Alpha Mates

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Chapter 29

Julian’s P.O.V

“The large firework display has been reported to indeed not be a government approved display. The fireworks used are in fact said to be illegal in this country.” The reporter lady says making me laugh from the bed as Aiden’s laughter echoes from the kitchen.
I lower the volume of the local news as Aiden hands me a cup of black coffee as he drinks some sort of espresso.

“Thank you.” I say as he presses a kiss to my forehead and slides into the bed besides me. I change the channel stopping on some medical drama called Grey’s Anatomy, they were doing a marathon so it was going from the first episode.

“I’ve heard about this.” Aiden says watching the screen intently. I drop the remote deciding to give it a chance as we both watched the screen intently.

*that sponge-bob voice*
Four hours later

“Dr.Bailey.....” Aiden exclaims in disappointment as the episode ends making us both stare at the screen with wide eyes.

“We have to stop.” I say switching the tv off and throwing the remote across the room before I could change my mind.

“It’s so good though.” Aiden whines.

“Exactly, we missed breakfast. It’s almost lunch, we’re turning into hermits.” I say dragging myself out of the bed.

“What are we doing today?” He asks following behind me as we enter the bathroom, we already showered so at least that was done.

“Only one thing today and that’s even in the evening so we’re free to roam the hotel.” I say brushing my teeth as he splashed his face with some water.

“Cool.” He says before heading out while I throw on some sweats and one of his shirts, it seems like a new habit of mine but I couldn’t help it. When I wore his clothes I felt like he was hugging me as I was engulfed by his lovely scent and that was a little guilty pleasure of mine.

“Have you seen my shades?” He asks as I walk into the room to see him flipping everything over as he searched the room desperately. I watch him with amusement as the glasses sit comfortably in his hair while he trashes the room in search of them.

“Aiden.” I call walking towards him making him stop with frustration written across his face. He looks at me with troubles eyes as I pull the shades down onto his eyes while laughing to myself. He makes an o shape with his mouth as a faint blush floods his cheeks.

“Thanks.” He says quietly before he does a quick glance over of my clothes. “The only thing I love to smell on you besides your scent is my own.” He says making me take a step back.

“No. No. No.” I say walking further back. “We are leaving this room.” I say firmly grabbing my stuff and walking out of the room.

“I wasn’t going to do anything.” He defends running after me.

“Lies.” I say pressing the elevator button. “Where you want to go first?”

“I don’t know, is there a map, list, pamphlet...something?” He asks as we step into the large elevator with a few other people.

“I memorized it.” I answer making him squint at me.

“Nerd.” He mutters making me frown.

“Simpleton.” I retort.

“Dimwit.” He says stealing one of my usual insulting words.

“Asshat.” I say biting my gums to hold back my oncoming smile.

“Ignoramus.” He retorts making my eyes widen.

“Look at you, using words with more than two syllables.” I applaud with a growing smile.

“Vegetarian.” He mutters as if it was an insult.

“Meat lover.” I respond with a smirk. “And I mean that in more way that one.”
The person behind me laughs uncontrollably as the rest of them either smile in amusement or frown in annoyance.

“Imbecile.” He fires back making me gasp in disbelief.

“You little shit!” I mutter while he smirks at me. I stare at him before we both start laughing as the elevator door opens, we walk out first still laughing as the rest of the people snicker behind us.

“Do you like sharks?” I ask as I lead the way to the water exhibits.

“Who seriously likes sharks Jewels?” He replies with a weak smile.

“Oh we-”

“This guy!” He says pointing his thumbs towards himself, I roll my eyes as he smiles widely walking next to me.

“Enough to swim with them?” I asking his eyes shoot up.

“They’re literally making a movie about how that ends badly.” He replies.

“They’re not the dangerous ones.” I say as we enter the facility revealing a large pool like area where sharks were swimming throughout the ginormous tank.

“Julian.” Aiden says as his eyes study the tank.


“On what planet is a Great White not dangerous!” He shouts pointing at the large greyish one that was savagely eating his lunch.

“I’m not a shark enthusiast.” I say simply as I walk down the steps to the employees, the place was surprisingly empty. I guess people didn’t like sharks.

“Hey, how much is it to go in the cage and get lowered into the tank?” I ask as Aiden catches up to me.

“It’s free, hotel attraction or whatever.” The large man says with lazy eyes as he glances at Aiden and then me as he chews his gum lazily.

“Hear that? Free.” I say turning to Aiden.

“I wonder why?” He says sarcastically. “How many people die a year from this?”

“Nobodies stupid enough to do it.” The guy replies making Aiden look at me with a clear I told you so face.

“Don’t be a little girl. Let’s go.” I say making him groan loudly.

“I don’t want to.”

“Fine, I’ll do it by myself.” I thought that the sharks actually looked pretty cute when they weren’t crashing their noses into the glass at us.

“No.” He says as the man starts preparing the suit for me. “I won’t let you.”

“Try to stop me.” I say mischievously before punching him in the crotch making him bundle over and fall to the ground. I knew how painful that was from personal experience and winced at his hurdled form.

“It wasn’t that serious dude.” The man says as he helps me get into the suit while watching Aiden with a pained expression.

“Quickly, before he gets up.” I say as he crosses the bridge to the cage.

“He won’t be doing anything for a while.” He says blowing a bubble with his gum before helping me in and checking everything before placing a large helmet on my head along with a tank on my back.

“Stay away from the ends of the cage please.” He says boredly, it was a huge cage enough to hold a good number of people so I don’t think that’d be a problem. “I recommend holding onto the bar at the ceiling.” I look up to see a large bar right at the top of the flat ceiling. I nod in understanding as I hold the bar tightly with both hands as he steps out the cage and locks it before lowering it into the water. I can’t help but laugh a bit in excitement as I slowly start floating as it’s completely submerged in water. It stops moving when I’m in the middle of the tank, I look around with wide eyes as the sharks instantly swarm the steal box watching me from the corner of their eyes.
They were so many and they were so big, I think I was starting a new obsession as they suddenly swam away and returned to swimming per usual. I watched them happily for as long as possible before the cage is quickly pulled up, it passed all too quickly as the guy opened the door and helped me out of the equipment.

“I guess they like you, the last time I saw someone do this which was the test run, they were snapping at the cage and trying to break it to get to the girl.” He says with raised eyebrows.

“I feel special.” I say crossing the bridge returning to find a not so happy Aiden who was boring holes into me with his body.

“Good luck with that.” The guy whispers patting my shoulder before walking back to his station. I walk to Aiden slowly with a nervous smile as he stands firm with his arms crossed.

“Hey there.” I say before giving his shoulder a playful punch. “Buddy.” I say laughing nervously.

“Let’s go.” He grumbles before walking away not bothering to hold me hand like he usually does, I follow behind him quickly as the guy waves us off.

“You can’t be mad at me for wanting to try something.” I say looking at him as I struggled to keep up with his long strides he doesn’t so much as glance my way as he continues walking with clenched jaws.

“Seriously Aiden, you’re being stupid.” I say still trying to walk at his pace, but he remains silent making my temper rise quickly.

“Fine!” I say as I stop walking watching him continue without me. I expected him to stop at some point but he didn’t, my heart dropped when he turned a corner disappearing from my sight.
We aren’t seriously having a fight because I did something he didn’t want me too. I sigh rubbing my chest hoping it’d make the growing pain there go away.

Stupid feelings.

I like when people fight for serious things and they break up and are in pain.


You know the drill

Moving on to part 5 or something now right?

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