Alpha Mates

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Chapter 20

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Aiden’s P.O.V

Alpha there’s been a rogue attack.


Close to the rogue pack we found a while back, a few scouts got too close I guess.

Gather the team

What about Blue Moon Pack Members?

No, keep this within our pack.

Yes alpha.

I slide out of bed stretching thoroughly before heading to the study.

“I’m heading out for a bit.” I say after stepping into the room a little, Julian’s head shoots up from his book as he frowns slightly.

“This late?” He asks closing the book slightly and walking over to me.

“Yeah, my dad wants to meet up. No idea why.” I reply as he stands before me.

“Want me to come?” He asks with a weak smile.

“No, I can handle Micheal on my own.” I say with a chuckle.

“Okay.” He says before kissing me slowly as he pulls my body closer, I feel myself getting lost in the connection but he pulls away before I can deepen the kiss. “Bye.”

“Yeah.” I slip out the room without another word then leave the suite. I sigh in exhaustion as I shift and head to my pack, I liked a rouge hunt more than the next guy but I didn’t like lying to Julian about it. I never had to make excuses for killing those abominable creatures, but now Julian was so against it. I don’t know why he was so protective of the things that basic nature was to kill and destroy, who wouldn’t want to get rid of them?

“What’s the plan Alpha?” Franks asks, I shift as I get closer letting my eyes scan the group for everyone I needed.

“We’re not going after the whole pack, we find the ones who killed our men and they pay.” I say ignoring the disappointed faces of the blood hungry men. “Do not encage if unnecessary! They’re too many of them, we’re not trying to lose more men. Got that?”

“Yes alpha.” They all say in unison.

“You guys know what to do, let’s go.” I say before shifting. They all scatter into the woods as I find and rub myself in the plant that masked my scent. One by one, their scents all faded from the forest leaving only the link as our connection. Running towards this new pack of rogues my mind ran rampant with ways to kill these mutts, I usually liked to drag it out like they did but it was late and I had school in the morning so a quick snap of the neck would have to do.

Everyone in my team had a hatred for rouges, Frank was pretty old but kept fit so you wouldn’t know, he lost his wife and son to some rouges a couple years back. Ever since then he’s been driven by the will to kill them all, he should’ve died after losing his family, his wolf did, but he kept going. I could smell the blasted things as I got closer and then I saw some fires, rogues usually hid and moved to different spots as soon as possible, but here they were actually living in makeshift houses. My eyes scanned the space of mutts as my men got into their usual places, I had done this enough times that I could feel them around me. It didn’t take long to sniff out the ones who killed our scouts, they still had traces of their blood on them. I restrain my wolf as I feel my eyes glowing with a sudden urge to attack them all, that wouldn’t help anyone and it’d take too long, I didn’t want to end up going home at seven in the morning. Slowly I slip between their boundaries, avoiding traps easily before shifting, I glide around the sides of their wooden houses as my eyes stay glued to the group of men that were soaked in the scent of the blood of my own. I suppressed a growl as I make sure the land is clear before running towards them.

“I saw some of the Dark Woods members trancing nearby! We have to hurry before they get too close!” I shout pathetically as they all shoot up from their seats.

“Who the hell are you?” One says as they all scan me with their eyes.

“You don’t even smell like us, you don’t smell like anything.” Another shouts making me roll my eyes internally.

“I was an omega before my old pack kicked me out.” I say quietly feigning being scared before making my eyes glow for them. They all relax when they see my red eyes before heading out to where I pointed to.

“Stay here.” One says before taking off with the rest of them. I smile to myself as I follow behind them after making sure no one was around to see, I shift back as I follow their scent all the way to a clearing far off so others wouldn’t smell them. My men were already attacking them as they tried to fight back but failed miserably, it was almost like art to me to see their blood being splattered on the innocent trees nearby.

We left that one for you Alpha. - Someone says through the link, my eyes search the crowd until I find one in the middle who seemed to scared to move.

Only one - they all laugh through the link before going back to devouring their victims. I waste no time running over to the rogue before sinking my teeth into its neck, it howls out in pain but we were to far for anyone to hear. After slashing and biting it in several places I watch it’s barely breathing figure on the ground while the other men surround me after finishing with their own. I put my paw in its bottom jaw before sinking my teeth in the top one and pulling up, they’re several cracks and sprouting of blood as the head is severed from the rest of the body.
We waste no time as we run back to our pack lands. Once there, we all shift with no visual traces of blood but we stunk of their disgusting scent that stuck to us because of their blood.

“They say anything to you?” I ask.

“Some nonsense about it not being their fault.” Frank says with a low growl.

“One day you got to tell us how you do it.” Mikey says as we walk towards the pack house.

“Do what?” I ask frowning slightly.

“Talk to them without them attacking you.” He says making them all hum in agreement.

“Great social skills.” I reply making them all laugh. “Night guys.” They all say their salutations as I head to my suite. The place was dark and quite, I waste no time heading to my study, unlocking one of the cupboards, I grab the cream before locking it back and heading to the shower. After scrubbing my skin like crazy, I head out immediately dousing myself in the cream I got from some witch, it erased any trances of anything on me leaving only my scent to flourish. Grabbing a pair of sweats, I leave the suite and then pack house and quickly make my way over to Julian’s pack. Slipping into the pack house, I make my way slowly to the suite where I find the lights still on surprisingly. My eyes stop on the clock to see it was just after twelve, not bad.

“What took you so long?” My eyes find the voice as Julian walks out rubbing his eyes sleepily making his was over to me in one of my shirts making Max push forward with a growl.

“Micheal likes to talk.” I say apologetically. “Why didn’t you go to sleep?”

“I tried, I couldn’t without you.” He says attaching his body to mine as he slides his arms around me and inhales me deeply before sighing.

“Sorry.” He hums in understanding as he snuggles himself closer to me, I lift him easily allowing him to wrap his legs around me as he rests his head on my shoulder with his arms around my neck. I walk around quickly taking off all the lights before heading to our room, lying down in the bed with him, I watch him slowly fall asleep before letting out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

What a night.

So Aiden’s a little sick,
I like it though.


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