Alpha Mates

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Chapter 34

Aiden’s P.O.V

“Are you done?” Julian asks from the bedroom where he was triple checking his bag.

“Sadly.” I groan as I blindly watch the television.

“Are you sure?” He asks making me roll my eyes.

“Yes Julian, I even did a double check to satisfy your crazy needs.” I groan, there’s no response telling me he probably didn’t care anymore.

These last few days have been mind blowing, we probably did everything this place had to offer and more. We stuffed our stomachs to the point that if hurt and explored the area almost every day. When we weren’t doing that, we were banging. Julian was my new drug, it was like an addiction that was so good that it couldn’t possibly be bad.

Not too long after he walks out the room with his bag, holding up my shades while twirling them on his fingers.

“Next time triple check.” He says throwing them my way.

“What’s the harm in staying an extra week?” I ask as he sits down in a small chair before he starts flipping through a magazine.

“We’ve already missed a few days of school so there’s our education and the packs merged and need us more than ever so there’s that. Plus h-”

“I get it jezz.” I say cutting him off. “We seriously got to start that project though.”

“Christmas break is around the corner, we can spend a week then to watch the wolves.” He suggests without looking my way.

“Yeah.” I agree watching him intently, he doesn’t seem to notice which irks me a little. He keeps his focus on the shiny pages as he goes through it with a blank expression. I walk over to him sitting in his lap as I kiss his jaw, he shifts the book so he can continue reading.

“Eighty dollars for a hat. It’s not even a good one and it’s checkered, he looks like he has a chess board on his head.” He mutters as he looks at the guy and not me making Max growl angrily. I hum lowly as I slowly press the kisses up to his lips.

“Hmm.” He closes the magazine as he starts kissing me back slowly. I pull away when we run out of breath leaving us both with slightly swollen lips. “Time to go.”

“I know.” I say sadly sliding off of him as I grab my bag looking out the window one last time before meeting him at the door. “Let’s go home.”


“Holy shit.” I mutter as I look up at the brand new pack house that sort of looked like a really nice apartment complex. The majority of the pack was standing in front of us with large smiles as they stared at us. They crowd us instantly giving many kind words and congratulating us, we don’t talk to everyone as we try to make it inside as quickly as possible. Once in the large house I lean against the door and shit my eyes on frustration.

I don’t get a chance to catch my breath as someone crashes into me hugging me tightly. I look down to see Emitt as Isabel and Beckett walk towards us, Julian pries Emitt off of me with a bloodcurdling growl before he slides his arm around me. New bonded mates were very possessive but I was still surprised that he would do it so openly seeing how he wasn’t a fan of public affection.

“Sorry.” Emitt says sincerely as Beckett pulls him behind him slightly making me narrow my eyes at the protective action.

“Nobody’s moved in huh?” I ask as Julian and I walk around the beautifully furnished bottom floor.

“Well we wanted to wait for you guys.” Isabel says sweetly as they follow behind us.

“Are you guys moving in?” Julian asks as we watch the three musketeers.

“Doesn’t make sense with our birthdays coming up, actually Beckett’s was yesterday.” She says with a wide smile, we all look his way as he gives us a weak smile.

“No mate?” I ask in surprise.

“No.” He answers sadly, for some reason it didn’t seem genuine to me, but who was I to pry.

“We’re going to check out our suite.” Julian says with a sparkle of excitement in his eyes that the others didn’t see. They all nod in understanding as Julian pulls me towards the elevator that made me smile widely.

“We have an elevator.” I say laughing pressing the button the the top floor.

“No more scaling up a million stares everyday.” Julian says with a slight chuckle. With a little ping, the door opens revealing our new home. My eyes trail the large space going first to the living room which was the central room in the house. There was a long, slick, grey couch with matching chairs neck to it a small coffee table and a wall filled with built in shelves. I glance across at Julian who seems mesmerized by the kitchen, I open the first door I see switching on the light to see heaven. I look around the mini movie theater that would act like our new tv room, it was perfect with a small bar area and frickening popcorn machine.

“We have a popcorn machine!” I shout as I leave the room with slightly teary eyes from such a beautiful sight.

“The study!” Julian shouts joyously from some room that I was way too lazy to look for. I head into the next one to see a nice sized bedroom with another connected to it with a shared bathroom. The last one was the master bedroom that made my jaw hit the floor. The thing was massive with a low bed that could hold an entire family. The wall opposite it was taken by a large television that was my new best friend, I check the walk in closet before going to the bathroom that made me smile widely.

“This makes mine look like a dump.” Julian says entering the room after me.

“The whole place is amazing.” I say as we leave the room and head for the elevator. “Want to see the roof?”

“Library first.” He says clicking a button before I could, I knew how excited he was for it. Since they suggested it in the preliminary blue prints he gave the thing an entire floor, said he’d fill it with our ancestral documents as well as normal books. When the door opens, my eyes widen at the endless rows of shelves filled with books as Julian walks out slowly.

“Are those globes?” He asks shakily. “I-it’s so perfect.” He says putting his hand to his mouth as he walked through the large room that had a slight echo.

“Just don’t move in here.” I warn as he glances me with a look that made me honestly worry.

“You have your moment, I’ll go ask the others to help us move in.” He grunts clearly do absorbed in his new world to listen to me. I smile to myself as I head back to the bottom floor where the others are lounging around.

“Done already?” Emitt asks noticing me first.

“Yeah, mind helping us move in? Most of my stuff is already boxed and Julian is already packed, I have no idea how he does it.” I say scratching my head as they all smile at me.

“No problem.” Isabel answers quickly. “I’ll get Julian’s, you guys do Aiden’s place.”

“Sounds good.” And with that she’s gone. The three of us walk out together getting in Emitt’s car as he drives us to my old packs’ house.

“You guys know what you’re going to call the new pack?” He asks tapping his finger on the steering wheel.

“Nope.” I say popping the p. “I’ll talk to Julian about it later.”

“Don’t pick something stupid.” Beckett warns making me chuckle as Emitt parks in the house lot.

“I’ll try not to.” I say getting out and heading up.

Working with two other people sped up the process so much that all my stuff was completely packed with half and hour. We were now loading the boxes into the car, making several trips in and out. We go back up for the last few which were in the study, picking up four I head to the door as Emily steps back before bumping into me. I catch my balance quickly but he doesn’t as he falls crashing into the book case that had a bunch of books still left in it.
I watch as they topple over and start falling, I didn’t try to stop them since he was a beta who could take care of himself and my hands were full, plus it was too far.

What I forgot was that Emitt was an idiot and wouldn’t move out the way, no he’d just look up and watch as a shitload of books rained down upon him. Before I could blink, Beckett rushes over Emitt’s body covering him just in time as the first book hits his back followed by much more. When they finish Emitt’s stares up with wide eyes at Beckett who looks down at him filled with concern.

“Are you okay?” He asks quickly even though he sounded hurt.

“Forget me, what about you?” Emitt says quickly as his palm cups Beckett’s face. “I’ll get an ice pack.” He says sliding from under him and rushing into the kitchen to look for something that wasn’t there.
Beckett sits up, wincing slighting as he leans himself against the wall breathing heavily.

“So Emitt’s your mate.” I say making his eyes dart up.

“How did you know?”

“Maybe it was the you hurting yourself to protect him part or the probably the way you stare at him. But hey, I could be wrong.” I say making him roll his eyes. “Does he know?”

“Yeah.” He says making my eyebrows raise in surprised.

“Why are you hiding it then?”

“He wants to wait until his birthday.” He says with a chuckle. “And were in no rush to announce this to Isabel.”

“Probably wants the attention on him.” I say making him watch me with questioning eyes. “That’s not my story to tell.” He nods in understanding as he slowly raises to his feet.
“Another pair of male mates.”

“I was just as surprised when my new friend stopped looking liking like a forgetful idiot and turned into my entire world.” He says smiling to himself as Emitt ran into the room.

“So the fridge was empty, I went to the pack kitchen and there was too much ice to carry so I put it in zip lock. But I forgot about peas so I starting looking for those instead, but I couldn’t find it and then my ice disappeared. So I had to do the ice all over again.” Emitt’s rambles sitting an amused Beckett up as he presses the zip lock bag to his surely healed back.

“Thanks.” Beckett says looking at Emitt with caring eyes that were honestly nauseating. I wondered if I looked at Julian like that.

“So this is where you disappeared to, what are you doing standing there?” My eyes snap up to the doorway to see a slightly frustrated Julian.

“Sorry, lost track of time.” I say walking over to him as he grabs two of my boxes not noticing Emitt and Beckett.

“It’s fine, just tell me next time.” He says kissing my cheek. I watch him as he walks away with a growing smile. “Come on, use your feet idiot!”

“Calm your tits.” I shout back as I jog behind him with a wide smile.

Hmmmm, satisfying.
Sorry no triple mates, it wouldn’t have worked I think.

Anyways, hope you liked. You know I love feedback, tell me thoughts.

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