Alpha Mates

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Chapter 22

Aiden’s P.O.V

“Is he okay?” Emitt asks as I seat Julian and I down at the table with everyone else.

“He’s fine, just a little tired I think.” I say pulling his body into mine for support.

“Why is he wearing your shades?” Isabel asks frowning at Julian.

Because his eyes are rolling behind them.

“He said something about it being too bright, he stayed up really late last night reading so I’m not surprised.” I lie as Paula brings the burger to the table. I thank her as she walks away with a smile, I return my attention to the group of friends who seemed to still be on the Julian matter.

“He seemed fine earlier today.” Beckett says making me take in a deep breath in frustration.

“Well he’s not now, drop it.” I say as I take a large bite of my burger, they watch me suspiciously before returning to their conversation. I sigh as I look down at my beautiful mate who was sleeping but they didn’t need to know that, he passed out after his eighth time cumming which was beyond hot. I may have taken it a bit far but how could I not, he looked so perfect withering in my grasp and he tasted so damn good it was addicting. I’m surprised I didn’t cum in my pants at the sight of his cum covered chest when we were done, well, when I was.
I eat my lunch while keeping a close eye on him as the others seem to quickly forget about us, when he started to steer away I make up an excuse and take him away.

“Did I fall asleep?” He asks with a slight yawn as he sits on the bathroom counter while I stand between his legs.

“Yeah.” I say brushing his hair behind his ears, he shivers slightly making my pants grow tight as his cheeks light up.

“Sorry.” He says as he looks up, connecting his slightly dazed, blue eyes behind the shades to my own.

“I got a little carried away, don’t apologize.” I reply with a soft smile that he easily returned.

“Me too, it almost feels like what they say going into heat is like.” He says with a slight chuckle.

“Thankfully, we’re both guys and won’t have to endure that.” I say kissing his forehead.

“Yeah.” He says as I lean back allowing him to stand, when I’m sure he’s fine I leave quickly with him before giving him his lunch which he devours quickly while we walk.

“Lunch is almost done so let’s just head to class.” He nods in agreement as we walk to the labs together.

“You did the homework right?” He asks once we’re seated and comfortable.

“Yeah.” I say taking it out making him smile. I seemed to be on top of my work more now being with Julian which was not surprising.

“Question.” He says frowning slightly.


“Why am I wearing your shades?” He asks making me laugh as I look at his confused face, he looked adorable with the oversized eyewear sitting on his nose.

“You were slipping in and out, your eyes were rolling, the whole horror show.” I say making his eyebrows shoot up as I take back my shades revealing his bright blue orbs that drowned me momentarily.

“Thank you then.” He says letting a smile grow on his face, I wanted to kiss him again but I stopped myself knowing that would lead to a repeat of earlier today and probably more. Julian didn’t seem to care as he crashed his lips into my own, my eyes grow wide at his aggressive attack as he climbs onto my lap. My resolve was gone within a moment as I kissed him back hungrily, I felt his hands start unbuckling my pants as his tongue explored my mouth.

“Not in my class.” A voice says making us break our heated embrace as my eyes search for the source revealing our biology teacher. “Please not in my class.” She repeats as Julian slides back into his seat. “Who wouldn’t thought a simple project would’ve resulted into that.”

“It was more than the project.” I say as I lick my swollen lips glancing across at Julian whose face was hidden in his arms as he laid his head down on the desk. His red ears told me more than enough, I smile to myself as I return my attention to Mrs.Maxine.

“If you have your diagram assignment bring it here.” She says as she sits in her seat, Julian hands me his without looking up. I take both and set them at her desk as she looks up at me with amused eyes.

“What?” I say with a raised brow.

“Nothing, just never thought I’d see Rapunzel with anything besides that permanent scowl of his.” She says referring to Julian who let out a low cry at the comment that only I could hear.

“Me neither.” I reply with a smile, “how’s my grades looking?”

“Still top of my class, nothing to worry about.” She says as she digs through her bag.

“And him?” I say lowly so that he wouldn’t hear, even with our sensitive ears.

“I already told you he needs help.” She says with a sigh glancing up at Julian. “He’s a smart kid, the sciences just don’t click for him. They do for you, help him. Start with the basics, work your way up.” I nod in understanding as I look back up at Julian, I used to love rubbing it in his face about how bad he was at something so easy for me but now I felt a little pity I think.

“Thanks Johanna.” She nods with a smile as the bell rings and the class begins to fill quickly.

“Alright, let’s try to learn something.”


“I’ll see you later.” I say as I leave the locker room with Julian who was in his usual clothes.

“Yeah.” He says before kissing me and heading out, I quickly head for the field where everyone was already doing laps. After making my apologies, I start my laps jogging along easily with the rest who looked ready to collapse. I never understood teenagers and their unexplainable laziness, class started like five minutes ago.

“Hey.” I glance across to see Beckett running besides me with a vomit inducing smile on his face that I couldn’t get used to.

“Hi.” I say as we continue to run together. We made small talk throughout the class as everyone else looked close to death from something as simple as one hundred Burpees.
I sit next to Isabel during the break as Beckett runs into the woods after a rabbit he claimed to see.

“Where’s Julian?” She asks passing me a Gatorade.

“He left, said it was private.” I say with a slight shrug before taking a swing at the cold goodness.

“He’s pulling that shit on you too.” She say making me frown. “Julian’s Mystery, that’s what Beckett and I call it. He’s been doing it for as long as I’ve know him, he disappears randomly and if you ask him about it it’s a ‘private matter’.”

“Ever tried to follow him?” I ask curiously.

“You try following a genius with speed and get back to me.” She says before running down the bleachers when coach blew the whistle. I brush the new information off for another time before I make my way back onto the field.


“We’ve finished the base and started with the general lay out. You can’t walk in though, don’t want anything dropping and killing you guys.” Roger says while laughing, he stops when Felix nudges him with a look of disapproval.

“We’ve been progressing faster than anticipated, we might finish just over a month.” Felix says with a weak smile.

“That’s good news, we’ll leave you guys to it.” Julian says, we say our goodbyes before heading towards his pack.

“How was your little excursion?” I ask as we walk breaking the comfortable silence that laid between us.

“Fine.” He says glancing at me with suspicious eyes.

“Where’d you go?” I ask watching his reactions carefully.

“None of your business.” He snarls making clench my fist.

“Kind of is if you’re my mate.” I say a bit harsher than I meant to.

“Not if it’s private.” He says walking a little faster.

“What are you hiding?” I ask grabbing his wrist to stop him from moving any further.

“Are you going to tell me about your red eyes?” He snaps making me close my mouth quickly as I look away. “Exactly, so drop it.”
I let his wrist go as we continue to walk in now uncomfortable silence to his pack house.

“Is that our favourite boys?” My head snaps up to the car that stops next to us, the windows come down revealing our fathers with wide smiles.

“Get in.” My dad says unlocking the doors, I slide in the backseat quickly followed by Julian who looked still agitated.

“You two want to head over for diner with us?” Roger asks turning back to face us.

“Sure.” I say when Julian makes no motion of answering, he looks at me with questioning eyes but I just shrug it off. The car ride continues with me answering for both of us as he continues to pout, keeping his eyes on the window. When we pull up to my parents house I signal for them to go in before us while I stop Julian to talk to him.

“Stop being so angry, I have things I like to keep to myself and I just forgot that you would too.” I say watching him seriously as he glares at me for a bit before his eyes relaxes. “I’m sorry.”

“Okay.” He grumbles before heading inside, I knew in his own way he was over it so I didn’t comment any further and followed behind him. Once inside our mothers greet us with wide smiles and open smiles, I notice Julian’s mom still watching me carefully which she’d been doing ever since that day with Julian and the waterfall place. Soon enough we’re all eating around the table and chatting happily as the night progressed, the feeling of Julian’s hand on my knee makes me jump a little in surprise.

“You okay there?” My dad asks catching my reaction.

“Yeah fine.” I say nodding as the hand travels up my thigh, now was not the time and definitely not the place. Even though I want to shove his hand away I was easily persuaded not to by the europhic feeling it gave me. My eyes slowly became heavy as he traced the place that was slowly demanding attention. My eyes move towards Julian who was already studying me with hungry eyes, a look that boasted my undeniable needs up.
Within thinking I connect our lips in a heated kiss as I slowly forgot the company around us my mind only focusing on my mate and an insatiable need to have him. I pull him into my lap as we continue to deepen the kiss, his hands dig their way into my hair as he tugs it roughly with a light growl.

Suddenly his body is lifted off of my own making me growl angrily at the loss of my mate. My blurry eyes find him sitting in the seat opposite the room making Max growl from the separation, I try to make my way over to him but I’m being held down. I feel my temper rising as someone snaps their fingers in front of me before slapping me straight across my face. My vision slowly clears revealing my dad in front of me as my mother holds me down.

“What are you doing?” I ask in confusion as I glance over at Julian who was getting smacked a bunch of times which made me jaw clench tightly as I tried to go to him but my mother’s death grip held me down.

“What’s going on?” Julian asks with equal confusion that I had.

“You were’s ugh.” Roger struggles to say making me frown.

“You were being very......intimate.” Julian’s mother says.

“That’s what mates do.” Julian defends surprisingly.

“Not while they’re eating Chicken Alfredo with their parents.” My dad says making his cheeks heat up, the sight making my entire being crawl with need.

“We’ll go home then.” I say quickly wanting nothing more than to attack him as soon as possible.

“Yeahhhh no.” My mom says.

“You two might be entering a heat.” Roger says making me laugh. I continue to laugh until I realise I’m the only one in the room finding this hilarious.

“That’s ridiculous. If you forgot we’re males, men don’t go into heat and both mates don’t.” I say in a duh tone while they all looked at each other nervously.

“True but maybe two male mates are different.” My mom says softly.

“You can’t be serious.” Julian says in disbelief.

“Have you noticed anything different between you two?” My dad says quickly.


“Think.” He reiterates.
They’re was nothing to think about, we’ve been the same as usual. We sleep and eat together, we took a bath together but nothing happened. I wanted to rip his close off more these days, especially when he wore my clothes, but that was natural. We went a little crazy in the car the other day at the movies and then today I pushed him to his limits. I got a little excited in the bathroom...we almost went again in class........and at the table just now .


Heat! Best chapters of every werewolf book, in my opinion.


Thank you for reading my humans, hope you enjoyed your triple update.
Thanks for reading and voting and being so nice.

Until next time,
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