Alpha Mates

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Chapter 37

Julian’s P.O.V

“When I say Fuck, you say school.” I shout into the mic. “Fuck!”

“School!” Everyone chants surrounding the makeshift stage I was standing on.


“School!” They scream back, I laugh into the mic before taking a swing of whatever I was drinking, I lost count after a while. “Shit I’ll never know my fuck it drink.”

“Alright, time to get down before you break something.” Aiden says below me with two of his sexy arms raised.

“It’ll just heal stupid.” I snicker making those around me frown with their smug, ugly faces.

“Okay seriously, come down.” Aiden says sounding panicky as he grabs onto my hand. I pull it away stumbling back a little before I catch my balance.

“When I say Buzzkill, you say Aiden!” I shout making everyone laugh. “Buzzkill!”




“Buzz.. wahh!” I shout as I fall forward, I smile widely when I open my eyes to see Aiden holding me with a wrinkly forehead.

“My prince.” I say smiling widely. “Frowning makes you look old.” I say pushing my finger into his head, he shakes his head with a sigh as he walks back to the couch we started at.

“Julian is the best partier I’ve ever met!” Russell says making me giggle as I slide out Aiden’s grasp.

“Thanks. If you could get me a dwarf and a bouncy castle that would be great.” I say, he nods in understanding as he pulls out his phone and disappears into the much larger crowd.

“How many fingers am I holding up?” Aiden asks putting one of his hands way too close to my face. I push it away before studying them to the best of my ability.

“Six.” I say confidently.

“A hand only know what.” Aiden says before smiling widely. “You’re good for now, we’ll try again later.”

“Can we play Bear Pong?” I ask dancing on my toes as I slide my arms around Aiden’s neck.

“You can’t even see straight.” He replies sipping on his red cup.

“Then I’ll just tilt my head, duh!” I say making his eyes widen.

“Say no more.” He says laughing as I lead us towards the small ping pong table I saw when we came here. “I want to play!”

“Wait your turn.” Some skank says making me growl as I glow my eyes. She gulps nervously before running away.

“Brought your toy with you this time Calderon?” Some smug looking fool says looking our way as I grab one of the strangely small balls.

Hehehehe, I said balls.

“Shut the fuck up you future McDonald’s cashier.” I say making everyone around me laugh hysterically.

“What did you just say?” He says aggressively.

“Are you deaf or dumb, pick one you can’t be both that’s being greedy.” I say, Aiden leans against the table for support as a series of laughter bellows out his mouth.

“Say another wo-”

“Can you please refrain from speaking? I have a sensitive nose and your breath makes me want to kill myself.” I say honestly. “So we going to play or what?”

“What happens to the loser?” Aiden asks standing next to me as he takes off his suit jacket revealing his spectacularly toned body through his teasingly tight shirt.

“Runs home naked.” He says making the others whisper while I frown.

“How is that a bad thing?” I ask turning to Aiden. “It’ll just make the process easier when we g-”

“Let’s start!” Aiden shouts cutting me off.

“Rude.” I mutter while he grabs a ball and bounces it straight into the cup opposite him. I smile proudly as the stupid boy drinks angrily.
The other guy from their team bounces the ball landing in one of our cups, before I can reach to drink it Aiden takes it. I guess it was my turn now, I throw the ball making it roll off the table. The stupid boy laughs way too loudly to be real as he points a finger at me, the only reason I didn’t bite it off was because Aiden was holding me back.

“I forgot to tilt my head!” I exclaim as Aiden nods in understand. “I want a do-over.”

“You can’t have one.” Aiden says making me pout.

“But I want one.” I say angrily.

“It’s cool, let him fail again.” The boy says throwing the ball my way. I reposition myself, tilting my head a little before bouncing the ball watching it the ball carefully as it lands straight in the cup in the medal.

“Woah!!!” Aiden shouts lifting me up as everyone cheers around m, I laugh as I fist pump the air happily.

“Suck on that you piece of dog shit!” I shout at the boy.

“We aren’t done yet.” Aiden whispers in my ear as he puts me down, he was trying to sound serious but he was clearly amused. “I fucking love Drunk Julian.”

Did he just say he loved me?


I stop in my path as a little dwarf man rushes past me on a skateboard wearing a toga outfit. He salutes me making my heart melt in happiness as he disappears into the crowd. The party was way wilder now, people were just messes and strangers started pouring in halfway through. Someone told me it was because a tweet went viral about it and everyone who was nearby decided to pop in.
The place was now dark with flickering light here and their and neon lights as our own guide. Their was neon paint that was really nice, my make up was apparently glow in the dark so I was fine.

“Aiden!” I shout into the crowd. I lost him a while back when I saw a goat which turned out to be someone’s costume.

Aiden!!! - I scream into our link.

For fuck sake Julian. - He replies instantly.

Where are you? - I whine stumbling around the house.

Where we were siting before.

Where’s that again? - I reply taking my head for information.

“Found you!” I screech jumping into his back.

“Why must you turn into a Banshie when your drunk?” He asks with a low, annoyed tone.

“I’m sorry.” I whisper. He doesn’t reply making me panic as I get off his back and circle in front of him. “I’m sorry.” I reiterate guiltily as he looks down at me.

“It’s fine.” He says much calmer. “Having a good time?”

“The best!” I exclaim before covering my mouth remembering about his ears. “The dwarf came.” I whisper.

“And the bouncy castle.” He says making my eyes widen. “You didn’t know?”

“No!” I shout making him wince.

“I’ll show you the way.” He says taking my hand. Pretty soon we’re in the back yard which contains a massive pool area and bouncy castle that brought tears to my eyes. I rush away from Aiden as I jump straight inside before making everyone else leave. Once it’s empty I pull Aiden in as we start bouncing.

“Up!” I should giggling as I jumped up. I kept trying to go higher but that’d just result in me falling really hard. Aiden took my hands after a while as he supported me while we jumped about.
It didn’t take long for us to become tired, plus Aiden kept tapping about how I’d throw up. So we stopped and now laid on the bouncy goodness facing each other.

“You’re the best Aiden.” I slur tracing his face with my finger. “I don’t want anyone else as my mate.”

“I’d sure as hell hope so.” He says smiling as he rolls on top of me.

“Bouncy Castle sex?” I ask bluntly making him laugh.

“No, maybe some other time.” He says, I nod in understanding as I pull away his shades so I could see his eyes.

“Pretty.” I drag out as I look into his eyes.

“Maybe we should get out.” He says referring to the loud complaints of those outside. I get out the bouncy castle as I eyes everyone who was waiting.

“I order the damn thing, I have rights!” I shout as Aiden comes out after me. “Ungrateful motherfuckers.”

“You curse a lot when your drunk.” Aiden says pulling me away from the pool I was dashing towards.

“Free country.” I mutter as we head back inside, I smile widely at the song that’s starts playing. “I got a feeling! That tonight’s going to be a good night!” I shout along with everyone else who started singing as well.

“Want to dance?” Aiden asks hopefully.

“Of course!” I exclaim, he pushes his way through the large crowd of dancing bodies stopping somewhere in the middle. I jump around facing Aiden as we dance along to the song that defined the period when music was good. We danced for what felt like hours when my legs started felling like shut and it was suspiciously heating up.

“Aiden hot. Too hot. ” I say pulling him close. He nods in understanding taking us away from everyone else. “Want to head home?”

“Yeah.” I reply as my eyelids started to feel heavy. He nods lifting me up as he searches for Isabel, we find her talking to some random guy before Aiden drags her away. “What happened to the twins?”

“I’m missing a section of my memories already so I can’t answer that question.” She says giggling as Aiden buckles me into the back seat with Isabel. The ride home was fun as Isabel and I talked and laughed and even played pattycake. Looking out the window after Isabel started ranting about some stupidness, my eyes catch a figure in the distance wearing everything in the same colour. It takes me a second to realise they’re naked and that it was the same stupid boy.
I immediately push back the sunroof ignoring Aiden’s complaints.

“Run boy, run!” I scream making his head snap back towards me. I laugh hysterically as Isabel bangs against the window laughing too. “You little shit!” I scream as we pass him. When he’s no longer in my eyesight I turn back to face forward immediately coming eye to eye with a large branch. It hits me really hard as I get ripped out the car, I fall onto the cold concrete making me groan.

“Stop the car!” Isabel shouts immediately followed by the sound of screeching tires. My head spins as everything blurs around me.

“Ouch.” I mumble remaining down, the floor was oddly comfortable.

“Shit! Julian!” I hear Aiden’s voice in a state of panic as I slip away. I wanted to tell him that I was fine, I knew he’d worry and I didn’t want him to. “Are you okay? Hey! Keep your eyes opened! Julian?!”

He’s going to kill me tomorrow..

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