Alpha Mates

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Chapter 17

Julian’s P.O.V

“What movie are we watching?” I ask as I sit on the bed watching Aiden scramble to get ready.

“I think Baywatch.”

“I heard that was really bad.” I reply feeling the urge to not go grow so much stronger.

“Friends, they’re important. Let’s keep them.” He says while holding up two shirts.

“The black one.” I say making him smile before putting it on, when he puts on his shades I frown a bit. “Why do you wear shades all the time?”

“Because I want to.” He snaps, when he sees my shocked eyes he sighs. “Sorry, it’s because the sunlight becomes too much after a while if I don’t wear them.”

“Sunlight?” I ask in confusion.

“Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it.” He replies clearly trying to change the topic.

“Does it have something to do with why you’re eyes glow red?” I ask as I continue to probe, he studies me for a while before looking away.

“Drop it.” He demands as his eyes return my way, I nod slowly deciding to leave it alone for another day. “Ready to go?” He asks holding out a hand.

“Yeah.” I say taking it, we leave the suite finding the others waiting patiently downstairs.

“Finally.” Beckett groans when they notice our presence.

“We’ve been here for five minutes, ignore him.” Isabel says as she stand up with a lawn chair. “We’re sitting outside for the movie, you two can stick in the car.”

“Let’s go.” Emitt says rushing out the house, we waste no time walking behind him.


“What do you mean your out of cinnamon sticks!” Emitt shouts from the counter, we all watch in amusement as we eat our pizzas from the corner booth we were seated in.

“I mean there’s no more, sir.” The cashier responds clearly exhausted.

“Then make some!” He exclaims, the frustration pumping off him in waves.

“Fine!” The guy shouts before walking into the kitchen angrily as Emitt makes his way back to the table.

“A bit too harsh, don’t you think?” Aiden asks as Emitt slides into the seat next to him. Before I could let myself react, Aiden moves closer to me squeezing my thigh lightly under the table. I knew he was just trying to be considerate after I told him how I felt about his and Emitt’s relationship, but his hand on my thigh just drove me insane instead.

“Not at all.” Emitt scoffs bringing my attention back to the conversation, “I paid for cinnamon sticks, so I deserve my cinnamon sticks.”

“The movie starts in an hour, so they better be done in thirty.” Aiden warns as his strokes my fabric covered skin discreetly. A shudder runs through my body as he continues to caress me with his warm hand, knowing quite well how I’d become if it continued, I remove it quickly.

“Have you guys started your biology project?” Isabel questions making me freeze as my eyes snapped to Aiden who looked just as panicked as I’m sure I did.

“Shit.” He mutters as I run my hands through my hair.

“A lots been going on, it slipped our minds.” I say in exhaustion, here I thought I had a relatively calm weekend.

“We have the entire school year so don’t start planning our weekend around it.” Aiden whispers, I look up at him in shock. “Surprised I knew what you were thinking? You’re easy to read.”

“First time I’ve ever heard that.” I reply with a scoff.

“I’ll rephrase that.” He says leaning in closer. “You’re easy for me to read.” He whispers into my ear, the warmth of his breath brushing my skin lightly, sending goosebumps down my back.

“Get a room!” Beckett shouts while Aiden’s sits up smiling.

“Beckett you Baka!” Isabel screams slapping him in the back of his head.

“Baka?” I question.

“Don’t worry about it.” She grumbles as she twirls her straw around her glass in disappointment while muttering angrily to herself.
Soon enough someone dumps a large box of cinnamon sticks on the table, which Emitt grabs in the blink of an eye. We leave not long after, Aiden was driving, I was in shotgun and the rest were in the back.

“How old are you guys?” Aiden asks Isabel and Beckett suddenly taking off the music they were singing too, I could kiss him as thanks, they sounded beyond horrible.

“All seventeen.” Beckett answers as he drew on the window with the frost that formed from the A.C.

“Oh, I was wondering why none of you were mated.” He explains as they all sigh.

“My birthday’s next month so I’ll be meeting Mr.Perfect very soon.” Isabel squeaks happily. “He’s in our pack, I can feel it.”

“With that logic, Julian and I should’ve felt something. I didn’t feel shit, did you?” He asks in disbelief.


“You probably did but just buried it along with the hate.” She says making me roll my eyes, her logic was beyond flawed.

“That makes absolutely no sense.” I say turning to face her. “It would’ve felt different among the hate.”

“You don’t know that.” She defends, trying to keep her sinking argument afloat.

“Actually, I think ha-”

“Alrighty kids, we’re here!” Aiden says feigning cheerfulness. “Front or back?” He asks me specifically.

He finds a nice spot in the back corner with a perfect view of the screen, it was far enough from other cars so we didn’t have to hear others’ comments throughout the film. The others immediately got out the car with their chairs and snacks before taking off to a place designated for those who’d be sitting outside the cars.

Aiden and I continued to talk about the most ridiculous things, like how the population of Mars was entirely robots and his little discovery of not being able to hum while holding your nose. We continued sharing our little facts until the movie started, sadly stopping the amusing conversation.
I try to keep my attention on the movie for as long as possible, but it was so absurd that it physically hurt to watch it.

“This is stupid.” I say while sitting up from my lowered chair in frustration.

“Yeah, it is.” Aiden replies as he sits up from his slightly lowered chair before turning down the radio so the movie’s sound would stop.

“Can we go home?”

“We can’t leave them behind.” He says indicating to our friends who were so intertwined in the movie that they didn’t realise a raccoon was eating Emitt’s cinnamon sticks.

“Why not? They can run.” I protest but Aiden just watched me with a expression that clearly said that it wasn’t an option. “Then what are we supposed to do?”

“Well..” He drags as he turns to face me, before placing his hand on my thigh. “What would you like to do?”

“Real smooth.” I say sarcastically as a smile tugs its way on my lips, I quickly slide on his seat before pushing it down as low as possible so that I was straddling him.

“It worked didn’t it?” He replies while his hands find their way on my hips. Without another word, I lean down connecting our lips, I hum in delight at the feeling of his soft lips against my own. We kiss slowly, relishing in the shock waves that transferred between our bodies, our lips move in sync as we slowly get hungrier for more. When Aiden bites my lip I open immediately earning myself a soft chuckle from him which I ignored, our tongues dance together in perfect harmony. I feel Alex pushing forward as Aiden’s grip on my hips tighten, we weren’t even frightening for dominance we were just enjoying the feeling of pleasure we got from each other, the new drug that I couldn’t seem to get enough of. A soft moan escapes my lips when one of his hands slip under my shirt gently tracing my skin, his touch making me melt in his hand hands. Grinding myself into him, I smile against his lips when a low moan emits from deep within. We continue to drown in each other to the point we’re my lips we’re numb and my member was pulsing in desperate need, I could tell he felt the same every time I pressed myself against him. He didn’t seem to take the hint at what I wanted, proving to be completely incompetent.

Trying desperately to push away my nerves, I slide my hand down to his obvious tent before squeezing lightly. A loud moan ripples out of him, breaking the contact between our lips, I plant kisses to his jaw and down his neck where I stay as I continue to knead him below. He continues to moan beneath me as I suck on the spot I’d mark one day, growing some confidence I tug at his zipper as I unbutton his jeans tugging it down slightly. I reconnect our lips as I let my hand trace his member through the soaked, thin fabric making him moan in my mouth sending vibrations through my entire being. When I go to slip my hand into his underwear he stops me as his eyes flutter open.

“You don’t want me to?” I ask watching his disheveled form.

“I do, more than you know.” He says panting slightly. “I don’t want you running tomorrow after you do.”

“I won’t.” I confirm pressing a kiss to the spot in his neck that seemed to drive him crazy, his eyes immediately shut as his hands grip onto the car handles for support.
When he seems relaxed again, I let my hand slide in his underwear, grabbing his very large member. A loud moan escapes him from just the contact, instantly I begin to stroke him slowly as I worshipped his skin with my kisses. I apply a little pressure as I press my thumb on his tip making him shift suddenly under me as he grabbed onto my shoulders moaning directly into my ear. I felt myself grow harder as I started to quicken my pace, wanting to mess him up a little more. Driven by lust, I drag my tongue along his skin making him shiver under me.

“Julian..” He moans out, the sound of my name rolling off his tongue made me leak a little in my pants. Closing my eyes, I continue to work on pleasuring him while I tried to keep Alex at bay. My eyes pop open when his hand makes contact with my stiffened member, his warmth spreading throughout me as he stroked me mercilessly.

“Ahhh!” I moan out shamelessly as we push each other further to the edge. He uses his thumb to trace me from the root up making me thrust into his hand desperately. My movements slowly become sloppy as I get lost in the unbelievable pleasure he was bringing me, he shoves my hand away as he takes us both of us in his grasp, rubbing our leaking members against each other. I continue to thrust into his hands as my arms rest at the sides of his head for support, I could feel myself getting closer to the edge as he continued to stroke me mercilessly.

“Baby I’m close.” He whispers in my ears, the word making my heart flutter in joy.

“M-me too.” I stutter as he buckles slightly against me. I reconnect our lips desperately as I continue to thrust into his hand, making our erections slide against each other sending us both on a euphoric high. “A-Aiden..” I moan out breaking the kiss as I felt myself drawing closer to the edge, my head falling next to his own giving him access to my ears which he instantly attacked. “I-I’m going to.. c-cum.”

“Cum with me.” He growls into my ear, the sound pushing me straight off the edge as I emptied myself into his hands along with him. My thrust came to a halt as he continued to pump me, dragging out the very last drop, opening my eyes I find him panting below me with a cum covered shirt which made me shamefully hard again. He seems to notice as his eyes open suddenly to look at me, a smirk took his lips as color instantly invaded my cheeks.

“The movie’s not done.” He says as his hand slowly started moving again, my eyes widen at the gesture even though my heart was soaring with excitement. “Again?” He asks with a raised eyebrow, I nod before taking his lips once again as his hands took us for another pleasure filled journey.


........I surprised myself there.
I mean, wow.


Thanks for reading guys, love the comments also thanks for voting. Y’all the best!

I haven’t watched Baywatch so don’t take my word for it being bad.

Until next time,
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