Alpha Mates

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Chapter 26

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Aiden’s P.O.V

“Come on Aiden.” Julian shouts from the kitchen. I groan as I pull the covers further over my head, he’d been calling me to get out the bed for the past hour. “I’m serious.”

“Let me sleep.” I groan when I feel the bed dip slightly.

“I have plans, come on.” He says tugging at the covers that hid me. “Fine.” He says when I don’t give in. My eyes shoot open when a pillow crashes into my head, I sit up quickly to get another strike straight to my face as Julian continues hitting me with a wide smile. I grab him by the waist as I pull him laughing body inbetween my legs before throwing the pillow away from his hands. He continues to laugh as I attack his weak spots, finding out that Julian’s actually pretty ticklish.

“Stop!” He exclaims as he squirms around in my hold laughing at the top of his lungs, I decide to be merciful and stop letting the guy breath. He throws his head back on my shoulder as he gasps desperately for air with a smile plastered to his face. His breathing slowly settles as I wrap my hands around his waist resting my head on his shoulder, his bright eyes meet mine as we stare at each other for a while. Suddenly, he takes my lips in his making me hum in satisfaction as he turns slightly giving me better access, he uses his tongue to flick my bottom lip teasingly as he smiles against my lips I open up instantly allowing him to explore my mouth thoroughly. Shockwaves of desire emits from both of us as sparks fly at the connection, our mouths move in sync as our tongues dance happily. I let my hand slide down as I knead his growing member through his pants as the kiss quickly grows more intense.

“Aiden.” Julian warns breaking the kiss. “W-we can’t.”

“Why won’t you let me touch you?” I ask as I transfer my hands up his shirt, gliding my fingers up his chest as he takes a deep breath. He didn’t want to shower together last night and even when we came back to the room he wouldn’t let me do anything, saying we had to get enough sleep and went straight to bed.

“Because I have p-plans.” He stutters slightly when I brush my fingers over his already erect nipples. “With times.”

“How long do we have?” I ask watching him slowly unravel as I press kisses to his neck as he rests his head on my shoulder.

“L-like forty..ahhhh!” He moans out when I lick the back of his ear, I had better access to his weak spots in this position that I was starting to like more and more.

“That’s more than enough.” I say smiling against his skin before letting my hands sink into his pants after i quickly unbuckle them.

“Aiden.” He warns again as his eyes stare at me now slightly dazed.

“Yes love.” I say taking his erect member in my hands making him gasp silently.
He never responds, his eyes shutting tightly as I start to stroke him slowly. I continue to attack his skin with my lips as I plant kisses along his neck, worshipping him completely as my hands work on him slowly. He shudders when I scrape my teeth against his shoulder blade before pressing my thumb on his tip making him moan loudly.

“A-Aiden..” He stutters as I bring one of my hands up to his nipple again, squeezing it and rubbing it as I steadily stroke his pulsing member.

“I love when you same my name.” I whisper into his ear, the action making him shiver as his breathing becomes disheveled.

“More.” He mutters making me smile, I knew he wanted me to go faster so I only slowed my hands down, making him whine as his eyes flicker open.

“More what?” I tease looking him straight in his large, beautiful blue eyes.

“I want more.” He moans seductively with a smirk, my eyes grow wide in surprise at his sudden change. He uses one hand to dig its way into my hair as he brings our faces closer, he stares at me with a heated glare as his lips brush mine ever so lightly. “Touch me more.” He whispers as he grinds himself into my awaiting erection. “Kiss me more.” He continues with that lustful tone that sent my skin aflame. “Give me more.” He whispers without breaking eye contact as he thrust himself into my hands with a low moan.

“God you’re so fucking sexy.” I say before taking his lips in my own as I quicken my hand movements. I kiss him aggressively as I continue to stroke him mercilessly, he moans into my mouth as he shudders from my touch. His hand stays buried in my hair as he kisses me back with just as much passion, I let my other hand attack his body as I rake my nails down his chest loving the way he reacted because of it before pinching his nipples and squeezing his thighs leaving him completely disarrayed as I continue to please his body.

His breaks the kiss as he arches his back in a pleasure, I use both hands to stroke him causing him to cry out as I bring him closer to the edge. I nibble on his skin, licking it, biting it, as he melts before me from the pleasure I happily brought to him.

“Ahhhh!” A moan ripples out his mouth as I drag my tongue along his ear as he continues to thrust himself into my hands.

“Aiden! I’m go..going..ahhhh!” He cries as I bite down on the place I would mark soon enough, I made sure to hold back my canines but that didn’t stop him from empty himself straight into my hands. I knew the place was sensitive since I hadn’t marked him yet and his wolf was waiting patiently for me to, he continues to ride out his orgasm as I lick his skin making him shiver as his eyes focus on mine.

“Did I ever tell you how much you turn me on?” I ask as I look into his sparkling blue eyes as he continues to pant. A smile stretches across his face as a light blush takes his cheeks making my member pulse painfully.

“I don’t think so.” He says as his smile turns into a smirk, I go to move but he stops me making me frown slightly. “We still have more time.”

“Are you sure?” I ask seriously.

“I told you.” He says turning his body so that he was straddling me. “I want more.” He says slowly as he bites my ear while grinding his growing member in my own.

My resolve dissolves instantly as I push him down on the bed before taking off my shirt. He stares up at me with mischievous eyes clouded with lust as I rip his shirt off as well, my eyes taking in his amazing body. I quickly take his lips in my own making us both hum contently at the connection, he tugs my boxers down allowing my member to break free. I press myself into him as we continue our heated, uncontrollable kiss that made my lips go numb. I hook my arm under his knee forcing his leg up as I grind my member into him. His moans loudly as our slicked erections grind against each other, he wraps his arms around my neck dragging me closer as our bodies flourished thankfully from the close skin contact.
Without warning, I sit up before flipping him over on his stomach and pulling his waist up so that he was on his knees.

“Um Aiden.” Julian says panicking, his voice making Max whine from his sudden discomfort.

“It’s okay, I’m not doing that, yet." I say quickly as I lean over his back to kiss him. “I want to try something.” I say causing various waves of mixed emotions to bounce off him. “Do you trust me?” I ask looking straight into his weary eyes, he studies me for a moment before taking a deep breath.

“Yes.” The one word makes my heart go mad as I kiss him passionately before sitting up.

I push his legs together before sliding my member between them, he stiffens slightly as I slide my erection under his. I run my hand along his back making him quiver as he visibly relaxes, arching his back ever so sexily making me tens times harder, if that was even possible. I don’t waste another second as I pull back before slamming straight into him making him moan loudly as our erections rub together. I feel Max push forward slightly as we watch our mate shivering body as he whimpers below us, I knew Julian was an alpha too but I wanted nothing more than to dominate him in the moment and making him submit to me, to be mine and mine alone forever. I pull back again before thrusting into him as I hold his hips in place as he moans out again. I feel my eyes glowing as I slowly start losing control, I stop myself as I close my eyes tightly trying desperately to push back the oncoming desires that the heat only intensified. Seeing him like this sent my wolf and I crazy, if I didn’t take a breath and relax I’d loose control.

“A-aiden.” Julian whimpers making me harden all the more, I open my eyes slightly to look at him as he peaks over his shoulder looking at me with red cheeks.

“Yeah.” I ask trying to push Max down as the sight of our delectable mate blushing made him much more aggressive.

“Why’d you stop?” He asks softly, my eyes widen as I watch him in surprise. “I like it.” He says, his blush growing ten fold. “D-Don’t stop.” He says before pulling forward slightly and pushing himself back onto me.

And with that, I lost control.

I tighten my grip on his waist before I start to thrusting myself against his body mercilessly. His moans ripple out of him as I continue to thrust my member against his own, his precum leaking down onto me making my eyes roll in delight.

“Y-yes!” He cries out, I feel my eyes glow as I continue to slam myself into him, making his ass jiggle against me as he struggles to keep himself up.

“You’re mine.” I growl as I use one of my hands to drag my nails down his back making him shiver under me as he continues to moan pleasurably. “All mine.” I continue as I lean over his back, positioning myself behind his ear not stopping my thrusting for a moment. I take our members into my hands stroking us quickly making him instantly cum, whimpering as he shakes below me crying out for the world to hear.
I want to stop, knowing he’s already cum twice but I can’t. I want to mess him up more, I want him to drown in so much pleasure he can’t think right.

“Aidennnnn!” He cries as I continue to stroke us while thrusting myself against him, the sound of my name only making me worse. “Ahhhh!” He moans out when I squeeze us together bringing his member back to life. He shakes below me as I continue my vicious attack on him, I wanted all of him, everything. I couldn’t see clearly, I just wanted more. “I c-canejt.” He whimpers.

“Then why are you hard again.” I tease as he moans from my continuous thrusts. “You like this. Me pushing you further.” I say pushing myself against him more while dragging my tongue down his back.

“Ahhh!” He screams as he hardens even more. “D-don’t stop!”

“You’re so sexy.” I moan out as I lick his awaiting skin. “Fuck Julian!”

“Aiden!” He cries out throwing his head back.

“Whose are you?” I growl as I start thrusting against him at a rougher pace.

“Y-yours.” He stutters as I press my thumb into his leaking tip. “A-Aiden!”

“Again.” I demand as I lick his ear making his entire body shake.

“I’m y-yours.....Aiden. I-I-I am y-yoursss.” He stutters as I continue to thrust into him.

“And I am yours.” I whisper before bitting his ear, we both cum in unison as I drag out our orgasms. Tears of pleasure spring from his eyes as he grinds his teeth together, his entire body shaking as he continues to cum while whimpering. We collapse instantly as I roll off his back, my vision slowly clearly as I heave uncontrollably, panting for dear life. I glance across at Julian who’s trembling slightly as his eyes roll.

“Shit.” I mumble before brushing the hair out his face as he slowly flutters his eyes open. “I’m sorry, I went too far. I’m sorry baby.” I say feeling guilt flood me as I watch his spent form.

“I’m fine.” He says offering me a weak smile as he slowly gains more consciousness.

“I’m so sorry.”

“I’m fine Aiden.” He says before kissing me lightly and sitting up.


“It was good Aiden, really good.“He says with a brighter smile. “So shut up and get dressed.” I stare at him for a while longer before returning the smile, sometimes I forgot that Julian was an alpha too.

“Not the bottom my ass.” I reply with a smirk before running into the bathroom shutting the door just in time as he threw the television remote at me.

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