Alpha Mates

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Chapter 28

Aiden’s P.O.V

“There’s more?!” I exclaim as we get into the car.

“Well obviously.” Julian replies pulling out of the car park for the Bungee jumping. “Some stuff got put back until tomorrow, because someone wanted to go with the flow.”

“I make no apologies.” I retort making him roll his eyes.

“We’re going back to the hotel for lunch though.” He informs as he speeds down the highway. “What you want to each today?”

“Why don’t you pick something?” I say watching him with worried eyes. He’s been doing things so much since we left home to please me that he was forgetting about himself.

“No, this is for y-”

“Us.” I interject. “It’s for both of us, so you pick where you’d like to eat.”



“I take it back. I take it the fuck back. I want to go to Popeyes!” I exclaim as I look around the room filled with plants everywhere and a one hundred percent vegetarian menu.

“Too late.” He replies making me frown angrily.

“Julian, everything here sounds weird.” I complain as I flip through the menu. “Look, a Double Barley Posole, like if doubling the barley makes up for the fact that there’s no meat and what the fuck is a posole, sounds like a Spanish dance.”

“Aiden shut up.” He warns even though a smile was slowly appearing on his face.

"Eggplant Parmesan, that doesn’t even sound right.” I continue making him struggle to swallow a laugh. ”Roasted Broccolini and Red Pepper Garlic Frittata...... that actually sounds pretty nice I think I’ll try it. What’s Broccolini though, is that like vegetarian broccoli? Isn’t broccoli already a vegetable?” I ask making him laugh loudly as many heads turn our way but he didn’t seem to notice seeming unable to stop.

“Hmm.” I hum while he tries settling himself as I sip my water keeping my eyes trained on a smiling Julian.
After ordering we continue to talk as we quickly become the loudest people in the restaurant or at least he does as I take on the task to make him laugh as much as physically possible.
“N-no more.” He stutters clenching his stomach as he doubles over the table.

“I love that laugh.” I confess watching him with my face in my hands. “So much.” I finish as I brush the hair out of his eyes. He gives me a small smile as the food arrives making my hand retreat, these days he was smiling so much. I loved it, it made me happier to see him laugh so much.

“A frittata is just a thin crust of pizza with vegetables on top.” I declare when I finish my forth one. “Another!”

“No more Thor.” He says giggling a bit as he wipes his mouth with the small hand towel before signaling for the waiter to give me the bill. “The day’s almost done isn’t it.”

“Yeah, went by in a flash.” I reply looking out the restaurant window at the afternoon sun lit sky.

“I think we can squeeze in one more for the day.” He says before laying down some cash on the table, I nod as we stand and leave hand in hand.


"I’ll take you anywhere, anywhere!" I sing along to one of my favorite songs that was sadly forgotten and from the eighties. ”I’ll buy you diamonds, give you rings. I’ll give you anything, anything!" I continue drumming with my hands across the dashboard, singing so loudly our neighboring drivers cheer me along.
Julian remains quiet as he smiles to himself, allowing me to have my little jam session in peace as we make our way down the highway.

-----I don’t know why I started writing from Julian’s P.O.V, deal with it. ---

“Stop the car!” He exclaims suddenly making Alex jump to life as we search for danger. “Stop the car Julian!”
I pull aside quickly next to some large tent set up on the side of the highway as I look at Aiden with growing worry for the cause. He doesn’t say anything as he jumps out the car and runs towards the tent, I panic jumping out behind him as I run after him.


“Fireworks!” He exclaims making me stop dead in my tracks. “Julian, fireworks!”

The thoughts of drowning him in a toilet ran through my head a few times as I watch him pick out a hundred and one fireworks with a childish smile as he kept glancing my way. I sigh before heading back to the car and sitting down, deciding to wait until he was finished knowing quite well my last plan for the day was not going to happen anymore.

“Look how many I got!” He shouts throwing them in the trunk before getting into the driver’s seat I left empty for him. “There’s this massive one that’s banded in the US but that just makes it all the more thrilling right?”

“Sure Aiden.” I say stretching out in the chair as he pulls back onto the highway.

“Now just to find somewhere to light these babies.” He says with determination as his eyes peel the roads attentively. I hum lightly as I let sleep overtake me, I’d been driving all day and I needed the rest.


“Wake up Julian.” Aiden’s voice breaks through my dream making me frown at why he was at the cafe where I was having a very interesting conversation with Shakespeare. “Come on, wake up.” He says shaking me awake, suddenly Shakespeare fades away as I blink my eyes open to find Aiden leaning over me with a large smile.

“Damn it Aiden.” I groan pushing him away as I sat up while rubbing my eyes. I look through the car window to see the sky was already coated in darkness as the stars twinkled in the sky. We were in an empty parking lot with a small fire not too far away.

“I set up everything, come.” He says tugging my still asleep body. I groan lazily making him sigh before he picked me up bridal style and heading to the fire. The closer we got, I saw about a thousand fireworks standing straight up getting bigger the further they went back all leading up to a dinosaur sized looking thing.

“Jesus Aiden!” I exclaim as he puts me down a safe distance away from the weapons of death. He wraps a blanket around me before running back to the car laughing, he leaves the engine running and the doors open for some reason before running back my way.

“Don’t worry, I checked online and we’re three hours away from the nearest police station and nobody lives in the area.” He says as if that was supposed to calm me.

“Nice.” I say sarcastically as he pulls out a lighter before running forward. He lights what I assume to be the start of this surely disastrous domino effect. He runs quickly back before positioning himself behind me as he wraps the blanket around the both of us. I lean back into his chest I rest my head in the crook of his neck watching as the trail of fire slowly spreads.

The first one takes flight before bursting in the sky as a small red explosion quickly followed behind by a slightly larger gold one then a small one again. I gasp as I watch a series of colourful explosion before us lighting up the sky as it filled the sky each one greater than the last. I laugh lowly when the third row starts making them shoot much further up in the sky before exploding in the sky in several colors before those colours change to another.

“This is amazing.” I say looking back at Aiden whose eyes are trained on the sky. I watch as the fireworks reflext against his shades while a large smile was stretches across his face.

“We got to go soon.” He says making me frown.

“Why? The big one’s coming up.” I say glancing down to see about four more lanes of the smaller ones left.

“Exactly.” He says before standing up and throwing me on his shoulder still entangled in the blanket before sprinting to the car.

“Aiden, what the hell?!” I exclaim as he dumps me in the passenger seat before running to the driver’s side and speeding away.

“We might be too late.” He says while glancing frantically at the reverie mirror. I turn to look back at the fireworks through the car back window seeing only two more lanes left. Aiden takes a sharp turn making them disappear from my sight as he sped down a dirt road at a frightening speed. A few more fireworks went off before there was complete silence as the sky slowly returned to its familiar darkness.

“They give you a couple minutes running time, but the guy told me that’s a scam and you need a couple more.” He says while glancing at me with electrified eyes as he sped down the road before taking another sharp turn.

“Why are you like this?” I groan before opening the car roof and stand up so half my body was out.

“What the fuck are you doing?” He exclaims tugging on my jeans for me to sit back down.

“Getting a front row seat.” I reply shoving him off as I held onto the car desperately praying I wouldn’t go flying as Mason pulling onto a straight paved road.

“Take my shades, I don’t need you going blind.” He says shoving them into my hand, I slide them on holding it with one hand so that they won’t go flying.

“When is it go-”
My sentence is cut off when a loud explosion sounds through the woods as the sky is covered in a blinding, coat of red the darkness no where to found as a large strong tidal wave of wind spreads out the woods and almost sends me flying as the car shakes violently. The red coat turns to blue as the sky is lit up with a million and one fireworks that go crazy everywhere for miles.

“Holy shit..” I mumble as Aiden laughs from below me as he pulls onto the highway of cars filled with passengers with a look of shock stretches across their face.
I slide back down into my seat as I watch the never ending explosions from inside the car.

“Amazing right?” He asks laughing like a mad man.

“Holy shit.” I repeat as the sky continues to be invaded by a continuous stream of never ending fireworks. “Holy shit!” I shout as a laugh slowly bubbles it’s way up my throat.
Aiden smiles at me as we drive down the mostly clear freeway since everyone pulled aside to watch the spectacle. I slide into his lap leaving my legs dangling on my seat as I kiss him happily, smiling and laughing so much that our teeth clashed a bit. He continues to drive as he closes his eyes and kisses me back, I knew this was stupid and dangerous but that just made me love it even more.

“You’re insane.” I say breaking the kiss as I pressed my forehead to his.

“So are you.” He says glancing at the road to make sure we weren’t going to crash. I continue to laugh as I slide back into my seat only to see the fireworks still erupting throughout the sky.

I roll the window down before sliding out a bit before turning so that my shoulders were out as I leaned against the car letting the wind send my hair wild as I held myself in place with my hands holding the windows. I open my eyes slowly as everything rushes besides me at an amazing paste that everything blurred together leaving the now yellow sky as the main color in my vision.

“Woahh!!!!” I shout in delight as Aiden simply laughs from inside the car before letting out his own cry as we speed down the highway.

Life is good

Sorry about changing P.O.Vs midway.
I liked it from Julian’s eyes though soooooo yeah.


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