Alpha Mates

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Chapter 39

Alexander’s P.O.V

“Do you know why I wanted to speak to you?” Maximus asks as his eyes study me as if I were his prey, something that would come true if I wasn’t careful.

“Evidently not, fool.” I mutter the last part loud enough so that he’d heard it, a low growl escapes his lips allowing the satisfied smile to crawl it’s way on my lips.

“Dangerous waters, tread carefully my dear mate.” He says as he circles the long, kitchen counter, I do the same to keep a fair distance between us. “Running are we?”

“Chasing are we?” I reply mockingly. “Now get on with why you wanted to speak to me.”

“Don’t you want to spend as much time as we can together?” He replies with a smirk. “Where’s the love?”

“With Julian.”

“Fine, act like the loveless creature you try to be.” He says making my canines threaten to extend. “Keep an eye on him, Julian I mean, he’s not accustom to our lifestyle and Aiden seems to forget that.” He says seriously.

“He needs it. I’ve been with the guy forever and you get a little tired of books everyday, he’s happy and trying things.” I explain as he rolls his eyes. “Lay off the boy would you, your making him feel worse and in turn it make us feel bad.”

“He was reckless!” He exclaims.

“He was having fun!” I shout back, my eyes meet him challengingly as we stand so close his breath tickled my skin slightly.

“You don’t understand do you, the pain that we felt seeing you lying there bleeding on the floor with your eyes slowly closing, not knowing if you’d be okay.” He says slowly making my heart clench in guilt. “It’s worst for Aiden, he doesn’t realise he loves Julian so this is burning him from the inside out.”

“Neither does Julian, they’re still afraid to trust each other completely. But things like this will help them get there. They’re still young, mistakes are inevitable.”

“I know.” He says with a sigh as his features relax a bit. “It still broke me to see you like that.”

“Aw, you care.” I coo making him lift his head as he chuckles slightly.

“Well I do love you.” He says arrogantly as he traces my mark with his fingers making pleasurable vibrations run through my body to the soles of my feet.

“Funny how the hate changed to love, the Moon Goddess really fucked us over.” I say making him smile.

“They think she did this to them, but it was to punish us wasn’t it.” He says making me laugh.

“That’s what we get for spending generations destroying everything back home trying to get at each other’s throats.” I say remembering how long we’ve hated each other, when I realized he was Aiden’s wolf I nearly lost it, finding out that the Moon Goddess put me with a human finally only to be in the same vicinity as Maximus. “I’ve fantasied your death for most of my life or how I’d emotionally scar you, but now...”

“Now you can’t get enough of me.” He says pulling my heated body against his.

“Really?” I whisper in his ear, he hums letting his hands slide down my body. “And what would you do if that were true?”

“I’d take you right here. Right now.” He says huskily, I smirk just as his hands reach for my ass turning us swiftly before slamming his body into the fridge. I press my arm into his neck to hold him in place as he watches me with wide eyes that were sparkling in excitement.

“Let’s get something clear, Max." I say as I trail my hand down his body before stopping at his waist where I push it into the fridge door before sliding my leg between his. “Julian and I are not ‘bottoms’, in the situation our lives have forced us into we adapted and accepted it. But do not forget, we let you take us. For the sake of Julian, I will not fuck you until your shooting blanks and screaming my name with a hoarse voice, I’ll leave that special night for him and Aiden. So remember your place, my dear mate." I finish smiling as I remove the arm from his neck before using my fingers to trail his soft lips, he uses his tongue to lick one slowly sending shivers down my back.

“It turns me on when you get like this.” He says grabbing my wrist as his continues to lick my fingers skillfully, the action making my pants tighten. “Excited already?”

“You caused this, so take responsibility.” I reply making his eyes glow momentarily. “What’s up with the eyes?”

“You know I can’t tell you that.” He replies planting kisses along my neck.

“I thought you loved me.” I say poutingly as I drive my fingers into his hair, leaning into his touch more as his hands climb up my shirt, exploring my back.

“I do baby, you know that I do. But I’d never betray Aiden like that.” He says licking my ear making me shiver against him. “Will you tell me about you two’s little mystery excursions?”

“Of course not.” I say immediately, Julian would kill someone before he’d let news of Oliver get out.

“Secrets.” He says in a soft whisper as his hands travel into my pants where he grabs my ass firmly. “So dangerous.” He continues as I moan out from the amazing feeling that I wasn’t ashamed to say that I loved. “Yet so fun.” He finishes before biting on my ear, I moan out again rubbing myself against him.

I raise his head to mine before taking those beautiful lips with my own, I moan in satisfaction as the electrifying shocks danced between us. I deepen the kiss letting my tongue explore his mouth as he kisses me back quickly. Our movements become heated and more vicious as we naturally fight for dominance. I sink my teeth into his bottom lip before tracing my tongue over it making him moan beautifully as my hands find they’re way up his shirt, brushing over his nipples.
He lifts me suddenly placing me on the kitchen island as we continue our hungry kiss, I wrap my legs around his waist pulling him closer he smiles against me lips as his hands trace my body.

I tug on his shirt ends making him take it off quickly as I do mine, his body pressed against my own sent my skin aflame as he made his way down to my mark. His tongue traces the area slowly making me whine softly as unconsciously rubbed myself against him. Realising his was on the quest to tease me, I pull his head to the side quickly before attacking the area I marked. A loud moan escapes his lips as he shakes slightly from the feeling of my tongue tracing his mark, I doubt he came from that, we were stronger than our humans and could go much longer.

Sliding off the counter, I tug my pants and underwear down as he does his own. He lays down onto the counter with a smirk that told me exactly what he wanted to do. Climbing on top of him, I position myself with growing excitement. I lower myself taking his member into my mouth going straight to the bottom, he groans in pleasure as he arches his back slightly. I slowly come back up as his tongue traces my pulsing member, I take him in my mouth again as he takes me in completely. He moans around my member sending vibrations throughout my body as I shake slightly. I relish in the feeling of him taking me into his mouth completely using his tongue to tease me as I use one hand to fondle his balls while I continue to bob my head at a quicken pace.

I freeze when I feel his fingers around my bud, I try to continue but moan around him when he puts in the first finger. My eyes roll back in pleasure when he starts fingering me while sucking me off.

“Yes....” I moan out when he puts in another finger, I push back on them so they can go even deeper.

“Don’t stop.” He growls before smacking me ass with his other hand. I whimper from the action before taking his member back into my mouth. I trace his head with my tongue as he slides yet another finger in while quickening his movements. I moan around him as I tighten my mouth and suck him attentively, soon enough I’m moaning and shaking in so much pleasure that I’m unable to continue.

“M-max.” I moan as he continues to finger me mercilessly. He smacks my ass again making me whimper as he smacks that other side, I knew what he wanted but I was enjoying the attack too much to comply.

He grunts before sliding his hand in my hair and pushing me down on his member as he thrusts himself into my mouth. He continues to thrust himself into my mouth as he fingers me just right. He traces his tongue up my member before taking my balls into his mouth just as he hits the spot, I moan around him trembling slightly.

“Mhdnfm!” I scream out in ecstasy as he continues to fuck my mouth while he repeatedly hits that good spot dragging me closer to the edge.

“I’m close baby.” He says before taking my awaiting member back into his mouth making tears spring from my eyes at the ruthless attack on my body.

“Agggghdd!” I moan loudly as I release myself into his mouth as he buries his fingers deep within me, seconds later he does the same keeping my mouth around him as I swallow every drop. He slides his fingers out of me as I roll off of his body, my vision is a bit hazy as I pant heavily.

“Tired already?” He teases rolling onto my body.

“Not even close.” I reply smiling up to him mischievously.

“Oh really?” He asks as his eyes dark eyes study my own intently.

“I can go all night long.” I stretch as my member steadily comes back to life. “Don’t tel- ahhhh!” I’m cut off when he buries himself into me completely.

“What was that?” He asks smirking down at me as I tremble below him. Not giving me even a second, he starting fucking me mercilessly, my eyes roll as I clench down on him as he hits my spot every time.

“W-wait.” I stutter feeling myself already close to cumming. “S-stop M-Max.”

“Why should I?” He teases quickening his pace as he trails his tongue up my neck.

“P-please..” I moan as I tremble in the sea of pleasure he was drowning me in.

“I love when you beg.” He growls lowly before licking my ear.

“Maxxxx!” I scream out cumming instantly as he continues to thrust into me. I arch my back as I ride out the orgasm with free tears escaping my eyes. He slows down as he pulls me up so that I was sitting in his lap with him still inside me, I shiver slightly as I look into his lustful eyes.

“So quickly?” He teases making me blush in embarrassment. “It’s like you want me to lose control.” He growls before thrusting himself into me.

“Ahhh!” I moan out clenching onto his shoulders while he slowly pulls out before slamming himself back into me. I slowly start riding him as he meets me with forceful thrust that make me see stars. I push him down when his thrusts become sloppy, he stares up at me with lust filled eyes as I ride him for all he was worth. A series of moans bellows out his mouth as I continue to move to the best of my ability, feeling him hardening inside me I start grinding on him dragging out the orgasm I knew he was close to giving me.

“F-fuck!” He stutters holding onto my hips as I quicken my pace. He groans as he releases inside of me making me whimper as my member leaks from the feeling of him filling me up. I don’t stop my movements as he quivers below me with his hardening member.
“S-shit..” He stutters as I continue my movements that were getting slower as I got closer to the edge. Without warning he pulls me down so that I’m lying on his chest before grabbing my ass with both hands and thrusting into me.

“Ahhhh!” I scream out as he looks at me predatorily as he tightens his grip on my ass making me whimper as he slams himself into me repeatedly. “Max!”

“Yes baby.” He says with eyes heavy with desire as he continues to slam himself into me.

“More.” I say making his eyes glow a luminous red as he stares at me. “M-more.” I beg not breaking the eye contact, he kisses me suddenly as he thrust himself deep inside me, I moan into his mouth as my member pulses with excitement. He kisses me passionately, our tongues dancing together in the heated kiss as he clenches down on my ass while slamming himself into me.
I feel myself on the verge of releasing as he continues to hit that perfect spot over and over again. My eyes roll back as I start moving my hips to meet his thrusts, he groans as he breaks the kiss to lick my mark. I whimper from the action as I lick his mark too, extending my canines I sink my teeth into his mark making him moan as he cums inside of me while sinking his teeth into mine. My eyes close immediately as my body shakes in pleasure while I cum on his chest, I whimper shamelessly as I continue to cum from him filling me up once again. When I’m done, I redraw my canines as I lay my head on his chest breathlessly. He does the same before pulling his member out of me. He rubs his member between my ass as his cum leaks out of me making him smile I’m delight.

“And you expect me to believe you’re not naturally the bottom.” He says tauntingly as I continue to tremble on top of him.

“So g-good..” I moan out as I move my hips slightly enjoying the feeling of his member between my ass.

“You want more?” He teases kneading my ass making me whimper as I rub my erection against his stomach.

“Y-yes.” I moan shamelessly as he puts the tip in before sliding it out as he continues rubbing himself between my ass again. “Put i-it inn...”

“My dear mate....” He stretches as he slides a little more in before pulling out once again making me whine lowly. “So greedy.”

“M-max...” I stutter as he slides in half before pulling out again. “Fuck me, fuck me p-please...” I groan shaking my ass impatiently.

“Since you asked so nicely...” He strains before slamming himself into me completely making me moan loudly. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” I say blushing slightly before kissing him as he fucks me the way I liked it.

“Next time, we’re doing it as wolves.” He growls making me smile.

“I can’t wait.” I reply smiling down at my perfect mate knowing that we won’t be stopping any time soon.

These two are now me new favourite everything. I love this so much fuckkk.


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