Alpha Mates

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Chapter 33

Julian’s P.O.V

Congratulations! - I shoot out from under Aiden’s arm as a million and one voices come crashing into my head all at once.

“Jesus!” Aiden exclaims from next to me while squeezing his head in pain as everyone through the link starts laughing. I block them out immediately before lying back down letting out a breath as Aiden lies back down with me.

“I forgot about that.” He says shifting his head my way.

“Me too.” I mutter yawning slightly as he pulls me into him.

“Morning.” He says before kissing me lightly.

“Morning.” I say smiling as we stare at each other with buoyant eyes. I feel my heart banging against my chest as I shamefully anticipate what’s to come.

“What do you want for breakfast?” He asks suddenly before sliding out of the bed. I sit up against my elbows, narrowing my eyes as I watch him walk into the kitchen. He moves swiftly around the space smiling happily to himself as if he were on top of the world.

I take myself and my muddled head to the bathroom and turning on the tap, dousing my face in cold water.

You did it! You actually did it without me you sneaky little thing! - I wince slightly as Isabel’s voice comes crashing into my mind. I blocked the link with the now very large pack, but Isabel was a Selsa so I had a special one with her that I rarely used.

It’s too early - I say simply as I push my hair out of my eyes.

It’s never too early Julian. So how was it? - She squeals in my ear

I don’t want to ta-

Your stone cold shit doesn’t work on me. She says cutting me off. You’re a straight guy who had sex with his male mate, you hear how that sounds too. So Julian, seriously asking, how was it?

I sigh as I contemplate letting a ball of gay loving craziness know how my first time with Aiden was. But then again that ball of craziness was one of my closest friends.

I-it was good - I answer nervously, I wasn’t used to talking about something so personal.

That bad?

No! It was good, really good actually - I say quickly as I trace my finger over my now upturned lips.

Then why do you sound so disappointed! - She exclaims. If he fucked you right, you’d be so hung up you wouldn’t be able to answer.

That’s the thing, he didn’t .....fuck me.

Wait what?

I bite my lip as I try to decide on a way to explain without having to go through the parts that I’d like to keep to myself.

“Think Julian, think.” I mutter to myself as I start to pace the room.

Lost Isabel still here and waiting patiently. She says making me pace even more.

It’s not that hard - Alex says with a yawn as I slowly start unraveling.

“Not that hard? How do you possibly explain to someone that you had phenomenal sex with your boyfriend but you’re disappointed because he promised to fuck you, but not fuck you as in normal sex. No fuck you as in not make love to you since that’s different as he explained that very nicely. So now that you’ve made love, you want him to fuck you since you’ve been dying to ever since he said those words. You thought you would when you woke up but then he just strolled on out of bed like if he didn’t make you a damn promise.”

Well when you put it like that.... - Alex says making me roll my eyes.

“Wow.” I freeze instantaneously as Aiden’s voice echoes in the room.

Did I say that out loud? - I ask as my heart takes off at an unsanctionable speed.

Yeah - Alex answers before fading away while laughing.

“I just wanted to know if you wanted blueberries in your pancakes...” Aiden says from behind me.
I turn slowly before coming face to face with a wide eyes Aiden. He stares at me in shock as my heart threatens to give out.

Helloo - Isabel calls, I immediately block our link along with all the others as I kill myself over and over in my head.

“How much of that did you hear?” I ask so quietly that I barely could hear myself.

“From phenomenal sex to the very end.” He says his lips twitching upwards as my cheeks heat up immediately, which just makes me a thousand times more embarrassed.

“Kill me now!” I groan as I bury my hands in my face in efforts to disappear from this cruel world.

“Hey...” He says sympathetically as he walks over to me, each step crushing my dignity below it.

“Don’t.” I warn as I drop my hands, not in the mood for a speech about not being embarrassed. He nods as I turn to face the mirror, leaning against the counter for support.

“I didn’t do anything because I thought you’d be in pain.” He says making my head snap up causing our eyes to meet in the mirror.

“Why would I possibly be in pain?” I ask incredulously.

“Because that’s what the websites said usually happened after!” He defends making me narrow my eyes as I turn to face him.


“Yes, websites. I did some research to prepare.” He says making my eyes widen. “What? First time with a guy remember.”

“So you did research?” I ask skeptically.

“Well I wanted you to feel good, obviously I would.” He says as my blush transfers to his cheeks as he diverts his eyes.

“Aiden I’m a werewolf, not a human. I’m not in pain.” I say with a slight smile as he glances my way quickly.

“Well good.” He says awkwardly making my smile grow even wider as my heart flutters a little.

I slip off my underwear slowly leaving me in only his shirt that reached just above my ass as Aiden watches me intently with wide eyes. I smile as I take of my shirt at a painfully slow pace leaving me completely open while Aiden’s eyes rake up and down my body as he gulps.
I step into the shower, turning on the warm water before stepping under the shower head. When I’m completely wet I glance back at Aiden who’s watching me so intently that goosebumps ran down my back.

“Well are you going to fuck me or not?” I ask with a smirk.

He stays still for a moment before I guess it hits him and he quickly strips before joining me. As soon as he closes the shower door he smashes me into the wall as he takes my lips in his own, I moan into his mouth as his tongue immediately invades my mouth searching it thoroughly, dominating it completely. His leg slips between my own allowing him to grind against me slightly. I try to hold onto him but he grips my wrists and pins them above my head making me shiver as he continues to kiss me. He raises my right leg making me instantly wrap it around him as he grinds himself into me, he breaks the kiss pressing kisses down my neck before he uses his tongue to trace the skin around my fresh mark making me whimper as he tightens his grip around my wrists.
He takes the marked section into his mouth making my eyes roll back as I immediately cum from the spectacular feeling. He continues to lick the spot while grinding himself against me as I tremble slightly while I ride out my orgasm.
He drops my leg along with my wrists, transferring his hands to my body as I pull him up to kiss him. Our lips move in sync as sparks fly through our heated bodies, both of us hungry for the other as the water continues to crash against his back.

I push him away before pressing him into the opposite wall as I reconnect our lips, he grabs my hips tugging me into him aggressively making me smile against his lips as the kiss starts to escalate. I gasp burying my hands in his hair when he slaps one of my butt cheeks.

“What ar- ahhh!” I’m cut off when he slaps the other side before kneading it. The action makes my breathing quicken as he leans over my shoulder allowing him to pay special attention to my ass, I’m not exactly sure how I felt about it but I knew he liked it considering how much his member grew. He slaps both sides making me whimper as he lets out a low growl, he kneads my ass thoroughly before he grabs it firmly and presses himself into me. I moan loudly, clenching onto him as the contact sent my entire body on fire.

“Aiden...” I beg as he continues to press me into him. He takes his lips in my own again as he loosens the grip on me, I yelp a little when I feel one of his fingers press into me slowly. My eyes roll in pleasure as he drives it deep within me, he waits a while before putting in another. I should’ve told him that he didn’t need to because of last night but I loved the feeling of his fingers inside me although I’d never admit it. By the time he has four in I’m a moan mess as I push down on his fingers shamelessly. When he pulls them out I whimper from the feeling of being suddenly empty while my member pulses in anticipation.

He flips us again slamming my back into the wall before he lifts me suddenly, I quickly wrap my legs around him while I hook my hands around his neck. He thrusts himself into me completely making me gasp as I shut my eyes tightly clenching down in the familiar feeling of pain and pleasure.

“Relax baby.” He whispers before licking my ear knowing that it’d do just that. I tremble in his hands as he continues to attack my weak spots before he slowly pulls out and thrusts back in. He moves carefully as he watches me intently, it doesn’t take long for the pain to go away and pleasure to take its place.
Without being told Aiden quickens his pace as he fills me giving me that palatable feeling that made me slip into subspace and I never wanted it to end.

“T-there!” I scream as he hits that spot that makes me see stars. He looks straight into my dazed eyes as he continues to thrust himself into me as I get closer to the edge. Suddenly, he slows down the paste making me whine angrily.
I open my mouth to say something as he pulls out completely before slamming himself into me making me moan loudly as he buries himself completely.

“A-Aiden..” I start as he begins pulling out again. “Ahhhh!” I scream as he slams back into me.
He stays silent pulling out again, he stays that way making my heart hammer in anticipation.

“P-put it back in.” I stutter desperate to feel him inside me again, to have him drive himself into me, send me crazy in pleasure. He slams back into me without warning making my member leak as he slowly pulls out again before immediately slamming back in. I felt myself getting closer to the edge as I unconsciously started bouncing onto him as he suddenly quickens the paste again, slamming into that one spot over and over again.

“I’m close.” He warns as he presses his head against my own. He tightens his grip on me before slamming me into the shower door as he continues to drive his large member into me while
the water falls directly on us.

“I’m.. I uhh cummingg.” I stretch out as I clench onto him while I empty myself all over Aiden’s chest. He cums straight after me, the feeling of him shooting himself straight into me was enough to make me want to go again. He thrusts into me few more times as he empties himself deep within.

I switch off the pipe before turning to face him as he watches me with lustful eyes. I felt myself hardening under his gaze as he traced his hands down my body making me involuntarily shiver. I slam my lips against his soft ones, humming in satisfaction at the electric shocks it brought before opening the shower door and dragging him to the bed.
I push him down before straddling him and lowering myself onto his awaiting erection. I throw my head back as my eyes roll from the pleasure filled waves that ran through my body.

“Oh fuck.” Aiden moans when I lower myself completely onto him. I press my hands on his firm chest for support as I start riding him.
My minds becomes muddled as I clench down on him while I continue to bounce on him. He lays there with pleasure filled eyes as I continue to ride him for all he’s worth. I stop as I slowly lower myself, taking him all in before I start grinding on him.

“Holy shit Julian!” He exclaims throwing his head back as his hands clench onto my hips. I continue to grind myself against him before leaning down to lick the crook of his neck. “Don’t stop baby.” He exclaims as he starts unconsciously thrusting into me a little as a series of moans escape my lips.

“Fuck Aiden.” I cry out feeling another orgasm upon me, I continue to work my hips as I worship his skin before tracing my tongue over his mark.

“Ahhh!” I moan out as he shoots into me as I sit up making me cum right after him. Aiden takes my member into his hands while I’m still cumming making me whimper as tears spring from my eyes while he strokes me aggressively as I continue to cum.

“Stdsa.” I try to say as he tightens his grasp squeezing out my orgasm while I unconsciously continue to circle my hips.

“We’re not stopping yet.” He says when I finish making my eyes widen pulling me out of my dazed state. Before I can reply he grabs my hips before thrusting into me.

“Ahhhh!” I scream out as he drives himself deeper with every thrust, sending me to a whole new world of pleasure. “T-there!”
He slams himself into me repeatedly as I gasp at the spectacular vibrations of pleasure that ran between us.
He flips us over so that I was under him, he spreads my legs before burying himself deep inside me as he continues his mercilessly attack on my already spent body. My eyes start rolling as I whimper while he continues to fill my body with unrecognizable pleasure.

“Y-yes Aiden!” I moan as he fills me while hitting that one spot. “Fuck me!”

I feel him harden inside me as he continues to fuck me as he starts licking my mark making me tremble under him. He sucks on it while tracing it with his tongue making me entire being go haywire. I try to talk but the words never come out as he continues to attack the over sensitive spot while thrusting into me bringing me to the now familiar edge.

“Cshsju.” I mumble as he continues to thrust into me before sinking his canines into the mark making me cum instantly. I tremble below him as he continues to drive himself into me before he too releases again. My breathing becomes disheveled as my eyelids become heavy and slowly everything becomes dark.

I really wish I was a gay guy. Sigh.....

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