Alpha Mates

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Maximus’ P.O.V

“We’re going to be late! How long does it take to get ready?!” I groan angrily from the living room where I was seated with our bags surrounding us.

“Hold onto your ballsacks I’m here.” Alex says strutting out with a gleaming smile.

“Come on.” I say throwing some bags over my shoulder while he grabs the rest along with the cooler.

“I’ve never been to the beach before.” He says excitedly while we stand in the descending elevator. “Well I have, in Julian or is it with Julian? Whatever, just not as me.”

“Me neither.” I say with a slight chuckle turning to look down on his jittery form. When I suggested going this weekend he basically exploded, smiling so widely I thought his face would tear. He looks up suddenly feeling my eyes on him, revealing those beautiful blue crystals I could look into all day.

“You’re so obsessed with me.” He says with a smirk before sliding his hand around my neck and pulling me into a kiss. I hum in delight as his lips send an electrifying current throughout my entire body, our lips move in sync as we slowly deepen the kiss. He pulls away suddenly before kissing the corner of my lips as the doors open up. I lick my numb lips as he picks up the cooler and walks out the elevator with a devilish grin. “Come on, we can’t be late!”

“Wait til we get home tonight.” I growl as I jog to catch up to him.

“Now you got my hopes up.” He says cheekily as we exit the large doors towards the parking lot.

“What took you guys so long?!” Tobias shouts angrily from the driver’s seat.

“Ask Alex.” I say opening the already packed trunk to squeeze in our things.

“It’s not a crime to want to look good.” He says getting into the back seat where Christopher is already seated.

“But, you don’t look good.” Chris says plainly making Tobias and I snicker as Alex growls angrily before punching him in his shoulder. “That hurt.”

“That’s the point.” Alex spits as Tobias pulls out the lot and makes his way through the pack lands. “Should you really be driving?”

“Beckett can drive, so I don’t see why I can’t.” He says with a shrug as he swerves a little barely missing someone who was walking by.

“This’ll be fun.” Chris says sarcastically as he stuffs his ears with headphones.

“What’s up with him?” Alex asks in a hushed whisper.

“He wanted to spend time with just us.” Tobias says with a sigh. “But I decided to drag his antisocial ass out and now he’s mad.”

“So he’s being a dramatic prick.” Alex deadpans before taking out Chris’ headphones and shaking him like a dog.

“What?!” He exclaims his eyes glowing a bright green in obvious anger.

“Stop pouting and enjoy time with us! The four of us, together again!” He says with such enthusiasm it was almost contagious. “This time Max and I aren’t trying to kill each other, so let’s have a good time.”

“Just wipe that stupid smile off you’re face.” Chris grumbles with annoyance while his lips slowly tug into a smile.

“Why’s he so happy?” Tobias asks quietly while Chris and Alex drift off into their own conversation.

“I don’t know, I don’t mind it though.” I say truthfully glancing back to look at Alex ramble on while Chris looked ready to kill himself. “So you and Chris?”

“Yeah.” He says chuckling. “I didn’t really imagine a guy as my mate but gender doesn’t matter to me.”

“Even if that mate is the fucking grim reaper?” I ask chuckling making him growl lowly. “I’m kidding Jesus.” I say placing my hands up in surrender.

“He’s perfect.” He says more to himself than me as he glances back at his mate through the reverie mirror.

The drive is a long, special one that I enjoyed somehow. Alex was all over the place with Chris trying desperately to keep a tight leash on him while Tobias drove like a blind man to the beach. It was far since we didn’t live so close to the coast but after a few hours we pulled up to a slightly vacant beach with sparkling waters. Alex is the first out the car, dancing on his toes in such excitement as he pleaded with us to be faster in taking everything out the car.

“Breath babe.” I say as we unfold the beach chairs while Chris and Tobias install a few umbrellas in the pale sand.

“Sorry.” He says quietly laying out some sheets among other things. He quiets down a bit too much while he does little things to help, by the time we’re finished he’s still in a mute state that made me feel uncomfortable.

“Come here.” I say tugging his arm, he turns into me allowing my arms to slide around him as he presses his hands to my chest while looking up at me with wide eyes. Before he can question me I smash my lips into his making him inhale deeply as I drive my tongue into his mouth, he struggles to keep up as I attack his mouth mercilessly enjoying that sweet taste of his lips. I slide my hands down to his ass grabbing it aggressively making him moan into my mouth as he leans into me even more. I pull away making him whimper slightly as he looks up at me with now swollen lips. “I didn’t mean for you to hold everything in, just to relax a little.”

“Mhmm.” He hums folding his lips as I continue to kneading his ass causing him to tremble a little.

“Should we leave you two to fuck or you coming in with us?” Chris asks making my eyes leave Alex to find the two already shirtless.

“We’re coming.” Alex says detaching himself from me immediately as he throws off his shirt revealing his toned body that made my mind a little foggy. He forces me to take off mine as well before grabbing my hand and dragging me to the crystal waters behind the others.

“Holy fuck that’s cold!” I shout stopping dead in my tracks as the water touches my toes causing Alex to stop as well. I glance across to see Tobias inching his way in while Chris walked into the water with a blank face, I thought he’d stop when the water reached his neck but he just kept going until he was fully submerged.

He is so weird..

“Come on it’s not that bad.” Alex says trying to pull me forward but my feel stay glued to the sand.

“You swim, I’ll watch.” I say turning around despite his complaints.

“Max!” He whines angrily.

“I don’t want to swim in the fucking glaciers, have fun without me.” I say making him groan loudly.

“Fine whatever.” He says letting my arm go, I continue to walk back to where our things were when suddenly my body is lifted into the air until I’m thrown over someone’s shoulder.

“Put me down Alex!” I shout while he laughs hysterically running straight to the water. “No! Alex, no!”

“It’s fine.” He says laughing as he walks into the ocean. I try to get off him but his grip was too strong and before I could start pleading he throws me into the water.

Alexander’s P.O.V

“You’re not still mad are you.” I say swimming towards Max who continued to glare at me. When he doesn’t answer me I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, I look at him with a smile while he frowns not even touching me. We are shallow enough for him to stand with ease so I knew I wasn’t troubling him that much.

“I’m not mad, I’m cold.” He grumbles making me laugh.

“I’ll warm you up.” I say with a wink as I slowly start grinding myself against him making his eyes widen in surprise.

“Not in the water.” He says grabbing my waist firmly to stop me but that just turned me on even more.

“It’s fine, people do much worse things in here.” I say before leaning in and pressing kisses to his jaw, making my way down his neck.

“The others...” He says with a staggered breath as I trace his mark with my tongue.

“They’re probably fucking on land.” I reply as I run my hands down his chest and abs. “Now stop worrying and relax." I say nibbling on his ear allowing a moan to escape his lips. I drive my hand into his pants grabbing his awaiting member, he moans into my ear as I start stroking him while sucking on his mark.

“Ahh.” He cries out when I press my thumb into his tip, he starts thrusting into my hand making me smile against his skin. “I’m g-gonna ...ahhh!” He shoots into the water while he continues to thrust into my hand, riding out his orgasm. I tuck him back into his pants before kissing him, humming in satisfaction at the buzz it sent throughout my body. Our lips move in sync as we continue to feed off each other, I moan into his mouth when his hands slip into my pants where he grabs my ass firmly. He slips a finger into me making me squeak a little in surprise, he smiles against my lips from my reaction. I break the kiss letting my head fall over his shoulder when he slides in another while quickening his movements.

“Max..” I stretch when he has four inside me fingering me mercilessly while grinding his hardening member against me. “P-put it in.” I groan desperately, I felt myself heating up much more than usual and I’m guessing it had something to do with the fact that we were in water and out in public.

“Not yet.” He says with amusement lacing his tone.

“P-please.” I beg pushing myself down on his fingers driving them deeper into me.

“So impatient.” He growls before licking my ear making me shiver against him. He continues to drive his fingers at a merciless paste, making sure to hit that spot each time. I felt myself draw closer to the edge as he continues to attack my body now licking my mark while driving his fingers deeper inside me.

“M-max!” I moan ready to cum, he bites down on my mark but takes out his fingers making me whimper as it stops my on coming climax. I shake against him with a confused and frustrated body. “I w-was about to cum, y-you selfish piece of s-shi- ahhhhh!”

“Don’t say mean words.” He says after driving his member into me. Before I can say anything, he grabs fist fulls of my ass and starts thrusting himself deep inside of me. My moans come out staggered and much louder than I meant to as my eyes roll from the pleasure each thrust delivered to me. “You have to quiet down or we can’t continue.”

“I-I ahh...cshau ahhh!” The moans drown out my incoherent words as I struggle to keep my arms hooked around his neck. One of his hands suddenly covers my mouth making my eyes widen in surprise.

“You wouldn’t quiet down.” Max says using his hand to push my head back while he licks my chin and then down my neck making me whimper into his hand. “This way, I don’t have to hold back.” He says making my heart race as he quickens his pace considerably making me drown in incomprehensible pleasure while I slip into subspace. My member pulses in my pants, it was a little uncomfortable since it was hard.

“Make yourself cum.” Max growls in my ear, the deep voice sending shivers down my spine. When I don’t listen he slows down his thrusts making sure to avoid my prostate. Reluctantly, I slide one of my hands into my pants, wrapping my fingers around my member. I moan into his hand as my eyes search his lustful ones, he returns to his perfect thrusts while I whimper from his member driving into me repeatedly and the attention my member was receiving now.

“C-c-cujma..” I stutter into his hand feeling myself close to releasing, he sinks his teeth into my mark without warning making me cum instantly as he releases inside of me. I moan loudly as my fingers drag out everything I have while Max fills me up.

“I can’t wait until I have you home.” He says huskily while licking my ear making me whimper as he slowly slides himself out of me. Unable to respond still in a lust induced daze, Max fixes us both up before walking out of the water, carrying me bridal style. My vision slowly clears from it’s blurry state as we approach the others.

Chris is lying on Tobias’ chest with a blanket covering their waist, the surprising part is that Chris is giggling. It was a little adorable sound that made my heart warm, it’s nice seeing the guy feel something other than boredom. He’s always been my best friend even though he’s Emitt’s wolf. He’s only laughed around me and seeing him happy without me made me feel like a proud father or something.

“Well what do you know, it laughs.” Max says putting me down in a beach chair before sitting down next to me, Chris shoots up from Tobias’s chest with the reddest little cheeks I’ve ever seen.

“Don’t squeeze down on me!” Tobias exclaims while wincing, Chris carefully slides off his mate before snuggling himself into his chest to avoid looking at us. Tobias shoots us a warning glare before tucking Chris under his large arms.

“I’m going to sleep.” I say with a yawn while relishing in the feeling of Max running his fingers through my hair. He hums lightly as I slowly fade away with his lovely scent tickling my nose.


I groan as a scream breaks through my dream’s barriers and pulls me back to reality making the Joker slowly fade away along with all the bombs we just planted around Gotham.

My eyes slowly flicker open to find the sky now much darker with distant fire surrounded by a dancing Tobias, a clapping Chris and my crazy Max who was howling out like an idiot. After a little discussion with myself about going back to sleep or joining the others, we decide on being social. I slowly force myself up as I walk towards them, the sounds getting louder and louder. Max catches me walking towards him and allows a large smile to stretch across his lips.

“Did you sleep well?” He asks giving me a quick peck before hugging me tightly.

“Yeah.” I mumble into his warm chest that made me feel so safe. “Why are you screaming though?”

“I was singing.” He corrects sitting down on a log before pulling me into his lap, I let my legs dangle at the side while he snakes his arms around my waist.
I look up at the dark, night skin which is brighten by the half moon along with thousands of stars twinkling in the sky. I smile at the memory of Aiden getting Julian a star, I couldn’t say us because he got it for him and that’s fine. I didn’t get wet off of planets like he did, they just intrigued me a little.

“It’s so beautiful.” I say giggling a little when Max tickles my neck with his nose.

“You’re so much better.” He says making my heart speed up just a little more.

“What a kiss ass.” I say before kissing him nice and long before pulling away. “I love you.” I say running my hands through his hair as I stare into his eyes.

“Not nearly as much as I love you.” He says with a warm smile that puts me on cloud nine.

“Arguable.” I state making him raise an eyebrow. “I love you so much that you’re all I think about. Everyday, all day without a fault. All I see is you.”

“Well I love you so much that I’d give up my favourite finger for you.” He says making me gasp.

“The middle one?”

“Both of them.” He says seriously making us both break out into a laughing fit.

“I don’t know how to top that.” I say with a large smile as I stare down at them. “How about, I love you so much that I’d cut off my hair for you.”

“Julian would kill you.”

“It’d be worth it. I don’t know why I’d ever be in a situation like that but if the time comes, know that I’ll rock the bald look.” I reply laughing as he tucks my hair behind my ear.

“I highly doubt that.” He says with a chuckle while I frown. His smile slowly fades while he brushes my face with the back of his hand gently, before turning it, I lean into his palm loving the feeling the connection gave us. “I love you so much, that I’d never leave you.”

“Never ever?” I question with a smile as I press my head against his.

“Never ever.” He confirms. “No matter what, even if you beg me too, I’ll always stay with you.”

“Promise?” I say a bit more seriously. I didn’t like getting attached because I couldn’t stand the possibility of losing someone. I loved Max like no other and if he ever left me I think I’d die, he’s my everything and no matter how much I made fun of him, I still loved him with my entire being.

“I promise.” He says kissing me gently. “I will never leave my Alexander behind.”

“You win.” I whisper with a thumping heart as I stare into his dark orbs that held so much emotion and truth in his words.

Once we’re together, I’ll be okay

This is what you’d call, rubbing salt into the wound.
If you haven’t realized yet, this is a past event. Just wanted to sprinkle it in their. Lmfao.


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