Alpha Mates

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Chapter 41

Julian’s P.O.V

“Aiden.” I say softly while shaking his shoulder a little. “Aiden.”

“Ngh.” He groans shaking me off a little.

“Aiden.” I say a bit louder throwing my upper body over his, I lay my head down as I watch his face quickly flooding with annoyance. I watch him a while longer as he steadily falls back to
sleep, his wrinkles fading and his face relaxing. I poke his cheek, twisting my finger into the skin. “Aidennnnnn.”

“For Goddess sake!” He groans sitting up enraged making me back away quickly as I sit on my knees watching him. He rubs his eyes in annoyance as he struggles to untangle himself from the layers of sheets he webbed himself in last night. When his eyes land on me, they darken slightly as he frowns angrily.

“Morning.” I say with a nervous smile as he stares at me in annoyance.

“The whole point of vacation is to sleep in Julian.” He groans, repeating the phrase I’ve heard a million and one times. “Let me be happy.” He begs as I pull myself onto his lap, swiftly hooking my hands around his neck.

“I got bored.” I say making him roll his eyes. “I did what you said, I ate, I read an entire book, I read again, I even went for a run, watched some tv, showered and I came back and you were still sleeping. It’s three in the afternoon!” I exclaim making him raise an eyebrow.

“I could’ve made it to five.” He replies leaning back on his arms for support, he hadn’t touched me and it was ticking me off for some reason.

“Too bad.” I say making him drop back on the bed as I remain straddling him.

“I’m going back to sleep.” He says shutting his eyes.


“Om. Saddley om Pom pommmm.” He hums gibberish making me frown.
He does this until I finally give up on trying to talk to him. I just wanted to spend some time with him, the past few months everything I did involved Aiden somehow so now that he was hibernating everyday, I didn’t know how to go back to operating on my own. In the past I hated being among others for a longer period than necessary, but now with Aiden, I wanted to be with him as much as possible. I knew I’d become a bit clingy lately, which I myself found nauseating but I couldn’t help it, he made me smile and paid me constant attention, obviously I got addicted to that much love and I needed my fix.

Love, he told me he loved me. Just the thought sent my heart on a brutal race as heat immediately flooded my cheeks. That night he took me stargazing was most definitely the best night of my life, he did everything so perfectly and it was so beautiful. I was happy with the new telescope and picnic, then he had to pull out the star thing and my emotions went flying all over the place. Like if that wasn’t enough, he pulled out his love confession which broke my walls down and a bit of my prejudices towards him with it. So now, yeah I was understandably a bit clingier.

“I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t rock that boner on me.” He says suddenly, pulling me out of thoughts as my eyes trail down to indeed find a boner. I feel my cheeks darken considerably as I look up to see him smirking away with his eyes still closed.
I slide off of him before laying next to him on the bed letting out a frustrated sigh. I stare at the ceiling wondering what on earth to do with myself while subconsciously listening to his breathing settle as he falls asleep quickly.

Do it. Do it. Do it. - Alex chants in my head.

He’ll get mad - I reply meekly hating my own cowardice.

That’s the point! Teach him a lesson - Alex groans as I play with my fingers nervously.

Taking Alex’s confidence I slide under the covers positioning myself between Aiden’s legs as I slowly tug down his pants. I palm his member through his underwear as he continues to snore lightly, it doesn’t take long for it to slowly start growing under my fingers. When he hums slightly I smile to myself pressing wet kisses along his inner thigh avoiding the place that needed attention, making his member pulse with need as light groans slip from his lips.
I pull his underwear down slowly letting his member spring free, I run my tongue along the tip making him groan as he shifts a little. I take him in my mouth moving my head slowly as I stroke his base tentatively. He slowly starts moaning as he leaks onto my tongue, he gasps loudly when I take him into my mouth completely while my hands fondle his balls. The sheet slowly raises making me look up to see Aiden looking at me in surprise with lust flooding his eyes.

“Juliannn.” He moans looking at me intensely as he grows in my mouth. I can feel him getting closer as his hands clench onto the sheets, his breathing becomes staggered as his eyes slowly shut. “I’m..c-cumhh.”
When he’s about to release I pull away quickly sitting up as I retract my hands as well, he whimpers slightly as his eyes flutter open. He looks at me in shock before looking down at his extremely hard member before looking back at me.

“W-Why’d you stop?!” He exclaims as I get out of bed.

“I thought you might need to go back to sleep.” I say sarcastically as I leave him alone in the room with a surely painful erection.


“An entire week and no mate!” Isabel exclaims making a few heads turn out way in the Ice-Cream shop she dragged me too.

“Maybe he’s hiding from you.” I suggest with a smirk making her scowl, the scowl quickly fades as her eyes drown in sadness. Her birthday had long gone last week Friday and there was no mate, she’d search the pack thrice and came up short each time. “Hey, you know I’m kidding.”

“You don’t make jokes.” She mumbles as she mouths a spoonful of rum and raisin. “I don’t think he’s in the pack.”

“Probably not.” I say making her scowl at me once again. “What?”

“You’re supposed to be supportive. Help me out, give advice, be a decent friend.”

“I told you he wasn’t in this pack you didn’t listen, talking about feeling it and a bunch of nonsense.” I say making her face quickly contort in anger and pain. She stands from her chair and stomps away before returning to grab her ice cream. I watch her in astonishment, I didn’t say anything wrong but she seemed to be upset because of my words. I quickly run behind her as she speed walks through the mall we were in.

“Hey Isabel, I’m sorry.” I say quickly grabbing her arm to stop her.

“You’re not, you don’t even know why you’re apologizing.” She says slowing down as she glances my way. “It’s fine, you’re just speaking your mind.”

“I didn’t mean to make you upset.” I say quickly.

“Well you did.” She deadpans. “Don’t you think it would hurt someone if you told them that their mate was hiding from them?!”

“I do-”

“You got you’re mate from day one. Yeah it started off in a shitty situation, but you had them. Emitt knew his mate before his own fucking birthday, they’re loving it up in some spa resort and they have each other.” She says with tears forming in her eyes. “I just thought I’d have mine too. Even if it was a shitty situation, I thought maybe the luck ran in the group. Guess I feel short huh?”

“Hey.” I say pulling her into my chest as she starts sobbing quietly. I rub her back gently while shushing her as she clenches onto my shirt. Isabel probably wanted to find her mate more than anybody else I knew, it was actually pretty messed up that she didn’t have him hugging her right now instead of me. “How about I contact some of the Alphas from the nearby packs for you to have a look? You’re mate might be in one and you’d never know.” I offer, she pulls away slightly as she rubs her puffy eyes. Her mind dives deep into thought as she eats her ice cream slowly.

“Yeah.” She mumbles throwing her empty cup in a nearby bin.

“Okay, let’s head home.” I say sliding an arm around her shoulder as we start walking again. “You want to get pizza first?”

“Yes!” She shouts her face filling with joy as she grabs my hand and leads me to the her favorite pizzeria. We stand in line as she starts raving about all the things she’s going to put on her pizza.

Where are you? - Aiden’s voice invades my mind right when we’re about to order.

“Get my usual okay?” I say to Isabel before heading for a booth in the back.

Out - I answer after a while to keep him waiting. After the stunt I pulled, I dragged Isabel out of a training session dangling ice cream as a treat and bolted.

Where Julian? - He presses.

Planet Earth - I reply blankly.

Julian.... - He warns.

So now that I’m not home you want to talk? - I spit with a rising temper.

Don’t start - He growls making my anger double.

You’re the one that wanted to talk

To apologize and find out if you wanted to go out tonight, but not if you’re acting like a little shit. - He replies

A little shit?

Yeah! You’re acting like an immature brat, so you can forget that apology - He shouts making my temper snap.

So being mad that my mate ignored me all day is being a brat?! Not even just today, you’ve been pulling this shit since vacation started! Which I don’t mind, but it’d be nice to have you for more than three hours in a day, which is only when you get up to eat! I’m sorry, if I’m being a brat because I just want to be with you! - I shout back making silence echoe through our link. Before he can say anything I block him out as Isabel sits down at the table with a large smile.

“Wow, who stole your favorite dildo?” She says making my frown only increase as I feel my eyebrows knit together.

“Aiden.” I reply. “I don’t mean that he stole my dildo. I don’t have a favourite dildo! Not saying I love them all equally! I don’t have any all to love.” I ramble on as she laughs loudly at my outburst, banging on the table with her fist as tears spring from her eyes.

“I love you, oh my Goddess!” She says wiping her cheeks.

“Yeah whatever.” I grumble as our waiter drops drinks at our table. He eyes me for a while before walking away making me frown. “Creep..”

“He’s just into you.” She says making my eyes widen. “Sometimes I forget you’re oblivious. Guys have been eyeing you like a well cooked lamb chop even before Aiden.” She says sipping on her sprite.

“You’re lying.” I reply in disbelief.

“I’m not.” She says seriously. “Anyway, forgetting that, what happened with Aiden?” I groan remembering what just happened.

“He’s being an imbecile.” I spit with familiar rage. “He’s ignoring me and I can’t stand it. He sleeps, eats and watches tv, that’s it, no Julian time. We got in a little fight over that and something that happened earlier.”

“What did you do?” She asks making me frown.

“Why are you assuming it’s my fault?!” I ask defensively.

“No idea.” She says with a shrug.

“I got angry that he was ignoring me again so I”

“Spit it out.”

“Ummm.” I was very reluctant to tell Isabel who seemed more than eager to know how I retaliated.

“It can’t be worse than the porn I watch so just tell me.” She says making me frown slightly.

“I..... I g-gave him a blowjob......and a-stopped when he was about to.....”

“Oh my Julian!” She screams standing up and clapping like a chimpanzee.

“Shut up!” I groan pulling her back into her seat as she squirms about like a damn worm. “Relax woman!”

“You edged him!” She whispers excitedly.


“Bridge them to the edge but never let them jump.” She says suggestively but the words don’t click. “Withholding his releasal repeatedly, you only did it once but I’ll take it.”

“I didn’t mean to.”

“Well you did and I am so proud of you.” She says stretching across the table to hold my hands tightly. “My little Julie is growing up so quickly.”

“Shut up.” I groan as the pizzas arrive and the guy ogles me once again.

“So you edged him because he wouldn’t pay attention to you?” She asks stuffing her face with her first slice.

“When you say it like that it sounds stupid.” I mumble. “I just miss him.”

“It’s not stupid. You’re mates, you need him as much as you need air and if he’s not paying you enough attention then you make him.” She says with a devious smile.

“What do you mean?” I ask as her eyes direct me to another part of the room, I follow them to find the waiter boy who glanced up my way before smiling a little.

Oh no...

Ice cream and pizza..... I’m hungry now.


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