Alpha Mates

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Chapter 24


I hum in delight when Julian tugs my head back aggressively as he kisses me to his own rhythm, I let him have his way as my hands travel up his shirt brushing his awaiting nipples.

He whimpers slightly making my member pulse to life, one thing I loved about this heat bullshit was that it made him a little more sensitive every day.

It was like Christmas, every fucking day.

“I have never loved my life so much as I do at this moment,” Isabel says, I could feel her eyes burning into my skin but I was trying to ignore it.

“Jesus, stop! Please!” Emitt exclaims, Julian pulls away much to my dismay only to growl angrily at Emitt who simply sinks into his seat before sipping on his juice box while he does his work.

“It’s really hot when you growl,” I say grabbing his chin to make him look at me.

“Is it?” He asks grinding himself into me while smirking, my eyes almost rolled back at the movements along with the extremely attractive confidence.

“Yeah,” I reply before taking his lips with my own.

“My eyes have never been this blessed before,” Isabel says after a while, we break the kiss to look at the drooling girl. The sight of her wide eyes that were starting to water, probably because they’d been open so long without blinking was enough to let me put Julian back in his seat beside me.

“Thank Goddess,” Beckett says referring to our now painful separation.

“For real,” Isabel says before looking up to the ceiling. “Thank you!”

“Not in front of her,” Julian whispers.

“Agreed,” I mutter with a slight chuckle as she returns her attention to us.

“How much do I have to pay you to watch your first time?” She says seriously.

“Jesus Izzy!” Emitt says hitting her upside the head.

“Okay, too far? I’ll settle for the second or third time. I got some cash saved up, so how much?” She asks desperately.

“We’ll be going home now.” Julian says standing up as he slides on his coat, school ended a few minutes ago but we were stuck in the library doing some assignments and when Julian finished his he started sucking on my ear and before I knew it he was in my lap.

“Bye guys.” I say walking out behind Julian who was dragging me along. I stumble behind him as we approach the car in the now empty parking lot, when I go to the driver’s side he stops me.

“Give me the keys.” He says while holding his hand out.


“Because I said so.” He says motioning for me to hand them over.

“I don’t like how you drive.” I say truthfully.

“And I don’t like your breath in the morning.” He snaps back.

“Damn.” I say before testing my breath quickly. “For being so rude, I’m going to put your pants in your socks draw, crumple them up and fuck up your color coded book section.”

“I dare you Aiden Calderon.” He says stepping so close his head was almost touching mine. “Touch one of my books, I dare you.”

“Just take the stupid keys.” I say shoving them in his hand before making my way around the car. Once inside, he adjusts the seat until he’s comfortable before he turns to me with a black piece of cloth and stares at me. “What?”

“I want to blindfold you.” He says simply.

“I didn’t know you were so kinky Jewels.” I say between my growing fits of laughter, his cheeks immediately grow red as he diverts his eyes.

“It’s not like that.” He says quietly, clearly embarrassed.

“Okay.” I say deciding to put him out of his misery. I turn allowing him to tie the thick cloth around my eyes, when he’s done I open my eyes to be welcomed by a painfully familiar darkness. I take a few breaths to push back the growing sense of panic between Max and I.

“Are you okay?” Julian asks worriedly, his voice was easing but I didn’t like that I couldn’t see him.

“Fine, not a big fan of complete darkness.” I say honestly, I feel his hand on my shoulder which sends a relaxing wave of comfort throughout me, I jump a little in surprise when I feel his lips against my own. He slides his hand around my neck bringing me closer, my hand finds his thigh which I instinctually squeeze sending those addictive electric shocks throughout my body as he moans straight into my ear. The moan sounding better than ever before since my sight was disabled, he gives me a light kiss before pulling away. I stay quiet as he drives away, trying desperately to hide my growing erection, being blindfolded when he kissed me and moaned brought a new, unfamiliar type of pleasure I’d be sure to explore further in the future.

“Where are we going?” I ask for the hundredth time after about two hours of being blind to all things around me.

“We’ll be there soon.” He says with his robotic voice that told me he was trying to stall me.

“You said that an hour ago.” I grumble angrily.

“Look we’re here, so shut up.” He says aggressively. Julian had seriously worrying people’s skills, he was always defensive and constantly putting in a worded attack whenever he could.
The car comes to a halt but the window rolls down making me frown, I strain my ears to hear what was happening.

“Mr.Heil.” He says, there’s a bunch of shuffling before the window is rolled up and the car starts moving again.

“Are you selling me off? Because I won’t do well as some old guy’s bitch.” I say seriously.

“I thought about that but I decided not to.” He teases before letting out a delicious laugh.

“How nice of you.” I say sarcastically, the car soon stops again making me sigh. “Can I take this off now?”

“Not quite.” He says mischievously, making me groan.

“Julian, I told you I hated darkn-” My sentence is cut short when I feel him slide between my legs on the car floor before he starts unbuckling my pants. “What are you doing?”

“Just sit back.....” I gasp slightly when he takes my member in his hand, the sensitive thing applied for both of us. “...and enjoy.”

“Holy shit.” I exclaim as he takes me into his mouth, I stop myself from thrusting into his warm mouth as he moved further down at a painfully slow pace. Several pleasure filled waves emit off me from the insane feeling this caused throughout my being. My eyes roll back behind the cloth when he drags his tongue along my length all the way up, it lingers on my tip as he circles it skillfully. A moan escapes my lips when he goes back down on me before tightly sucking me as he comes back up.
I clench onto the car handles for support as another moan escapes my lips when his movements become faster, his mouth leaves my pulsing member dragging me back from the pleasure filled subspace I had entered.

“Hold this.” He growls as he lifts my shirt up, stuffing the ends into my mouth. I moan into the shirt when he takes me back into his mouth while using his hands to rake their way down my chest.

“Mfmhfm!” I scream out when he rubs my nipples, pressing into before pinching them. I shiver from his touch as he continues his various attacks on my awaiting body. My arms drop to my sides as my eyes start rolling when he transfers one of his hands to my balls, fondling them while using the other to stroke me as he licked around the tip. I lose any form of control as my body quivers as I sink deep in an ocean of pleasure that I could only feel not see.

“Hsjmmm!” I moan out again when he takes one of my balls into his mouth while both his hands stroke me attentively, my back arches as he takes both into his mouth dragging me closer to the verge of releasing. Taking me by surprise, his hands return to my nipples as his mouth swallows me whole, the action making me melt completely. His hands disappear suddenly, nowhere to be found much to my dismay, he continues to suck me as his head bobs up and down bringing me closer and closer to the edge.

The blindfold slips off one of my eyes, I slowly open it, blinking a few times at the blinding sunlight. My eyes trail down to my spent form landing on Julian who was looking straight at me with eyes filled with lust and excitement, the stare sent goosebumps down my back as he continued to suck intently. My eyes glance down for a split second where I find Julian pumping himself as he thrusts himself into his hands while he worked on me with that mouth.

The sight made me instantly cum as I emptied myself into his mouth without warning, his eyes grow wide in surprise but he swallows it all as he moans around my tip sending pleasure-filled vibrations throughout my body as he cums right after me. He continues to moan around me as he rides out his orgasm, the constant vibrations making me cum again as I cry out from my second orgasm, he struggles to take it all for a second time as he slowly stops pumping himself.

When he pulls back he coughs a little as the rest lands on his face, when he looks back up at me, I swear I could get hard again at the sight of his cum covered face and heated cheeks.

(A.N - If you ever read the manga Blood Bank, you know exactly the look Julian is making.)

“Where’d you learn to do that?” I ask after we settle and clean ourselves up.

“The internet and Isabel.” He says with a smirk before tugging my blindfold back up making me grunt angrily. “Shut up.” He replies before taking off the car and getting out, the door opens on my side as he takes my hand helping me out. He locks the car up before leading me through a pretty quiet area, I hear people snickering close by probably at me as Julian laughs the same time they do. I get a little worried when we start approaching some loud water, a waterfall maybe.

“Okay, are you ready?” Julian asks stopping me directly in front of the water.

“Don’t you dare push me off a cliff or something Julian!” I exclaim, the fright evident in my tone. He simply scoffs before undoing the blindfold, I blink several times before my eyes focus on the large colourful water fountains in front me before they trail up and down the large palace looking type of building. I see a few people walking with suitcases and some in uniforms, it doesn’t take me long to piece together the fact that we were at a hotel and a really nice one at that.
It looked more like an emperor’s palace than a hotel, it was especially nice with the sun setting behind it.

“Well say something.” Julian grumbles behind me, I turn around to see him staring at me nervously as he played with his fingers behind his back. I try to talk but I was too overwhelmed to even mutter a single word. “I just thought that we could spend the rest of the week here and I don’t know.....relax or something. I thought you’d like it since they have a lot of stuff to do, like adventurous things which isn’t really my thing but you know. If you do like it we can go, I just thought... I don’t know. Would you please say something!?”

I stare down at my perfect mate feeling extremely lucky, I don’t know what I did to get Julian as my mate but I couldn’t be more grateful. I didn’t deserve him, he was kind, thoughtful, adorable and overall just perfect. I felt something flicker in my heart that was unfamiliar to me, but it flooded me entirely as I stared at him.
Before he could start ranting again, I pull him into me, capturing his lips as I kiss him slowly and passionately. Putting everything I felt into the kiss as I held him tightly to me. I pull back leaving him confused with wide eyes as he rests his hands on my chest lightly.

“You are the best mate ever.” I say resting my chin on his head. “You’re so perfect.” I say pressing a kiss to his head.

My perfect mate.

My dead heart!


That was so fucking long, hope you enjoyed it though.

I did.

Make sure to comment, vote and share and all that good stuff. The book is doing really well, I’m so grateful to all of you for reading. Thank you so much!

Until next time,
Byeeeeeeeeee humansssssssssssss

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