Alpha Mates

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Chapter 27

Julian’s P.O.V

“So you have two options here,” I say as driving out of the hotel. “We can either start with the best thing I have planned for the day and work our way down or we can work our way up.”

“Up.” He says flipping through the car’s radio channels.

“Okay, then we have a long drive ahead of us,” I say making him groan loudly.

“What do you classify as long?” He asks wearily.

“An hour or two.” He groans once again making me laugh. “Stop complaining.”

“At least I’m not blindfolded.” He says pushing his seat further back.

“Like if you wouldn’t love that.” I reply making him chock on literally nothing as he starts coughing, sitting up quickly with wide eyes. I laugh at his reaction swerving the car a bit as I clenched my stomach from the continuous stream of laughter I was emitting.

“Shut up Julian, I can’t hear the music.” He says awkwardly before turning up the radio and curling into a ball so I couldn’t see his face.


“We’re almost there.” I say following the trail that was barely visible on my large map.

“Why don’t you use the map on your phone?” Aiden groans as he jumps over a fallen tree.

“I don’t have a phone.” I say simply making him freeze as he turns to face me.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” He asks narrowing his eyes at me as I push past him and keep walking. We’d been walking through the woods for about half an hour now, surprisingly Aiden was keeping his complaints to himself and mostly listened as we walked. The rushing of water made me smile to myself as we broke through the dense trees to a cliff top.

“Finally!” I exclaim happily as I look over the cliff to see a large mass of water below.

“Nice.” Aiden says lying through his teeth as he looked around skeptically.

“First thing on the list, Cliff Diving.” I say pushing him towards the edge, he looks at me before glancing over the edge and whistling before stepping back.

“That’s a long way down.” He says with eyes filled with excitement. Aiden was the kind of ‘live on the edge’ type of guy so I knew he’d love this.

“I know.” I say with a smile. I wasn’t a fan of things liked this, but his excitement was oddly contagious, I felt myself getting a little excited at the thought.

“Together?” he asks as I fold up the map and stuff it into my pocket

“Nope.” I say running back a little. “See you at the bottom.” I say before running off the edge while flipping him off. I flip once before I dive straight into the icy water, sending a thrilling wave of excitement throughout my body before I swim back up. I thread the water looking up to see Aiden with a large smile on his face as he looked down at me. “You coming?”
He laughs before disappearing from my sight, I swim back a bit when I hear a loud warrior cry before Aiden jumps off the cliff with a smile so big it could tear his face. He disappeared into the water landing not too far away from me, I wait for him to reappear as the water slowly settles.

A yelp escapes my mouth when my body gets lifted out of the water as Aiden appears below me. He laughs before letting me slide down back into the water, I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck.

“That was epic!” He says with a radiant smile that was almost blinding.

“It was fun.” I reply with a much calmer smile as I watch his delighted eyes. He kisses the tip of my nose making me giggle slightly as he looks at me. “We got to keep moving, part two.” I say making his smile fade a little.

“Can we stay here a little longer?” He asks as I go to check my watch but he just pushes my hand down. “It’s more fun if everything is not planned down to the exact second.”
I have a mental battle with myself before nodding making his smile reappear, it was all for him and if he wanted to stay I guess that was fine. He pushes himself away from me as he starts swimming at top speed, I wasn’t in the mood to chase him, so instead I laid on my back and let my eyelids encourage the sun rays as I let myself relax in the water.

We stayed there until our fingers became wrinkly and headed for the next spot.


“Thank you.” Kiss.

“Thank you.” Kiss.

“Thank you.” Kiss.

“Thank youuuuuuuuu.” He extends before kissing me for all I was worth.

“Uhmmm.” I reply while he kisses me. He pulls back when he’s satisfied before turning to the young girl who was watching us with amused eyes. “Have fun.” I say as they fit him into the harness.

“Are you sure you don’t want to do it too?” He asks as the employees tie multiple ropes to him.

“Positive.” I reply, he gives me an understanding smile before looking at the girl for the go ahead. When she gives him the thumbs up, he steps back the edge of platform with his eyes glued to mine.

“Geronimo!” He shouts before falling back, I watch from the railing as Aiden falls to his death. A month ago I would’ve been feeling pleasure at the thought of him dying and I probably would’ve cut the rope, but now I was worrying so much I broke out into a cold sweat as I watch him continue to fall from the high mountain the post was planted on. He was flipping away while shouting in obvious joy as he continued to fall for what felt like an eternity, meanwhile, I started holding the railing so tightly it left a print of my fingers. When the rope reaches its limit, Aiden stops before springing straight back up while laughing. He reaches the top momentarily where he flashes me a wink before falling down to his doom once again.

“How long have you two been together?” The young girl says, I keep my eyes trained on Aiden while her’s stick on me.

“Almost two months I think.” I say not really focusing on the conversation while I watched Aiden’s body which looked so small so far down.

“Not long.” She says making me hum in agreement. It wasn’t long at all but every day with him made me feel a step above complete, a sense only he could give me. “Is it your anniversary or birthday? Something along those lines?”

“No, just wanted to bring him here.” I say with a faint smile as Aiden howls so loudly it echoes a little throughout the mountains.

“No reason at all?” She asks as Aiden comes to a halt at the bottom, she pulls the lever that brings him up slowly.

“No.” I say making her hum.

“Well, I think the two of you are very cute.” She says with a bright smile. “Is it okay to say that?” She asks wearily, I watch her for the first time as I get a quick flashback to the day Aiden and I found out we were mates and that cashier in Walmart told us something like that. We couldn’t of been more disgusted, I remember feeling nauseous at her statement.

“Yeah.” I say looking forward to see a gleeful Aiden hanging from his leg upside down. “It’s perfectly fine.” I mumble as I smile back at my amazing mate.

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