Alpha Mates

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Chapter 38

I started a little notebook on wattpad, it will have important shit to know. Hypothetically speaking, let’s say these two has kids and I couldn’t figure out what to name them or who to cast them as. You guys would have a say in the matter, hypothetically speaking of course.
It has my update schedule so far and will have random shit probably. Check it out to stay tuned.

Aiden’s P.O.V

I didn’t sleep last night, I couldn’t, my eyes were glued to Julian’s sleeping form and they wouldn’t let up. I knew he was fine, but after seeing him laying on the ground like that prevented me from even looking away.

You should’ve kept a better eye on him - Max growls in my head.

I know - I say admittedly, seeing Julian laying on the ground like that made my breathing become a painful act as my skin tighten around me, the feeling of regret was growing with every passing moment and it wouldn’t go away.
The morning light had invaded the room long ago, I laid next to Julian running my hand through his hair as I watched him. By the time we got home, his makeup was smudged and laced with the blood that was gushing from the cut he got on his forehead when he flew out the car. I cleaned him up and changed his clothes before putting him in the bed, he was knocked out cold, his only sound being a faint snore.

I immediately sat up when he started to move a little which then turned into squirming, a loud groan came out first before he slowly opened one eye. His eye danced around the room before landing on me, he stares at me for a while before closing it and groaning again.

“Drink this.” I say in a low whisper, I hand him the blend I made before we left the house yesterday. His hangover would be gone in minutes, especially with the booster I gave him. He sits up a little, his face down stricken and his eyes squinting, he drinks the liquid in one go before lying back down.

“My head.” He groans rubbing his temples with his fingers, they brush the plaster on his head making him freeze. He pulls it off, the cut gone underneath while he dangles the bloody plaster with his fingers. “What happened there?”

“You hit a branch while standing in the sunroof, took you straight out the car.” I explain trying ignoring the guilt and pain that flooded me once again by mentioning it.

“Really?” He says giggling a little before grabbing his head. “Ow.”

“You don’t remember much do you?”

“There was a microphone.... some ping pong balls. I think I remember something with a goat maybe..” He says visibly straining to remember.

“I’m sure there’s more than enough pictures and videos on the internet to rejog your memory.” I say making his face instantly pale.


“Oh yeah.” I say giving him a weak smile.

“Never again.” He says sliding out the bed, he stretches for a while before dragging his feet as he walks sluggishly to the bathroom. Once he’s inside I head to the kitchen to make us breakfast, Max was still uneasy even though Julian was fine.
I cook the food blankly as my mind continues to be flooded with remorseful thoughts along with the image of Julian’s blood.

“Aiden!” My eyes dart up to find Julian looking at me with frustrated eyes.

“Sorry.” I say taking his slightly burn salmon off the fire.

“Are you okay?” He asks relaxing his tone as I make the sandwiches.

“Yeah.” I reply glancing up slightly before searching the fridge for some lettuce. I make our food swiftly, nodding here and there while Julian carried the conversation.


“In conclusion, I’ve decided to watch none of the unmentionable videos or pictures. If I don’t know what I did, then I can’t be embarrassed.” He says as he finishes his food, I nod making him frown. “Aiden what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” I say snapping out of my daze.

“You’ve barely eaten and you’ve been acting like one of the white walkers all morning.” He says clearly not buying it. I was lost really, I cared so much about Julian now that seeing him hurt was enough to send my world crashing down and the feeling was so toxic that I took over everything in my mind.

“I’ll get us some juice.” I say leaving the table and heading to the kitchen, I look around for the orange juice Julian loved which now seemed to be nonexistent. My anxiety along with anger rose as I dug through the chilled box for the stupid drink. I stop when I feel Julian’s warm hand on my arm, he was emitting waves of worry and I knew it was because of me. He forces me to turn around slowly, my eyes meet his unsettled blue ones as he closes the fridge before linking our hands as he continues to look at me.

“What’s going on?” He asks nervously, his eyes never leave mine as he studies me intently.

“I don’t know.” I say honestly as he transfers one of his hands to my cheek. “I can’t get the image of you bleeding on the ground out of my head. I know mates would obviously feel the same pain I do, but it’s killing me.”

“What do you mean?” He says, his tone showing his concern.

“I know you’re fine now, but it still hurts. You were hurt and that’s making every corner of my being sick, Max won’t let up about how I should of been more careful with you and I know I should’ve. I hate myself for letting it even get that far and that image of you lying just, i-it hurts.” I explain as his features softens.

“Aiden, I’m fine.” He says moving the hair out of his face. “See, not a scratch.”
I hum slightly making him sigh, he pulls my head down kissing me gently as his soft lips guide me. I kiss him back gradually my body relishing in the pleasure filled shocks that came from Julian. He did change the pace or even deepen it, he just....kissed me. It was like he was trying to tell my body that he was okay, it was working a bit as my heart stopped squeezing itself and the pain faded a little. He broke the kiss eventually letting himself linger as my lips brushed his ever so slightly.
His oceanic orbs search my own as he slowly leans back while his fingers graze my skin ever so lightly.

“Max still buzzing around up there?” He asks defiantly.

“You silenced him a bit.” I say making him smile widely. “He wants to speak to Alex.”

“That sounds like a horrible idea.” He replies hesitantly.

“Disastrous would be the better word, but it’s bound to happen sooner or later.” I reply, he thinks for a while before nodding.

I close my eyes as I allow Max to take full control making me fade away slowly with regret building from whatever these two were about to do.

Maximus’ P.O.V

“Hello Alexander.” I stretch as I smile at my mate, he returns a sly smile as he distances himself from me.


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