Alpha Mates

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Chapter 23

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Julian’s P.O.V

“No.” Aiden says rushing over to me, he grabs my hand firmly as if holding onto me for support.

“Son.” Micheal starts.

“Don’t son me! I’m not going to allow us to be separated for two weeks!” He exclaims while tightening his grip on my hand.

“This heat will start next week, this week is the build up. It’s the best for both of you.” My father pipes in looking at us desperately.

“It’s not. I won’t let him go.” He says firmly, the words causing my heart to flicker slightly.

“Julian, talk some sense into him.” My mother says causing them all to look at me. My eyes trace over all of them and their different expressions, Aiden’s being the most intense.

“We can’t stay apart for an entire school day, we won’t make it for two weeks.” I say simply.

“Heats are complex. They bring forward your wolf’s strength along with your usually controllable desires. It’s worst for Alphas, you’ll tear each other apart.” Micheal says seriously.

“What is your solution? Keep us locked in the cellars for the two weeks?!” Aiden exclaims clearly letting his temper get the best of him.

“Yes.” His mother says firmly.

“That’s madness!” I zone out as Aiden dives into a full on rage filled, word attack on our parents.

Heats came to mates who hadn’t mated yet. It basically lets your wolf take over and fulfill their animalistic desires until they physically couldn’t anymore. It was dangerous and usually best to avoid, especially for Alphas. Their wolves were demanding, they wanted their mate and after being denied the ability to take them for so long, when the heat came around they’d have their way with them. An alpha and a human going into heat was supposed the worst possible pairing but two alphas in heat suggested something catastrophic.

“It’s stupid to try and keep us apart.” I say interjecting into the heated argument between Aiden and our parents. “As you said, we’re both Alphas. If we escape the cellars, which we will, it’ll end disastrously after being apart for so long. If we stay together and try to fight it, it’ll be the same way.”

“So what are you saying?” Aiden asks with a frown.

“It’s pretty simple really. The Heat comes when mates don’t complete the mating, so we do that. We mate before the heat starts.” I say with a shrug, causing his eyes widen as do everyone else’s.

“We’re still figuring things out, I don’t want to rush it.” Aiden says taking my other hand will watching me with concerned eyes.

“It’s better this way than when we’re blinded by lust that’s not really us.” I say truthfully before glancing at my parents. “This way is fine right?”

“The full moon will still affect you but only as much as it would me. So, yeah. I guess so.” My dad says awkwardly.

“Then it’s settled, good night.” I say before leading Aiden out after grabbing our things.
Aiden stays quiet all the way back home, he followed behind me without so much as a whisper. It wasn’t until we were in the confines of the suite that he broke his silent streak.

“Julian I don’t know how I feel about this.” He says when I turn to face him, my eyes finally meet his own as he searched my eyes with his pain filled, dark ones.

“Me neither honestly.” I say taking his face in my hand, using my thumb to caress his smooth skin while savoring the delightful feeling the contact gave me.

“I don’t want to not have you for two weeks though.” He replies letting his arms slide around my waist, bringing me closer to him.

“That’s not an option.” I confirm as he rests his head against my own, I close my eyes to soak in the calming waves it caused to erupt within me. We stay like that in complete silence for what felt like hours before I had the courage to spit out what I’ve been shying away from saying. I open my eyes to see his closed as we remain protected in each other’s grasp.

“I want to complete the mating bond.” His eyes immediately pop open as he pulls his head away quickly while keeping our bodies closed. I watch as several different emotions run through his eyes one after the other before finally stopping on one I didn’t quite recognize.

“Is this you talking or the heat induced you?” He asks cautiously. I felt a growing need to kiss him but nothing I couldn’t control at the moment, I knew what I felt was real.

“Me. I’m not saying right now, I’m saying I want to. I want to before it’s no longer one hundred percent me. I’m scared but I want to.” I say with a nervous smile. “Do you?”

“Y-yeah.” He says fumbling over his words as he blinks a few times. “I’ve wanted to for a while but I wasn’t sure how to approach the idea with us being guys and you being the bottom, but if yo-”

“Wait a minute.” I say cutting his words short. “What’s this bottom thing I keep hearing about?” I ask in confusion, he clasps his mouth shut as he scratches his head nervously.

“Well...” The words never come as he looks at me with a slightly frightens stare.

“Jesus, just tell me.” I say angrily after waiting patiently for a few minutes.

“Well in sex, there’s a guy and there’s a girl and the guy pu-”

“I know how sex works Aiden.” I snap making his frown slightly.

“I’m trying to explain it nicely.” He stretches.

“Stop treating me like a child and just tell me.” I say in exhaustion.

“Fine.” He replies dropping ny hands before folding his arms across his chest. “The bottom takes it up the ass.”

I stare at him blankly as my heart stops beating, my blood stops flowing and my lungs freeze momentarily along with my entire body.
For the first time in my entire life, my mind was blank. No thoughts, no solutions, nothing. I didn’t know how to react, I didn’t know what to think, I was just blank.

“Julian.” Aiden says cautiously bringing his face closer to my own.

“Is that why you always squeeze my ass?” I ask, my mouth moving without reasoning.

“N-no.” He says with a faint blush. I continue to look at him as the wheels in my mind slowly start turning along with my entire body. The words finally sink in as my eyes grow wide in realization, I instantly jump back creating a distance between us.

“I don’t want to!” I exclaim as thousands of thoughts flood my mind all at once.


“No!” I shout stepping back as he takes one forward. “Why can’t you?!” He simply laughs at the statement as he looks at me, he stops when he sees that I’m not laughing.

“Julian, that can’t be a serious question.” He says his face emitting shock.

“Why not?” I ask again.

“Because!” He says like if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Julian look at the two of us, then remember all the times we’ve done anything together.”

I settle my mind as my eyes study Aiden’s figure, he was more muscular than me and a little taller but that’s all. My mind traces back to all the times we’ve been intimate, we’d kiss normally with me in his lap or under him most times. That didn’t mean anything though! That time in the car, I was in control......until Aiden took over and that time in the class.....

“Oh my God.” I say in realization.

“It’s not that bad.” Aiden says making his way over to my frazzled state quickly.

“You trying saying that when you’re the one getting fucked by a guy when you aren’t even gay!” I exclaim as my eyes dart up to his.

“I’m not any guy, I’m yours and you are mine.” He says sternly taking my face in his hands. “And I won’t be fucking you.” He whispers in my ear, the action making me shiver as I shut my eyes, gulping nervously at the action. “I’ll be making love to you.”

“W-what’s the difference?” I ask taking a step back as he takes takes one forward, we continue until I’m pressed against the wall. He places his hand on my waist to keep me in place as he presses his body against my own, he slides his leg between my own, lowering his head to my ear allowing his warm breath to tickle my ear making me shiver under him.

“Well for one, I’m going to pay special attention to every single part of you.” He whispers while using one of his hands to brush my neck so lightly that I barely felt it. “I’ll make you feel things you’ve never felt before.” He says before tugging on my ear slightly with his teeth making my bite my lip to stifle a moan. “I’ll show you exactly how you make me feel.” He says kissing my skin lightly. “How much you mean to me.” He says moving my shirt slightly before pressing another kiss to my shoulder. “How badly I want you.” He says driving his leg further up as he tightened his grip on me. “Need you.” He says kissing my jaw before bringing his eyes to mine as he stares deep within my soul.

“I’m going to make love to you and when we’re done. Then......I’ll fuck you.”

I want an Aiden so badly.
For fuck sake send one my way please.


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