Alpha Mates

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Chapter 31

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Julian’s P.O.V

“Blindfold again, really?” Aiden questions when I park at the bottom of the trail.

“Yeah.” I say shoving it towards him, he sighs before tying it around his eyes tightly. “You have to listen and be careful since we’re climbing a mountain.”

“This is a dumb idea. Like a really dumb one, you know better.” He groans as I help him out the car. I keep his hand in mine as we start climbing the steps to the top, at least this place had steps instead of pure woods.

“I would carry you, but I don’t want to.” I say making sure he doesn’t miss a step as we make our way up.

“Aren’t you the sweetest?” He says sarcastically, I smile to myself as he walks behind me blindly.

“Let’s play a game.” I suggest knowing it’d take forever to reach the top.

“I’ll punch you if you say I Spy.” He warns making me laugh.

“I was thinking One Word.” I suggest.

“What the fuck is One Word?” He asks.

“We have to make a story each having one word at a time. If you stop for more than a few seconds you lose. Like I’ll say Once you say Upon and so on.” I explain helping him over a large tree than had fallen across the path. “Understand?”

“Yeah, you start.” He suggests.




(A.N. - I can’t type it like this. You’re getting a paragraph, call it laziness if you must, deal with it)

A boy called Ramon. Ramon had five donkeys and three rhinos.

“Wait pause, why the hell does a kid have five rhinos?” I ask while laughing.

“Because I said so.” He grumble with a smile playing on his lips. “Continue.”

Ramon had six brothers and only one sister, Jessica. Now Jessica was a whore.

“What the fuck Julian.” Aiden says stopping the game once again as he laughs loudly.

“She’s a whore, continuing.” I reply smiling widely.

Now Jessica liked to sleep around, once she was a whore. She slept with the entire baseball team, basketball team, tennis club, badminton club, the football team and even the cheerleading squad. Ramon was embarrassed because of his sister and asked her to stop but she just slapped him and walked away. Ramon was mad and decided to tell her parents, but they died that night in a plane crash.

“What the hell.” I say as I burst out laughing.

“Let it be.” Aiden says with a shrug.

Being the eldest, Jessica became their guardian and started sleeping with guys all over the house. Ramon got angry and decided to burn down the house with her in it while his other siblings were out. But Ramon didn’t know that Jessica snuck out the back door and survived. So one day she

“We’re here.” I say cutting him off.

“What? I want to know what happens next!” He whines making me laugh.

“We can continue another time.” I say pulling the blind fold off. He blinks several times before his eyes trail up to the large building with lines leading down the mountain near to the hotel that now looked like a spec.

“Ziplining?” He asks as he starts to dance on his toes. “Goddess, you’re the best!” He exclaims before hugging me tightly lifting my feet off the ground. I pat his back softly as he puts me down beaming brightly for the heavens. We head up to facility which is surprisingly empty, they said it usually was close to their closing times. We were strapped in before we knew it and were standing on the edge.

“Race you.” I suggest making him smile widely.

“I will beat you, I heavier so I’ll go faster.” He says confidently.

“Is that so?” I ask skeptically.

“Yeah.” He confirms while nodding.

“Is that a tiger?” When his head snaps in the direction I pointed I clench onto the rope before jumping off the edge quickly.

“Julian!” He screams from behind me as I glide down at a thrilling speed. I laugh to myself as the wind rushes past me, I close my eyes and throw my head back as I enjoy the feeling of flying sort of. When I hear Aiden gaining, I push myself forward glancing back constantly to see how far he was away from me. He seems to give up as he lays his body out staring at the sunset from the mountains that were to high to climb. He seemed entranced from the view but I was entranced by him and kept my eyes on him as he smiled happily at the view that brought a new form of joy to him.
All too soon we reach the bottom, with me winning of course.

“What was that about being heavier?” I ask tapping my chin as we walk back to the hotel.

“You cheated!” He defends.

“We’re in the woods Aiden, how could you fall for that?” I say using his own words against him as he narrows his eyes at me. “What’s next your going to trip over a rock?” I say laughing at the memory.

“Come here!” He exclaims as I take off at top speed. It was just like last time with my laughing at the top of my lungs while he chased after me, but this time my feelings for Aiden were so much stronger. It was different, my heart seemed to bear for him now and my mind was muddled when he was around. It was a good different kind of good though.

I slow myself down purposely allowing him to snake his arms around my waist pulling my feet off the ground as he slowly comes to a halt. I laugh in his arms as he spins me around in the air while laughing with me, he puts me down only to spin me towards him revealing his large giddy smile that I’m sure I was reflecting.

“Thank you.” He says for the billionth time. “Thank you for all of this. For doing this for me, for being so perfect. Thank you.” I simply hum in understanding as I stare up at him before pushing his shades back so I could look into his beautiful, dark orbs. He stares back at me as my heart starts racing for no reason, I feel something unfamiliar flood my entire body as I continue to stare at him. Something I’ve never felt that I knew was meant for Aiden and Aiden alone.

I think I’m falling in love with Aiden Calderon.

“You want to head down for dinner?” Aiden asks from the bathroom where he just finished showering.

“Not really, I’m not even that hungry.” I reply before the kitchen as I searched for food, I know I contradict myself.

“Okay.” He shouts back coming out the bathroom just as I find some Pringles.

“What do you want to do?” I ask popping a few of the salty goodness into my mouth.

“A movie sounds good?” He asks making me nod. We both plop down on the couch before Aiden grabs the remote before I can. “Shut your eyes.”

“Why?” I ask narrowing my eyes at him.

“Because I said so.” He replies. I don’t argue as I close my eyes while putting a continuous steam of chips into my mouth. “Okay open them.”

I do as he says as he shuts off the lights before joining me on the couch, we snuggle into each other as always as the movie starts up. I smile to myself as the Disney logo appears, I liked Disney or at least the old Disney. I stay silent as I watch expectantly as the music starts playing making my eyes shoot open.

“Treasure Planet!” I exclaim glancing at Aiden who just smiles at me. I kiss him a hundred times over before settling back down at the movie starts. My eyes barely blink not wanting to miss a single second of the movie as we watch laughing here and there.

“I see why you love it so much.” Aiden says when it finishes much to my disappointment. “You were mouthing the words you know.”

“I was?” I say looking over the couch while he filled a cup of water for himself.

“Most of them.” He says before drinking from his mug making me groan as I hide my face in my hands. “It was cute don’t worry.”

“That doesn’t help.” I grumble through my hand barrier. He pulls my hands away from my face as I look up to see him leaning over me, he wasn’t wearing any shirt leaving his shirt fully exposed for my eyes to glance over contently. I sit-up so that I was on my knees while he stood from behind the couch, the blanket I was cocooned in slides down leaving me in his shirt and underwear.

“You look too good in my clothes.” He mumbles while raking his eyes down my body. I don’t respond not really knowing how to. “You look too good in everything.” He says pulling me closer.

“Thanks?” I say unsurely as he pulls me into his chest.

“You know what’s so strange Julian?” He asks brushing my hair out of my face. “They say the heat makes you’re desires intensify, especially your sexual ones. I feel that right now wanting to touch you and pleasure you but I feel happier when I see you light up like you did watching that movie. Isn’t it strange that I find that better than the idea of touching you? Doesn’t that mean that my strongest desire is to see you happy?” He asks with a small smile. “Isn’t that strange?”

I feel my eyes fill slightly as I stare at him as he continues to smile at me and brush my skin ever so lightly with his thumb. I lean forward pressing my lips into his quickly as I pull him closer not wanting any space between us. I feel the tears run down my cheeks as I kiss him with everything I had, he pulls away his eyes filling with worry as he brushed my tears away.

“I want to.” I say sniffing a little.

“Want to what?” He asks wiping my wet face.

“I want to complete the mating bond.” I say smiling at him. “Right now, I want you.”

“Are you sure?” He asks in surprise.

“More than I’ll ever be.” I say wrapping my arms around his neck as he smiled back at me.

“Make love to me Aiden.”

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Be grateful I love these two so much.

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