Alpha Mates

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Chapter 40

Song: Harrison Storm - Be Yourself

Don’t play song until you are told.

Aiden’s P.O.V

“So....what did you get?” Julian asks nervously as soon as I leave my class. I hand him the paper as his eyes search my paper quickly. “Eighty seven.” He says with a growing smile.

“And I didn’t bribe anyone.” I say making him smile proudly as he wraps his arms around my neck pulling me into a quick kiss.

“I’m proud of you.” He says linking our hands as we walk together. He’d been helping me study for the end of term exams which came way quicker than expected. Today was our last day at school before Christmas break, we were getting all our results back so after lunch we’d be free to only be troubled by the pack problems.

“You want to eat with the others or just relax in some classroom.” I offer as students rush pass us to the lunch room.

“I rather not see Emitt and Beckett sucking each other’s faces off while Isabel takes videos with drool running down her mouth.” He says leading us in the opposite direction.


“Aren’t you scared? I’m scared, what if he has no mate like Beckett?” Julian rambles as we walk to the hall together. He didn’t show it very well, but he cared a lot about Emitt. I hadn’t told him that they were mates, it wasn’t my place and it wouldn’t affect him.

“It’ll be fine.” I reply as we enter the hall, it wasn’t as packed as it was for our coronation but it was filled with girls from the pack who were desperate to be Emitt’s mate. They were all disappointed with Beckett coming up short but they redirected their hope to Emitt, they were in for a surprise.

Now that we were Alphas we were supposed to be present for the Awakening whenever we could, especially for people like our betas and omegas. Most people skipped the whole glamorous process and just waited for it to happen sometime in the day, but of course Emitt wanted to blow everyone away.

The ceremony started shortly after we arrived, we were now standing on the stage with Julian clenching onto my hand tightly even though his face showed no emotion. When they told Emitt to open his eyes, he didn’t even blink before running into Beckett’s awaiting arms hugging him tightly as the two kissed heatedly as everyone watch them with gapping mouths.

“Those two....” Julian starts looking the most shocked of all. “But Beckett.....two guys again. What?”

I rub his shoulders comfortingly as we continue to watch as the two attack each other ferociously. They didn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon so people quickly started leaving as their clothes went flying. I didn’t get a glimpse of their parents since I was too busy forcing Isabel out who had tears streaming down her face.

“All my friends....are gay..” She sobs making me frown with worry. “This is the best day of my life!” She screams crying outside the hall as Julian closes the door behind the last disappointed girl.

“Why are all the hot ones gay!” She screams before running to catch up with her friends.

--------end of flashback------

“Do you want to go out tonight?” I ask Julian making him freeze with a piece of lettuce hanging from his mouth as he stares at me with wide eyes.

“Where to?” He asks chewing quickly as he sits up with his legs still hanging over the small student desk.

“We’ve already done the classics, restaurant and movies. I have a surprise for you.” I say making his eyebrows knit together as he watches me suspiciously.

“Should I be scared?”

“Nope, I think I might make you cry tonight.” I say making him scoff. “You’ll see.”

“Uhuh.” He replies skeptically.

He’s going to love it - Max says making me growl.

Not another word from you - I snap making him whine apologetically.

I said sorry! - He complains making me roll my eyes mentally.

That’s not going to cut it - I growl as he mummers something inaudibly.

The morning after those two beasts had their time together, Julian and I couldn’t walk. They went at it so hard that not even our natural healing could help, I recovered quicker since I wasn’t the one who was taking it, poor Julian. I had to carry him to the kitchen, I went to get some food for him, imagine my surprise when there was no kitchen to go to.

The sink pipe was burst with water flowing out of it like a fucking fountain, the fridge door had a huge dent in one side while the other was lying on the other side of the room. The kitchen counter had they’re hand prints implanted all over it and the kitchen island had a crack straight down the middle. I went to put Julian down in the dinning room and you what the fuck I found?

Wreckage, pure wreckage.

The dining table was broken, it’s pieces lying on the floor among all the broken chairs. Why every chair? I don’t know. The wall had claw marks everywhere and the bookshelf was on the floor with a broken chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The cost to fix it all was too pricey, Julian was much angrier than I was since he was the one who couldn’t walk for the entire day and those two little shits disappeared for a week. Like they were waiting for our rage to die down before slowly creeping back in with a Hey there, my favourite best friend I’ve had for my entire life...

I felt partially responsible since we didn’t let them spend enough time with each other. Obviously they’d be making up for lost time when they finally came face to face. Julian and I already agreed to give them every single weekend from now onwards to do whatever the hell they wanted, but they were on a sort of punishment now so they didn’t need to know that.

“It’s a little sick that you won’t talk to Alex.” I say making the cheerful air surrounding Julian thicken immediately as his face shows his obvious annoyance.

“He likes being social, it’s what hurts him the most.” He answers causing me to frown. “My ass still stings when I sit down Aiden.” He defends.

“Just talk to the guy.” I say while I hypocritically zone out Max’s apologizes.

“Fine, later.” He says in defeat as I lean over the table, kissing him softly as the bell rings.

“I’ll see you later.” I say kissing him again before parting from him reluctantly as he waves me away.


“Is this our thing now? Blindfolds?” Julian asks as I hold the familiar black cloth in my hands.

“Apparently.” I reply as he sighs before turning so I can put it in him. “Next time, I’ll use it in bed.” I whisper making him gulp as my fingers trace his mark.
I slide back into my own seat with a growing smile as I pull out the pack house lot and into the road, soon leaving the pack lands.

“Can we continue the story with Ramen and Jessica?” He asks excitedly making me smile widely.

“Of course, where did we stop?” I ask straining to remember. “Something with a fire?”

“Ramen tried to kill her by burning down the house but she escaped and then.....we stopped with and then one night or something like that.” He says making my eyes widen in surprise at his great memory. “You start.”

And then one night, while Ramen was sleeping with one of his favourite rhinoceroses in the house he bought off the black market. Jessica snuck in and kidnapped Ramen, he woke up in a warehouse which was filled with candle wax.
(A.N Lezhin manga readers freaking the fuck out right now at the mention of a warehouse)

“Wait a second, candle wax?” I ask as Julian giggles from his seat, he nods while urging me to continue.

Jessica forced Ramen to eat all the candle wax before drowning him in a bucket of hot candle wax that killed him. When she went to the new home, the rhinos were mad cause they couldn’t find Ramen.
“Where’s my Ramen?!” One rhino said.

“They talk?” Julian asks between his laughter.

“Accept it.” I say simply.

Jessica tried to ignore them, acting like she didn’t know. But they could smell a lying skank as well as the rest of us. They cornered her in the basement as they all took turns shitting on her, the younger siblings came in suddenly bursting into the room t-

“We’re here?” I say making him groan loudly.

“But it was getting good!” He exclaims throwing his arms up angrily.

“Next time.” I say before getting out the car and circling to his side before helping him out. I already set everything up before coming back home for him.

“It’s breezy so we’re outdoors, not the beach though...” He says thinking deeply. “There’s not a lot of pine so not the woods.”

“How do you know what Pine smells like?” I ask knowing that ever I wouldn’t be able to tell how much trees they were by the scent of pine.

“Cause that’s what you smell like.” He says making me laugh. “I’m serious! You smell like pine wood and Apple Cider.”

“Apple cider?” I ask laughing even more as I help him up the growing incline.

“Yep.” He says popping the p. “What about me?”

“Watermelon and lemons.” I say making him smile widely.

“Aren’t you lucky.” He teases nudging me with his shoulder.

“Very.” I say pressing a quick kiss to his cheek as I stop us from going any further. “Now, are you ready?”

“I suppose.” He replies, his ecstatic tone betraying his words.
Taking a deep breath, I slip off the blindfold watching him carefully as his eyes slowly land on the clear field in front of us with a candle lit picnic of sorts with a telescope next to the blankets I laid out with food and many pillows. There was a large tree that I laid the stuff under allowing the trunk and leaves to glow because of the candles shining light upon them.

Play song.

“I thought that you’d enjoy stargazing, since you seem to love Astronomy so much.” I say smugly as I look at him nervously. He faces remains blank as he slowly walks towards the little set up, I follow behind him not daring to say a word. His takes off his shoes before stepping onto the blankets using the fingers to trace the telescope before turning back to me. I stand still as he walks towards me pressing his forehead against mine as he takes my face in his hands while closing his eyes.

“Thank you.” He says softly as I watch him intently, he opens his eyes before kissing me gently. “I don’t know what else to say but thank you.”

“That’s more than enough.” I say quickly as he shakes his head.

“It’s not, look at all this.” He says extending his arms. “Thank you.”

“Anything for you.” I say pressing my lips lightly to his forehead, I try to sit down but he stops me as he drags me forcibly to the telescope that cost me a fortune and a half. “It has so many lenses.” He was excitedly looking through the box filled with eyepieces and a hundred other little parts I didn’t know about.

“Well go ahead, look into it.” I say making him smile as he peeps his eye in, adjusting it a bunch before gasping. “It’s so beautiful.” He says with a large smile, apparently there were times and special days and shit to see a nice sky so I had to plan this really well.

“Sure is.” I say looking at him with a smile tugging its way onto my face as my heart hammers away.

“Come look.” He says pulling me towards the scope, sure enough the sky was sizzling with billions of twinkling stars in the sky. He showed me a few constellations and planets, giving me the history of stars before I was able to draw him away from the thing.

“Feed me.” I demand tossing him some grapes, he laughs before throwing them in the air for me to catch. I brought simple foods like sandwiches and some fruits, he seemed to be more than happy with that as he ate the majority in one go.

“This is really nice.” He says lying on his back as I run my hand through his hair as he lay his head in my lap.

“I have one more surprise.” I say making him sit up immediately, I grab the envelope I was hiding in the the bottom of my bag before handing it to him. His eyes immediately light up as he snatches the envelope from my hand.

“You didn’t!” He exclaims tearing it open as he pulls out the envelope, his hand shakes as he stares at the certificate with teary eyes. “You bought me a s-star?”

“I named it Jewels hope you don’t mind.” I say making him laugh as his tears splash down on the paper. “I can show you exactly which one it is later, or at least try to.”

“Thank y-you.” He says jumping into my arms as he cries happily into my chest, I hug him back with a joyous heart as I rub his back soothingly. Pulling him back slightly I look into his sparkling, crystal like, blue orbs as he holds onto me along with the paper tightly. I brush the fallen hair behind his ear as he watches me with a weak smile.

“I hate you.” I say making his smile drop as his eyes fill with pain. “I hate the fact that you can cook and clean everyday and never complain, I hate that you don’t like most people but yet check on them everyday to make sure they’re fine, I hate that you feed those pesky squirrels every single morning because you think that they’re hungry when you know I want them gone. I hate that you’re the most caring and wonderful person I know, even though you try to act otherwise. I hate that even though you’re a genius you’re really an idiot. But most of all..” I say taking his face in my hand. “...I hate that all these things are what I love about you.”

He freezes as his body visibly stiffens while tears swim in his already watery eyes. I wipe the falling tear with my thumb as I smile at him.

“I love you Julian.”

Tears pour out his eyes like a broken dam as he sobs quietly, his lips quiver into a smile as I place him into my lap. He tries to talk but the words don’t come out as he continues to cry, his sobs steadily getting louder as he continues to cry in my arms. I’m a bit shocked to see him react like this but I was more happy that he had freaked out and ran away.

“I-I-I.” He tries but fails miserably making me chuckle.

“Sshhh, breath.” I say trying to calm him but he seems determined to get the next few words out.

“I-I.... I lov-ve y-you tooo.” He says giving me a wobbly smile as he continues to cry. I feel my entire body fill with an unfamiliar feeling that made me feel so complete, emitting joy in every single fiber of my being as he kisses me suddenly. I kiss him back happily as a few stray tears stream down my face.

“I love you.” He says again kissing me again. “I love you. I love you. I love you.” He repeats over and over like a broken record that I could listen to forever.

Slightly teary, my God ....whew.

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