Alpha Mates

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Chapter 45

Julian’s P.O.V

“Oliver as in, your dead, older brother?” Aiden asks carefully as his eyebrows knit together.

“Yeah.” I say before taking a deep breath. “He’s not dead though.” His eyes widen considerably as confusion runs clearly through his dark orbs as he looks at me.

“That’s impossible.” He says in disbelief. “He was attacked by rogues.”

“A set up.”

“But someone saw the whole thing happen, the witness who brought back a piece of him or something.” He says with slight hesitation.

“The witness being his younger brother.” I fill in making his jaw hang as he slowly leans back in his seat.

“But what about the body pieces, they were his own.” He asks.

“Oliver was always kind to all supernatural species, including witches.” I say making him frown slightly at the mention of the wretched things. “They’re many things they can do and producing replica body pieces is not beyond their filthy tricks.”

He sits silently for a while as his mind tries to piece together everything he just heard. I watch him intently trying to figure out exactly how he’d react, I’d been keeping Oliver’s secret since the day he ran away when I was only eight. I’d been lying to everyone for as long as I could remember and I had no problem with it since it’s what he wanted and I always did what he wanted, including lie to our own parents about their son’s death.

“So if he’s alive, where is he?” He says asking the question I feared the most. I stay silent for a while contemplating if this was the right thing to do, Oliver would hate me for it but I wasn’t losing him right now I was losing Aiden. “Julian, where is he?” He asks again with a more serious tone.

“The rogue pack.....” I say quietly hoping he wouldn’t catch it, but he did.

“The one that killed our men?!” He exclaims standing up with his red eyes glowing as he clenches his hard jaw tightly.

“They didn’t make the first move.” I defend trying to keep a calm voice to sooth him a little.

“And now you trust the words of some rogues?” He spits making the lid to my dormant temper tickle a little.

“No I trust the words of my brother.” I say firmly making him scoff.

“If he’s a rogue now he’s no better than the lot of them.” He says making me see red.

“He is my brother! He is not someone for you to go slaughter because he is a rogue now!” I shout standing up to meet his deadly glare. “I trust his words just fine, he never lies, unlike you.” I spit back making his eyes darken.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He growls back leaning closer to my face with a dangerous wave of anger emitting off of him.

“You think I don’t know, about where you really went that night?” I ask making his eyes flood with shame as he backs away a little. “Oh, now you remember? You lied straight to my face, making up some lie about meeting Micheal when you really went to get some revenge and then came and lay with me like it never happened. You would’ve kept lying to me too and I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for Oliver.” I say laughing slightly at the irony.

“I did it for the men who died th-”

“You did it for your own selfish reasons!” I shout cutting him off. “Do not taint those men’s death with your own need to kill.”

He stays quiet knowing quite well that I was right. He didn’t kill them to get revenge only, he did it because he takes pleasure from murdering them, seeing them suffer.

“I’m sorry I lied.” He says finally making me laugh.

“I couldn’t confront you about it because then you’d start asking questions about how I knew. Oliver wasn’t happy about it, you killed members of his pack and he c-”

“His pack?” He questions with a low voice that makes me gulp slightly. “It’s his pack?”


“He’s their alpha?!” He exclaims opening his mouth to shout some profanities but he closes it as his eyes return to they dark tint while his mind visibly trails off. His eyes reflect his mixed thoughts, filling with slight fear and then rage again. “They figured it out....” He whispers.

“Figured what out?”

“When did he become their alpha?” He asks circling the table to meet me with a slightly crazed look.

“I don’t know. We meet to talk every now and then when we know it’s safe. He told me about it, I don’t remember exactly when though.” He shakes his head frantically before grabbing my shoulder tightly.

“Julian, think.” He says connecting my eyes to his as they search mine desperately for answers I apparently had. I dig in the deepest parts of my mind for some sort of clue to when this happened.

“I was proud cause I was telling him how I chained you to the football goal posts and left you there for the night and he told me he became Alpha....we were about thirteen so five years back.” I say as I study his reaction carefully.

“Five years ago was around the time all these unified groups of rogues started popping up worldwide.” He says sitting down while running his hands through his hair. “The rogue packs.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” I ask not completely connecting the dots just yet. His hesitation to elaborate tells me loud and clear it has something to do with his experience with the rogues. I knew he wouldn’t tell me so I decide to leave it alone for a later date.

“Why’d he leave?” He asks after a long time of painful silence. “Why would he go through all the trouble of faking his death? He had a good life, future alpha and a great pack. Why’d he give that all up to become a rogue?”

“He wasn’t happy.” I say simply making his dark eyes lighten a little. “He’s tried to explain it to me a few times but I still don’t fully understand. He doesn’t like how the supernatural world is, he has some sort of love for everyone I don’t get. He never hated the rogues or witches, vampires too. He didn’t like our pack or any for that matter, said we were the real killers. They were willing to take him in, offering him a life he wouldn’t have with us, so he left.”

“And he’s happy now?” He asks in disbelief. “As a fucking rogue?”

“Apparently. I’ve been there, it’s not all bad. They’re happy people, even have a few castaway witches living with them.” I say making his eyes widen.

“You’ve been there?”

“They don’t kill on sight like the savages everyone thinks they are.” I say rolling my eyes. “I’m telling you this because I know you have a deep rooted grievance with the rogue species as a whole. I don’t want to hide this any longer, Oliver will have to accept it. I won’t lie to you anymore Aiden.”

“Does he know?” He asks making me frown a little. “That we’re mates?”

“Yeah.” I say with a faint smile as I remember his reaction when I told him, he went on a two hour long rant about how I needed to repent my sins to the Goddess and that she’d save me from my ‘most cruel fate’. “He wasn’t so happy about it.”

“He never liked me.” He says making me laugh. “Anytime I retaliated against you he’d come back twice as hard.”

“Good times.” I say making him scowl as the room becomes filled with a calm atmosphere.

“Thank you for telling me.” He says looking at me with warm eyes.

“I really do love you Aiden.” I say trying desperately to convince his precarious mind.

“I know.” He says after some time making my entire body fill with glee as my heart threatens to jump straight out of chest. “I just need to know why.” He says with a tortured expression.

“Why what?”

“Why’d you go with someone else just to hurt me?” He asks with a much quieter voice. He sounded so vulnerable, with his raw emotions hanging on the table. I could tell he was a bit nervous for the answer.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you Aiden, not like this.” I say making him frown a little as I take a deep breath. “I-I wanted to make you jealous.” I stutter feeling my body fill with embarrassment.


“Don’t make me repeat it.” I say ashamed of my childish actions.

“Why?!” He exclaims in shock.

“You were distant and Isabel said that if you saw me with someone else you’d ‘realise what you were missing’ and go back to normal.” I say fiddling with my fingers under the table. “I knew what we did was going too far, but I did it anyway instead of just talking to you. I didn’t know you’d react like that though.”

“Any mate would react like I did.” He says making my bid slightly. “I would’ve killed him, which is admitabtly a bit further.”

“I wasn’t thinking. I was just lonely and I wanted to get you’re attention. I didn’t want to hurt you like I did or bring out that side if you.” I say quickly, hoping that he’d believe me.

“I guess I pushed you to feel like that. I wasn’t ignoring you but I also wasn’t being a good mate.” He says making my eyes widen in surprise. “I should’ve payed more attention to you.”

“It’s fine.” I whisper.

“It’s not. I’m sorry Julian.” He says looking at me with such sincerity that warmed my entire being so much that I felt like I was flying.

“Does this mean you forgive me?” I ask carefully hoping I wasn’t pushing my luck. He studies me for a while, thinking deeply with his eyes never leaving my own. I squirm a little under his gaze hating this waiting game he seemed to love so much.

“Yes.” He says finally making me freeze. He offers me a weak smile as I watch him through now blurry eyes with a shaky smile stretching across my face. My heart soars with so much jubilation that I start shaking a little at the incoming flood of happiness that takes over my entire being.

My body moves on it’s own as I slide across the table hugging him tightly as I land in his lap. I sling my arms around his neck, closing any space between us as I cry into his neck. He slowly hugs me back, letting his arms slide around my waist carefully before he tightens his grip and pulls me closer against him. He inhales me deeply as I do him, allowing his scent to drown me along with his addictive warmth. I could feel our bond lighten a bit as we slowly mended a piece of each other. He pulls me back slightly forcing me to look into his eyes as happy tears stream down my face for the first time in a long time.

“Stop crying so much.” He says with slight amusement as he wipes away my tears while I rest my hands on his shoulders, relishing in the jolts of electricity that ran between us.

“I’m s-sorry.” I say trying to stop them but I couldn’t with the amount of happiness that I was surely emitting. “I-I just love you s-so much.” I say honestly watching him intently as he continues to wipe away my tears.

“I love you too.” He says without hesitation making me cry even harder. I haven’t heard those words in such a long time that I forgot how good it felt to hear them, I bury my head in his neck again as I sob against him with so much happiness that I felt blind to anything else around me. He rubs my back soothing as I empty out all the agony that’s been haunting me without Aiden, I never thought I’d need someone’s love so much but I was happy I did. He made me feel completely whole in every single way. He lived up to every one of those shitty lines couples say, the world was brighter with him around and I hated living in the darkness when he wasn’t around.

Eventually I regain control over myself, stopping the never ending tears as I pull back to look at him. He brushes the hair behind my ear as he looks at me like he used to, the love so evident in his eyes that I just wanted to kiss him.

“I know we still have a way to go but thank you.” I say making him frown a little. “Thank you for still loving me.”

“I will always love you.” He says with a growing smile. “No matter what you do to me, I will never stop loving my Jewels.”

I press my head against his, soaking in the feelings I’ve missed so much from. The connection we shared now slowly reappearing as our hearts beat as one once again.

I have my mate back.

THE SMILE ON MY FACE HURTS! That’s how happy I am.


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