Alpha Mates

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Chapter 18

Aiden’s P.O.V

“It’s your turn to make breakfast.” I grumble, squinting so that my eyes could adjust to the blinding sunlight.

“Irrelevant.” Julian replies as he snuggles in closer to me.

“The fuck you mean irrelevant? You made the stupid schedule, so follow it.” I say shaking his shoulders lightly, after a series of groans and words that I don’t know the meanings of, he finally gets out of bed to goes make breakfast.

“What you making?” I ask drying my hair as I walked into the kitchen after a long shower.

“Grilled cheeses.” He says flipping one of the sandwiches.

“Your cooking abilities are very limited.”

“So is your vocabulary but at least I’m kind enough to keep it to myself.” He replies before handing me my sandwich and kissing my cheek. He heads straight to the TV room with his own sandwich and cup of lemonade, I follow behind him before we both plop down on the couch and switching on the TV.

“We don’t have anything to do right?” I ask taking a bite of the sandwich.

“We shouldn’t. All pack related meetings during the week, so is training, I did my homework and the project isn’t urgent.” He says racking his brain a bit more. “I think we’re good.”

“Thank Goddess.” I say while resting my feet on the coffee table. “We’ll go to your house in the afternoon, okay?”

“Yeah.” He mumbles, he wasn’t really paying attention. One thing I had noticed about Julian was that once a movie had something to do with historical times he’d be hooked and since Pirates Of The Caribbean was playing his mind quickly set sail.

“I’m going back to bed.” I say when he put the third one to play.

“Yeah, yeah.” He says waving me off, I yawn as I head back to bed content with the idea of sleeping all day. Lying on my back, I slowly drift asleep as I soak into the heavenly mattress.


Shifting uncomfortably, I frown at the feeling of something heavy on my stomach, I try to shake it off but the thing with stuck to me.
I open my eyes angrily only to see Julian sleeping on top of me with his head resting on my chest. I look over at the other three quarters of the bed that were perfectly empty before looking back at him, poking his side he slowly wakes up as he starts to giggle which was truly adorable.

“What?” He yawns aggressively as he comes to, rubbing his eyes before sitting up a little.

“Just sleep on the bed and not me.” I say indicating to our position. He frowns as his eyes trail up and down my body before he sleepily slides off, I turn on my side so that we were spooning, wrapping my arm around his waist I bury my head in the crook of his neck inhaling deeply.

“We can’t sleep forever.” He mumbles as he takes my hand in his own.

“I don’t see why not.” I say clearing his hair from his face, he doesn’t seem to like the idea as he peeks over his shoulder with a slight frown. “Okay, fine. Let’s go for a run.”

“I don’t want to run.” He groans burying himself under the sheets.

“Too bad.” I say as I get out the bed before picking him up and throwing him over my shoulder. The guy was surprisingly light and easier to carry than you’d think. “You haven’t taken your wolf out since the day you threw a tantrum and ran.”

“It wasn’t a tantrum you inconsiderate ass.” He grumbles, “and how do you know that?” He asks as I put him down outside.

“I pay attention.” I reply kissing his forehead before shifting on the spot. He smiles down at me before he runs his hand through my jet black fur making Max prance around in delight.

“You’re the complete opposite of me.” He replies before he too shifts, revealing his white as snow fur and crystal blue eyes, which looked brighter in his wolf form. Before I can blink, he takes off at full speed, disappearing into the woods.

Little witch.

Not wasting another second, I push off my legs running after his distant white fur. He looked like a snowflake falling in black ice in the dense woods, his fur making him easy to spot but he also looked gorgeous with his hair flowing calmly in the wind.
Eventually I caught up to him, though I’m sure he slowed down so that I could, we ran along side each other through the never ending woods for a couple of hours before stopping.

“So tell the truth, did you pay some witch for some potion or something to make you fast.” I ask after we both shift and fall to the ground, my legs feeling like jello.

“Shut up, I’m just fast.” He replies panting heavily as I do too, we were running for about four hours so it was understandable.

“Why did we do that to ourselves? Why did you insist on us running?”

“That was you! I was perfectly content with staying in bed.” He protests sitting up a bit to look at me.

“No, you weren’t! You said we couldn’t sleep all day!” I throw back.

“No I didn’t!” He exclaims falsely.

“Sure Jewels, whatever you say.” I reply feigning a yawn, he narrows his eyes while a smile plays on his lips. When I finally gathered the strength to sit up, he pounced onto my lap, letting his arms rest on my shoulders while he played with my hair. “May I help you?”

“No, I’m fine.” He replies with a small smile as his eyes dart to me momentarily before returning to my hair. “It’s so soft..” He mummers.

“It is better than that ratty, string cheese shit you got on your head.” I retort making him frown as he uses his hand to tug make my head, making me wince slightly.

“My.Hair.Is.Gorgeous.” He replies kissing me lightly in between each word, the constant shock waves making me shiver under him.
When he loosens his grip, I quickly reconnecting our lips as I press his body closer into my own. He doesn’t hesitate to kiss me back, wrapping his legs around my waist. Deepening the kiss, he drives his tongue into my mouth where he explores it throughly leaving me in a state of bliss while my heart hammers away inside of my chest. Quickly we become hungrier for each other, something that seemed to be happening a lot more now, a kiss wasn’t enough I wanted more, so much more. I rake my hands down his back making him hum against my lips as he melts before me, I let my hands sink into his pants where I grab his ass firmly. A loud moan bellows out his mouth making my member pulse to life instantly, I start to massage him, squeezing it and gripping it tightly then kneading it. His form becomes disheveled as he breaks the kiss to rest his head in my shoulder which his hands were gripping onto tightly, he shivers constantly as I push him forward grinding himself against me. He slowly brought his eyes back to mine then rested his forehead against my own, his desperate cries and lustful expression only made me harder, the thin rope of control slipping easily,

“We should....not...o-outside.” He says stopping every time I’d squeezing his ass.

“Shame, I like the outdoors.” I say kissing his neck gently as I give him one last squeeze making sure it was harder than the rest.

“Ahhhh!” He screams out, pleasure filled waves emitted out of him like crazy making me smile proudly as I stared down at his muddled figure. His eyes were dazed and his lips slightly swollen, his cheeks were a little tainted which just drove me insane.

“Let’s head home.” I say standing up with him quickly. “So we can continue indoors.” His cheeks get much brighter as color floods them viciously, suppressing a growl, I blink several times to call down Max.

I can not wait to get home

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