Alpha Mates

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Chapter 30

Aiden’s P.O.V

“Shit!” I groan when I send another boxing bag flying across the hotel gym.

The other people working out avoided me like the plague as I kept punching and kicking bag after bag in frustration. The employees were to scared to come say anything about me destroying hotel property, I was going to pay them for all the bags I used when I was done but I wasn’t. I walk over to my sixth one as I steady it with my bloody hands before I start again attacking it mercilessly.

I was mad at Julian. I was mad that he could be so stupid to put his life in danger like that, I knew he was his own person and I couldn’t control him, but he was also my mate. If something went wrong and he were hurt, it’d literally kill me. The thought alone made my heart clench itself tightly as fear flooded my chest. I didn’t want a second less than the time I was ordained to spend with Julian for the rest of my life.
I knew him being stubborn didn’t see it that way, that I was mostly scared. He probably thinks I’m trying to control him or some nonsense along those lines, I just wanted him to be safe.

I was much angrier at myself for ignoring him when he tried to talk about it, I was just so mad that I just kept walking. Leaving him behind was the worst part, I should’ve never done that. I felt the pain he felt through our pull because of it but I didn’t stop.

“Ugh!” I shout as I kick the bag making the sand pour out onto the gym floor. I pant angrily as I look across to see no more bags left. Deciding to call it a day, I grab my things before making my way through the gym ignoring all the stares of disbelief before I pull out a couple of hundreds and lay it on the front desk. “Sorry, about that.”

“I-it’s f-fine.” The girl squeaks with a wobbly smile. I don’t bother to respond as I leave and head back to the room. I would talk to Julian and resolve this foolishness before it expanded into something much bigger. I’d apologize, take the blame and take whatever insults he threw my way and hopefully finish this soon.
I take a deep breath before opening the door our room.

“Hey Jewels, I’m sorry.” I say entering the room and throwing my bag on the floor. I look around but he didn’t seem to be here, I frown after checking all the rooms before returning to entrance. It didn’t look like he even came back to the room, it looked the exact same as it did when we left earlier. Sighing I grab the key before heading for the elevator, I click the elevator button so many times that it breaks, once it opens I jump in before pausing at the selection pad.
I didn’t even know where he would’ve gone, the place is huge, he could be anywhere. I slam my fist into the wall leaving a small dent as I shut my eyes angrily, I should’ve never left him alone. I press the button for the ground floor as the elevator moves at a painfully slow pace. Once the door opens, I rush to the front desk which was crowded with people who were all talking over each other as they tried to get the poor ladies attention.

“I need to ask a question.” I say making her eyes dart to me filled with panic before glancing back at the angry people.

“Too many.” She says rubbing his temples in clear frustration.

“Jesus, would you all step the fuck back and make a line or something!” I shout making all conversation die down as they all stare at me. They listen surprisingly allowing me to slip in the front.

“Who do you feel you are? Join the line.” One guy snarls making Max growl angrily as he begs me to attack him.

“It’s quick.” I say not bothering to look back as I look at the now relieved woman.

“I don’t think so.” He says resting his hand on my shoulder. I really hated people touching me and I was already on edge not knowing where Julian was. I turn around as I bend his fingers back making him cry out in pain as I balance on the verge of breaking them.

“See here’s the thing. I got in a fight with my boyfriend, I acted like an idiot and left him alone. Now this place is pretty fucking big, so I don’t know where he is. I don’t even know if he’s in the fucking hotel seeing as he had the keys for the car. Are you following?” I ask making him nod vigorously. “Right, so now I would just like to ask the nice lady if he signed out the hotel since you have to coming in and out. It won’t take long so would you be so kind as to let me do that. Please.”

“Y-yeah.” He stutters, I let go of him with a smile as his wife grabs him while glaring at me.

“Thank you.” I say before turning back to the now frightened receptionist. “Heil. Julian Heil.”

“Nobody signed out under that name.” She says after typing some stuff into the computer.

“Thank you so much.” I say before running away deciding to start at the hotel book shop.
But that was a dead, I went to the restaurants next but nothing, the pool, the room, the shark place, the room again, the aquarium, the front desk again, the room again, even the damn bar area. I panted heavily as I stood in the middle of some room in exhaustion, I couldn’t even smell him because of how damn big the place was. I stepped into the elevator deciding to sweep each floor in search of him, when I’d finished looking through about six floors with no luck I returned to the hotel to try the next, when I walk in I see the guy from the shark place as he leans against the wall chewing his gun still.

“Hey!” He says recognizing me. “Your guy there was looking for you.” He says making my eyes shoot up.

“When last did you see him?” I say quickly cornering him making his eyes widen.

“Personal space.” He says shoving me away. “About an hour ago. He looked like he was ready to shit bricks.”

“Fuck.” I mutter getting out the elevator not even sure what floor it was. I was starting to grow even more worried and Max was getting restless without seeing our mate for so long.

I froze as Julian’s scent invaded my nose for a split second, I spun on my heels as I sprinted towards it. It returned making my heart race as I he got closer to me. I swear I could cry when I saw the blond, long haired boy. I let out a breath as his eyes locked with mine reflecting the same panic and fear in his eyes that I’m sure mine had.
Running towards me, I meet him halfway as he jumps straight into my arms as he wrapped himself around me. My being finally settled with the feeling of him being in my arms, his wonderful scent invading my nose and the fact that he was hugging me back.

“I’ve been looking for you for hours!” He exclaims inhaling me deeply as he tightens his grip around me.

“Me too.” I say holding him for dear life.

“Where the hell were you?” He says leaning back as he slides down to his own feet.

“Looking for you.” I answer holding his face in my hands.

“I saw what you did in the gym.” He says with a light chuckle.

“Temper.” I reply as I relish in the feeling of his skin against my own. The electricity never feeling so strong as it did in this moment.”

“I’m sorry.” He says beating me to it.

“No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left you alone or gotten so mad.”

“True.” He says with a smile.

“I just don’t like you putting yourself in harms way.” I say pulling himself into my chest.

“I didn’t enjoy seeing you jumping off a mountain with a string holding you alive but I knew you liked it so I buried the anxiety.” He retorts making me gulp.


“I’m sorry too.” He says tiptoeing before taking my lips in his, I hum in delight feeling complete again as our lips move slowly soaking in the satisfied feeling the connection gave me.

“Do you still want to go do what I had plan?” He asks licking his lips when we pull apart.

“Sure.” I say before taking his lips in mine again as he wraps his arms around me kissing me back happily.

I’m sick for wishing it was more serious and someone was crying and shit.
Loool, send Jesus.


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