Alpha Mates

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Chapter 32

Warning : My babies bout to have sex so buckle the fuck up.

Aiden’s P.O.V.

I lift Julian off the couch as we continue to kiss in equal excitement. He doesn’t waste a second wrapping his legs around me as I walk us towards the bed. I lay down with him not breaking the kiss for a single moment as he explores my mouth while our tongues dance together as our mouths move in sync while my heart hammers away.

He breaks the kiss as he presses several kisses down my neck, licking the spot he knew made me see stars, I groan as he kisses his way down my chest before returning to my mouth. He hums into my mouth as I run my hand up his shirt, my emotions were going haywire as I kiss him passionately while I let my hands trace his perfect body.

“Quickly.” He groans making me pull away.

“I promised you I was going to make love to you and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” I say taking his shirt off leaving him lying below me in only his underwear. I lick my lips before I lean down and take his nipple in my mouth while I use my fingers to trace his other one, he moans out as he hands clench onto the sheets as I transfer my tongue to his now erect one. I leave them when there so sensitive that a slight flick made his eyes roll, I press kisses down his chest as my hands trace his thighs. I kiss all the way to his naval before lingering there while I let my hand knead his member through the thin fabric. He moans out at the contact as he quickly start growing while I worship his body with my lips. When he’s so hard that he’s leaking slightly I tug the fabric down kissing him until I’m at the base of his pulsing member.

“Ahhh!” A moan ripples out of him as I take him into my mouth using my hands to return to his nipples. I circle his tip with my tongue while squeezing down on his nipples makes him arch his back as he thrust into my mouth. I watch him with lustful eyes as he looks down at me with pleasure filled ones, when I’m sure that he’s relaxed enough I transfer one of my hands down his ass giving it a firm squeeze that making him leak into my mouth.

Circling his tip with my tongue I use my other hand to stroke him while I gently press my finger around his bud so he’d know what I was about to do. He doesn’t seem to freak out so I slowly push my finger into his walls making him stiffen as his face distorts into discomfort.

“It’s okay. It’ll feel good in a minute.” I say as I slowly start to finger him. He remains in that state for a short while before he relaxes once again and starts moaning again. I smile as I continue working his erection while I drove my finger slightly deeper, his moans grow as he shivers in complete pleasure. I place another finger in which takes him by surprise but soon enough he’s lost in a pleasure filled world. I continue to finger him as I quicken my movements before adding two more fingers, as I take him whole into my mouth again.
He moans out loudly as I continue to bring his body to new forms of pleasure, my eyes widen as he starts pushing himself down on my fingers clearly enjoying it.

“S-so good!” He moans out as I drag my tongue from the root up making him quiver as I start fingering him mercilessly. I push in a little deeper as I continue to suck him attentively.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” He screams out when I’m fingers find the spot I was looking for. I take them out as he trembles panting heavily as his eyes find mine. I tug off my pants and underwear before realising I don’t have any fucking lube.

“Shit.” I mumble as I curse myself for not being prepared. Julian leans over into the nightstand and pulls out a brand new tube.

“I knew we’d need it.” He says smiling at me before slathering some on his hands and taking my member into his hands. I moan out in satisfaction as he strokes me skillfully before laying back down.

“You ready?” I ask as I position myself between his legs. He pulls my head down kissing me slowly before pulling away slightly still allowing our lips to brush.

“Yeah.” He whisper with a smile. I kiss him again as I slowly enter him making him gasp as he clench my shoulder tightly.

“A little more.” I say pausing so he could breath.

“There’s more!” He exclaims making me smile, I kiss his forehead as I wait for him to relax again before I continue to bury myself in him until I’m completely in.

His walls clench around me as his warmth surrounds me, being inside him like this made my eyes roll as electricity flowed throughout me like a circuit. I press kisses to his neck which seems to relax him a bit, I keep myself perfectly still as I wait for him to adjust.

“You can go ahead.” He says nodding slightly, I wait a moment before pulling out mostly and thrusting straight back into him. He clenches his teeth in pain making Max whine lowly, I didn’t like seeing him like this but I knew it’d go soon enough so I pulled out again before thrusting into him. Tears swim in his eyes making me pause as my heart shatters to a million peaces.
“Keep going.” He instructs firmly. I decide to listen as I continue to thrust into him relishing in the feeling of being inside him. I connect my lips with his hoping to ease the pain even just a little as I quicken the pace slightly.

“Ahhhhh!” His first moan makes my heart soar as he breaks the kiss while wrapping his legs around me. I look down at him to see the pain almost completely gone as his face is flooded with pleasure. I quicken the pace a little as I continue to thrust into him making him moan continuously in pleasure.

“Aiden!” He shouts making my eyes glow as his does too, he clenches down on me making my eyes roll as I try to keep the pace. “F-Faster.”

“Fuck Julian!” I groan before slamming down into him. I let my tongue trace his ear before tugging on it as I continue to thrust myself into him mercilessly. He shivers before me as he moan directly into my ear making me harder as I drive myself deeper into him.

“Yes! Right there!” He screams when I hit the spot, I drive myself into him again making him scream again as I hit the spot.
He starts to whimper below me as I hit the spot repeatedly as his eyes begin to roll and his breathing become disheveled. I sit up, placing his legs on my shoulders before I thrust myself back into him.

“More. Aiden, m-more!” He begs, I grab his hips before slamming into him completely making him cry out as he clenches the sheets while arching his back.

“Fuck Julian.” I growl as I feel myself getting closer to realising as he starts moving his hips to my thrust, each of us dragging the other closer and closer to the edge. I pull him up so that’s he sitting in my lap, I continue to thrust into him as he melts in my grasp from the new position which allowed to go even deeper. He starts bouncing on my leaking member as I thrust into him at the same time making us both moan in each other’s arms.

I push his hair away from his neck revealing his glorious skin that I’d been dying to sink my teeth in. He tugs my head to the side so that he too has access as our movements before rougher and more desperate. I extend my canines as I lick his skin as he does mine before I sink my teeth into his shoulder the same time he does as we both cum in unison. My body does a quick reboot as his venom floods into my system as mine enters his, my eyes start to roll as my skin feels aflame as endless bolts of electricity run between us. I continue to cum straight inside him as he realeases himself all over my chest, he whimpers slightly while shaking as we slowly take out our canines. I lick the mark clean making him cry out loudly as he sinks completely onto my member before cumming again on my chest, spraying his warm load all over me. He falls on my chest before he too licks my mark, the feeling is indescribable as his tongue flicks the sensitive area that made me shake under him as
I too realeased myself inside him for a second time.

We stay there panting as I remain buried within his warm walls, he pulls back slightly to look at me as his bright blue eyes stare at me before a wide smile stretches across his face. He kisses me lightly before pulling back and smiling again. My eyes search his as he smiles so brightly that he lights up the room before he kisses me once again. I return to kiss quickly as we kiss slowly taking in each other completely, I smile against his lips as the room fills with the mixed scent of both of us. We pull away for air as I rest for my forehead against his.
I watch him secretly as he keeps his eyes closed while a smile remains on his lips. Those beautiful soft lips that belonged to my beyond perfect mate that was all mine.

I think I’m starting to love this guy.


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I loved it. I LOVED THAT SHIT. Woahhhhhh!!!!! These two am I right?

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