Alpha Mates

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Chapter 3

Julian’s P.O.V

Today was the day.

The day I’d become the alpha of my pack and find my mate, the thought made the corner of my lips twitch as my body begged me to smile but I kept it in. I’ve been dreaming of this day since I knew I would be alpha one day and now it was finally here.

“Julian are you ready? We have to head over to the hall soon.” My mom shouts from downstairs.

“I’ll be down in a minute.”
I look at my reflection in the mirror with an unwavering sense of pride in my chest, I was wearing a simple white button up and my favorite, dark blue jeans.
I made my way downstairs in my parents new house, meeting my mother in the drive way.

“Oh my beautiful boy, look at you!” She exclaims running over to me and suffocating me in one of her so called hugs.

“Beth let the boy go.” My dad scolds as he comes out the house, reluctantly my mom lets me go. We don’t waste any time as we start walking towards the hall.
The coronation was being held in our hall since it was bigger than The Dark Woods Pack’s, that’s a really horrible pack name, it sounded like a child picked it.

“How are you feeling?” My dad asks snapping me out of my thoughts.


“That’s it, no nerves?” He asks searching my eyes for any emotions that weren’t there.

“I’m fine father.” I knew he hated it when I didn’t call him dad, but I just didn’t feel comfortable doing that. The conversation continued between my parents as I walked behind them, not too long after we were in front of the large hall which was already packed with people from both packs along with representatives from neighboring packs. Without being told, I headed to the back entrance where people were scrambling to finish preparations. I was immediately lead to a back room where I was to wait until everyone was ready, they took this incredibly serious and had been planning it for months. Opening the door I see the back of the one person I didn’t want to see until I absolutely had to, Aiden turned on his heels, a smirk making it’s way on his lips when he sees me. He was wearing a black button up with black jeans along with his dark shades per usual.

“Jewels! I thought you weren’t going to make it, tardy on your first day wouldn’t of been the best look.” He says as he sits down in the corner chair crossing his long legs.

“Today is really not the day to piss me off.” I warn sitting in a chair close to the window.

“Trying to make a good impression for the mate?” He teases, when I don’t answer he continues. “I am, that’s why I’ll behave for the day.”

“I honestly couldn’t care less.” I reply looking out of the window.

“Prick.” He mutters.

“Imbecile.” I fire back.




“Dimwit!” I growl

“Asshat!” He spits, we’re now standing eye to eye panting and heaving in rage. I can feel my eyes glowing as my canines extend, looking through his shades I could see his eyes a fiery red, but that was impossible, only rogues had red eyes and Aiden wasn’t a rogue. So why the hell were they red? Noticing me studying his eyes he turns away quickly just as someone opens the door.

“We’re ready boys.” He says looking between us, I continue to stare at Aiden as he hurries out the room, I decide to ignore it for now as I follow behind him. The man kept rambling on about things we already knew so we ignored him as we walked swiftly before walking onto the stage. My eyes widen in surprise as I looked over the room overflowing with people who were all beaming in smiles. I spot Beckett and Isabel in the front smiling up at me with thumbs up in support, we stop behind our fathers who were standing in front of a single podium smiling wider than anybody else in the room

“We are gathered here today to witness the transaction of power of both our packs to our sons.” Aiden’s father begins. “It is a day of celebration as our sons also meet their mates today, we thank the Moon Goddess for granting us this privileged so we can share it with you all.”

“Stop being so formal Micheal.” My dad interjects making everyone laugh, “it’s a good day and we’re excited as I’m sure you all are. Now let’s stop wasting time!”

He motions for both of our pack elders to join us on stage, Aiden and I kneel as we were taught as our fathers knelled in front of us. The elders surrounded us as they performed the ceremonial customs that all packs have been practicing for centuries, as told I look straight in my father’s eyes as the power is transferred from him to me, I watch as his eyes go from a bright blue to a duller one. I feel a sort of electricity run rampant throughout my body as my canines extended longer than ever before, I could feel every single member of my pack within me, I felt everyone around me in a whole new way.

I am alpha.

Standing up my father hugged me like never before, I felt my shirt dampen as I’m sure he was crying. He pulled back reluctantly before taking my hand and raising it for the packs to see, the room erupted in screams and cheers of joy as everyone felt it as well. I couldn’t help the smile that formed on my lips as I looked around the room, I glanced across at Aiden who was amping up everyone as he lifted his hands excitedly. Everyone went beyond insane as he fist pump the ear with a deafening roar that bounced off the walls, returning to his place he met my eyes with a wide smile. It wasn’t a smirk, it was an actual smile, one I’d never seen aimed towards me. I nod slightly which he returns still smiling, it was a happy moment, one I didn’t want to ruin because of our rivalry.

“Alright people, moving on swiftly time for The Awakening.” Micheal announces making the crowd quiet down. The Awakening is what they called it when our eyes were ‘opened’ to see our mates, it was really just a beam of light shining down on us through the ceiling and after it passed and we opened our eyes we would be able to know who our mates were.

Like clockwork the sun roof was opened allowing the sunlight inside, closing my eyes with my head to the ceiling I soaked in the feeling of the sun on my skin. A wave of pleasure ran from the top of my head to the soles of my feet as every cell in me buzzed with electricity.

“Open your eyes.” My dad says softly, doing as told I look at my father who eyes are emitting hope that I’m sure mine were too. I could smell them, they were close, very close. My eyes scanned the large room frantically in search of my mate, it was like they were right next to me but I couldn’t see them. Their smell was driving me crazy with need as my wolf trailed around in my mind with an unquenchable thirst, feeling a sense of panic, I glance back at my father who was frowning in concern. I look at Micheal and then at Aiden.

Mate! - My wolf growled from deep within

No, no, no, no, no

He was doing the same thing I was a minute ago as he searched around the room frantically, I can’t be his mate, I can’t!

“This is impossible.” My voice comes out weaker than I’ve ever heard it, his head snaps my way as he stiffens as he looks at me. He knew, he could feel the same pull I felt between us, his hands made his way to his wavy, black hair as he grabbed it in frustration. His head shaking side to side as he stared at me the same way I’m sure I was at him.

“This can not be happening.” He says squatting as he buried his face in his hands.

“Son, what’s wrong?” Micheal asks quickly sinking to his side, concern emitting off of him in waves. I felt a hand touch my back but I was paralyzed by shock and panic as my dad made his way in front of me.

“Julian.” My dad says holding my face. “What’s happening?”

“H-heee i-is my m-mate.” I hear the crowd erupt in whispers as my dad eyes widen.

“But they’re both men.” Micheal says from his spot where he was staring at Aiden who seemed to be overtaken by his own thoughts.

“Why is this happening to me?” Aiden whispers, his eyes not once leaving my own. I ignore the pain he just caused me as my heart hammered away against my ribs, threatening to break. He shouldn’t be able to cause me pain like that, I won’t allow him to.....h-he can’t.

“Leave!” My father’s voice booms throughout the room as people quickly obey, leaving just Aiden, Micheal, my father and me.


Shit finally getting interesting!

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