Alpha Mates

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Chapter 42

Aiden’s P.O.V

I throw the television remote as I slip out of bed and start pacing. Julian had managed to piss me off enough to ruin sleep for me and now Gotham too.

That stunt he pulled earlier was fucking cruel, he left me with blue balls and I had to sit there and jerk myself off. I was so angry I didn’t want to think of him, but I couldn’t release for the longest time until I finally allowed myself to think of him whimpering below me and boom, the job was done.

It just pissed me off even more though, I tried to go back to sleep but my frustrated thoughts just awoke me again and again.

I lounged around the suite for a while, before I decided to go find him and bury to hatchet, to my surprise he wasn’t anywhere in the pack lands.

It was one of the gatekeepers who told me he left earlier with Isabel.

I tried to apologize to him through the link but he just threw a tantrum, then dropped a bomb about missing me and then blocked me out before we could resolve anything.

Just like that my anger resurfaced and doubled itself, I took my anger out on the now broken tree in the back of the pack house before returning inside. I decided upon a plan to ignore him until he apologized and tried to watch some tv, but of course it proved to be impossible to keep still and now here I was pacing the carpet wondering where on earth he could be.

He didn’t have a phone and without the link, he was untraceable, I could sniff him out but that would take too long. Just then my phone pings from across the room, I lazily pick it up to see a text from Isabel.

I immediately open the phone when I remember she was with him.

That one nut job 🥜 - What did you do to Julian?

Me: Nothing! He’s being stupid.

That one nut job 🥜 - He’s over here ranting about you like if he were drunk. Saying how if you don’t need him, he doesn’t need you. Hurry up before he does something stupid.

My heart clenches at the words that my eyes glaze over. Of course I need him! I think of nothing but him all the time, he’s easily the most important thing in my life. I told him I loved him for crying out loud, I hadn’t said those words to anyone since I was a kid. Not even my parents, not after what happened. But I sucked up my fears and I told him how I felt and now he was saying he doesn’t need me. I feel my eyes glow as my anger steadily rises with my blood boiling underneath my skin.

Me: Where are you? I’m on my way.

That one nut job 🥜 - The mall. Joe’s Pizzeria, left wing.

I stuff my phone in my pocket as I grab the keys to my car that just came back from the shop and left the suite. The elevator seemed to move slower than ever as I impatiently tapped my foot against the floor. Once in the car, I speed through the pack lands and onto the highway heading towards my infuriating mate.

Julian was a minefield I was learning to map out, he was always a closed and unaffectionate person which was slowly changing as our relationship grew.

I think when I told him I loved him, I broke through to a place in his heart that remained untouched. After that night he was all smiles and kisses, I’d wake up to the most cheerful version of Julian there was, not that I was complaining.

He was depending on me much more and used every opportunity to reiterate how much he loved me too. I loved it, it was great having him so happy so this sudden switch in moods took me by surprise.

Yeah I’d been a bit closed off but that’s because I was free from the shackles of the education system and was free to sleep and I was admitantly a bear during the vacation.

I was tired, if it wasn’t relationship problems, it was our friends or the pack and I took a tole on me and now my body was understandably recuperating. I didn’t think he’d mind since all he did was read but apparently he did, a lot.

Parking horribly, I get out the car and head inside the mall. My plan was to apologize, even though I did absolutely nothing wrong and drag him home, simple as that. Isabel’s words made my heart speed up as I thought about the possibility of him actually not needing me. It would kill me, I love Julian with my entire being and the thought of him no longer sleeping in my arms or eating breakfast with me made Max cry in pain.

If he went with someone else....

I stop dead in my tracks as the random thought paralyzed me, my heart came to an abrupt halt as Max howled so loudly my head hurt. My body screamed for me to release the thought as my skin lit itself on fire with fear, I shook my head and pushed away the pain as I slowly started walking again. Julian would never do that, we loved each other, we’ve been through too much together to let such a petty indifference come between us.

Entering the pizzeria my eyes search desperately for my mate only to find Isabel rushing towards me with a face filled with panic that made my heart race.

“Where is he?” I say immediately.

“He left.” She says nervously making me frown. “I-I tried to stop Julian f-from going with him but he wouldn’t listen. He to-”

“Him?” I growl through clenched teeth as I feel both my hands curl into a fist. Her face immediately drowns in regret as she takes a step back, I grab her wrist and drag her outside into a hallway to avoid onlookers.

“There was this w-waiter.......he was l-looking at Julian a lot.....they were talking......” She says making my canines extended as I dig my talons into my hand, drawing blood.

“You let my mate go with another man.” I ask, my voice deeper than I’ve ever heard it, looking at her tremble slightly as I back her into the wall. “Where is he?” I growl as Max threatens to break free.

“Aiden p-please, he’s c-”

“Where is he!” I roar in her face as I slam my bloody pam into the wall next to her head making it crack as I watch her with blind rage.

“T-they said something about going t-to a b-bar.” She stutters her eyes bleeding with fear as she cowers below me her wolf clearly distressed from the anger it felt because of her.

I don’t waste another moment as I leave Isabel who had slid down to the floor shaking and head to the only pub this mall had. I could hear my blood drip onto the floor as I kept my talons in my skin, forcing myself to bath in the pain to avoid Max from doing something regrettable.

I was much angrier than he was but I had control, I didn’t lose my temper without reasoning, it happened rarely and caused damage when it did. So I tried to keep a tight lid as best as I could like ma taught me.

His scent strengthens as I approach the pub which was crawling with people, I head inside letting my eyes wonder about in search of my mate. My eyes eventually land on a smiling Julian who is seated on a bar stool who starts laughing, I can’t find any sort of comfort in his happiness since he’s laughing at something that repulsive, black haired vermin said.

He was seated next to my Julian, watching him with the lust my eyes often filled with when I was with Julian.

I feel my eyes glow as I retract my talons trying desperately to push down the rising will to kill as I try to reach the serenity ma told me to look for if I felt like I was going to loose it again.

I was, I was truly so close as my eyes lingered on the painful sight, my heart was in shreds as I watched Julian interact with the pest. Suddenly, the guy rests his hand on Julian’s knees before sliding it up his thigh.

With that the picture of peace vanished from my sight replaced by a blinding rage as I was overtaken with the anger I tried so desperately to keep buried.

I’m going to kill him.

Walking forward, Julian’s head snaps my way and immediately his eyes fill with panic as I grab the guy by his collar and a throw him onto a nearby table making those around back away immediately. I instantly start throwing punches, not bothering to hold back with him being a human as I watch the blood oozing out of his face.

“Aiden stop!” Julian shouts pulling me back, his strength separates me from the bleeding man but my rage encourages me to keep on. I grab a glass bottle cracking it on counter before rushing forward at the barely conscious man, I grab the hand that was on my mate and plant it straight in the middle making him scream out in agonizing pain that was music to my ears.

“Jesus Aiden!” Julian exclaims pulling my shoulder back, I glare at him with so much rage and disappointment making him gulp as he lets go. I return to my victim my eyes catching his disoriented form covered in blood, the image cracks through the rage making me stop my fist before it hits his chest.
Looking around I catch everyone’s frightened eyes making my heart drop when I realise I gave into the disgusting rage I’ve been fighting my entire life. I leave the pub desperate to escape the scene I created, I rush past the crowds of people as fast as I can. Julian’s voice echoes through my blurred head so I push it out as I leave the mall back doors walking swiftly through the back parking lot towards my car.

“Aiden!” Julian shouts as he gains on me. “Aiden!” He says finally reaching me as he grabs my arm but I pull away as I clench my first.

“Don’t.” I say as I back away from his guilt struck face, his eyes glossy with regret. “Don’t you fucking dare.” I spit getting into the car and starting up the engine as Julian bangs against my car window.

“Aiden.” He calls but I ignore it as I drive away watching his figure slowly disappear in the reverie mirror.
My nails slowly dig into the steering wheel’s leather as I make my way home with the voice I haven’t heard in years whispering in my ears to go back and kill the guy. I worked too hard to drown this part of me out, yet here it was back for more because I lost it like a fool. I didn’t even allow myself to think of Julian because that’d bring it back.

It’s happening again ma - I voice out to my mother through the link we shared.

Don’t panic. You know what to do, follow the plan and you’ll be fine - She says immediately with a calmly voice although her fear was easily detectable.

Okay - I say before blocking her out as I quickly arrive to the pack house. Going straight to our suite I grab a bag and start stuffing it with my clothes and other necessities. Not taking a moment to breath, I push past oncoming thoughts as I sling the bag over my shoulder and head out only to find Julian stepping out of the elevator.
His presence brought back the anger as I remembered the man touching him, I take deep breath as I freeze in my place. His eyes travel down to the bag and then up to me before they fill with tears.

“No.” He says running towards me as he grabs onto my shirt. “No. No. Please don’t do t-this. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean f-for it to get this bad.” His tears spill down his cheeks as he stares up at me pleadingly. I pull his hands away from my shirt trying to create some distance making him cry even harder.

“I can’t be around you right now.” I say as calmly as I can as his tear stained face breaks as my heart does at the sight.

“Please.” He cries trying to come closer but I just step back.

“You allowed another man to touch you like that and didn’t even make a move to stop him.” I growl through my teeth as my eyes glow in rage. “Did you forget we were mates or you decided to ignore the fact that this would hurt me?!” I say as he tenses for a moment. “ did this....on purpose.”

“I didn’t mean for all this to happen.” He cries as he grabs his shirt over where his heart was with tears flowing out of his eyes.

“You wanted me to get like this?” I whisper to myself now only comprehending the fact that he wanted to hurt me. The thought alone makes my heart shatter as I stare at him with so much pain and hurt that I’m sure I was emitting.

“A-Aiden...” He tries again.

“I need to go.” I say now desperate to get away from him before I lay a hand on him.

“No. No. Please don’t go. I’m so sorry.” He cries as I walk around him shoving off his hands that try to grab me making him sink to his knees as he cries in front of me.

“I can’t believe you’d do this to me.” I say looking at him as he cries under my eyes.

“Don’t l-leave!” He begs as I step into the elevator. “I love you!”

“You love me? You expect me to believe that? What kind of person causes the person they love this much pain?” I spit in anger as I stare at him with hate threatening it’s way back towards him. “I love you. I came to apologize, because I love you. I tried to talk things out, because I love you! I allowed myself to love you like a f-fool! But you decided to hurt me because of a stupid argument.” I say with a chuckle. “And I’m supposed to believe that you love me.” I say pressing the button making the doors slowly close.

“A-Aiden! No! I’m sorry! I do! I do lo-”
The doors shut cutting him short causing my heart to shatter as the tears I’d been holding back streamed down my face.

I’ll leave my address in the description, feel free to come kill me.

I don’t even want to know your thoughts, if vex as hell.

Why couldn’t I just go with the version where Aiden takes him home and punishes him in sex or something. I hate me!!!!!!!!

Until next time,

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