Alpha Mates

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Chapter 21

Julian’s P.O.V

“Beckett this is basic math, the answer is three thousand and sixty two.” I say in exhaustion, I’ve been trying to help him with his homework for the past hour but nothing seemed to get through to him.

“Nothing about math is basic, it’s a lie the system feeds to us. Ask yourself Julian, what is x really? What the hell are we finding? I’m telling you, these aren’t answers, we’re calculating some shit to build a nuclear bomb. I can’t be expected to build a fucking bomb, I’m in high school.” He finishes crossing his arms seriously, I narrow my eyes as I watch him in complete disbelief and confusion.

“I’ll just do it.” I say in defeat as I start answering the ones he could probably do if he applied himself more.

“If you want to build a bomb, go ahead.” He says with a shrug as he starting playing a game on his phone. I finish the work quickly before handing it back to him and picking up the book I was reading.

“Got any plans after school, I need someone to take me to collect my bike.” Isabel says as she struts into the library, completely ignoring the librarian’s shushes.

“What happened to your bike?” I ask as she pulls up a chair to the table we were sitting at.

“I crashed it.” She says with a shrug.

“And you’re still alive?” Beckett asks with wide eyes.

“Werewolf, remember?”

“I can’t, I have to check on the construction site with Aiden.” I say apologetically.

“I’ll do it.” Beckett says glancing up from his phone for a brief moment. “But you’d have to wait until after Emitt and I get food.”

“No problem.” She says with a smile as I gather my things.

“I’m going to find Aiden.” I say before leaving them and heading to the cafeteria where he always went during free periods. I find him in the kitchen talking one of the cooks into making him some special burger for lunch. I wait until he finishes since last time I interrupted he almost ripped my head off.

“Hey.” He says with a bright smile that told me he got her to make it.

“Hi.” I reply returning the smile that was easily contagious. “What classes do you have after lunch?”

“Biology and P.E. with you, why?” He asks with a slight frown.

“I’m excused from P.E, I’ll be leaving after Biology just wanted to let you know.” I reply, I stop walking when he does, his face clearly drowning in thought. “It’s private so don’t ask.”


“I’ll meet you at the construction sight at about four.” I say quickly making him nod slightly, his eyes still studying me behind his shades.

“Don’t worry I’ll be fine, not like I do anything in P.E. anyway.” I say making him smile slightly.

“Never thought I could be with someone who hates the best subject there is.” He replies making me roll my eyes.

“It’s not a real subject, it’s a double period given to exhaust us of our energy and to allow teachers to have a midday snack in their lounge.” I say making him laugh loudly, his laughter echoing through the halls.

“Conspiracy theories.” He says before kissing my forehead, then the tip of my nose and finally my lips. Thankfully the halls were deserted, I wasn’t big on being intimate in public but these days just the feeling of his finger grazing my skin sent me ablaze. I knew it was the hunger our wolves felt for each other, both desperate to mate, but it was something we seemed to be dancing around carefully. That didn’t stop the fact that I now felt this almost painful desire to sink my canines into his awaiting skin. When he bit my lip I knew it drew blood, we were more aggressive nowadays, wanting each other and nothing else. I opened my mouth willingly allowing him to dive straight in as he attacked me mercilessly, I let my hands slide under his shirt as I smash him into a locker, using my body holding his own in place. He moans slightly into my mouth when my fingers brush over his nipples, I smile against his lips in satisfaction at the beautiful sound that he made because of me. Not surprisingly his hands find their way onto my ass, the feeling making me instantly melt as I stifle a moan.

“Not here.” He says before grabbing my hand and leading me into an empty classroom. He locks the door behind him before smashing his lips back into mine. I hum in delight as his tongue once again invades my mouth, exploring every inch of me as our tongues dance together fueled by an unstoppable need for the other. He clears the teacher’s desk behind me, sending supplies crashing to the floor before roughly laying me down and climbing on top of me. Our mouths reconnect sending a million bolts of electricity throughout my body as I wrapped my arms around his neck to bring him closer to me. He grinds himself into me making me shiver at the feeling of his member pressed into mine, we hadn’t done anything besides kiss since that night in the car and I had secretly been wanting much more.
He breaks away from the kiss as he sits up with himself still positioned between my legs. I watch him with lust filled eyes as he takes of his shades which were in his hair before ripping my shirt open, I feel the blood slowly seep into my cheeks as he rakes his hands down my chest making me arch my back as I moan loudly. I cover my mouth instantly as he continues to study every inch of me with his fingers, a smirk stays plastered to his face as he watches me quiver from his touch. His fingers teasingly run over my nipples pressing into them a little before retreating to another part of my body, I lay exposed for him as my mind becomes muddled with the desire his touch brought to me. A moan ripples out my mouth when I feel his tongue over my nipple, circling it skillfully while his fingers tease the other, my hands clench onto the sides of the desk as I relish in the indescribable pleasure it gave me.

He makes his way down my body, licking my abs as he slowly tugs my pants down along with my underwear revealing my already leaking member. I cover my face along with my mouth as I peak through to see him staring at me with a hunger that made me undoubtedly harder. He uses his teeth to nib around my thighs, while one hand runs up and down my upper body making me a quivering mess for him alone. His other hand trails around the place I wanted him to pay attention to but he purposely avoided it.

“Aiden...” I moan out through my hand as his tongue licks my upper thigh.

“Yes.” He says the amusement evident in his tone.

“Touch me.” I say now pass the point of embarrassment as he teases me to the brink of insanity.

“I am touching you.” He says using his hand to squeeze my nipple making a moan bellow out into my hands.

“More.” I demand. “Touch me there.” I say knowing that he knew exactly where I meant.

“Here?” He asks teasingly using the other hand to graze my awaiting member, the feeling making my entire being drown in an unfamiliar wave of pleasure.

“Y-yes.” I stutter out as he continues to drag his hand around my body, leaving no place untouched.

“I’ll do you one better.”
My back instantly arches as he takes me into his mouth, sending the heat from his mouth throughout my body. I keep my grasp on my mouth tighter as my eyes roll back from the heat that surrounded my member. He uses his tongue to trail me from the root up as he takes his mouth away from my pulsing member.
Within a moment, he swallows me again making me melt completely as he starts bobbing up and down. My grasp become loose as my hands drop to my sides as I slowly slip into a pleasure filled subspace, only recognizing the thrill Aiden gave me.

I slowly start unraveling as his hands transfer to my ass, pushing me deeper into his mouth. I cry out from the feeling of his tongue tracing my tip as his hands knead my ass, I couldn’t even contain myself anymore as I felt myself emitting waves of need for my mate. Aiden seemed to pick up on them as he started to move faster, his hands clenching me harder making me melt completely as I quickly got dragged to the brink of releasing.

“I..cufdju.” My words don’t even come out right, my mind a complete blur with the attention my member was receiving. A moan silently as I release myself into his mouth making my eyes clench shut from the phenomenal feeling, he tightens his hold on my member with his mouth as he drags out every last drop taking it all without a complaint.
My eyes continue to roll as I lay perfectly still while he climbs on top of my spent body.

“I love to see you like this.” He whispers into my ears making goosebumps run down my back. “A mess, barely conscious, open and waiting for me.” He whispers his words making me shiver as my heart hammers away, while his hands rubbed my hard nipples making me moan slightly as my member pulses again.

“I-I canpt.” I try to say as he licks that one spot of my ear that makes me lose my mind.

“Doesn’t seem so to me.” He whispers before sucking on my ear aggressively making me buckle into him as he grabs my leg allowing himself to grind into me. I moan out again as I feel myself growing hard again.

“I c-can’t.” I say again knowing that he wanted to do more, I don’t think I’d last if we did. I had never ever masterbated before Aiden came along, it wasn’t appealing yet here he was driving me crazy with desire.

“You want to.” He says as if it were a fact, before I can respond he grabs my member in his hand making me eyes grow wide to meet his dark ones as he looked down at me. He strokes me slowly making me body quiver in pleasure.

“I...” I stop as he sits up allowing his fingers to squeeze my nipples making me leak as another moan escapes me. “Yes.” I stretch out as he quickens his movements with his hand.

“I thought you couldn’t.” He says stopping abruptly making my eyes burst open as I whine lowly in anger. I noticed Aiden liked teasing me and having control over me, I didn’t mind it really since it made me feel as if I were high.

“Please.” I beg looking him straight in the eye with my drowsy ones, he smiles proudly before lowering himself and taking me into his mouth once again sending me on another rollercoaster of pleasure.



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