.
Sighing I leave him as I head back to his room to get more boxes, after a couple trips and a few hours of unpacking, everything is where it should be.

“I just finishing talking to the others the movie’s at nine so we will meet them for seven. We have a few hours, what do you want to do?” I ask watching him read quietly to himself.


“You sure?” I offer, trying once again to get him out of the hole he’d buried himself in. He hums in response as his eyes stayed glued to his book. “Well, I’m going for a run.”

“I’ll come with you.” He says quickly, basically dropping the book making me squint, my mind in shambles.

“Actually I’d rather go by myself.” I say stopping him in his tracks as his eyebrows knit together.


“I want to run alone, plus it doesn’t make sense you forcing yourself to be around me.” I say making his eyes widen as he walks over quickly.

“I’m not.” He protests but I even that sounded forced.

“You can’t expect to convince me of that when you can barely convince yourself.” I say closing my eyes to push away the building frustration. “I’ll see you back at my suite in an hour or two.”
I leave before he has the chance to respond, pretty soon I was on all fours racing through the forest letting of some much needed steam.

Maybe you went too fast - Max offers when we stop at a streak for water.

I guess, but this is slow for most. We’re both horny and mates, most mates mate the first night. It’s been almost a week - I reply making him hum in agreement.

Don’t blame him for being scared though. He’s probably just confused by what he doesn’t understand, this is Julian. He wants to understand everything - He says before fading away as he always did after saying something sensible which was rare.
I decide to head back when I realise that two hours had passed, crossing over in my pack’s lands, I run lazily to the pack house.

“Aiden?” Julian’s voice echoes through the house as soon as I open the door.

“Yeah.” I answer as I make my way to the kitchen where I find a bottle of chilled water, I gulp it down as quickly as possible.

“I was starting to get worried a little there.” Julian says as he enters the kitchen in a loose white shirt that was clearly mine and black sweatpants.
If he wasn’t going through stuff right now, I’d rip off the pants and leave him in just the shirt.

“Sorry.” I say with a weak smile clearing the oncoming thoughts from my mind as I pass him and walk towards the bathroom. I was in desperate need of a shower, I was soaking in swear and we’d be leaving soon enough.

“How was it?” He asks following behind me, stepping right on my heels.

“Fine.” I say as I throw off my shirt when I get in the room, throwing it in the hamper before strolling to the bathroom.

“I’m sorry Aiden.” Julian says quickly when I’m about to close the bathroom door shocking me. “I didn’t mean to shut you out or ignore you, it’s a habit. I just had to wrap my head around the body r-reacted to you, it shocked me. I’m sorry so don’t be mad.”

“I’m not mad.” I say walking to his fidgeting self. “I knew you needed space, so I gave you some.”

“Sorry.” He apologizes again.

“It’s okay. It’s new for both of us, I understand.” I say while taking his face in my hands, sending me on a europhoic high just from touching his skin. “We’ll just slow things down, okay?”

“No!” He shouts taking me by surprise while Max rejoiced internally. “I don’t want to.”

“Julian...” I say skeptically.

“I’m serious, I’m fine now.” He says placing his hands over my own sending bolts of electricity throughout my body, he closes his eyes momentarily, clearly feeling the same thing. “ I l-liked it.”

“Oh.” I reply as he smiles nervously at me.


“Okay, well that’s good.” I say awkwardly but he doesn’t seem to mind as he cracks a wide smile. “I’ll go shower.” I say as I head to the bathroom.

“Wait.” I turn quickly only to be met with his lips smashing into my own. I treasure the feeling that I’ve missed so much as I pull him closer, while struggling to keep Max at bay.

“You know you’re really confusing?” I say when we pull away.

“Either that or you’re just really dumb.” He retorts making me roll my eyes.

“Says the guy who thought penguins could fly.” I say rolling my eyes as I walk away slowly.

“I was ten!” He shouts angrily.

“Stupidity is stupidity, doesn’t matter the age,” I say as a smirk forms on my lips while watching his pissed expression.

“I hate you.” He grumbles as he leaves the bedroom.

“I hate you more,” I shout before shutting the door.

That was something.
I liked it. But I like everything so...


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